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The 2014 Ghastly Award Nominees

The Ghastly Award Judges are proud to announce the 2014 Ghastly Award Nominees. The Nominees, chosen by the Ghastly Award Judges, reflect the wide range of Horror material being published in print and web comic form today. All Nominees...Show More Summary

The Drifting Snow

For all of my snow-bound friends on the east coast, here's a frigidly faithful Tony Isabella and Esteban Maroto adaptation of August Derleth's fear-fraught Weird Tales short story classic "The Drifting Snow" from the April 1974 issue of Vampire Tales #4 magazine. Show More Summary

Give the Devil His Due

Never before have I seen such Satanic salivating for a second part to a story from THOIA followers as this! And so here it is, friends, your devilish due in the soul-searing finale of this wild, roller coaster ride into Hell, from the March 1975 issue of The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves #50; highlighted by the awesome art by Tom Sutton. Show More Summary

The Devil's Lies

Honoring the release of IDW / Yoe Books latest Chilling Archive collection, Tom Sutton's Creepy Things, we'll be taking a look at some Sutton for the next few posts-- more specifically, this epic two-part tale of satanic evil from the March 1975 issue of The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves #50, published by Charlton Comics. Show More Summary

The Strange Circus of Dr. Namirha

Here's the last of the bat shit crazy tales from the August 1952 issue of Forbidden Worlds #8 --and yikes, what an issue! Also, check the last 3 story posts, as well as King Ward's awesome "The Eyes of Death" in the 2008 archive too....Show More Summary

Tom Sutton's Creepy Things (IDW / YOE BOOKS)

IN STORES THIS WEEK: Get ready for a mind-bending walk on the weird side with the very best of Tom Sutton's 1970s horror tales for Charlton Comics! Sutton was at his most expressionistic and experimental with the scores of stories he...Show More Summary

The Zombie's Doom

Here's another one from the August 1952 issue of Forbidden Worlds #8, (see our last post too), art this time by Harry Lazarus who we have featured here at THOIA many many times over the years. And yeah, if anyone is curious, it was indeed a zombie that took a giant bite out of my cover,--thus forever sealing this issue's DOOM! More from this crazy issue in our next post too!

The Fangs of the Fiend

Here's a weirdly illustrated ACG tale from the August 1952 issue of Forbidden Worlds #8. I say "weirdly" because sometimes Art's art here is awesome, and sometimes it's unusually less than so... but it's at least always fun and generates an interesting atmosphere of shadows and swirling mists and leering faces everywhere on the walls and vases. Show More Summary

Triple Threat!

THOIA returns with another installment of "Werewolf Wednesday" and today we have something a bit (or is that bite?) different for you this time around! Our frightening friend and long time commenter chum, Trevor "Morbid" Markwart has...Show More Summary

NECA'S "Fiend" / Crimson Ghost Action Figures

Fans of the old serial from 1946 (and also fans of The Misfits) might be interested in this new posable 8" action figure / doll from Neca of the iconic skull-faced villain The Crimson Ghost. Comes in two versions, the black and white...Show More Summary

Corpses from the Sea!

Once again we hit the high seas of horror, and today it's the final post from the February 1952 issue of Black Cat Mystery #33, featuring the always awesome art of THOIA fave Bob Powell! If you're just joining us, check the last three posts for the rest of this issue. Show More Summary

Grave on the Green

We're at the halfway point of the February 1952 issue of Black Cat Mystery #33 (check the last two posts or more), and in case I forgot to mention it, I think I always start off the new year with a full issue. Right? I think so. Anyway,...Show More Summary

Army of Scorpions!

I'm guessing scorpion reference material was hard to come by in 1952-- cuz seriously, can anyone guess what Tom Hickey was thinking when he illustrated this Harvey quickie from the February 1952 issue of Black Cat Mystery #33?! It'sShow More Summary

Man Made Monster

We ended 2014 in the electric chair-- and dear god choke! we find ourselves strapped right back in here in 2015! Rudy Palais shows us just how eerily electrifying things can get-- from my utterly destroyed copy of the February 1952 issue of Black Cat Mystery #33.

Shattering the Time Barrier

Some really interesting art and super panels highlight this ghostly shocker from the June 1953 issue of The Hand of Fate #23. Anyone got a clue who the artist is? Even the cool Ace Horror site seems to be stymied. This issue also contains...Show More Summary

Death is a Dummy in Disguise

Added a Howdy Doody dummy to my son's ever growing ventriloquist doll collection this xmas... he's got quite a weird little army amassing-- and the wife says they give her the heebie jeebies! Now for you guys, I also have a ventriloquist...Show More Summary

Phony Face! / Skin Deep

We haven't had a Double (Be)Header around here in a while, in fact, let's call this one a "Face-Off!" shall we? We pit DC's House of Mystery against their own House of Secrets in a no holds barred match of tales sharing a similar theme. Show More Summary

Horror at the Lighthouse!

Another story from the March 1953 issue of Beware! Terror Tales #6, art by Sheldon Moldoff. According to GCD, this tale was later reprinted in the 70's in a series called Super Giant, a K. G. Murray mish-mash of precode and silver age Marvel stories that ran 21 issues, with each issue being 100 pages long and a cover price of 40 cents. Show More Summary

Jack Davis

The Horrors of it All wishes legendary illustrator Jack Davis a wonderful retirement, and eternal thanks for the years of outstanding work that will forever inspire and entertain. Simply The Greatest. READ MORE:

The Tattooed Heart!

I guess it's been a while since we delved into the horrors of wartime atrocities, and of course any tale concerning nazi concentration camps is bound to be extra horrific. But fret not, this journey down a very dark chapter of world history actually has a light at the end of it, as you will soon see. Show More Summary

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