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Evernote – Hidden Secrets of a Real Estate Power User

Evernote is one of those game-changer applications – your life simply will not be the same once you start using it, and you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. And since there are millions of users, there are probably hundreds of thousands of blog posts about it – how to get started, how [...]Show More Summary

The Declaration of Independence

Today is Independence Day. It isn’t about parades, and hot dogs, and baseball. It is about this: IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with [...]Show More Summary

New Phoenix Housing Market Report List

So you want to know what is going on with the latest and greatest in the Phoenix real estate market? You have been coming to The Phoenix Real Estate Guy for that information. But now we are making it easier! We have started a new email list for Phoenix Real Estate market updates. Each week [...]Show More Summary

Phoenix Fireworks 2012: July 4th Fireworks shows in Phoenix Area

Looking for places to watch fireworks in Phoenix this fourth of July? Look no further — here is a list, compiled from several sources, of Independence Day fireworks shows in and around Phoenix. Ever since the really irate lady called me a few years ago, and blamed me for ruining her kids Independence Day celebration [...]Show More Summary

Real Photos from the Multiple Listing Service

The Multiple Listing Service (aka the MLS). It’s where real estate agents upload information about homes for sale. You know, things like the size of the home, number of bedrooms, baths. Maybe some cool text describing the home. And photos. Arguably photos are the single best way to share what a home for sale is [...]Show More Summary

Driving {or not} Safely in a Haboob, Stormpede or Dust Storm

{please excuse me while I dig the sand out of my teeth} Whew!  This evening coming home from a seller appointment in Gilbert I found myself stuck on the San Tan 202 Freeway waiting out a nasty dust storm.  As a native to sunny AZ I always grew up calling them…well…dust storms.  The last couple [...]Show More Summary

Phoenix real estate market: Hotter than a July afternoon

If you are in the market for a home in the Phoenix metro area you probably realize the market is a little challenging. Last month when I met with clients, I would tell them prices are up about 27% since last August and inventory was down to the lowest we have seen in about seven [...]Show More Summary

Where to live in Phoenix

Ah, summertime. School is out, the grills are being fired up, and all thoughts turn to … moving? Yep, moving. This is the time of year when real estate agents start getting tons of calls from people wanting to move to Phoenix. And why wouldn’t they? Sure, we may have a few days each year [...]Show More Summary

Sometimes You Need To Shut Up And Listen

Every now and then you run into a situation that makes you just scratch your head. This week I had such an occasion. I picked up a client at his hotel, and we headed off to look at a few houses including one in a new build development. My client is telling me how he [...]Show More Summary

Canadian Citizen Financing Options in 2012

Here in the Phoenix area, pretty much any lender can help you get a property financed if you are a US citizen and can meet the qualification criteria. A quick-and-simple overview of what loan options are available for US citizens include: FHA loans – popular with first time home buyers and people who have less-than-perfect [...]Show More Summary

10 Ways to Make Your Offer Stronger Without Increasing the Purchase Price

Do you watch those real estate ‘reality’ shows on Bravo? You know the ones I’m talking about. It’s always three douchebag Realtors in some super pricey market sleazing their way into sales and making insane paychecks. I know, I’m obsessed, too. My husband automatically puts in his ear phones whenever I turn one of those [...]Show More Summary

A real estate tool I couldn’t imagine living without

It is amazing at times how fast things in the real estate industry change. Just a year ago if you said Phoenix would the hottest real estate market in the country in 2012, few would have believed that was possible. Something that may change even quicker than the Phoenix real estate market is how we [...]Show More Summary

Mistakes Made When Targeting Millenials

So you want to know what mistakes you are making when targeting millennials? Congratulations, you have chosen the most active and critical demographic on the Internet. However, we are important. Why? We are the next generation of home buyers. (Check out Kev Risser on Twitter here) The first thing you have to realize is that [...]Show More Summary

The Power of Slow and Steady

Imagine what your business would be like if you had hundreds of referral sources, scattered across the country, all recommending your name to people who are ready to buy a house – today. It would be amazing – a never-ending supply of well-qualified buyers, each asking if you can fit them into your busy schedule! (and if [...]Show More Summary

Harp 2.0: Why a Short Sale May Be Your Best Bet

Harp 2.0 is getting a lot of buzz.  As a matter of fact, it’s getting so much more buzz than the original HARP program, that both the industry masses AND the general public are buying into the hype that it is going to “save our housing”. Look, I’m a mortgage lender in Arizona.  I earn [...]Show More Summary

CURE Period Notice: Do you know how it’s used?

I just issued a CURE Period Notice.  “A what?” you say.  That’s what I thought.  Unless you’ve been on either side of a CURE Period Notice it’s not something you probably know much about.  I get the amazing opportunity to chat with you today about one of the most underutilized, misunderstood {uber exciting} bits of [...]Show More Summary

Memorial Day 2012

We hope everyone has been enjoying their Memorial Day weekend. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking the time for “traditional” Memorial Day festivities, but it’s always nice to pause and give thanks to those that gave all to ensure we can live the life we lead. I found this image on Facebook and unfortunately I [...]Show More Summary

Search vs. Social–Which is the Blueprint for Agent Success?

Let me start with a disclaimer.  This post consists of my opinions and my opinions only.  They have been formed, however,  through hundreds of  conversations and interactions with some bright and talented people in the real estate space. (You can always hear more of Bill’s opinions on his Twitter account) So, what do I mean [...]Show More Summary

So, You Say ‘It Didn’t Appraise’?

Hello all ye fair Phoenix Real Estate Guy fans. I am not he. Don’t worry, though, Jay’s heart is doing much better and I hear he’s even occasionally encountering some green, leafy things on his plate now. We’re all happy he’s healing well and has seen the nutritional light. But, you know, he’s pretty busy [...]Show More Summary

What To Expect After a Short Sale

A wise mentor of mine once taught me this concept: Crisis + Time = Humor Over the last few years, more than just a few homeowners have went through the short sale process – and from what I can put together, there will be people trying to decide whether a short sale is right for [...]Show More Summary

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