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August 22nd – Big Party In Mesa

August 22nd, 2015 will be a BIG day in Mesa. It will be the official grand opening of the very first light rail extension in Arizona. Currently, the light rail line ends at the Sycamore Station that is “barely” in the city. The Central...Show More Summary

Phoenix social follow of the week @Joshua_Becker

Somewhere around 2006, 2007, I remember “minimalist” becoming a big thing. Over the years I have always desired to move in that direction, and at times have done some purging, but never to the point that I really wanted to achieve. There is a local celebrity in the minimalist movement though, his name is @Joshua_Becker. Show More Summary

Are all Phoenix listing agent marketing plans really the same? #AskTPREG 11

Phoenix listing agents all have their own marketing plans. And then there are some that will show up and offer you a low fee listing plan and tell you “don’t worry, all any agent really does is put it in the MLS for you.”  That could not be further from the truth. Show More Summary

Should I ask Seller to pay my closing costs? #AskTPREG 10

Should the Buyer ask the Seller to pay for their closing costs? Most people would say yes, you should ask the Seller to pay for your closing costs? How do I know this, because it hear it all the time. Almost every time a new buyer comes into my office and we discuss offers, they […] Originally posted on Phoenix Real Estate Guy. Show More Summary

Phoenix Fireworks 2015: July 4th Fireworks shows in Phoenix Area

Can you believe that the year is 1/2 way over?  It’s time to think about what you’re doing to do for the 4th of July.  Big plans?  Family BBQ?  Pool Party?  Looking for places to watch fireworks in Phoenix this fourth of July? Look no further — here is a list, compiled from several sources, […] Originally posted on Phoenix Real Estate Guy. Show More Summary

Social Tuesday follow for Frank @urMechanic Leutz

This is a fun one and an informative one. Well fun and informative for a former wrench monkey like myself. My old friends know, for the first 4 years after high school my job was turning wrenches at a few garages/dealerships in New Hampshire. Show More Summary

Should REALTORS Own Their Own Content?

If I’ve said it once when talking to other REALTORS over the years, I’ve said it 599 times. In my opinion, it is best to “Own your own content.” Of course, not everyone agrees with that statement and that’s ok. By content, I’m not talking about the stuff in your home, I am talking about […] Originally posted on Phoenix Real Estate Guy. Show More Summary

I’m Moving to Phoenix ~ What Types of Critters Can I Expect to See

Are you thinking of moving to the Phoenix area and wondering what the local wildlife is like?  I’ve got a buyer relocating to North Scottsdale and he was asking what types of critters we have around here.  As an AZ native, I thought it would be fun to share what you may (or may not) […] Originally posted on Phoenix Real Estate Guy. Show More Summary

Periscope for real estate agents

Have you seen the new social media app Periscope? If you are on Twitter, I am sure you have seen a few updates in your stream and maybe you are wondering what it is. Periscope is a live video streaming service which is now owned by Twitter, so you know the integration going forward is […] Originally posted on Phoenix Real Estate Guy. Show More Summary

Parks in Chandler with splash pads #AskTPREG 9

So what are great parks to take kids to in the summer? More specifically and parks in Chandler with splash pads, because you know, it can get hot here. That is a question I received from someone who knew I had 6 kids and assumed I would know. Show More Summary

This Week’s Social Follow of the Week: @bestfoodphoenix

I told you in my bio that I’m a foodie, right?  I love eating good food. I love exploring fun, new places, whether they’re fancy restaurants or the greatest hole in the wall.  And I also love pictures of beautiful food…the colors, the...Show More Summary

The death of the Geo Metro AskTPREG 8

Remember the Geo Metro? I do, as a matter of fact the first new car I ever purchased was a fire red Geo Metro. Then I got in an accident at only 20mph and the car was completely totaled. There is a reason that the Metro and Yugo and other cheap cheap cars are no […] Originally posted on Phoenix Real Estate Guy. Show More Summary

Phoenix REALTORS Getting Ready For New Supra iBox

Soon, REALTORS in the valley will be able to exchange their existing Supra lock boxes for a “new and improved” version. The new lock boxes that will be widely used by local real estate professionals is the Supra iBox BT LE.  These new lock boxes look very similar to our current lock boxes but are a […] Originally posted on Phoenix Real Estate Guy. Show More Summary

Phoenix Golf Course Homes – What do I need to know #AskTPREG 7

So you think you want a golf course property in Phoenix or Chandler? Maybe you do, but do you know what you need to be worried about? In this video I will show you. What to know when looking at golf course homes The first thing you need to do is look at the back yard […] Originally posted on Phoenix Real Estate Guy. Show More Summary

Interest rates, I wish these so-called experts would just shut it #AskTPREG 7

Interest rates are about to skyrocket, they cannot be held this artificially low forever. Well maybe the second part of that argument is true. But the interest rates are about to skyrocket, while it may be true, I wouldn’t go betting on it. Show More Summary

This week’s Phx Social Follow of the Week: @MikeBerco

This week’s social follow of the week for Phoenix is the rising super-star of ASU quarterback Michael Bercovici. Go and follow @MikeBerco right now if you are not already doing so. He’s a Devil, he’s a leader and he’s ready to make a...Show More Summary

Is it expensive to live in Phoenix #AskTPREG 6

Is living in Phoenix expensive? How much does it cost to live in Phoenix?   At least once a week I get an email from someone who lives out of state who wants to know how much it costs to live in Phoenix, and should they move here. I really don’t get people who ask […] Originally posted on Phoenix Real Estate Guy. Show More Summary

Where is the best place to live in Phoenix #AskTPREG 5

I get 1-2 emails a week that look like this “I’m thinking about moving to Phoenix from South Dakota. Where is the best place to live in Phoenix metro area?” If you are asking that question, I am guessing you have not spent much time in the Phoenix metro area. Show More Summary

Is Phoenix really that hot? #AskTPREG4

So is Phoenix really that hot? I have a video about moving to Phoenix for out of state people which generates a lot of traffic, and a lot of questions. There are three question I get on there almost weekly. In the next three #AskTpreg episodes I will answer those three questions. Show More Summary

CFPB Changing How Homes are Bought and Sold

Beginning August 1st, 2015 the CFPB ( Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ) will mandate a new closing process known as TRID which is designed to increase transparency for consumers. Basically, the CFPB wants consumers to “know before they owe!” TRID stands for Tila-Respa Integrated Disclosure. Show More Summary

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