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The Sheriff and the Witch!

In the comments of our last horror western post, Glowworm suggested that a better example of this goofy genre mash-up was this tale of weird witchcraft and supernatural shenanigans found in the November 1953 issue of ACG's Adventures...Show More Summary

The Vampire Goes West!

Had a request for "something stupid", so here ya go, funny guy. From the Oct '54 issue of Tales of Horror #13, pretty sure it doesn't get much stupider than this-- which means "A MUST READ!"FYI: back to THE THING up next...

The Ghost of Abby Playhouse

One thing you can always count on in creepy old horror stories and film, is someone inheriting something evil. Usually it's a haunted mansion or cursed castle, or some eerie inanimate object or something-- but this time it's a playhouse!...Show More Summary

A Grave Situation

We're getting back into stories from Charlton's The Thing series, and if you thought the tales I posted earlier this month (and last) were freakin' weird, wait until you get a load of this bloody WTF head scratcher of vengeance! From the May 1953 issue of The Thing #8, art by John Belfi.

The Case of the Man Who Died A Lot

We'll return to more stories from THE THING series shortly, but first we have another request for a Jack Davis post, (I get Jack Davis requests weekly, btw!) And since the requestee wasn't very specific, thank god, I'm keeping the EC's...Show More Summary

"Mirror, Mirror, On My Wall"

Finally getting things going here in May, and we're picking up where we left off last month with another tale from the June 1952 issue of Charlton's The Thing #3. This one just happens to be the kooky cover story too about a fluff ball cloud demon with a Gene Simmons tongue, and features art by Albert Tyler who not only worked on a lot of St. Show More Summary

Crypt of the Vampire

We got a little bit busy around here this month, many apologies for the lack of updates-- but why don't we seal up the so long sucker tomb on April 2016 with a story from the June 1952 issue of The Thing #3, (also includes the inside...Show More Summary

The Curse of the Mandibles (Dr. Drew)

Who says Werewolf Wednesday has to be on a Wednesday? Derrrr, I only say this now because oops I forgot to hit publish on this post yesterday after uploading it! Distraction distractions!! And yeah, it's been a while since I featured a fun and frightening Dr. Show More Summary


One more devilish tale for you before we move on to other horrific subject matter, this time from the March-April 1952 debut issue of Avon's Witchcraft #1. Some of you already know that I'm all about the Devil-Music, but despite a nice...Show More Summary

The Devil's Prize

After posting Curse of the Werewolf last week, (also from the Jan '52 issue of Worlds of Fear #2), I was reminded by "Lil Raven" that there was still one story left from this issue to post, aka to chalk up as yet another THOIA full issue presentation. Show More Summary

HAUNTED LOVE #3 / Tomb for Two

IN STORES this Wednesday, April 6th-- it's HAUNTED LOVE #3! Yes, s creams a charm as the third and finale fright-filled issue of IDW’s hair-raising new hit misery-series, HAUNTED LOVE concludes with a gag-gle of gruesome guys ’n gals...Show More Summary

The Legend of Rose Hall

What's the shivery secret behind the tortures, black magic, and murderous legend of Rose Hall's very own evil witch, Annie Palmer? Try not to die of fright as this tale of ultimate terror unfolds to the last screaming, supernatural panel!! From Menace #166.And when I say Menace #166, I of course meant Dennis the Menace Bonus Magazine Series #166. Show More Summary

Curse of the Werewolf

This wild 'n wooly (and lengthy) werewolf tale from the Jan '52 issue of Worlds of Fear #2 (Fawcett Publications), features some very nice art by Sheldon Moldoff and Ed Moline (??), as well as a few panels where some obvious Lon Chaney Jr. Show More Summary

The Bat and the Brain

Science goes absolutely flappin' bat balls bonkers in this weird but totally fun "vampire" tale from ACG's Nov - Dec '52 issue of Skeleton Hand #2. GCD lists Gus Ricca as responsible for illustrating one of the coolest skeleton specters I've ever seen in a precode comic. So hold on to your brain cells, my friends, this one might hurt a little...INSTANT REPLAY

HAUNTED LOVE #2 / Two for the Money

I went to Chicago before I had a chance to update THOIA last week with news about HAUNTED LOVE #2 being released, but I hath returned and here's the skinny-- a little late with apologies! So if you enjoyed the first issue, #2 promises...Show More Summary

Wilson's Woman

THOIA returns after a brief hiatus (February was project overload month!) with a request from Tara "The Terror" who writes in expressing her relentless love for HAUNTED LOVE #1 (thank you!) while also inquiring about a rotten romance story she remembers reading a long, long time ago. Show More Summary


In stores today-- yes, TWO issues of classic golden age horror reprints from IDW / Yoe Books (Valentine's issues too, sorry they're a bit late!) --and THE HORRORS OF IT ALL has a full story preview from each, so get 'em both for you and your dearly departed loved ones! FYI: HAUNTED LOVE #1 is the first in a 3 part misery-serious (giggle), aka FIRST ISSUE ALERT!!!

The Isle of the Dead

Mardi Gras reared its drunken head last week, and with the overload abundance of boobs 'n booze on display, no one hardly noticed that just at the edge of town, the dead were having a dance celebration of their own in the local cemetery! Reminds me of a story I once read in the Nov '73 issue of Twilight Zone #53... Show More Summary

Friday the 13th Club

I've had this fun DC chiller saved for a while now, just waiting for a Friday the 13th to post it. Unfortunately, we don't have another F13 coming up until May-- arghhh!!-- so what the heck, Saturday the 13th is close enough. Featuring...Show More Summary


My latest collection for IDW / Yoe Books, DEVIL TALES is in stores this week (a few weeks earlier than reported too!) Featuring two dozen tales of satanic shenanigans from the 1950's precode comic book era, with art by legendary greats...Show More Summary

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