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The Witching Well

Like Rudy Palais, I also get a lot of requests for Lou Cameron stories, and here's a supernaturally charged selection from the June 1952 issue of The Beyond #12. Has everyone pre-ordered Lou Cameron's Unsleeping Dead collection coming out in Spring 2018? Click HERE for more info!

Death Pact

I've been a bit leery about posting Harvey horror stuff anymore since the release of those complete collections, but seriously a week won't go by without someone writing in and asking me to post something by Rudy Palais. So here we go, gettin' some sweat drippin' Death rollin' for November finally... from the August 1952 issue of Tomb of Teror #3.(Cover art by Al Avison)

I... Want... My... Cupcake?!"

Those of you that have been following this blog from the beginning are, by now, fully aware of my undying love and restless obsession with the Stephen King film classic, Creepshow (1981) directed by George Romero. Having watched this...Show More Summary

He Waits in the Dark

In just a few more hours, I too will be waiting in the dark to spring out on the unsuspecting trick 'r treaters in my neighborhood (pictures of my creepy costume in our next post!) In the meantime, let's check in on someone else whoShow More Summary

Shweck's Bad Boy / The Night Caller

Getting back to the spellbinding spookery of 50's Atlas era horror with a deadly double header as we draw ever nearer to Halloween! Our first tale is from the June 1954 issue of Spellbound #23, it's a Chuck Winter classic with some really great moments-- followed by an eerie Bill Walton weirdie, from the April 1954 issue of Spellbound #21.

HAUNTED HORROR #30 / Den of Horror

It's hard to believe that HAUNTED HORROR has reached the big #30, and what better way to celebrate than with a hellish new issue just about a week before Halloween to get everyone in the morbid mood! Friend and HH cohort, Tommy "El Diablo" Stanziola stepped up to guest host (the third in our temporary series) and with the hideous help of Mr. Show More Summary

Room of Shadows

An attractively eerie Atlas pair-up of Mike Sekowsky and most likely Mike Peppe, from the July 1952 issue of Spellbound #5. Things might remain a bit spellbinding for the next few issues, stay tombed...

He Walks Through Walls

A fun lil tale illustrated by John Forte wraps up another full issue presentation here at THOIA, that being the Oct '54 issue of Marvel Tales #127-- check the last few posts for info and links about the other four stories already in the archive.

Gone is the Gargoyle

Ger calls this "one of Mort Drucker's earliest", and yes friends, it's another Atlas Tale, and this time it's from my incredibly water damaged copy of the October 1954 issue of Marvel Tales #127. This is seriously a particularly excellent issue, be sure to check the archive for "Skrak's Secret", "Buried Alive!", and "Vampires Also Die!".

The Face in the Picture

How about another weird classic from the Nov. '51 issue of Mystic #5? It's a 7 page story too (!!!) which seems unusually lengthy for an Atlas horror tale-- but I'm not complaining! I mean, the monster in the splash is pretty goofy,Show More Summary

It Creeps By Night!

It's finally time to get October rolling with a hilariously messed-up quickie from the November 1951 issue of Mystic #5, with artwork credited to Hy Rosen. If the annoying Atlas a-hole commenters from a few years back can keep their lil baby ass bullshit comments to themselves I might actually get back to posting more Atlas tales again. Show More Summary

Deadly Revenge

The THOIA Archive reveals one tale left to post from the July 1953 issue of Journey into Fear #14, which completes yet another goddamned FULL ISSUE presentation here --check the archive for "Jury of the Undead", "The Green Witch", and "Return of the Corpse." And FYI: Today's post is dedicated to the gorilla my dreams!

The Complete Voodoo Vol. 3: Werewolf Castle

Werewolf Wednesdays are back, (and as usual, a day late) just as is another installment of The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics: The Complete Voodoo Volume 3 from IDW / Yoe Books -- in stores NOW --get it HERE along with the otherShow More Summary

Return of the Corpse

We had another corpse return in the grimy, poorly printed pages of a Superior Publishing comic way back in 2008 (HERE), and though that one looks like a million bucks compared to today's putrid post, everything else from the art to the writing is just as wonderfully ugly and gruesome, and as gloriously bottom barrel batshit as the other. Show More Summary

The Mummies

If you look at the top righthand blog sidebar you'll see I have a new book coming out next month called MUMMES, (pre-order right HERE!) And leading up to the release, I'll be posting occasional mummy, or mummy related stories, sort of like this one-- which is actually not about the type of mummies the book speaks of. Show More Summary

Kill / Laugh, Clown, Laugh / Kill!

Are you totally unaware of the brand spankin' new, big screen adaptation of Stephen King's IT hitting theaters this week? If so, chances are you've been living in a sewer. And if you already know about these two kooky pre-code clownShow More Summary


Quickie Atlas story graciously submitted by my buddy Jim --and now don't everybody get all excited, I am not back to posting Atlas stories. For some reason Atlas posts bring out a couple true fucking idiot commenters that I have zero desire in entertaining-- but for the rest of you, please enjoy. From the October 1952 issue of Uncanny Tales #3, art by Jerry Robinson.

The Awful Mr. Ishveli

I've been awfully tardy getting this blog updated in the last week, and I'm awfully sorry-- so let's turn that negative 'ol spotlight off of me and onto someone REALLY awful instead-- as seen in this demonically doomed classic from the October - November 1953 issue of Out of the Night #11.


In stores today! Social guest horror host Dr. Odd (a.k.a. David O'Dell) foists his great gobs of greasy grimy horror tales on rancid readers. This face-melting issue includes: "Dead Rite!", "Death of a Doll", "Mother's Advice", "Tag...You're...Show More Summary

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