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St. Patrick’s Day Open House in Fountain Hills!

Want to have some fun on St. Patrick’s day? Celebrate  in Fountain Hills this coming Sunday! Don’t miss the Fountain Hills St. Patrick’s Day Events. Beer garden, corned beef and cabbage, music and the World Famous Fountain turning green at noon! For more information on this festival and the day’s events click here. Want to take [...]Show More Summary

Bumps in the Road

After 4 months of therapy, I’ve hit a couple bumps in the road. Not entirely unexpected, but I was hoping to avoid them. The results of my last lab work showed a couple low numbers.  Both my platelets and my white cell count are borderline low.  My doctor told me this is normal and expected. [...]Show More Summary

A Fortnight at a Time

Fortnight : a period of 14 days : two weeks – from Miriam Webster That is the unit of time measurement I find myself fixated on.  Everything I do, everything, is controlled by fortnights. I am often asked how I am doing.  It never bothers me to answer this question.  It’s like when someone says [...]Show More Summary

Seller’s are you hurting your chances of selling your Phoenix property?

We represent a lot of buyer’s and show a lot of houses in Phoenix. What does that mean to you as a seller? That means we know what the buyer is looking for when they are touring your home. What is a buyer looking for? When a buyer is touring a home they are trying [...]Show More Summary

New York City at 3:00am

Jay’s note: I originally published this tiny post and these images almost exactly three years ago. Today I am back at the Inman Connect  conference (the 2013 version this time). I love this city… ======= I’m in New York City for the 2010 Inman Connect Real Estate Conference and RE Bar Camp NYC 2010. Couldn’t [...]Show More Summary

It’s About the People, Not the Cancer

This is part 4 of my ongoing series as I detail my experiences in my battle with colon cancer. 4 down, 8 to go.  That’s where I’m at in my therapy. I’m often asked how I feel or how am I doing?  A vast majority of the time, the answer is great!  After 4 sessions, [...]Show More Summary

How Buying Your First Home Is Like Your First Day of College

First-time homebuyers often experience total excitement, frustrating setbacks and overwhelming anxiety much like they may have encountered on their first day of college.  These two experiences are remarkably similar.  Buyers are often...Show More Summary

One Year Later: What Clint Miller Taught Me About Life

A year ago today, my friend Clint Miller lost a ridiculously gallant battle with testicular cancer. I miss him every day. Man, a lot of stuff has happened in the last year. Got a new job. Relocated. Had a heart attack. Sent the youngest to college. Watched the oldest move out. I learned a lot [...]Show More Summary

Finally, a Sexy Book about Fixing & Flipping Houses

There’s a growing epidemic in this country. Scantily clad woman are on the loose – on billboards, TV, online and in the newspaper – promoting everything from lip balm to tiny foreign cars. I actually heard a radio spot last week with a voluptuous-sounding woman advertising tee times for a local golf course. “Join me [...]Show More Summary

Chemo and Caffeine – A True Story

This is part 3 of my ongoing series as I detail my experiences in my battle with colon cancer. Last month, I covered my first visit to the infusion center.  Today, I would like to tell a story that just might help others caught in the same position down the road. The list of possible [...]Show More Summary

9 Places You Won’t Find Your Loan Officer

Occasionally I hear people complain that their loan officer is nowhere to be found. “Really?” is my usual response when I hear them tell me how their loan officer is MIA and how they need to get in touch with them immediately. I think that normal people who can’t find their loan officer must just [...]Show More Summary

Therapy Treatment Begins…

Let’s do a quick recap. August 20th – Routine colonoscopy because I’m 51.  Find a lesion.  Sent to lab for testing August 22nd – Doctor calls and says “It is cancer.” August 29th – Take wife to US Open in NYC for our 25th anniversary because doctor said it was ok to go. September 14th [...]Show More Summary

Are you sure you want to take on that new housing debt?

Did you hear what a famous economist said about the upcoming troubles in the US economy? First… I remember a time about two years ago, I was driving around with a new first-time home buyer shopping for a no money down USDA loan out in the outskirts of Queen Creek. My client had a pre-qualification letter in [...]Show More Summary

Phoenix Real Estate hotter than Phoenix weather?

Everyone has read plenty about how hot the Phoenix real estate market is. And we all know how hot the weather in Phoenix is, but is it as hot as you think? The weather that is. There are a lot of misconceptions about the city, and this great new video by Greater Phoenix dispels some of those common urban [...]Show More Summary

Why eXp? They are more than a real estate company

I had been with Thompson’s Realty for almost 2.5 years when they decided they were going to merge with eXp Realty. When the announcement was made I for one was excited about the possibilites. eXp offers a lot to their agent from the technology to innovation, revenue sharing and training. I was excited, but what [...]Show More Summary

My Top Ten Takeaways From Colon Cancer Surgery

In last month’s post, I described my feelings and experience when you hear the news that the diagnosis is cancer.  Since then, I have had a colon resection, or in regular speak, they cut out about 5 inches of my colon to remove the affected area, and then re-attached the two ends.  Colon is good [...]Show More Summary

Twitter for People that don’t “get” Twitter

I’m uncomfortable with anyone referring to me as an expert, unless it has to do with cereal or cheap red wine – which is why I feel a little funny writing a post titled “Twitter for People that don’t get Twitter”. It implies that I’m some sort of Twitter expert. Clearly, I’m not. (But you can follow [...]Show More Summary

Phoenix market for $500. Answer: What Is Change

Change is hard. Seriously, we get it. The last few years have been hell on wheels for most of us in Phoenix. The houses that we bought for what seemed like an obscene amount of money were worth three times what we paid for them just 6 short months later… and then, in a blink [...]Show More Summary

Monday Morning Phoenix Round-up

What exactly is going on with the Phoenix housing market these days. Here are a few recent stories that help paint the picture. Housing frenzy spread to rentals in metro Phoenix Last week the Arizona Republic reported on how the resale market is not the only part of the Phoenix housing market that is on fire. Rentals [...]Show More Summary

The Scent of Real Estate

I was out showing houses the other day and I got to thinking about how you would buy a house if you were blind. Have you been watching Master Chef this summer? The winner was blind and I kept thinking she was going to cut one of her fingers off and have to present the [...]Show More Summary

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