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The Strangers: Prey At Night (2018)

MARCH 9, 2018 GENRE: SLASHER, SURVIVAL SOURCE: THEATRICAL (PRESS SCREENING) Here's a funny fact: on the weekend The Strangers opened in 2008, it was next to the original Iron Man on the box office chart. Since then, Iron Man's success paved the way for seventeen more films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with two more on the way this summer. Show More Summary

The Lullaby [Siembamba] (2018)

MARCH 7, 2018 GENRE: GHOST, PSYCHOLOGICAL SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REGULAR SCREENING) I rarely write negative reviews of smaller films anymore, figuring it's a waste of my time to tell people not to bother seeing an off-the-radar movie they...Show More Summary

Hellraiser: Judgment (2018)

FEBRUARY 16, 2018 GENRE: RELIGIOUS, SUPERNATURAL SOURCE: BLU-RAY (OWN COLLECTION) Of all the major horror franchises that came along (or at least had their biggest showcase) in the 1980's, Hellraiser was the one I never particularly got into the way I did for the others. Show More Summary

House Of The Long Shadows (1983)

FEBRUARY 8, 2018 GENRE: COMEDIC, THRILLER SOURCE: BLU-RAY (BORROWED) I've repeatedly explained the main reasons I started Horror Movie A Day (eleven years ago this week! Happy birthday, me!), mostly involving catching up on movies I missed and working on my abilities as a writer. Show More Summary

The Cloverfield Paradox (2018)

FEBRUARY 5, 2018 GENRE: MONSTERSOURCE: STREAMING (NETFLIX INSTANT) It's no secret that a number of franchise movies sprung from original scripts that were rewritten to accommodate an unrelated series. All of the Die Hard sequels (except...Show More Summary

Winchester (2018)

FEBRUARY 1, 2018 GENRE: HAUNTED HOUSE SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REGULAR SCREENING) When I still lived in Massachusetts, the family took a vacation to California to visit my sister, flying to Los Angeles and spending a few days there, then driving up the coast to spend a couple days in San Francisco. Show More Summary

Class of 1999 (1990)

FEBRUARY 1, 2017 GENRE: TECHNOLOGY SOURCE: BLU-RAY (OWN COLLECTION) Ideally, Class of 1999's Blu-ray release this Tuesday would have been delayed out of respect for the two students who were killed (along with over a dozen others shot)...Show More Summary

Mom And Dad (2017)

JANUARY 15, 2018 GENRE: COMEDIC, SURVIVAL SOURCE: THEATRICAL (ADVANCED SCREENING) After the abysmal Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, the Neveldine/Taylor duo both went solo for their next films. Neveldine gave us The Vatican Tapes,Show More Summary

Before I Wake (2016)

JANUARY 12, 2018 GENRE: SUPERNATURAL SOURCE: STREAMING (NETFLIX INSTANT) If you were unaware of Before I Wake's long journey to release here in the US, you might be baffled by the "Introducing Jacob Tremblay" credit that appears at its end, since, you know, you've seen him in like five other movies. Show More Summary

Insidious: The Last Key (2018)

JANUARY 4, 2018 GENRE: GHOST, SUPERNATURAL SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REGULAR SCREENING) After the confusingly titled Insidious: Chapter 3 - which was a prequel to the other two films - it would be hilarious if there's another entry after Insidious: The Last Key, as the title suggests a certain finality which has traditionally meant nothing in the genre. Show More Summary

Preservation (2014)

DECEMBER 15, 2017 GENRE: SURVIVAL SOURCE: STREAMING (NETFLIX INSTANT) As a big fan of Chris Denham's previous film Home Movie (an HMAD book entry, even!), I spent a while looking forward to what he did next. But post-daily HMADing IShow More Summary

Little Evil (2017)

DECEMBER 13, 2017 GENRE: COMEDIC, RELIGIOUS SOURCE: STREAMING (NETFLIX INSTANT) There aren't a lot of movies about evil children that I dislike (hell, it's hard to even disappoint me), and as Tucker & Dale was one of my favorite movies...Show More Summary

Satan's Blade (1984)

DECEMBER 8, 2017 GENRE: SLASHER SOURCE: BLU-RAY (OWN COLLECTION) Even if I've heard nothing good about it, there is no slasher film from the golden era that I would refuse to see, and it's also the only kind of Blu-ray I will still blind...Show More Summary

Cult of Chucky (2017)

DECEMBER 5, 2017 GENRE: PUPPET, SLASHER SOURCE: BLU-RAY (OWN COLLECTION) Universal has a weird knack for keeping series not only going longer than anyone would have guessed, but in some ways IMPROVING as they go on. The Fast & Furious...Show More Summary

Gerald's Game (2017)

NOVEMBER 30, 2017 GENRE: THRILLER SOURCE: STREAMING (NETFLIX INSTANT) I for one couldn't be happier about the resurgence of Stephen King adaptations hitting movies and TV, after a curiously long drought that started in 2007 (when weShow More Summary

Jigsaw (2017)

OCTOBER 25, 2017 GENRE: SERIAL KILLER, SURVIVAL SOURCE: THEATRICAL (PREMIERE SCREENING) Not for nothing, but when I asked anyone who'd listen (OK, let's be honest: I just complained on Twitter) to make another Saw movie, I thought it was understood that I wanted one that resolved Hoffman's fate, showed how Gordon would carry on the legacy, etc. Show More Summary

Leatherface (2017)

OCTOBER 23, 2017 GENRE: SURVIVAL, THRILLER SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REGULAR SCREENING) When I realized I would be out of town when Leatherface screened at Screamfest, I was devastated, as I pride myself on my occasionally preternatural ability...Show More Summary

Happy Death Day (2017)

OCTOBER 16, 2017 GENRE: SLASHER SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REGULAR SCREENING) Full disclosure: my friend was a co-producer on Happy Death Day. Fuller disclosure: I was so tired when I watched it that I actually forgot about that until it was like halfway over, and I was already a big fan of what it was doing by then. Show More Summary

New Beverly All Night Horrorthon (2017)

OCTOBER 7, 2017 GENRE: EVERYTHING! SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REVIVAL SCREENING) For the past couple years I've written up my New Beverly All Nighter experiences for BirthMoviesDeath, but I had to post something else this week and HMAD's been getting neglected so I figured I'd bring it back here for a change. Show More Summary

Flatliners (2017)

SEPTEMBER 30, 2017 GENRE: SUPERNATURAL, THRILLER SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REGULAR SCREENING) Full disclosure, right off the bat - someone pulled a fire alarm during my showing of Flatliners and we had to file out with about twenty minutes left in the film. Show More Summary

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