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Last Express!

Another wonderfully atmospheric, and lengthy horror tale from the May 1953 issue of Beware! Terror Tales #7, featuring super spooktacular art from fan fave Sheldon Moldoff. And for anyone keeping track, this wraps up another COMPLETE issue posted here at THOIA! Check the archives for Dripping Terror, The Walking Cadaver, and our previous post, The Man Who Defeated Death!

The Man Who Defeated Death!

We'll be taking a look at some freakily lengthy Fawcett Publications frights for the new few posts, our first from the May 1953 issue of Beware! Terror Tales #7. A fun bit of info: while the entire story itself was reprinted a few times...Show More Summary

The Hanged Man

I didn't mean to leave you all "hanging" at the climax of our last post, so let's pick up where we sort of left off with a Steve Ditko request that I meant to get to a few weeks ago-- here ya go, Dave-- it's a spooky little tale from the Oct '69 issue of The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves #16. Happy 4th of July, everyone!

I Chopped Her Head Off!

If you've picked up the latest issue of HAUNTED HORROR, (#22 in stores now!) then by now you've already read the assortment of gruesome precode golden hits as chosen by special guest host Mike "The Howler" Howlett for our one of a kind...Show More Summary

HAUNTED HORROR #22 DOUBLE HEADER: Robot Woman / Chef's Delights

HAUNTED HORROR #22 finally lands in stores this week on Wednesday, July 29th, and it's the first of what will likely not be the last of many a spectacular "guest host" issues. And we are goddamned proud to present Mike "The Howler" Howlett's...Show More Summary

The Morning Ghost

One more tale from DC's supernatural 70's, this time from the October - November 1970 issue of House of Secrets #88. And like our last story, it's a bit predictable in story and climax, but still spooky and fun none the less, and the...Show More Summary

"Night of the Blood-Feast!"

Something to (blood)tide you over with as I work on a much larger post coming up next-- this is a quick and predictably fun little nazi terror tale with superbly unpredictable artwork by THOIA fave, Frank Robbins. From the March '75 issue of Weird War Tales #35. GRR-R-R-RGH-H-H-H-H...

Vein of Irony

And here we go finally with one more tale from Charlton's The Thing series, the April 1953 issue of The Thing #8 to be exact... it's a vampire story full of bloody irony, and if you think that sounds forced and cheesy then just waitShow More Summary

Whacks' Museum

I still owe you guys some promised stories from Charlton's THE THING series, but now I'm having scanner issues and it will have to be delayed yet again!! Arghhh!! All apologies, folks, they don't call this place THE HORRORS OF IT ALL...Show More Summary

The Sheriff and the Witch!

In the comments of our last horror western post, Glowworm suggested that a better example of this goofy genre mash-up was this tale of weird witchcraft and supernatural shenanigans found in the November 1953 issue of ACG's Adventures...Show More Summary

The Vampire Goes West!

Had a request for "something stupid", so here ya go, funny guy. From the Oct '54 issue of Tales of Horror #13, pretty sure it doesn't get much stupider than this-- which means "A MUST READ!"FYI: back to THE THING up next...

The Ghost of Abby Playhouse

One thing you can always count on in creepy old horror stories and film, is someone inheriting something evil. Usually it's a haunted mansion or cursed castle, or some eerie inanimate object or something-- but this time it's a playhouse!...Show More Summary

A Grave Situation

We're getting back into stories from Charlton's The Thing series, and if you thought the tales I posted earlier this month (and last) were freakin' weird, wait until you get a load of this bloody WTF head scratcher of vengeance! From the May 1953 issue of The Thing #8, art by John Belfi.

The Case of the Man Who Died A Lot

We'll return to more stories from THE THING series shortly, but first we have another request for a Jack Davis post, (I get Jack Davis requests weekly, btw!) And since the requestee wasn't very specific, thank god, I'm keeping the EC's...Show More Summary

"Mirror, Mirror, On My Wall"

Finally getting things going here in May, and we're picking up where we left off last month with another tale from the June 1952 issue of Charlton's The Thing #3. This one just happens to be the kooky cover story too about a fluff ball cloud demon with a Gene Simmons tongue, and features art by Albert Tyler who not only worked on a lot of St. Show More Summary

Crypt of the Vampire

We got a little bit busy around here this month, many apologies for the lack of updates-- but why don't we seal up the so long sucker tomb on April 2016 with a story from the June 1952 issue of The Thing #3, (also includes the inside...Show More Summary

The Curse of the Mandibles (Dr. Drew)

Who says Werewolf Wednesday has to be on a Wednesday? Derrrr, I only say this now because oops I forgot to hit publish on this post yesterday after uploading it! Distraction distractions!! And yeah, it's been a while since I featured a fun and frightening Dr. Show More Summary


One more devilish tale for you before we move on to other horrific subject matter, this time from the March-April 1952 debut issue of Avon's Witchcraft #1. Some of you already know that I'm all about the Devil-Music, but despite a nice...Show More Summary

The Devil's Prize

After posting Curse of the Werewolf last week, (also from the Jan '52 issue of Worlds of Fear #2), I was reminded by "Lil Raven" that there was still one story left from this issue to post, aka to chalk up as yet another THOIA full issue presentation. Show More Summary

HAUNTED LOVE #3 / Tomb for Two

IN STORES this Wednesday, April 6th-- it's HAUNTED LOVE #3! Yes, s creams a charm as the third and finale fright-filled issue of IDW’s hair-raising new hit misery-series, HAUNTED LOVE concludes with a gag-gle of gruesome guys ’n gals...Show More Summary

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