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Return of the Corpse

We had another corpse return in the grimy, poorly printed pages of a Superior Publishing comic way back in 2008 (HERE), and though that one looks like a million bucks compared to today's putrid post, everything else from the art to the writing is just as wonderfully ugly and gruesome, and as gloriously bottom barrel batshit as the other. Show More Summary

The Mummies

If you look at the top righthand blog sidebar you'll see I have a new book coming out next month called MUMMES, (pre-order right HERE!) And leading up to the release, I'll be posting occasional mummy, or mummy related stories, sort of like this one-- which is actually not about the type of mummies the book speaks of. Show More Summary

Kill / Laugh, Clown, Laugh / Kill!

Are you totally unaware of the brand spankin' new, big screen adaptation of Stephen King's IT hitting theaters this week? If so, chances are you've been living in a sewer. And if you already know about these two kooky pre-code clownShow More Summary


Quickie Atlas story graciously submitted by my buddy Jim --and now don't everybody get all excited, I am not back to posting Atlas stories. For some reason Atlas posts bring out a couple true fucking idiot commenters that I have zero desire in entertaining-- but for the rest of you, please enjoy. From the October 1952 issue of Uncanny Tales #3, art by Jerry Robinson.

The Awful Mr. Ishveli

I've been awfully tardy getting this blog updated in the last week, and I'm awfully sorry-- so let's turn that negative 'ol spotlight off of me and onto someone REALLY awful instead-- as seen in this demonically doomed classic from the October - November 1953 issue of Out of the Night #11.


In stores today! Social guest horror host Dr. Odd (a.k.a. David O'Dell) foists his great gobs of greasy grimy horror tales on rancid readers. This face-melting issue includes: "Dead Rite!", "Death of a Doll", "Mother's Advice", "Tag...You're...Show More Summary

Weird (Terror) Show!

Found another one! This time Don Heck's bizarre giant beastie from the cover of the January 1953 issue of Weird Terror #3 gets lifted by not one, but TWO 50's spook show ads!

Ghost Manor Double Feature

Nequam was inquiring a while back about Charlton ghost comics, and in light of Nequam's recent birthday, what better time than a few days late (sorry!) to get this post up! No need really for an introduction for either of today's highlighted...Show More Summary

Laboratory of Horrors

Okay, if you saw my other post earlier today then you already know what's happenin'-- and yes, by the white bones of Fenton's face I've found another old 50's spookshow ad / poster that stole / used precode horror cover art-- this time the screaming Bill Everett classic from the September 1953 issue of Spellbound #15. Show More Summary

"Den of Living Nightmares"

I'm currently working on a larger post that I'll have up later this evening or tomorrow, but in the meantime I thought I'd share this cool old spook show ad from 1951 that I stumbled upon that uses the cool Warren Kremer werewolf art...Show More Summary

The Familiar

Another good one from Dread of Night #1 (see previous post for more details), this one highlighted by Gray Morrow inks and a story that somehow seems a fitting match for Brian Barnes' birthday today, haha!


Had a few requests for the one where ___________'s ________ gets a body parts updating (trying hard not to let loose with the spoilers!) and it's a freaky fun tale from the November 1991 issue of Dread of Night #1-- though if you're like me you'll be thinking it's going to end a bit differently than it actually does-- but it's all good. Show More Summary

The Man With the Iron Face!

Triple digit temps here in the good 'ol midwest have been so outrageous the last few weeks, I was beginning to feel as if I was trapped in a sweat-soaked, Rudy Palais 5 page story! WTF am I talking about, you ask? Read it and weep-- the blood, sweat, and tears run excessively rampant in this one, folks! From the July 1952 issue of Witches Tales #12.

Mad as the Devil!

It's 100 days until Halloween, and while scouring the Karswell Kollection for something appropriate to post, I stumbled upon this fun costume party devil encounter by MAD Magazine hero, Sergio Aragones, and thought, yes, sometimes it really doesn't get better than three perfect panels by one of the funniest men in the funny books today. Show More Summary

Blind Fury

Haven't posted any murderous medical mayhem in quite some time, so here's an incredibly oddball entry that feels as drunkenly written and illustrated as the main character (seriously, how hard is it to get the borders of the pages straight??!!)...Show More Summary

Terror of the Speedy Goat!

Of all the ridiculous, kookball stories I've posted here over the last decade of this blog's existence, this one is sure to find a rightful place waaaay up there on top with the kookiest of 'em! Have fun with this one, fiends-- Mr. Karswell's...Show More Summary

Behaving Madly CONTEST!

New from IDW / Yoe Books, Behaving Madly, a very funny, 200 page hardcover "best of" collection featuring material from competitive 50's mags that seriously wanted to be just like MAD! Magazines with titles like ZANY, PANIC, THIMK, CRAZY MAN CRAZY, FRANTIC!, FRENZY, etc... Show More Summary

Curse of the Horrible Hangman

Some horror chums and I were talking about the good 'ol Ace WoM horror series in a Facebook group earlier today, and I thought I'd pull out some issues to share, as well as deliver a swingin' cover story from the Dec '52 issue of Web of Mystery #16, featuring art by Charles Nicholas. Show More Summary

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