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October 29, 2014: Dark Matter Pre-Production! Set construction begins!

After a seemingly endless wait for the show to get green the light, we’re now charging full speed ahead toward our January production dates.  This week, construction began on our standing sets.  First up, our ship, The Raza, which will include the bridge, corridors, an infirmary, mess hall, training room, various corridors and airlocks.  The […]

October 28, 2014: Introducing Caitlin Brown!

“So what does Caitlin do?”I asked as part of my first day bid to know absolutely everything about absolutely everyone. “She’s Head of Business Affairs,”I was told. “No, really.” “Really.” Really?  Caitlin Brown was one of the very first people I’d met.  She’d come into my office and chatted about film, television, and books (she’s […]

October 27, 2014: Introducing Elliot Sokolsky!

Remember the character of Radar O’Reilly in MASH?  Not the later naive Iowa farm boy he turned into, but the astute and wily operator we’re initially introduced to – the clever contriver who could always manage to get his hands on the most elusive of items: chocolates, meds, a jeep.  If you needed something, Radar […]

October 26, 2014: The Weekend Update!

Thanks to all of you inquiring about Bubba and his separation anxiety issues.  He’s actually doing much better now as I suspect he’s grown a little more comfortable in the new place.  Unfortunately, we move to the even newer place tomorrow – so let’s hope it’s an easier adjustment.  I have noticed, however, an increasing […]

October 25, 2014: Casting Dark Matter!

The six-person crew of a derelict spaceship awakens from stasis in the farthest reaches of space. Their memories wiped clean, they have no recollection of who they are or how they go on board. The only clue to their identities is a cargo bay full of weaponry and a destination: a remote mining colony that […]

October 24, 2014: Introducing Natalie Cooper!

Anyone will tell you that the toughest thing about starting a new productions isn’t the casting or the scriptwriting or ensuring that it all falls within the allotted budget.  No, the toughest thing about starting a new production is remembering everyone’s name.  It’s a problem that plagued me my many years on Stargate.  My writing […]

October 14, 2014: The Grand Announcement!

There you have it!  It’s finally official!  Worth the wait, hunh?  Hunh?! Hang on.  What do you mean “There was no grand announcement”?  WTF?! I’m sure you’re all sitting back in your homes or at your respective desks, quietly shaking your heads thinking: “Poor guy.  He has lost it.”  Like John Nash in A Beautiful Mind or […]

October 23, 2014: Introducing Alison Hepburn!

Now when most people hear we have an Executive Producers’ Assistant on a production, they’ll invariably ask: “What the hell do you need an assistant for?”. Well, the obvious answer is: “Everything.”   Once we roll into prep, production, and post, Executive Producers like me are far too busy to deal with certain aspects of […]

October 22, 2014: Introducing Vanessa Piazza!

Production on Dark Matter will be uniquely challenging for a number of reasons, not the least of which being the fact that my long-time writing and producing partner, Paul, won’t be making the move to Toronto to show run the series with me.  Instead, he’ll come down for a week of meetings in November, return for prep […]

October 21, 2014: Introducing Jay Firestone! Notes! And carpet heaven!

As we head into prep on the first season of Dark Matter, I thought it might be nice to introduce you to some of the people who work behind the scenes to bring you (what will no doubt become) your new favorite new scifi series.  Now people have often asked me: “Joe, what does a producer […]

October 20, 2014: Early prep on Dark Matter begins!

Okay.  I may not love where I’m presently living and I may hate the weather and the Toronto traffic but, boy, am I looking forward to production on Dark Matter‘s first season.  Yes, of course I’m thrilled that I’m about to start prep on my very own show, but experience has taught me that, at the […]

October 19, 2014: Toronto – Day #1!

Our first night in Toronto was, in a word, “horrible”.  The bed is too small, it’s too hard, and the curtains are insufficient and, in parts, non-existent so that the street lights (and, at approximately 2:30 a.m., the flashing police lights) streaming in to our bedroom made sleep almost impossible.  ALMOST impossible because I was […]

October 18, 2014: The Eagles Has Landed! Also, a Japanse girl and three dogs!

It’s a feeling akin to oversleeping on exam day or realizing, halfway through your work day, that you forgot to turn off the oven.  I opened my briefcase to get my passport and…it wasn’t there.  At first you think “No, it can’t be.” as you check and re-check and re-check again, and then desperation sets […]

October 17, 2014: Prepping for the Toronto move! And a modest mailbag!

That’s it.  We’re out of time.  Ready or not, we are on a plane and Toronto-bound tomorrow morning.  I’m super anxious about flying with the dogs – but have done my best to prepare them for the four and half hour in-cabin flight.  I spent an hour on the phone with Air Canada, making the […]

October 16, 2014: Dark Matter! Casting! The Ramp-up! Oh, and my birthday!

So now that it’s official, I can finally talk about my new show, Dark Matter, and my plans for the series and this blog in the lead-up to season premiere (sometime in 2015).  As most of you know, while I was working on Stargate this blog offered fans a peak at the inner workings of the […]

October 15, 2014: Dark Matter!

Big news!  I’m not crazy after all - So I DIDN’T imagine the whole thing. Show More Summary

October 13, 2014: Akemi’s News of Japan!

1. As flexible as nylon, more robust than steel, an artificial spider silk called QMONOS (kumo-no-su being Japanese for spider web) is apparently poised for mass production in everything from super lightweight bulletproof vests to automobiles. Show More Summary

October 12, 2014: A Grand Tradition Continues!

Well, the tradition continues insofar as this makes two years in a row Akemi and I have roasted up a turducken and made a piecaken to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. I ordered the turducken last week, electing to go with a different butcher and different franken-bird: turkey-chicken-duck but with bacon-wrapped sausage-stuffing.  And, to hedge our bets, […]

October 11, 2014: Cookie Monster reviews Kick Ass 2!

Watching dis movie be like getting together wit former girlfriend after several years.  You tink it be a great idea but, when show up for date, you diskover she really let herself go, embittered wit life, and spend most of evening telling tasteless jokes and trying to sell you on Amway.  At end of de […]

October 10, 2014: News of note!

1. I’m back in Vancouver.  And exhausted.  I’ve got seven days to get my crap together, including: banking, car servicing, making arrangements for the house, and making a turducken AND piecaken for this Sunday! 2. The official announcement on my new series is coming.  No, really!  Apparently, Tuesday is the day. 3. Ever wanted to […]

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