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A tale of an artificial heart, but a REAL movie

The medical drama Threshold is one of the best efforts to come out of the Canadian tax shelter era. Keith Bailey is the proprietor of The Unknown Movies Page.

Revenge here is a dish served bland

The filmmakers who made Sweet Revenge has some promising ideas, but were unable to exploit them properly. Keith Bailey is the proprietor of The Unknown Movies Page.

Staggering across the finish line…

  …and immediately signing up for the next race.     2017 was not one of our more productive years, to put put it mildly; a larger than usual serving of mea culpas seems in order.   But as always, a new year brings new hope.   Many thanks to our visitors and commentators We […]

Catching Up on Past Roundtables, Part 2: Peter Cushing

La Grande Trouille/Tendre Dracula (1974) A great horror star has given up his career in order to devote his life to the cause of Romance. His producer sends two inept screenwriters after him, to drag him back to his commitments. But the fugitive star is much more than he seems to be; and the two […]

It’ll make you grin

Michael Ritchie was an inconsistent director, though with Smile he struck comic gold. Keith Bailey is the proprietor of The Unknown Movies Page.

I want my mummy!

  So I did something about it.       THE MUMMY’S CURSE (1944) …is notable chiefly for the contempt it displays for the franchise which contains it; although, that said, it’s probably the only chance you’ll ever have to see a 3,000-year-old, undead Egyptian princess using a microscope.   I have also copied over: […]

Catching Up on Past Roundtables, Part 1: WTF?

Indian cinema frequently borrows from popular Hollywood movies, but never has the borrowing been more bizarre and less appropriate than in Kutty Pisasu (2010), a Tamil film that brings together the divine retribution of Kali and.. and… You know what? I can’t. I just can’t. Suffice it to say it’s one of my least favorite […]

Why, yes: I have gone completely out of my mind

  Thank you for asking.     I noticed the other day – rather to my consternation – that it has been a decade since I drew a line under my viewing of the original ten Friday The 13th movies. This detail coincided with a weird itch I’ve had lately to revisit the franchise, so […]

Love hurts, but not for the viewer

Alas, I could not find the unrated version of Dream Lover to watch, but that did not stop me from enjoying this thriller. Keith Bailey is the proprietor of The Unknown Movies Page.

A B movie with a professional score is music to my ears

The David Whitaker musical score for The Sword And The Sorcerer is truly magnificent, helping to raise the movie out of its low budget origins. And shock of all shocks, the movie does not suffer from being directed by Albert Pyun. Keith Bailey is the proprietor of The Unknown Movies Page.

Sorry — still no Roundtable entry

OK, I know. It’s bad form to be late to a Roundtable that was my idea in the first place… especially considering my near-total non-participation in the Cabal this year. Trust me, it’s not out of a lack of interest. In the meantime, here’s a review to prove I’m actually still alive: Cold Moon (2016) […]

Oozy listening

  It’s a little known fact that nothing inspires song-writers quite like films about disgusting creepy goo…       THE BLOB (1958) Steven McQueen vs rampaging red jello!                   THE GREEN SLIME (1968) Richard Jaeckel vs rampaging green polyps!               […]

Well… it could have been worse

The belated sequel A Christmas Story 2 is too little and too late for even the biggest fans of the original movie. Keith Bailey is the proprietor of The Unknown Movies Page.

Taking Note, When Notes Take YOU

In general, the purpose of a movie’s music is to complement the action without getting in the way. Even a soaring John Williams score, with memorable themes representing the major characters, is meant to enhance the impact of what we see on screen, not replace it. But sometimes you — yes, you, personally — can’t […]

Amityville: The Awakennngghh…. zzzzzzzz…

Yes, at long last… it’s Amityville: The Awakening (2014… no, 2015… no, 2016… no, 2017! We mean it this time!). So was it worth setting the alarm for this Awakening? Oh, of course not. It’s not as painfully bad as its multiple reshoots and reschedulings might have led us to believe, but the final product […]

True and compelling

The made for television movie I Will Fight No More Forever more than deserved a theatrical release. Keith Bailey is the proprietor of The Unknown Movies Page.

When Nikkatsu Met the Shaw Brothers

ASIA-POL We have Jimmy Wang Yu, woefully outclassed by his co-stars from Nikkatsu. Scenes between Wang Yu and Shishido play less like a battle of wits between super villain and super spy and more like a world-class talent struggling to work with a petulant upstart, or the cool older kid trying to school the spoiled […]

Kiddie kung fu

PM Entertainment was much better at making action movies for adults rather than for children, and The Power Within is proof of that. Keith Bailey is the proprietor of The Unknown Movies Page.

The screenplay’s the thing…

  …wherein we are caught, an unconscionable thing.     AMITYVILLE PLAYHOUSE (2015)   In which… … … … …actually, come to think of it, nothing happens.     Liz Kingsley is the insane genius behind And You Call Yourself a Scientist!

You deserve this break today

The sports comedy Fast Break takes a familiar premise and makes it funny and exciting. Keith Bailey is the proprietor of The Unknown Movies Page.

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