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More Flaming Horror!

Just when you thought your horror couldn't get any more flaming, comes this extra grim pot-boiler from the May 1952 issue of Witches Tales #10. Strangulation, stabbing, poker to the skull, and of course bodies flambe'd to a crisp-- they certainly don't come more mean-spirited than this! (Art by Joe Certa)

Flaming Horror

As everyone works on adding an extra layer to their midsections and asses today, here's another story about a tubby individual with a whole other set of problems to contend with than just his weight! From the November 1952 issue of Strange Mysteries #8.Happy Fangsgiving, fiends!

HAUNTED HORROR V2 / Goodbye... World!

In stores this week: HAUNTED HORROR Volume 2: Comics Your Mother Warned You About! --(collecting Haunted Horror issues 4, 5, and 6 +bonus stories and more!) It's the latest in the ongoing line of fearsome hardcover precode horror reprints...Show More Summary

Vampire Vengeance

Two thrill-killers inadvertently select a vampire as their target. From the March 1953 issue of Journey into Fear #12... more Superior Publishers in our next post too!

The Ghost Who Stole a Body

Time for the 'ol spirit switcheroo in another tale from the Jan '51 issue of The Beyond #2. This one feels more like an ACG story than one from Ace, but it's fun in a goofy sort of way, and some of the dialog is priceless: "From nowShow More Summary

The WORST of Eerie Publications

In comic shops now (available everywhere else on November 18th!) it's The WORST of Eerie Publications, the latest book in the Chilling Archives of Horror Comics collections from IDW / Yoe Books, and ferocious follow-up to Mike Howlett's superb and equally sickening The Weird World of Eerie Publications. Show More Summary

The Mystery of Lunablanca

Maurice Gutwirth nicely illustrates one of the more memorably sexy, precode vampire women of the 50's (love those upside down bat wings!), in this early Ace horror tale from the January 1951 issue of The Beyond #2. And how gorgeous is that Warren Kremer cover!

The Thing That Devoured a Planet! / It Came from Beneath the Earth!

THOIA returns from our Halloween vacation with a double precode Atlas monsterama, both stories penned by Stan Lee-- the first tale was originally presented in the February '52 issue of Adventures into Weird Worlds #2 as "When a World...Show More Summary

Peter, Peter

Am I posting to much black and white stuff lately? When looking for something different to post this Halloween, (meaning: an appropriately themed story I have not yet posted here at THOIA over the last 7 Halloweens), the only thing I stumbled upon that even came close, or worthy, of a holiday post is this gruesomely clever tale from the Jan. Show More Summary

Sasquatch Love

We're getting down to the wire now with Halloween just a few days away-- and you last minute dresser-uppers better get your act together and quick! I know you've been seeing those Silver Shamrock commercials on TV over the last few weeks...Show More Summary

Conspiracy w/ Death + ZOMBIES Contest Winner!

Jose Cruz was the first person to enter the Zombies Book Halloween Contest, and his name was also the first one we drew out of the horror hat-- congrats, Jose! So many excellent, eerie entries, it's just a further reminder that THOIA...Show More Summary

Final Take!

I had a request for something "monstery" from DC, and this tale from the Oct-Nov. '73 issue of Weird Mystery Tales #8 is pretty fun, --though the cliched plot of a film crew making a horror movie in a haunted house is certainly not pulling...Show More Summary

What's in a Name?

Mister Mystery was a wildly uneven comic series featuring both excellent examples of top notch pre code stories, as well as hilariously clunky, barrel bottom gems like today's tale concerning a hapless fool trying to pull a fast one,...Show More Summary

To Kill a Werewolf!

It's another haphazard Werewolf Wednesday, yes, I know it's been awhile --and man when was the last time I posted a Bill Everett story?! This mean spirited lycan tale originally appeared in the Jan '54 issue of Menace #9, in color, and...Show More Summary

ZOMBIES Book Halloween Contest!

We're giving away a copy of IDW / Yoe Books ZOMBIES (co-edited by myself and Craig Yoe) and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post about your scariest Halloween experience, past, present --or future! (that's right,...Show More Summary

The Tree of Vengeance

Ross Andru and Mike Esposito give us a great cover, as well as (among other tales), a 5-page chiller about a cursed tree-- in the debut issue of Mister Mystery #1, from September 1951.

Revenge of the Unliving!

If you thought in our last post that Frank Robbins drew sexy vampires, wait'll you see how Jordi Bernet delivers them unto us in this one! I had a few people write in applauding the black and white 70's mag posts, so I thought we'd do a few more before getting back into the golden color moldies. Show More Summary

Mr. Karswell by Trevor

You guys have heard Trevor in the comments here many, many times, and here he is again, but this time showing us all his awesome artistic "Morbid" chops with a superbly creepy rendition of me--er, I mean, Mr. Karswell! Show us your pre-code inspired fan art, anything related to this blog is welcome!Thanks again to Trevor! :)

The Lady Who Collected Dracula

Vance wrote in reminding me to post more Frank Robbins, so I dug around the crypt a little and unearthed this awesome bloodsucker classic written by Doug Moench --plus an art assist from Frank Springer. Robbins really amps up the sexy and sinister in this one, --so hang onto your fangs and BATten down the hatches! From the November 1974 issue of Dracula Lives! #9.

HAUNTED HORROR #13 - City of Fearful Night

Big 'n lucky HAUNTED HORROR #13 is in stores today, and here's a FULL story preview (what's with some review sites only posting the first 6 pages??) of Bernard Baily's epically eerie lead-off tale as originally presented in the Jan.Show More Summary

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