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A few facts about Fountain Hills

Being that I am a REALTOR® and that I own a home and live in Fountain Hills it just seems natural to me that I would want to fill you in on a few facts about the town I live in and have so fondly nicknamed “Mayberry”. A few facts that probably would be of interest [...]Show More Summary

This is the post title….

Blah blah blah… Originally posted on Phoenix Real Estate Guy. If you are reading this anywhere but inside your RSS feed reader or your email client, the site you are on is guilty of stealing content. (c) Copyright Jay Thompson. All Rights Reserved.

What you may want to know about selling your Phoenix home

In today’s seller’s market you hear stories all the time that go something like this: Just out your house on the market, don’t worry anyone can sell it in any condition. I’m here to assure you, when someone tells you that it is about as close to the truth as someone telling you cycling is [...]Show More Summary

How to beat the Phoenix Summer Heat

It was inevitable. You simply can not live here and avoid writing a post on How to Beat the Phoenix Summer Heat. It would be a disservice. So here it is! Summer does not officially start until June 21st, 2013 but if you live in Arizona that does not mean much. Around the 15th of May the top news stories start [...]Show More Summary

It pays to know your neighbor!

In the United States, a burglary occurs approximately every 15-seconds and 65% of violent burglary victims say they knew the offenders. What do you really know about your neighbors? Learn what to lookout for, as well as statistics about burglary and violent crime in the U.S., in order to keep your family safe in your neighborhood. Know Thy Neighbor [...]Show More Summary

Hiking Arizona: Tonto Natural Bridge

In my first post in the Hiking Arizona series I provided suggestions and tips for how to get started hiking. Today’s post will be about hiking the Tonto Natural Bridge. I wrote a blog post when I visited here last in 2010. At that time I hiked the Gowan Loop Trail only. Today’s post will be a more in-depth description of my most recent trip [...]Show More Summary

Hiking Arizona: Getting Started

I wanted to start with a brief introduction, Michele Guss, friend of Jay’s, REALTOR®, and avid hiker! I had the pleasure of enjoying a few adult beverages with Jay and Francy after this year’s Real Estate Bar Camp event. Like any happy hour with friends you haven’t seen in a while the typical “what have [...]Show More Summary

Elephants, Ants and Gelato

Finally. My therapy is complete.  I have no more “dates” with the healing orb.  No more “accessing my port”.  No more “lost days”. I do have many things to come.  Scans every three months for the next year.  A colonoscopy in September.  A return to my regular exercise routine and a dramatic change in my [...]Show More Summary

Phoenix appraisal issues, now what?

Last week I wrote about how Phoenix appraisals are a crazy game. You never know what is going to happen. So the question goes back to, what do you do if your Phoenix appraisal comes in low? Obvious answer is.. well, it depends. If an appraisal on a $200,000 comes in at $195,000, that is [...]Show More Summary

365 Days Ago

If you’re so inclined, take a little trip over to Now Pondering and see what happened 365 days ago. Here’s a hint: Originally posted on Phoenix Real Estate Guy. If you are reading this anywhere but inside your RSS feed reader or your email client, the site you are on is guilty of stealing content. (c) Copyright Jay Thompson. All Rights Reserved.

Phoenix appraisals, you never know

The more time I spend in this business and the more time I believe I understand what will happen, the more I am surprised. The only thing certain about a Phoenix area appraisal is the uncertainty. With prices increasing as fast as they continue to do in Phoenix and the East Valley real estate market, [...]Show More Summary

What Homeowners in Phoenix can do to help sell their home

So you listed your home with an agent to sell. Now, what can you do now to help ensure your home sells? Well of course there are a few basics such as keep your home neat, decluttered, and maybe professionally staged. You also should make sure you make the buyer feel comfortable by leaving during [...]Show More Summary

And Down The Stretch They Come!

And Down The Stretch They Come! I love that call in at the Kentucky Derby every spring.  One day, I will make it to Churchill Downs and be there live.  Yep, it’s on the bucket list. Bucket list…  hmmm… file that away for a future post. I’m writing this post on March 27th.  Today, I [...]Show More Summary

Phoenix sellers, don’t take it personally

A little advice for Phoenix area sellers looking to sell their home. When you get a low offer, don’t take it personally. I am currently working with a buyer in Chandler and they wanted to place an offer on a house. The house was listed at 310,000 and based on my comps I thought the [...]Show More Summary

Reminder why you don’t get your real estate reports from national news sources

I was driving in Mesa this weekend to a showing when a news report came on the radio at the top of the hour. Prices may be up, but housing market could be in for another fall. I almost spit my Dunkin’ Donuts Irish Cream coffee through my nose (so addicted to them right now). [...]Show More Summary

St. Patrick’s Day Open House in Fountain Hills!

Want to have some fun on St. Patrick’s day? Celebrate  in Fountain Hills this coming Sunday! Don’t miss the Fountain Hills St. Patrick’s Day Events. Beer garden, corned beef and cabbage, music and the World Famous Fountain turning green at noon! For more information on this festival and the day’s events click here. Want to take [...]Show More Summary

Bumps in the Road

After 4 months of therapy, I’ve hit a couple bumps in the road. Not entirely unexpected, but I was hoping to avoid them. The results of my last lab work showed a couple low numbers.  Both my platelets and my white cell count are borderline low.  My doctor told me this is normal and expected. [...]Show More Summary

A Fortnight at a Time

Fortnight : a period of 14 days : two weeks – from Miriam Webster That is the unit of time measurement I find myself fixated on.  Everything I do, everything, is controlled by fortnights. I am often asked how I am doing.  It never bothers me to answer this question.  It’s like when someone says [...]Show More Summary

Seller’s are you hurting your chances of selling your Phoenix property?

We represent a lot of buyer’s and show a lot of houses in Phoenix. What does that mean to you as a seller? That means we know what the buyer is looking for when they are touring your home. What is a buyer looking for? When a buyer is touring a home they are trying [...]Show More Summary

New York City at 3:00am

Jay’s note: I originally published this tiny post and these images almost exactly three years ago. Today I am back at the Inman Connect  conference (the 2013 version this time). I love this city… ======= I’m in New York City for the 2010 Inman Connect Real Estate Conference and RE Bar Camp NYC 2010. Couldn’t [...]Show More Summary

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