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Life (2017)

MARCH 24, 2017 GENRE: ALIEN SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REGULAR SCREENING) It's often said that horror is the one genre that doesn't require any stars, because people just want to be scared and it's easier to do that when it's a complete unknown playing the lead as opposed to Tom Cruise (The Mummy, coming this summer!) or whoever. Show More Summary

Slaughterhouse (1987)

MARCH 14, 2017 GENRE: SLASHER SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REVIVAL SCREENING) I don't know why I never rented Slaughterhouse as a kid; I distinctly recall seeing it at my usual video store right next to the Silent Night Deadly Night series, and...Show More Summary

Kong: Skull Island (2017)

MARCH 12, 2017 GENRE: MONSTER SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REGULAR SCREENING) I was rarely as excited for a big blockbuster as I was for Peter Jackson's King Kong back in December of 2005. It came out the night I flew home to see my family for...Show More Summary

The Girl With All The Gifts (2016)

FEBRUARY 25, 2017 GENRE: POST-APOCALYPTIC, ZOMBIE SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REGULAR SCREENING) With Walking Dead scoring massive ratings and World War Z more than doubling the gross of the previous highest grossing zombie film, I don't understand...Show More Summary

Get Out (2017)

FEBRUARY 23, 2016 GENRE: THRILLER SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REGULAR SCREENING) There are a lot of awful things that will come from the Trump administration (for examples, refresh your Twitter feed, and then again when you finish reading this...Show More Summary

Havenhurst (2016)

FEBRUARY 21, 2016 GENRE: SLASHER, THRILLER SOURCE: STREAMING (ONLINE SCREENER) If nothing else, I've made one thing perfectly clear over the years: I enjoy seeing Danielle Harris in my horror movies. So when I saw her name in the cast...Show More Summary

A Cure For Wellness (2016)

FEBRUARY 18, 2017 GENRE: MAD SCIENTIST, THRILLER SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REGULAR SCREENING) One of my favorite movies is Meet Joe Black, which a lot of people hated on account of it being so glacially paced, but for me I think that was part...Show More Summary

Happy Birthday, HMAD!

"Well my son turned ten just the other day, he said thanks for the ball dad, come on let's play!" Well, like Harry Chapin's poor kid, I will refuse to teach HMAD to throw a baseball, mainly because it's an internet site with no reason to know how to do that (also, I don't know how, either). Show More Summary

Rings (2017)

FEBRUARY 3, 2017 GENRE: GHOST, SUPERNATURAL SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REGULAR SCREENING) With the arrival of each new late-coming sequel (Blair Witch, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, etc.), I become more and more worried about the new Saw and Friday the 13th films that are coming in October. Show More Summary

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017)

JANUARY 27, 2017 GENRE: MAD SCIENTIST, MONSTER, ZOMBIE SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REGULAR SCREENING) In case it never dawned on you, projected film is nothing more than a series of still images played in succession, fast enough to create the...Show More Summary

Split (2016)

JANUARY 20, 2017 GENRE: PSYCHOLOGICAL, SURVIVAL SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REGULAR SCREENING) Following The Visit, it seems that working with the small budgets but (far as I know) creative freedom of a Blumhouse production (as opposed to expensive studio gigs where you might be at the whims of people like Will Smith) is a fine fit for M. Show More Summary

The Bye Bye Man (2017)

JANUARY 13, 2017 GENRE: SUPERNATURAL SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REGULAR SCREENING) Had I gone to a Thursday night showing of The Bye Bye Man, I probably would have seen it with more people, but I likely would have missed out on what became the only memorable part of what was a Friday morning viewing with three other sad bastards. Show More Summary

Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)

JANUARY 7, 2017 GENRE: VAMPIRE, WEREWOLF SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REGULAR SCREENING) A week or so ago, I pointed out how the last time a new Underworld movie came out (2012's Awakening), there was no such thing as Thursday evening shows for...Show More Summary

The Rezort (2015)

DECEMBER 30, 2016 GENRE: ZOMBIE SOURCE: STREAMING (ONLINE SCREENER) There's a long-standing theory that if Halloween III was just titled Season of the Witch, it would have been a bigger hit, and we'll never know if it's true or not.Show More Summary

Resident Evil (2002)

DECEMBER 28, 2016 GENRE: MUTANT, ZOMBIE SOURCE: BLU-RAY (OWN COLLECTION) Even though I saw it when it came out, it's still hard to remember that when the first Resident Evil movie came out in 2002, it was the first zombie movie in multiplexes...Show More Summary

31 (2016)

DECEMBER 21, 2016 GENRE: SURVIVAL SOURCE: BLU-RAY (OWN COLLECTION) It legitimately angered me that I wasn't able to see Rob Zombie's 31 in theaters during its confusing theatrical run last fall, where it played for one night (one SHOW,...Show More Summary

Sendero (2015)

DECEMBER 16, 2016 GENRE: BREAKDOWN, SURVIVAL SOURCE: STREAMING (ONLINE SCREENER) A while back, I saw a film called Hidden in the Woods, which was seemingly designed to offend as many viewers as possible, or at least inspire some self-righteous asshole to try to resurrect the Video Nasties list. Show More Summary

Incarnate (2016)

DECEMBER 1, 2016 GENRE: POSSESSION SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REGULAR SCREENING) January comes early! Incarnate may have gotten released today, December 2nd (in the US at least; it came out overseas last year - it was shot in 2013, mind you),...Show More Summary

Zombie Massacre 2: Reich Of The Dead (2015)

NOVEMBER 18, 2016 GENRE: MAD SCIENTIST, ZOMBIE SOURCE: STREAMING (ONLINE SCREENER) I didn't review the first Zombie Massacre when I saw it back in 2013, so my memory of it is non-existent. I did tweet that it "wasn't very good", noting...Show More Summary

Black Friday Sale!

I can't recall the first time I participated in a Black Friday sale, but I am definitely a fan of the whole thing. Until now, I've always just been an outside observer (i.e. customer), but this year I have something to sell! My book!...Show More Summary

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