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September 5, 2014: Miscellaneous photos!

Yep.  Just as the title implies.  Miscellaneous photos of miscellaneous things… Drove by this car emblazoned with an unfortunate company name.  Sure, P.O.S. can stand for Point of Sale.  Or Positively Outstanding Service.  But, if you happen to spend any time on the internet, another turn of phrase will probably come to mind. Not a […]

September 4, 2014: The Game Plan! And this and that!

Today, I completed a first draft of episode #12 in which the various arcs we develop over the course of the show’s first season converge in a story about identity, loyalty, and friendship, culminating in a shocking conclusion that sets the stage for an even more shocking finale.  It joins my first draft of episode […]

September 3, 2014: Crackle Creme!

The other day, Akemi and I happened across a small dessert shop in Vancouver’s Strathcona district.  It’s called Crackle Creme and it specializes in creme brûlée – oh, and waffles.  Real Belgian waffles with pearl sugar, not those other ones! The place is a one-man show run by Daniel Wong and, what he lacks in […]

September 2, 2012: Draft Day! Snow Monkeys on the clock!

As it turns out, today was Draft Day for my fantasy football league!  Following a season in which I dedicated most, if not ALL of my free time to researching the NFL, only to miss the playoffs, I decided to take a more laid-back approach to the process this year.  I waited until the last […]

September 1, 2014: Talking to Strangers!

“Never in my my life have I seen someone so chitchat with cashier staff.” - Akemi today on my propensity for engaging retail staff in conversation. It happens a lot at Whole Foods whenever the cashier gives us the option of getting ten cents off our total or making a contribution to charity (for bringing […]

August 31, 2014: Another rainy day, another rainy food festival!

This time, it was Taiwan Fest where Akemi and I enjoyed grilled spicy squid, even spicier lamb skewers, and more inclement weather! Akemi keeping her spirits up… No food festivals tomorrow.  It’s Draft Day!  Time to set aside my script and start some intensive fantasy football research! Tagged: Taiwan Fest, Taiwan Festival

August 30, 2014: BBQstorm! Then, rainstorm!

Akemi and I were in Vancouver’s Gastown area today and happened to come across a BBQ Festival featuring pit and grill offerings from about a dozen local eateries.  Also coleslaw.  And rain.  Lots of rain… BTW – Vancouver does a TERRIBLE job of getting the word out about these types of events.  I can only […]

August 28, 2014: Akemi’s reflections on Bubba and lobster!

Akemi this morning on her love for Bubba: “Bubba is best thing that happened to me this lifetime.  I’m so glad I met you.” The other day, she made a little something for Bubba: And a little something for me as well: Also, yesterday, Akemi experienced an allergic reaction to something – and we suspect […]

August 29, 2014: Tickticktick!!!

Holy crap!  I’ve have less than a month to prepare for my move to Toronto!  I’ve got all next week, then about a week or so after I get back from Japan to get all my affairs in order.  To quote comic strip heroine Cathy actor David Blue: “Ack!”. The production will probably take me into June […]

August 28, 2014: Akemi’s reflections on Bubba lobster!

Akemi this morning on her love for Bubba: “Bubba is best thing that happened to me this lifetime.  I’m so glad I met you.” The other day, she made a little something for Bubba: And a little something for me as well: Also, yesterday, Akemi experienced an allergic reaction to something – and we suspect […]

August 27, 2014: My gals – so photogenic!

My girlfriend enjoys cooking, studying Italian, internet shopping, and posing for photographs behind those placards with the cut-out faces… She just can’t help herself. Lulu, meanwhile, loves any opportunity for a photo session… And check out these gorgeous shots taken by our friend, Nicole: I have a big Skype video conference tomorrow morning to nail […]

August 26, 2014: My Top 10 Most Shocking T.V. Deaths!

I say “My Top 10? because “Your Top 10? will no doubt vary.  Having read the Ice & Fire series before sitting down to watch Game of Thrones, I was prepared for moments like Ned Stark’s execution, The Red Wedding, and the duel between The Mountain and The Red Viper.  Similarly, behind-the-scenes developments on other shows […]

August 25, 2014: Uh oh!

Production has a way of sneaking up on you.  One second you’re spinning stories for your first season and, the next, you’re boarding a plane for Toronto to oversee construction of those spaceship and space station sets. I recently received a copy of our prep schedule and it looks like we’re officially underway roughly a […]

August 24, 2014: The best laid plans of mice and men and french bulldogs!

Well, I had a lot I wanted to get done to day and, although I didn’t accomplish everything, it was a nice, full day… 1) The Running of the Bulldogs Akemi and I headed down to Yaletown early this morning to register our french bulldog, Lulu, for “the running of the bulldogs”, part of a […]

August 23, 2014: State dishes – Best and Worst!

Every state in the U.S. has an iconic dish to call its own.  Georgia has its peach pie, Louisiana its gumbo, and Pennsylvania its scrapple.  But not all plates are created equal.  I imagine that some came late to the party and, after finding out that ribs and brisket were taken, just threw up their […]

August 22, 2014: Who’s in?!

Oh, it’s on!  This Sunday, come cheer Lulu on as she puts her undefeated record on the line (note: she’s never participated before so she is, technically, undefeated) in the Running of the Bulls at Pet-A-Palooza! Looks to be a busy day because, in addition to this, there’s this: And then this: Finally, here’s Akemi’s […]

August 21, 2014: Jelly update! Japan plans!

I brought Jelly in to see a specialist last week.  After a careful study of the x-rays and the my old gal, he reversed the initial diagnosis of a separated hip. Apparently, upon closer scrutiny, it looks bad – bad it isn’t THAT bad.  So that was great news.  And then, Tuesday, she was unusually […]

August 20, 2014: Updates on that new SF show!

We released our official writer’s drafts of episodes 1 and 2 today.  Paul and I co-wrote #1 (the pilot), but I did the solo honours on #2.  After some discussion, we’ve decided to start writing separately.  In truth, we’ve been writing separately for years now, but this is the first time we won’t be sharing […]

August 19, 2014: My Vegetarian Line-up!

Vegetarian Week was a resounding success – insofar as I went seven full days (plus one for good luck!) without eating either meat or seafood.  And, surprisingly, it wasn’t that hard.  I didn’t miss it my old eating habits nor was I tempted to fall off the wagon at any point.  So, after a week+ […]

August 18, 2014: A Walk in the (Dog) Park!

Like me, my dogs are homebodies.  Jelly is dog bed-ridden while Bubba and Lulu…don’t play well with others.  Oh, sure, Jelly enjoys her daily half-block walks.  Bubba loves his trips to the farmer’s market.  And Lulu may be ambivalent to other dogs, she likes nothing better than to meet people.  And so, when I heard […]

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