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Daughter of Doom

Just when you thought you'd read every story about Satanic cursed salamander cloaks, along comes the Daughter of Doom, from the March 1955 issue of Beware #14. NOTE: Beware #14 was the last precode issue from this occasionally terrific Trojan series.

Invasion of the Windsuckers from Beyond the Stars

If this blog ever starts becoming too predictable, please please please remember that I posted this 4 page pants splitter about far-out fart lovers from beyond the stars. How many of you even knew there was a Nation Lampoon-esque magazine...Show More Summary

Fire Dance

An apology awaits as I know it's been awhile since our last post, but sinister scanner issues (as well as my teenage son who's now on summer vacation and creating his own video game) have allowed me very little time on my own damn computer!...Show More Summary

The Carpenter's Cursed Creature

The final freak-out story from the August 1952 issue of Web of Mystery #12, (and yep, another FULL ISSUE presentation here at THOIA, check the last 3 posts, as well as The Silver Bell of Doom already in the archive from way back 2008!) And OMG-- did I save the bat shittin' best yarn for last?! Let's take a vote on this crazy ass collection of Ace classics, shall we?

The Footlight Furies

Another gem from the August 1952 issue of Web of Mystery #12, highlighted by sexy female blood sucker art by Chic Stone. An interesting, underlying theme behind this tale too, in regards to naive people reaching for fame and fortune...

The Arm of Tatra Magis

Spooky zombie art by Ken Rice highlights this horror adventure yarn about an undead mongol army rising again-- plus an evil severed arm containing supernatural powers to boot! Hang onto your own limbs, this one is a frighteningly fun ride into darkness! From the August 1952 issue of Web of Mystery #12.

"Hack, Hack, Sweet Has-Been" or "What Ever Happened To Good Taste?"

Annnnnd here we go-- I promised you guys something different, and while I have delivered a few MAD Magazine posts in the past, I've yet to submit this kooky spoof that spearheads the Hollywood trend (at the time) of casting glamorous 1920's, 30's and 40's Golden Age actresses into B-horror film roles of the 50's and 60's. Show More Summary

Stand-In For Death

As promised, here's the final story in L. Miller's black and white, lo-fi Mystic #30 reprint from 1963, which is actually a complete reprint of This Magazine is Haunted #1 from October 1951. So come on creeps, hop aboard this hellish ferry of the dead for a ride into the unknown! Art by George Evans.


The final installment of Mr. Karswell's 3-issue "HORRORS OF IT ALL" thrillogy, aka HAUNTED HORROR #27 is finally in stores NOW, and Mr. K has a deadly double feature sampling of depraved sickness from said dead issue to gouge you right...Show More Summary

The Curse of Carnoc Castle

Another L. Miller and Son reprint from the 1963 issue of Mystic #30... and as mentioned in our last post, this is pretty much a complete reprint of This Magazine is Haunted #1, sans color, and occasionally sans contrast. Still, thisShow More Summary

The Coffin Maker!

Hey, looky here-- IT'S A NEW POST! So sorry folks, been very busy on a variety of other related horror projects lately. But to make up for it I'll be posting the October 1951 issue of This Magazine is Haunted #1 in its entirety over the next week... Show More Summary

Bernie Wrightson R.I.P.

It's never the end... true legends live forever.

The Other Side of the Macabre Mirror

A fellow horror fiend sent over some small, but still certainly scary scans to a very cool Lou Cameron (penciled) story from the May 1952 issue of The Beyond #11-- an issue from this series that has always eluded me! There are definitely not enough evil mirror stories archived here at THOIA!(Thanks again to William Z)

Ohhhh, Brother!

Here's a rare example of a Farrell story highlighted by artwork apparently NOT created by the Iger Shop. Man, I could've swore I already posted this story here at THOIA over the years, (pretty sure the rest of the issue is), but a quick...Show More Summary

Horror of the Witch's Brush

Another tale from the Dec '51 - Jan 1952 issue of Dark Mysteries #4...if the evil eye glasses of our last post wasn't ridiculous enough for ya, get ready for a witch brush. Annnnnnd with this post I've included the super cover as well as a related ad at the end. Show More Summary

Horror in the Glass

Eye doctor Rick writes in: "I recently received a copy of your terrific Devil Tales collection and love it. For obvious reasons I thoroughly enjoyed the Satan's Spectacles story on page 119 and was curious to know if there are more stories like this about evil glasses." Needless to say, after looking into this somewhat blurry inquiry, Mr. Show More Summary

Doom Deferred

One more strange Iger Shop yarn for you this month and then we'll get back to mixin' things up around here. This is a questionably fantastic tale from the April - May 1954 issue of Strange Fantasy #11... and yes friends, I've come to realize that I can postpone this cursed post no longer!

Monster in the Building

All settings on WEIRD OVERLOAD as we delve into the final tale from the oddball October-November 1954 issue of Strange Fantasy #14...and wow, check out the GCD entry on this one, between the Eerie Pub remakes, and L. Miller / Gredown...Show More Summary

Ghostly Guns!

We were bummed to discover that the release date for the HAUNTED LOVE hardcover collection got pushed back into March, especially considering our entire ad hook was based on the idea that it would make a great gift for Valentine's Day today! :( Well anyway, that's the bad news... Show More Summary

Demon's Doom

From the final issue of Farrell Publication's Strange Fantasy series, the Oct - Nov '54 issue of Strange Fantasy #14 to be exact. This is a super weird issue of stories, (check the archive for the ultra brutal "Meet Me in the Tomb"), but there's also a goofy ghost western, and a truly bizarre monster from another world tale-- all coming up later this week! Stay tombed...

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