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Phoenix Golf Course Homes – What do I need to know #AskTPREG 7

So you think you want a golf course property in Phoenix or Chandler? Maybe you do, but do you know what you need to be worried about? In this video I will show you. What to know when looking at golf course homes The first thing you need to do is look at the back yard […] Originally posted on Phoenix Real Estate Guy. Show More Summary

Interest rates, I wish these so-called experts would just shut it #AskTPREG 7

Interest rates are about to skyrocket, they cannot be held this artificially low forever. Well maybe the second part of that argument is true. But the interest rates are about to skyrocket, while it may be true, I wouldn’t go betting on it. Show More Summary

This week’s Phx Social Follow of the Week: @MikeBerco

This week’s social follow of the week for Phoenix is the rising super-star of ASU quarterback Michael Bercovici. Go and follow @MikeBerco right now if you are not already doing so. He’s a Devil, he’s a leader and he’s ready to make a...Show More Summary

Is it expensive to live in Phoenix #AskTPREG 6

Is living in Phoenix expensive? How much does it cost to live in Phoenix?   At least once a week I get an email from someone who lives out of state who wants to know how much it costs to live in Phoenix, and should they move here. I really don’t get people who ask […] Originally posted on Phoenix Real Estate Guy. Show More Summary

Where is the best place to live in Phoenix #AskTPREG 5

I get 1-2 emails a week that look like this “I’m thinking about moving to Phoenix from South Dakota. Where is the best place to live in Phoenix metro area?” If you are asking that question, I am guessing you have not spent much time in the Phoenix metro area. Show More Summary

Is Phoenix really that hot? #AskTPREG4

So is Phoenix really that hot? I have a video about moving to Phoenix for out of state people which generates a lot of traffic, and a lot of questions. There are three question I get on there almost weekly. In the next three #AskTpreg episodes I will answer those three questions. Show More Summary

CFPB Changing How Homes are Bought and Sold

Beginning August 1st, 2015 the CFPB ( Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ) will mandate a new closing process known as TRID which is designed to increase transparency for consumers. Basically, the CFPB wants consumers to “know before they owe!” TRID stands for Tila-Respa Integrated Disclosure. Show More Summary

This week’s Phx Social Follow of the Week: @InstagramAZ

One thing about Instagram, it is all visual, and when it comes to great visual posts on Instagram, it is hard to beat @InstagramAZ.  InstagramAZ takes the best from Instagram posters around Arizona and reposts their content with a daily best of the day. Show More Summary

Sleeping on it? #AskTPREG3

Let me paint the picture, you are out shopping for houses for two weeks. This new one comes on the market yesterday, you rush out there with your agent to look at it. Finally, you have found the house you have been dreaming of, but of course your wise uncle told you to sleep on […] Originally posted on Phoenix Real Estate Guy. Show More Summary

Are there waterfront properties in Phoenix? #AskTPREG 2

Yes indeed, there are waterfront properties in Phoenix I have a doctor client who is moving here from Oklahoma. After just a few minutes in the Phoenix area he instantly did not like the houses. He disliked the closed back yards and wanted something a little more open. Show More Summary

#AskTPREG your Phoenix real estate questions answered

Welcome to the first edition (of many I hope) of #AskTPREG (ask The Phoenix Real Estate Guys). What we will do is take your questions and answer them. You can email us, tweet us, leave a question on Instagram, in the comments below or on our Facebook page and we will give your our words […] Originally posted on Phoenix Real Estate Guy. Show More Summary

Tips For Avoiding A Home Invasion

I’m pretty sure that I am not alone in my disdain for thieves. Yesterday, some dear friends of mine had their home burglarized by someone who the police say wasn’t an amateur. A professional thief, if you will. The thief came in while no one was home and took things that were easy to carry. Show More Summary

This week’s social follow of the week is @CenPho

This week’s social follow of the week for Phoenix is @CenPho.  While the cool folks at have a boatload of followers already, we think  there’s probably a few people in the valley who have no idea of the amount of awesome  happening in Central and Downtown Phoenix. Show More Summary

What remodeling projects should I do if I’m selling my home

I recently went to lunch with a friend who is a  former client. He asked me what home remodeling projects and upgrades he should do to his Chandler home. Of course the answer to this is, depends… I asked him when he planned on selling. Show More Summary

The Escalation Clause – How to Get Your Offer Accepted

The Phoenix real estate market has heated up for sellers recently and that’s making things a little challenging for buyers.  If you’re buying right now you’re likely seeing multiple offers, bidding wars, properties selling for over asking price, appraisal waivers, and all sorts of craziness. Show More Summary

Arizona Companies Adding Jobs – People Buying Homes

Big jobs are becoming big news in Arizona and are helping some parts of the valley see tremendous sales activity. We are seeing bidding wars with multiple offers on properties, homes selling in very short amounts of time and people being...Show More Summary

This week’s social follow of the week is @jmoriarty

This week’s social follow of the week for Phoenix is Mr. Jeff Moriarty, known online as @jmoriarty. Jeff is the Director of Social Media and Digital Programming at FOX 10.  By night and weekend, if he is not still being Mr. Social Media, he is still  a pretty serious social butterfly. Show More Summary

Crunch Time For College Students

When people think of crunch time, their first thought isn’t always about housing for college students. Instead, it is probably more common for them to think of the last couple of weeks before finals. Crunch time number two is the time from now until when school starts again for the upcoming school year. Show More Summary

HARP Refinance Program Extended Until 2016

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 600,000 homeowners may be interested in the announcement by FHFA head Mel Watt last Friday in California. In a prepared statement he gave at the Greenlining Summit, he announced that the HARP and HAMP...Show More Summary

Happy Birthday…to US!

Today is Phoenix Real Estate Guy’s 10th birthday.  Can you believe it?! Blog years are probably pretty close to dog years so that makes us 70?  Ancient as far as blogs go. Ancient. Who could have fathomed 10 years ago when Jay wrote this little post what this space would become. Show More Summary

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