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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Happy National Orgasm Day! Mike Huckabee won’t rule out using federal troops to stop abortions if he becomes president. Why aren’t there more women futurists? Millennial men tend to want egalitarian relationships but fall back into traditional gender roles. The Senate will vote on Republican proposal to defund Planned Parenthood on Monday. Of lions and men.

Stay in your lane: We don’t need rich white actresses’ comments on sex work

A group of rich and famous white actress/feminists who have probably never in their life traded sex or experienced criminalization have added their rich and famous names onto a letter condemning a proposal from Amnesty International to adopt a position to support the decriminalization of sex work.  Amnesty’s proposal, which is in line with the […]

How to slash the cost of child care while raising workers’ wage to $15/hour

As the Fight for 15 movement keeps collecting wins, the “Make it Work” coalition is pushing to raise the wages of child care workers and preschool teachers next — while simultaneously reducing the skyrocketing costs of child care for families. At The Nation, Michelle Chen reports on their proposal: The campaign, launched this week by the […]

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

The websites of Planned Parenthood and the National Network of Abortion Funds were shut down by anti-choice DDOS attacks. A new bill, backed by the FratPAC, would force victims of campus sexual violence to report it to law enforcement if they want their schools to investigate. “In many disciplines, the animals used to study diseases and drugs are […]

K-12 girls: Exercise your right to equity in sports!

Title IX, the law that prohibits sex discrimination in education, is 43 years old. Yet huge disparities still exist in athletic opportunities for young girls and boys. That gap exacerbates inequalities in education, employment, and health. Not only are sports fun, but they promote girls’ success and well-being off the field. Girls who play sports […]

Quote of the Day: “Poor women don’t have choice.”

Today’s QOTD goes to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who continues to speak frankly about the unequal state of abortion rights in this country.  “Reproductive freedom is in a sorry situation in the United States. Poor women don’t have choice.” As I wrote at Pacific Standard the other day, the Hyde Amendment preventing Medicaid from covering […]

Instead of trolling a lion hunter, we should #SayHerName

The recent social media onslaught against a feckless lion-killing Minnesota dentist tells us a lot about the nature — and uselessness — of online outrage, especially when directed at a single target.  To be quite sure, the murderous DDS was indeed responsible for a stunning tragedy: killing a beloved lion in a Zimbabwe national park […]

Alabama is trying to deny a woman an abortion by terminating her parental rights

A woman imprisoned in an Alabama jail wants an abortion, as is her right. But her request to be released and escorted to the nearest clinic to get the procedure was denied. The sheriff said the jail has a policy of requiring inmates to get a state court order for any elective, non-emergency medical procedure […]

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

This morning, our own Dana testified at the Senate about campus gender violence! New DEA head guesses weed isn’t as dangerous as heroin, but isn’t an “expert.” We’ll say it again: the fake Planned Parenthood videos don’t make a case against abortion. New Yorkers: there’s still time to apply for a scholarship to BinderCon. Senator […]

Quote of the Day: “I didn’t expect the policy to change my behavior but it has”

Oh ye of little faith, look at what the youth say. At the New York Times, Sandy Keenan (not to be confused with Sandy Kenyon) interviewed a bunch of students at the University at Albany,which now, because of a new New York state law, must obtain affirmative consent before sexual activity to avoid breaking school rules. Keenan asked […]

Why the Occupation is a Reproductive Justice Issue

This piece was originally published on the Community site. It was written in collaboration with Gabi Kirk (@GabiElectra). At this time last summer, we watched as Israeli explosives rained down on Gaza. Surrounded by splintered remains of the dead (over 2,100 by the end), Palestinian women were forced to give birth outside of bombed out maternity […]

Judge Orders Release of Immigrant Children and Mothers From Detention

A federal judge ruled against the Obama administration’s current system of family detention late Friday, saying that it violated minimum requirements for conditions for children held in federal immigration custody, particularly provisions requiring that minors be placed in nonsecure facilities run by agencies licensed for child care. Show More Summary

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Donald Trump’s lawyer isn’t the only marital rape denier. The Arizona Cardinals have hired the NFL’s first woman coach.  The faces and fake names of people behind the Planned Parenthood attack videos. The Boy Scouts have voted to finally lift their ban on gay and lesbian adult volunteers and staff. Laws restricting access to abortion and contraception […]

Photos of the Day: Humans of Planned Parenthood

The conservative attacks on Planned Parenthood just keep coming. Using the Center for Medical Progress’s undercover videos — the third of which was released today — as their excuse, anti-choicers in Congress have renewed their long-time goal of defunding the organization, fast-tracking a bill to do so last week. Show More Summary

Today is Black women’s Equal Pay Day

Because Black women earn 64 percent of what white men earn for doing the same work, it would take the average Black woman an extra seven months of work to earn what a white man in their job earns in a year. Today is the day she hits that number.  While the white men in […]

Quote of the Day: Donald Trump’s lawyer claims “you cannot rape your spouse”

We interrupt our general policy of ignoring Donald Trump’s presidential campaign for a quick reminder that spousal rape is illegal.  Yesterday, The Daily Beast reported on old allegations, which are included in a 1993 biography of Trump, by his now ex-wife, Ivana, that he once violently raped her. Contacted for comment for the article, Michael Cohen, special counsel […]

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Why one woman donated fetal tissue after her later abortion: “I was able to turn my pain into something that could benefit someone else.” “Increasingly, as a black woman in America, I do not feel alive. I feel like I am not yet dead.”  Our own Reina on why monogamy isn’t for her. A Washington court […]

Waiting for Captain Marvel is getting old

Note: This piece contains spoilers from Ant-Man. I am a glutton for punishment when it comes to comic book movies. I’ve never been that interested in comic books, but going to Marvel films is something I do. I get pumped for Marvel films because they remind me of my father and being the twelve year […]

Photo of the Day: 35 of the Bill Cosby survivors speak out

The cover of this week’s New York Magazine shows photographs of 35 of the 46 women who have publicly accused Bill Cosby of drugging and assaulting them.    By featuring the faces of all the accusers who’ve come forward in one place, the image — which includes one empty chair — is a powerful statement itself. And […]

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

“Is this Roxane Gay’s “Bad Feminism,” or is it just bad feminism?” Court argues it’s too hard for states to restrict abortion access, is very wrong. Congresswoman asks DOJ to investigate Sandra Bland’s death. Obama faces queer rights challenge in Kenya. Stop misgendering India Clarke. Can you solve the California water crisis?

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