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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Are you wearing orange today? A book that inspired a generation of black feminist thought. As Jos said this morning, “Laverne Cox has such a classy way of saying we shouldn’t be focusing all our attention on how pretty a rich white republican is when she’s been photoshopped to look like Jessica Lange.” Texas politicians […]

Quick Hit: Happy Birthday, Abby Wambach!

It’s American soccer superstar Abby Wambach‘s 35th birthday!  Abby Wambach has been a legendary soccer player for over two decades. Her skills as a forward (particularly those impeccable headers) have helped lead the national US Women’s National Soccer Team to victory since 2003. Show More Summary

Watch: Student film demands Barnard admit trans women

Early this month, the Board of Trustees of Barnard will decide whether the women’s college will admit trans women. If the Board votes in favor, Barnard will join a handful of other women’s colleges, like Smith and Mt. Holyoke, who only now, after long histories of cissexist exclusion, have begun to respect applicants’ gender identities. Luna Adler and […]

Consent: A short victory story

Ed. note: This post was originally published on the Community Site. I wouldn’t say we were kissing; that implies a continuous action. We had kissed. We could kiss again. We could do a lot of things. My synapses were inundated with red wine. We were at a decision point. I’d been in this moment many times. There’s a lot […]

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Today is the sixth anniversary of Dr. Tiller’s murder. The Guardian is counting the number of people killed by police in the United States throughout 2015. Their analysis found unarmed people killed by the police are twice as likely to be Black. What we know about false rape accusations. The Supreme Court ruled that Abercrombie & Fitch […]

Chart of the Day: Novels about men are more likely to win major literary awards

According to an analysis by author Nicola Griffith, women are more likely to win literary awards for fiction when their protagonist is a man. The more prestigious the award, the less likely the subject will be a woman. Griffith broke down the gender of the author and protagonist for 15 years worth of winners of […]

Feministing Jamz: Ana Tijoux’s “Antipatriarca”

The music video to accompany Feministing favorite Ana Tijoux’s feminist anthem has finally been made and it’s everything we’ve been waiting for and more. Created from an international open call for submissions, the video shows womenShow More Summary

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Video shows CA police assault pregnant woman. A remarkable piece on memories of slavery centered on Addy, the first black American girl doll. Most Americans identify as pro-choice. “The fact that a little more than 12 months of public discussion about rape is seen as too much is a reminder of how much work there is […]

Feministing Jamz Video of the Week: Frazey Ford — Done

This is the break up jam — and the sartorial inspiration — I’ve been looking for all my life.

Photo of the Day: LGBTQ leaders released from prison

Yesterday, Maya posted about LGBTQ and immigrant rights leaders who blocked the intersection in front of a detention center in Santa Ana. The activists demand the release of an undocumented trans woman held in Santa Ana and, more broadly, an end to our country’s violent detention and deportation. Five protesters were arrested, but last night they were released. […]

Tinder-loving queer

Tinder has become one of those cultural staples that define a certain generation. It seems hard to find a group of young people with smartphone among which not at least one isn’t using the dating app. (For those living under a rock that don’t know: This mobile dating app is connected to user’s Facebook and allows them to […]

Finally! The Mad Max-Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt mashup

Wednesday, Alexandra presented the Feminist Mad Max Tumblr. Today, we bring you this Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt-Mad Max mash-up. The mash-up creator Albert Lopez had the follow to say in the his Youtube description of his UNBREAKABLE FURIOSA video: “All the haters who are pissed off that there’s a strong female lead in the new Mad […]

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

On Twitter, people share their experiences of when they were #firstharassed. Good news: the California assembly passed a bill banning crisis pregnancy centers from misleading patients.  At least 4,000 migrant workers in Qatar are expected to die before the 2022 World Cup. At this Seattle high school, students can get IUDs inserted at no cost at the school-based health […]

LGBTQ immigrant activists block road outside trans detention center

Several badass LGBTQ and immigrant rights leaders blocked the intersection in front of a detention center in Santa Ana today. They’re demanding an end to our abusive detention and deportation system, starting with the release of undocumented transgender women held within the facility. Show More Summary

New “Men Who Rock” issue skewers sexist music journalism

What if media wrote as condescendingly about male musicians as they so often do about female musicians? Back in 2012, The Stranger published its satirical “Men Who Rock” issue — a play on Rolling Stone’s annual “Women Who Rock” issue — to brilliantly expose the difference. Show More Summary

Dear media, it’s your fault if you think young feminists only care about campus rape

First, a confession: There are many terrible things happening in the world, of which campus rape isn’t the worst. We should think critically about whose experiences and needs our politicians, press, and public at large prioritize, and about whose we ignore.  Meghan Daum’s recent piece on campus sexual assault activism in the LA Times doesn’t […]

Goddess from the machine: A look at Ex Machina’s gender politics

This article contains spoilers for Ex Machina and assumes the reader has seen or spoiled the movie for themselves. “A free woman in an unfree society will be a monster.” – Catharine MacKinnon If there’s a trope with AI that I can’t stand, it’s the idea that a sufficiently intelligent, sapient machine will simply want to […]

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Tell Scott Walker: forced vaginal ultrasounds are not “a cool thing.” Auburn University employee arrested for distributing date rape drug. Black women represent 5.8% of SF’s female population, but accounted for 45.5% of all female arrests in 2013. Show More Summary

Australia moves to scrap tampon tax after student protest

I’d be lost without tampons. Well, not lost; I’d just be stuck in bed, unable to go about my daily business while my body punishes me for thwarting pregnancy yet again.And recently, I learned that my homeland, Australia, has been taxing those little silver cotton bullets for years. Not for much longer, though, thanks to one […]

Stop sexist dress codes. We’re students, not distractions.

Ed. note: This post was originally published on the Community site. Summer time is almost here, and girls are ready to break out their summer clothing to stay comfortable in the heat. But at my high school, like many schools across the country, girls are not allowed to wear tank tops that shows bra straps, […]

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