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December 14, 2015: The script elves have forsaken me!

“Well, it’s Christmas.  They’re a little busy.” – Dark Matter script coordinator Alison Hepburn. So…fine.  I’ll just write the script myself.  After I hammer out this outline.  Which is taking a little longer than I was hoping.  As it turns out, I have learned from experience that I do some of my best writing while: I’m driving. […]

December 13, 2015: It’s BEEginning to look a lot like Christmas!

“He loves to dress up!” – Akemi on Bubba and his silly festive outfits. I was somewhat dubious but have to admit that he does seem to enjoy all of the attention/sympathy he receives when he’s out for his walks. Lulu, on the other hand, prefers to go au naturel, running and hiding under the coffee […]

December 12, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 201 Day 4! Yes, on a Saturday!

Finally, the weekend is here!  For most of us.  But, for director Amanda Tapping and the Dark Matter crew, it was…not quite!  Their weekend doesn’t begin until tomorrow because, today, they were back on set shooting Day#4 of Episode #201. Executive Producer Paul Mullie and Director Amanda Tapping all smiles.  What better way to spend a Saturday? […]

December 11, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 201 – Production Day 3!

Got your pass key?  Great!  Welcome to Hyperion-8 Galactic Detention Facility. Please leave your cell phones at the door. The blue screen view out the hotel room. Quarters for two of our, uh, “guests”. An interesting set of doors.  Can’t wait to see them in action. LBW captures Professor Bartok’s lecture on me mechanics of […]

December 10, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 201 – Production Day #2!

Today, we were back on Hyperion-8, shooting Day 2 of Episode #201. Moon-base!  Mooooooon-base!  First scene up called for some major reinforcement of the corridor wall to withstand the, uh, “actor action”.  But director Amanda Tapping had it all figured out. We’re heading this way in the coming days.  Please observe the regulations and mind […]

December 9, 2015: Production begins on Dark Matter season 2!

I’d set my alarm for 6 a.m. but actually got up a half an hour earlier at 5:30 a.m. Technically, I’d been awake even earlier if you counted the numerous times I woke up to anxiously check my alarm clock between 3 and 4 a.m.  Even earlier still if you counted that 2:00 a.m. text message […]

December 8, 2015: Last day of prep on Dark Matter Episode 201! Snow Monkeys!

Pictured above, director Amanda Tapping and 1st Assistant Director Brandon Tataryn oversee this morning’s production meeting for Episode 201.  Today was the last day of prep for our season 2 premiere as principal photography is scheduled to commence bright and EARLY tomorrow morning in the: INTERIOR – HYPERION 8 – MINIMUM SECURITY – QUARTERS While […]

December 7, 2015: Final days of prep on Dark Matter Episode 201!

It’s the final days of prep on the Dark Matter second season premiere.  This morning, I attended and 8 a.m. stage walk-thru with VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson and the rest of the gang.  While Lawren was discussing the green screen challenges with Director Amanda Tapping, Director of Photography Craig Wright was running some camera tests of the […]

December 6, 2015: The fictional food of my youth I always wanted to try!

SCOOBY SNACKS I know, they’re dog treats – but not just any old dog treats.  Given the way they set Scooby off every time he was offered one, they must have been super-tasty.  Also addictive.  Yeah, who are we kidding.  They were probably laced with some illicit substances as well.  But no doubt delicious illicit […]

December 5, 2015: Specs and sketch!

“I can read distant street names but I have a hard time telling who I’m kissing.” – Me trying to explain my farsightedness to Akemi. Apparently, I need reading glasses.  I say “apparently” because I’ve been doing just fine without them although my optometrist feels there’s room for improvement.  I’m trying to hold off on […]

December 3, 2015: Counting down to Dark Matter’s second season!

Production on Dark Matter’s second season commences Wednesday, December 9th with the ever-awesome Amanda Tapping at the director’s helm.  Amanda has been BUSY these last few days, scouting, meeting, selecting, and generally prepping her vision of our big season premiere.  The cast and crew are thrilled to have her back! As we barrel toward our first day […]

December 3, 2015: Dark Matter season 2 prep continues! Goodies galore!

Interrogation room – concept illustrator Sanford Kong Our old stomping grounds, The Raza! Hyperion-8 tech room scan via artist Victor Mare. Reading materials on on tablet via 1st Assistant Art Director Kelly Diamond.  Guess the book! Meanwhile, the sets are coming along nicely… Warden Treihan’s office. Show More Summary

December 2, 2015: Dark Matter Season 2 Playback-in-Progress!

A couple of days ago, I gave you a sneak peek at the graphics-in-progress for our season opener: Well, today, I give you these same graphics-in-progress...Show More Summary

December 1, 2015: We’re going to space jail!

Awwww.  One of the pictures sent in from Mrs. Faversham’s first grade class over at Admiral Farragut Elementary on Torren-5’s third moon. Prisoners are a resourceful bunch.  And, occasionally, violent.  Arts & Crafts classes offer them a great venue for their hidden talents. Some of the Do’s and Don’t’s on Hyperion-8.  Missing: “Bathing caps must be […]

November 30, 2015: It’s on!

Today was our first official day of prep on Dark Matter’s second season.  Yeeeeah!  Following a props meeting to discuss “the claw”, we all hopped in the van and headed over to our second stage for a tour of the sets-in-progress with Episode 201 director Amanda Tapping. Check out the pictures above.  What a difference a week […]

November 29, 2015: Noooooooooo!

Noooooooo! Nooooooooo! Nooooooooooooo! My Snow Monkeys were trounced in week 12 fantasy football league play, blowing an opportunity to secure a first round bye in the upcoming playoffs.  Relegated to third place following this humiliating loss, my team must win next week AND hope This Ones For John loses in order to avoid a potential […]

November 28, 2015: Dinner at Parcae!

On the recommendation of Montreal radio personality Sarah Bartok ( – P.S.: I know her brother!), Akemi and I checked out one of the latest entries on the Toronto restaurant scene: Parcae. Show More Summary

November 27, 2015: Rude dogs and Dark Matter!

This is what Akemi gets up to with the dogs while I’m at work… According to her: “They love to wear their hats when they go out!” I remain dubious. Meanwhile, back on the work front: a little something props has been working on… We’re going to lose the light at the bottom. Work continues […]

November 26, 2015: American Thanksgiving Treats and Teasers!

I’m pleased to report that I finally pushed through that pesky today.  In the end, I went with the one tried and true writer’s block-breaking method I failed to mention in yesterday’s blog entry: When in doubt, use humor!  With that done, it was a nice segue into that delightful Android-Tabor scene.  One more scene […]

November 26, 2015: Dark Matter season 2 teasers!

Presenting : our Dark Matter season 2 mystery concept sketch of the week. What’s going on up there?  Who are those guys?  What is that room?  What’s the deal with those green things?  Any guesses? Today was a day fraught with audition screenings, tattoo discussions, and much spinning of creative wheels on this script I’m trying to […]

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