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Contra Piracy Targets Filesharers With Automated $250 ‘Fines’

Every day tens of thousands of subscribers receive piracy notifications from their Internet providers. While most notifications come without any strings attached, automated settlement requests have become a popular way to extract money from file-sharers. Show More Summary

Copyright Troll Partner Threatens to Report Blogger to the Police

A company assisting US-based copyright troll outfit TCYK LLC has just threatened to report a blogger to the police. Joe Hickster, an anti-troll activist who has helped dozens of wrongfully accused individuals avoid paying settlementShow More Summary

This Millennium’s Best Picture Oscar Winners Are Not On Netflix

A recent study commissioned by Hollywood shows that with 120 legal online services, movies and TV-shows are more accessible than ever before. Unfortunately, however, content remains scattered and the dominant streaming service Netflix doesn't have any of the best picture Oscar winners of this century in its U.S. Show More Summary

Rightscorp Plans to Hijack Pirates’ Browsers Until a Fine is Paid

Anti-piracy outfit Rightscorp says that it's working on a new method to extract cash settlements from suspected Internet pirates. The company says new technology will lock users' browsers and prevent Internet access until they pay a fine. Show More Summary

Music Industry: DMCA Copyright Law is Obsolete and Harmful

A coalition of 400 artists and various music groups including the RIAA are calling on Congress to reform existing copyright law. The DMCA is obsolete, dysfunctional and harmful, they claim, calling for stronger measures against the ongoing piracy troubles they face. Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and ANONYMOUS VPN services.

50,000 People Protest DMCA Abuse, “Crash” Government Server

A campaign launched by Fight for the Future and popular YouTube channel ChannelAwesome to protest DMCA abuse has generated 50,000 responses to the U.S. Copyright Office in less than 24 hours. The public interest is so overwhelming that...Show More Summary

Reddit Working On a Copyright Takedown Transparency Report

Large Internet services are slowly becoming more open about the kind of requests they receive to remove content or disclose information on users. Following the publication of Reddit's latest transparency report the site says it is developing...Show More Summary

The Pirate Bay Reveals New “Climate Saving” Design

The Pirate Bay will soon roll out a new look. The notorious pirate site has picked a command-line themed green on black design for the coming years. Apart from improving the user experience, the darker design will also be more gentle...Show More Summary

Rightscorp Blames VPNs and ISPs For Drop in Revenue

Anti-piracy cash settlement outfit Rightscorp has just announced a net loss of $3.5m for its operations during 2015. Interestingly the company cites a number of reasons, some of them cryptic, for decreasing revenues. Alongside the mysterious...Show More Summary

28% of Piracy Takedown Requests Are “Questionable”

A new study published by researchers from Columbia University’s American Assembly and Berkeley reveals that more than 28% of the takedown requests received by Google are "questionable." Nearly five percent of the takedown notices that...Show More Summary

Copyright Does Not Protect the Klingon Language, Court Hears

Paramount Pictures and CBS Studios can't claim copyright over the Klingon language, Vulcan's pointy ears, or Phaser weapons, a court heard this week. This defense comes from the makers of crowdfunded Star Trek spin-off 'Prelude to Axanar',...Show More Summary

Creative Content UK Aims to Re-Educate Book Pirates

The UK government's multi-million pound campaign to deter Internet piracy is now hoping to reach out to book fans. A new and rather pleasant video published under the Creative Content UK banner extols the virtues of buying books from...Show More Summary

Instagram Sued for Failing to Remove Copyrighted Photo

Photographer Jennifer Rondinelli Reilly has filed a lawsuit against Instagram, claiming that the image sharing service failed to remove infringing copies of her work. In a complaint filed at a federal court in California, Reilly demands...Show More Summary

KickassTorrents Celebrates ‘Happy Torrents Day’

For the fifth year in a row KickassTorrents is celebrating Happy Torrents Day by encouraging users to download and share as much as possible. The initiative is dedicated to "freedom of sharing" and the latest edition features various challenges and competitions. Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and ANONYMOUS VPN services.

Piracy Group Thanks HDFury as “Sponsor” for Netflix Leak

As part of a recent HD leak of the Netflix movie Pee-wee's Big Holiday, Scene group 'Team QCF' has openly thanked HDFury and described the tech outfit as one of its sponsors. The mention is rather controversial as HDFury's parent company is being sued in the U.S. Show More Summary

UK Government Video Urges Advertisers to Boycott Pirate Sites

The UK's Intellectual Property Office has published a video which urges advertisers to boycott 'pirate' sites. The video claims that since torrent and similar sites facilitate "fraud, organized crime, and even terrorism", advertisers...Show More Summary

‘Pirate’ Sites Ordered to Pay $450,000 for Expendables 3 Leak

A federal court in California has ordered the operators of three file-sharing sites to pay $150,000 each for copyright infringement offenses. The men are being held responsible for their role in distributing leaked copies of The Expendables...Show More Summary

RuTracker to Bypass Web Blockade With IM Delivered Torrents

Torrent giant RuTracker is proving that wherever there's a web blockade, there's a way to bypass it. In a move already being criticized by record labels, RuTracker is said to be preparing a bot system that will utilize Russian Facebook...Show More Summary

Transmission Releases Long-Awaited BitTorrent Client For Windows

Transmission, one of the most used BitTorrent clients, is now available for Windows. The community driven application has had a dominant presence on OS X and Linux distributions for more than a decade, and brings a "fast, easy and free"...Show More Summary

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