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A long task is done...

... I have now tagged all-- well, nearly all-- posts with tags pertaining to common tropes or motifs that are in them. Some defied neat categorization but can still be located by searches or by looking through author and comic titleShow More Summary

Witch Wolf Terror

Like a savage fiend lurking in the shadows, we pounce upon Werewolf Wednesday a day early cuz, meh-- why not-- Tuesday's are beastly boring, so let's give it a little bite, shall we? From the May 1953 issue of Mysteries #1. HAUNTED LOVE HARDCOVER VOL. 1 IN STORES FEBRUARY 7th!

HAUNTED HORROR #26 / The Gossips!

HAUNTED HORROR #26 will be in stores on February 1st, and here's a FULL STORY PREVIEW of the nauseating tale that kicks off said issue! To decap--errrr-- recap: this is the second in a series of three "HORRORS OF IT ALL SPECIALS", each...Show More Summary

The Case of the Curses / From the Ocean Bottom

We've spent most of the month looking at scary 70's Skywald classics, and yes, I promised we'd finally make our way back to the fright-filled 50's-- and we are! But first, a quick stop into the early 60's. And note: this is merely aShow More Summary

The House of Demons!

Let's take a look at one more shivery 70's Skywald tale before we head back into the freaky 50's for the usual / unusual fare around here... today's story also comes from the nerve wracking, November 1973 issue of Psycho #15 (see our...Show More Summary

The 13 Dead Things

More gruesome horror from Skywald's psychotic 70's black and white magazine series, specifically, the November 1973 issue of Psycho #15. This one is extremely brutal-- so hold on to your heads!

... whew.

The biggest part of the new label system-- publishers, titles, and artists (I include inkers and some scripters in there; there is a fair bit of overlap) is done. After some resting time, I intend to start refining things... for one,...Show More Summary

The Monstrosity / The Boutique Macabre

A couple more Skywald quickies to keep us all gloomed and doomed and in the horror-mood; The Monstrosity is from the same issue as our last post HERE, plus one from the May 1974 issue of Psycho #18. And what say we stick with a few more...Show More Summary

The Classic Creeps

Hope everyone is having a great new year so far, and as you can see things are certainly shaping up nicely around here with the addition of my new assistant performing a sensational bang-up job in making THOIA's archive so much easier to navigate. Show More Summary

Possible changes for 2017...

I must crave your pardon...I am a new assistant to Master Karswell-- Nequam is a name that suffices.Think of me as an archivist, or librarian. Along with cleaning up some archived comments that have done nothing but attract vermin, I...Show More Summary

The Thing That Grew!

It's long after midnight, and we are now into the wee hours of the new year. Mom and dad arrive home from a night of hard partying to find that their son Timmy is still awake. "Happy New Year, bud! Hey now, what the heck are you still doing up?" asks dad, followed by a few drunken hiccups like you'd see in an old cartoon. Show More Summary

"True" Uncanny Experiences: Satan's Hair Salon

Another satanical story that didn't quite make the final cut of my DEVIL TALES collection (available HERE!) comes from the January-February 1953 issue of Skeleton Hand #3. I'm still kind of bummed about it too as I love the idea of our...Show More Summary

The Puppets of Death!

Did somebody ask Santa for puppets this xmas? Thought so! And you know that Mr. Klauswell is always more than happy to give the gift that creeps on giving! So Happy Horrordays, gang-- hope everyone gets everything little thing they want and deserve this season. Show More Summary

The Secret of Bat Island! / Flight into Fright

I was having a conversation with someone a few months back about a story concerning a guy who drinks bat blood to halt the aging process. It was assumed this was a precode story, but alas, digging through my 70's DC horror long boxes,...Show More Summary

Nightmare Mansion

Getting back to some hilariously haunted Iger Shop thrills, specifically nightmarish ones in a murder mansion! From the oddball October 1953 issue of Haunted Thrills #3.

RETURN OF THE ZOMBIES! / The Dead Remember!

Back in 2012, Craig and I unleashed a horde of flesh eaters upon fans of precode horror collections with ZOMBIES (IDW / Yoe Books, still available HERE!), and now in 2017, we've dug up another plague of undead for you to devour --orShow More Summary

HAUNTED HORROR #25 / Fiends from the Crypt

HAUNTED HORROR #25 is in stores this week, and as usual THOIA has a truly sickening FULL STORY sample preview for you-- and this one is guaranteed to tear your flesh off! For those still unaware, HH25 is also the start of a special 3...Show More Summary

The Hitch-Hiker / Room for the Night

Taking a queue from the English here in early December with a traditional ghost story double feature to get you ready for xmas-- and for obvious reasons you know perfectly well why Mr. Karswell approves! Also, you know both of theseShow More Summary

The Complete VOODOO Volume 2 (IDW / Yoe Books)

The second volume in the Chilling Archives of Horror Comics Complete VOODOO collection arrives in stores December 6, and THOIA has two tales from within to terrify and tantalize you! Collecting issue #7 - 12, this is a seriously great...Show More Summary

When His Number's Up...

Tempting fate was never so eerie, --well, maybe it has been-- in this surprisingly reckless entry from the December 1954 issue of Hand of Fate #25, art by the ever reliable Louis Zansky.

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