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Grave on the Green

We're at the halfway point of the February 1952 issue of Black Cat Mystery #33 (check the last two posts or more), and in case I forgot to mention it, I think I always start off the new year with a full issue. Right? I think so. Anyway,...Show More Summary

Army of Scorpions!

I'm guessing scorpion reference material was hard to come by in 1952-- cuz seriously, can anyone guess what Tom Hickey was thinking when he illustrated this Harvey quickie from the February 1952 issue of Black Cat Mystery #33?! It'sShow More Summary

Man Made Monster

We ended 2014 in the electric chair-- and dear god choke! we find ourselves strapped right back in here in 2015! Rudy Palais shows us just how eerily electrifying things can get-- from my utterly destroyed copy of the February 1952 issue of Black Cat Mystery #33.

Shattering the Time Barrier

Some really interesting art and super panels highlight this ghostly shocker from the June 1953 issue of The Hand of Fate #23. Anyone got a clue who the artist is? Even the cool Ace Horror site seems to be stymied. This issue also contains...Show More Summary

Death is a Dummy in Disguise

Added a Howdy Doody dummy to my son's ever growing ventriloquist doll collection this xmas... he's got quite a weird little army amassing-- and the wife says they give her the heebie jeebies! Now for you guys, I also have a ventriloquist...Show More Summary

Phony Face! / Skin Deep

We haven't had a Double (Be)Header around here in a while, in fact, let's call this one a "Face-Off!" shall we? We pit DC's House of Mystery against their own House of Secrets in a no holds barred match of tales sharing a similar theme. Show More Summary

Horror at the Lighthouse!

Another story from the March 1953 issue of Beware! Terror Tales #6, art by Sheldon Moldoff. According to GCD, this tale was later reprinted in the 70's in a series called Super Giant, a K. G. Murray mish-mash of precode and silver age Marvel stories that ran 21 issues, with each issue being 100 pages long and a cover price of 40 cents. Show More Summary

Jack Davis

The Horrors of it All wishes legendary illustrator Jack Davis a wonderful retirement, and eternal thanks for the years of outstanding work that will forever inspire and entertain. Simply The Greatest. READ MORE:

The Tattooed Heart!

I guess it's been a while since we delved into the horrors of wartime atrocities, and of course any tale concerning nazi concentration camps is bound to be extra horrific. But fret not, this journey down a very dark chapter of world history actually has a light at the end of it, as you will soon see. Show More Summary

Your Grave is Ready

The Seduction of the Innocent 80's comic book series from Eclipse is a good source of info for precode horror reprints and other related items concerning hard to find golden age stories. Unfortunately, their atrocious re-color process...Show More Summary


IDW and Yoe Books seriously knocks yo'socks and heads off today with a double release of petrifying precode horrors! HAUNTED HORROR #14, aka The Mr. Karswell Issue (meaning, I personally handpicked all the stories this time around) crawls...Show More Summary

Creepshow Comic Book Replica

THOIA readers and horror film / comic fans in general will find this of interest: it's a Creepshow comic book replica from the 1982 horror film directed by George Romero and written by Stephen King. Now of course we are all aware ofShow More Summary

The Flash of Doom / Witches Tricks

Finally finishing out the May 1952 issue of Witches Tales #10 in its entirety (check the last 2 posts, as well as IT! in the archive), --it's another something of something story that may or may not shock you (hey Brian Barnes, any relation to this mad scientist?) Post also rounded out with a Harvey filler page of "witches tricks." More horrors on the way, stay tombed...

Cloth of Terror

Because obviously "Coat of Terror" wouldn't sound frightening enough as a title, "Cloth of Terror" is another horror hit from Harvey's fun Witches Tales series-- the May 1952 issue of Witches Tales #10 to be exact. Remember this yucky yarn next time you're bundling up for winter with your murder mittens and Satanic scarf!

2014 Ghastly Awards

REMINDER: If you are a horror comic creator looking for some well deserved recognition you still have a few more weeks to submit your work to the 2014 Ghastly Awards! We've added a couple of new categories this year as well, so don't delay!Click HERE to get all the rules and see how it works!

More Flaming Horror!

Just when you thought your horror couldn't get any more flaming, comes this extra grim pot-boiler from the May 1952 issue of Witches Tales #10. Strangulation, stabbing, poker to the skull, and of course bodies flambe'd to a crisp-- they certainly don't come more mean-spirited than this! (Art by Joe Certa)

Flaming Horror

As everyone works on adding an extra layer to their midsections and asses today, here's another story about a tubby individual with a whole other set of problems to contend with than just his weight! From the November 1952 issue of Strange Mysteries #8.Happy Fangsgiving, fiends!

HAUNTED HORROR V2 / Goodbye... World!

In stores this week: HAUNTED HORROR Volume 2: Comics Your Mother Warned You About! --(collecting Haunted Horror issues 4, 5, and 6 +bonus stories and more!) It's the latest in the ongoing line of fearsome hardcover precode horror reprints...Show More Summary

Vampire Vengeance

Two thrill-killers inadvertently select a vampire as their target. From the March 1953 issue of Journey into Fear #12... more Superior Publishers in our next post too!

The Ghost Who Stole a Body

Time for the 'ol spirit switcheroo in another tale from the Jan '51 issue of The Beyond #2. This one feels more like an ACG story than one from Ace, but it's fun in a goofy sort of way, and some of the dialog is priceless: "From nowShow More Summary

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