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Gargoyle Every Night

Creepshow fan "Tony" found his way to THOIA via a google search for the comic book adaptations of the film that I've posted in the past (check the archives) --this in turn has created a new fan of Berni Wrightson as well, and Tony asked to see more of Berni's fantastic work. Show More Summary

NEW CHILLING ARCHIVES COLLECTIONS: The Complete Voodoo Volume One / Ghosts and Girls

Two new CHILLING ARCHIVES OF HORROR COMICS releases from IDW / YOE BOOKS are in stores NOW! The long-awaited first entry in the COMPLETE VOODOO COLLECTION VOL. 1 hits stores today and features 200+ pages of tasteless Iger Shop terror...Show More Summary

HAUNTED HORROR #20 / The Witch of Death

HAUNTED HORROR #20 is in stores today, and as promised we have another FULL STORY preview to summon up your spirits with a little bit of that 'ol witchy black magic! This tale originally appeared in the May 1954 issue of Web of Evil #14, with highly atmospheric art by Charles Nicolas. Show More Summary

Death Song!

HAUNTED HORROR #20 hits comic shops this week, and here's your first FULL story preview from the issue to get you singin'-- it's a deadly Don Heck musical number guaranteed to make your eyes and ears bleed! Originally featured in the...Show More Summary

Fountain of Fear

It's almost Thanksgiving, and here's a supernatural appetizer (with an Native American twist!) to whet your whistle from the Jan. '54 issue of Out of the Shadows #11. Looks like this one got the Eerie Pub redraw / retitle treatment in...Show More Summary

Crimson Hands Against Him

I had a request for "The Hands of Murder", but since I already posted it HERE back in 2011, I thought I'd find another tale about terror mitts a'stranglin'-- and maybe this one from the September 1953 issue of Web of Mystery #20 will grab you. claps at my own dumb joke :P CLICK HERE!

Beautiful Night for Murder!

It's been quite a while since I've posted a Dick Ayers story, so todays tale is a very welcome addition to the THOIA Archive! And since everyone seemed to relish in the murderously mean-spirited nature of our last post, we have another...Show More Summary

Evil Intruder

Since announcing our new HAUNTED LOVE mini-series debuting this Feb 2016 (IDW / Yoe Books), I've been swamped with emails from HAUNTED HORROR and WEIRD LOVE fans from all over. The biggest concern seems to be coming from the horror fans...Show More Summary


By now I'm sure everyone has seen the silly/fake "Starring on LOVE BOAT" photoshop hilarity floating around Facebook and wherever else you boils and ghouls haunt the web. I thought I'd join in the fun with my own monster mash-up featuring...Show More Summary

In the Coils of the Python Queen

THOIA returns after taking a rather forced holiday breather, plus a plethora of sexy side projects put our ever lovin' blog on the back burner for a week or so, not to mention the myriad of technical difficulties, and well... oh Hell, let's just get on with the story, shall we? How about a slithery Jim McLaughlin chiller from the Nov. Show More Summary

The Crate

With Halloween right around the corner, I see a ton of "essential holiday horror movies" lists apparently compiled by people with a very narrow sense of The Horror Film. Yes yes, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Exorcist, Psycho, Halloween etc., all incredible classics, ok? We get it. Show More Summary

Haunted Horror... Love?!

It's seems that the Haunted Horror Vol. 3 hardback "Pre-Code Comics So Good, They're Scary" (collecting issues 7-9) has jumped the gun and found it's way into a few stores already despite the November 5th release date ???!!! I haven't seen any anywhere yet, but reports are coming in. Show More Summary

Trick or Treat from HAUNTED HORROR!

The super scary Halloween issue of HAUNTED HORROR #19 is in stores now --all stories were specially hand picked by me--errr--- Mr. Karswell himself fyi-- and it's ready to fill your month of All Hallow's cheer with page after page of...Show More Summary

Portrait of Death

AIEEEE!!! It's another perplexing Palais story for you today --and WTF, I totally thought I had posted this tale before, but it turns out there was just another story with the same title! So yeah, Rudy really delivers the grotesque monstrosity in this one... Show More Summary

The Clock Struck-- Doom!

It's come to my attention that I've posted everything from the July 1952 issue of Black Cat Mystery #37 except for this doomed 'n sweaty Rudy Palais tale-- so here ya go! I also added the one page bonus at the end in case that's been overlooked here somehow over the years as well. Show More Summary

R.I.P. Jay Scott Pike

Sad news from the Marvel Masters bullpen, as apparently Jay Scott Pike has passed away. In honor of his frighteningly fine artistic contributions to 50's Atlas horror, THOIA has an encore presentation of one of his creepier classics from the December 1954 issue of Mystery Tales #24. RIP

The Monsters Strike!

Cave men apparently existed in the days of the dragonsaurs in this monstrously fun tale from the July 1952 issue of Adventures into the Unknown! #33, art credited to Charlie Sultan who did a ton of top notch artwork for ACG... post rounded out with a good 'n ghostly "true" one-page filler too! Boo!

Time to Die

HAUNTED HORROR #18 finally landed in stores this week-- two weeks later, but better late than never! And today it's time foe another preview of a spooky story contained in that issue, (making its debut here at THOIA as well), and originally presented in the February 1954 issue of Dark Mysteries #16. Show More Summary

Vampire Spider

Creeping around within the pages of the Dec '53 issue of Adventures into the Unknown #50 are some really good stories. Lin Streeter's beautifully spooky "I Am a Zombie!" was posted HERE a while back, as well as being the story chosen...Show More Summary

Terror Island!

While digging through my nerd-boxes of doom (aka: researching for yet another upcoming horror project), I stumbled upon this fun and fast paced, "Island of Dr. Moreau" revision from the August 1953 issue of Forbidden Worlds #20. Nice art from Charles Nicholas, and a great cover illustration from Ken Bald... Show More Summary

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