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The Vampire of Broadway

Another request is one of the oddest vampire tales ever from the February-March 1977 issue of House of Secrets #144. Nice, atmospheric art by Abe Ocampo (I'm sure I would totally die in amazement if I ever saw a giant 3D billboard featuring...Show More Summary

Through Wicked Eyes

The sole remaining story that I have yet to post here from the Nov '52 issue of Strange Mysteries #8... check the archives for "Return of the Corpse", "Flaming Horror", and "Mask of the Devil."

Is THAT Art?

Speaking of Rudy Palais, our best fiend, Forlock the Warlock, (aka Craig Yoe), has a personal exhibit on display at the Society of Illustrators/NYC, called "Is THAT Art?" which features an ultra rare, original, unpublished horror cover...Show More Summary

Hand of the Yogi / Monster Lore!

I unwittingly started a theme this month, that being precode comic horror stories that use themes we see over and over again, like the creeping, murderous, severed hand tale, as well as plots that borrow heavily from literary classics like The Monkey's Paw. Show More Summary

Terror of the Boa Constrictor

Jon D'Agostino has not one, but two illustrated stories in the October 1953 issue of Dark Mysteries #14 (see our last post too.) And like our last tale, it follows a well tested horror plot we've all seen before; this time it's voodoo from beyond the grave, but it's still pretty interesting none the lesssssss. Show More Summary

The Horror of it All by Adam Rockoff

A new book with a familiar title, not to be confused with the films of the same name (as well as a certain blog), has anyone read The Horror of it All by Adam Rockoff? Sounds interesting, I always enjoy reading about people's introduction to the realm of horror as a kid.Find out more HERE.

Escape to Death!

A sneak escape from jail, via hiding in a coffin, is an oft-told theme in horror comics with an oft-familiar conclusion. We've seen it happen oft-times here at THOIA over the years, and this time it's from the Oct '53 issue of Dark Mysteries #14, art by Jon D'Agostino.

Creepshow Ticket Booth Display

This is no April Fool's joke! At the recent MONSTERPALOOZA 2015 convention, horror FX artist Christopher Nelson showed off some terrifying talent by turning the iconic Creepshow ('82) movie poster into an actual full-sized ticket booth...Show More Summary

Mother Hubbard

If you're a fan of eye injury panels, and ogres with a taste for baby flesh, then today you've come to the right place! This seriously bonkers Bill Madden tale was originally featured in the March 1942 issue of Scoop Comics #3, reprinted a few years later in Spotlight Comics (same publisher), and once more in the 80's by Eclipse Comics. Show More Summary

Operation Horror!

As Ted Cruz announces he's running for president, THOIA launches a more sensible, though no less equally neanderthal-headed operation of horror, --it's the final freak-out from the Feb-March 1952 issue of Eerie #5! This entire issue is now posted here, check the archives for "Master of the Cats", The Knife of Jack the Ripper", and our last post "I Painted Only Terror."

I Blogged a Double Feature!

Two different types of trembling tales o'terror for ya today, the first from the February-March 1952 issue of Avon Periodicals Eerie #5, it's another yarn about an insane artist that I meant to post earlier this month with Satan's Pawn...Show More Summary

Head of Horror

Here's one from THOIA's archive by request, and I mean going waaay back to 2007 --you can go back even further to the July 1952 issue of Strange Mysteries #6 where it originally appeared too! I get a lot of requests for stories thatShow More Summary


Charlton Premiere was a short-lived series from the late 60's, totaling five issues in all, with a jumbled mix of war and sci-fi stories, as well as a couple of issues starring superheroes. Featuring artists like Jim Aparo, Pat Boyette,...Show More Summary

Unburied Alive!

K. Kendall emailed me looking for a Twilight Zone story she remembers about a woman terrified of being buried alive! Sounds more like a Night Gallery story, but I think I have what you're looking for-- from the November 1975 issue of Twilight Zone #67, atmospheric art by Jose Luiz Garcia-Lopez.

The Unbeliever / Let's Go Mad

Finishing up our full-issue examination of Adventures into Darkness #13 from March 1954... and we come full circle too with another moody, Tothy tale from Sekowsky and Peppe, --man, I love the silhouette work on this one! Hope everyone...Show More Summary

The Monster in the Maze!

Continuing on with the March 1954 issue of Adventures into Darkness #13, "The Monster in the Maze!", illustrated by Gene Fawcette, is ferocious fun, but a little on the short side, so I added the "Escape from Terrorland" maze (whichShow More Summary


I've lost track, but for the _____ year in a row now, THE HORRORS OF IT ALL has once again been nominated in the BEST HORROR BLOG category. We never win, but we're always thrilled to see our name in such fine horror blogger company.Show More Summary

Satan's Pawn

Start your week (and month) off with a stabby piece of insanity, it's another tantalizing tale of evil from the March 1954 issue of Adventures into Darkness #13. GCD credits Jack Sparling on art duty with a question mark... and hey, we've rounded out this post with a few hot, half-page bonuses too. Show More Summary

Feast of the Ghouls / The Haunted Hotel

Not to be confused with A.C. Hollingsworth's Ghouls Feast at Midnight (click HERE for a second helping if you're still starving later), todays morbid mouthful from Sekowsky / Peppe first appeared in the March 1954 issue of Adventures into Darkness #13. Show More Summary


Your nightmare has come true! PREVIEWSworld is showing all of the delayed IDW titles listed today on their new release page, including HAUNTED HORROR #15! We gave you a few FREE previews earlier this month, you can check out another tale (though not complete) over at Major Spoilers as well by clicking HERE! Get yours now, and let us know what you think!

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