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VIDEO: Mayor Ed Murray's Remarks on Historic Marriage Equality Decision

We dish out plenty of criticism to Mayor Not-Mike-McGinn and tunnel-loving, NIMBY-defending Council Member Tom Rasmussen. And certainly, they still have a lot of work to do. But I could watch their remarks responding to this morning's SCOTUS decision all day. Show More Summary

Yacht Rock is 10 Years Old

It's been a decade already? The hilarious 10-part series of videos that changed a lot of things about comedy, entertainment, music culture, video distribution, and the kind of clothes young people think it's ok to wear in public, was released 10 years ago today, according to an oral history published in Rolling Stone. Show More Summary

Things Get Weird in The Overnight

“Yeah, you two should totes come over to my place.” Have you guys ever had those nights where you stick around some probably horrible people because you're already kinda drunk and there might be fun drugs coming and if nothing else this could make for a good story? Now imagine doing that in your mid-30s, at your kid's first playdate in a new town. Show More Summary

Scenes from the War Against Black People: 10 Crucial Films About One Crucial Subject

The sirens are getting louder and louder. In light of recent events in Charleston and Ferguson, and the general sense that a war has been declared on black people, we offer this list of films about racial tension, racial violence, racial strife, and, in short, race, that have been saying so all along. Show More Summary

Escaped Convicts on the Run: Dick Matt Shot, Killed

Dick Matt's down. Sweat still on the lamb. Zastolskiy Victor / The New York Times is reporting that Richard Matt, escaped felon who "kidnapped, tortured, and dismembered" his former boss, has been shot and killed in a...Show More Summary

How to Keep Your Insufferably Hot House Cool

Oh dear lord, it's hot. ktsdesign/Shutterstock If you live in an air conditioned domicile... MOVE ON, RICHIE RICH! WE HATE YOUR GUTS! Now that the Mitt Romneys have left, let's get to the business of cooling off your insufferably hot house. Show More Summary

Queer Literature's Biggest Asshole Reveals His Soft Side

Dale Peck in 1994. COURTESY OF SOHO PRESS Dale Peck is one of those writers who's infamous among literary types and unheard of among normal people. His book reviews 10 years ago were all anyone could talk about. They were mean and unpredictable. Show More Summary

Listen Here: Olympia's Own Strange Wilds

Strange Wilds' debut album Subjective Concepts is out July 24 via Sub Pop. Finally, it's Friday. And sure, I could go kick my feet up and try to relax after a hectic week of work. But then what would I do with all this excess stressShow More Summary

Go to Ballard's Stoneburner for a Tropical Cocktail Without the Kitsch

At Stoneburner, you can enjoy tropical cocktails without a side of kitsch. Beth Crook While working on this week's review of Hotel Albatross in Ballard, I found myself deep in a confusing black hole of tiki drinks. Tiki, born in 1933...Show More Summary

The Gay, Life-Affirming, Gun-Controlling Art of Christopher Buening

'HUNTER' The guy in this is probably six inches tall, and made of ceramic. He's just called 'Hunter," but this dog won't hunt. ALL IMAGES COURTESY OF THE ARTIST Seattle artist Christopher Buening's show at Gallery4Culture was called Hunter Back then, as now, Buening genuinely wanted to gather objects together. Show More Summary

Don't Worry, Bigots! You're Still on Top

Chill out, bigots. It's not like they're replacing the stars and bars with the rainbow. lazyllama/Shutterstock Dear Bigots, I know, I know, I know, you've had a bad week. Your flag's coming down. You can't even buy one at Walmart anymore. Show More Summary

Yussef El Guindi, 2015 Stranger Genius Award Nominee in Literature

Surprisingly emotional. Kelly O Has a friend who describes being an “ethnic” playwright as: “A kiss and a slap.” Had to turn down PhD offers at Stanford and Yale: Because he needed a job to get a green card. Begins writing a new play...Show More Summary

Police Reports Illustrated: Sticking It To The Man

Callan Berry [ Comment on this story ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]

SAM Invokes New Spirits in the Ambitious Exhibition Disguise: Masks and Global African Art

Zina Saro-Wiwa, proving them wrong when they say masks are too heavy for women’s heads. COURTESY OF SEATTLE ART MUSEUM The rippling hide of a cow splashed across the wall at Seattle Art Museum looks like just that. But keep looking, and a previously unseen form appears in its surface. Show More Summary

It Is Accomplished

As Gandhi never quite said, First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they attack you. Then you win. I remember one of the first TV debates I had on the then-strange question of civil marriage for gay couples. It was Crossfire,...Show More Summary

Charleston Police Officer Fired for Posting Pic of Himself Wearing Confederate Boxer Shorts on Facebook

Movie poster for The Social Network, a movie based on a book, The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, about a popular website that has ended the distinction between private space and work space. Columbia Pictures WhatShow More Summary

"So You Reproduce Like a Starfish?" And Other Misconceptions About Asexuality

Mike Force How our culture thinks and talks about gender and sexuality has evolved a lot in recent years. The marriage-equality dominoes are falling fast, more and more transgender people are telling their stories, and homophobic bullying is being addressed in schools nationwide. Show More Summary

Remember When Brian Brown Came to My House for Dinner?

The head of the National Organization for Marriage came to my house for dinner in the summer of 2012 to debate me on same-sex marriage. Here's how the night ended: I'm detecting signs of stopping—our side has been winning at the polls, at the ballot boxes, and in the courts since Brian Brown came to dinner. Show More Summary

Obama's Remarks on Historic Marriage Equality Decision

We are people who believe every child is entitled to life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There is so much more work to be done to extend the full promise of America to every American. But today, we can say in no uncertainShow More Summary

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