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How Does the Peruvian Chicken of Big Chickie Compare to San Fernando's?

Big Chickie: It’s the charcoal that makes their birds so good. kelly o In Seattle, when I think of Peruvian roasted chicken, I think immediately of San Fernando Roasted Chicken on Rainier Avenue. Not just because San Fernando servesShow More Summary

Jeb Bush Sort of Admits that Climate Change is Real

In order to reduce emissions, his next portrait will be painted with natural gas. Nagel Photography / Shutterstock Here are two sentences J.E.B.'s never said before, that it's nice to hear him say: “The climate is changing, and I’m concerned about that.” “We need to work with the rest of the world to... Show More Summary

Is Martin O'Malley Ruining Everything for Hillary?

Mmmm, Martin O'Malley, so rugged. Chris Parypa Photography / Last week sure was a swell week for Hillary—her campaign announcement got some nice attention, 538 seems to think she's got this in the bag, and the biggest scandal seems to be the fact that she didn't tip at Chipotle. Show More Summary

Study Finds Tampa Police Gave 80 Percent of Bike Tickets to Blacks

In Tampa, cycling while black no better than driving while black. Andrey Bayda/Shutterstock It's now common knowledge that the police department and courts in Ferguson, Missouri were not about maintaining law and order in the black community but farming it for budget-filling fees from minor traffic violations and municipal court fines. Show More Summary

Conservative Groups: If We Let Gay People Get Married Then Straight People Will Abort All Their Babies

Forcing States to Recognize #GayMarriage Could Increase Number of #Abortions — Heritage Foundation (@Heritage) April 20, 2015 A new variation on the "straight people are terrible" argument against marriage equality: On the surface, abortion and same-sex marriage may seem unrelated. Show More Summary

The Morning News: New Kurt Cobain HBO Doc Drops May 4, Direct Action Against Shell's Arctic Drilling Set for May 16-18

That yellow thing is the Polar Pioneer, which wants to go drilling in the Arctic. That orange thing to the left is the Blue Marlin cargo lift ship, which brought the Polar Pioneer into Port Angeles on Friday. Greenpeace/Tim Aubry "Look at that Big, Ugly Fucking Piece of Shit," Said One Port Angeles Resident: As the Polar Pioneer came into view. Show More Summary

The Great Pot Cash Heist of 2015

Senate Republicans want to redirect Washington State's pot taxes. Robert Ullman I t was right there in the name: New Approach Washington. That was the banner under which lawyers, criminal-justice officials, and soccer-mom types urged voters to approve legalizing marijuana in Washington State through a statewide initiative in 2012. Show More Summary

This Is Not the Week I Expected to Have

Yesterday, the New York Times Book Review called my book Galileo's Middle Finger a "rowdy, harrowing, vital book." The review by David Dobbs is the kind of review I dreamed of as I was writing it (and struggling with living it). I got...Show More Summary

Backcountry Is a Horror Movie That Would Make Werner Herzog’s Ears Burn

Why yes, it IS following you! When it comes to potentially terrifying locations, a tent in the middle of nowhere is pretty tough to beat. The au naturale horror film Backcountry may...Show More Summary

SPONSORED CONTENT: A Note to Our Readers (Created in Partnership with Whiskas® a Savory Feast for Your Cat)

THINKSTOCK/GETTY IMAGES Created in Partnership with Whiskas® a Savory Feast for Your Cat It's been brought to our attention that several of you have voiced objections to our recent content partnerships with the makers of such incredible products as Tree Top®, Chunky Soups, and Reddi-wip®. Show More Summary

Vote "Approved" on Proposition 1 to Fund Needed Emergency Radios for First Responders

The Stranger Election Control Board is Sydney Brownstone, Christopher Frizzelle, Heidi Groover, Ansel Herz, Tim Keck, Kathleen Richards, Eli Sanders, and Dan Savage. [ Comment on this story ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this stor...

Bill Plympton’s Cheatin’ Is an Animated Film About Complicated Relationships

Whatever your views on extramarital relationships, it’s not a subject to be addressed lightly—so an animated film about infidelity? Cheatin’ is the latest feature by indie animator Bill Plympton (who wrote, produced, directed, and animated...Show More Summary

This Week in Musicians' Deaths: Percy Sledge and Mingiedi Mawangu

The late Percy Sledge's catalog is full of simmering soul heat. Mr. Percy Sledge, a well-loved soul singer died this past Tuesday at age 73. Sledge is, obviously, best known for his chart-topping deep soul hymn, "When a Man Loves a Woman."...Show More Summary

Senate Republicans, Scourge of Functional Democracy, Are Blocking the Washington Voting Rights Act

President Lydon B. Johnson signs the Voting Rights Act as Martin Luther King Jr. looks on. Republicans apparently don't want to protect the rights he fought for. Senate Republicans appear to be letting the Washington Voting Rights Act die, rather than pass it, for the third year in a row. Show More Summary

Don't Ignore The Hunting Ground Because of Rolling Stone's Fuckup on the Real Problem of Campus Rape

These brave students deserve to be heard. was not prepared for this movie. Being a feminist writer, I spend a lot of my time examining many of the abuses and injustices that women face in this society. I've developed the thick skin required to do such work, but I must admit that it has left me pretty numb. Show More Summary

Staring Down Shell's Arctic Drilling Rig as It Arrives in Port Angeles

The Polar Pioneer, the Blue Marlin, kayaktivists, and the Olympic Mountains. Kelly O It's sometime after 5 o'clock in the morning, and I'm on a rigid hull inflatable boat, bouncing through wild, freezing chop. The instructions are to...Show More Summary

Drunk of the Week: Kerry and the King Cans!

Daaaaaaaaamn. Sometimes when I ask a person if they wanna be Drunk of the Week, they just frickin' GO FOR IT! I didn't think it was possible to drink three lukewarm tall-cans of PBR in less than two minutes, but hoooooo-wee, WAS I WRONG…

Get Stupid Fresh Tomorrow Night With the Author of the Hiphop Bible Check the Technique

A book for the real geek headz of hiphop... At the opening of one of the truly great and original hiphop tracks of the '90s, Dr. Octagon's "3000," we hear the echoed last four words of a seedy conversation between a woman and her doctor:...Show More Summary

Jauja Is an Argentinian Western That Explores Psychic Space

Like noir, the western is a remarkably mutable form that accommodates a spectrum of different films. Jauja falls about halfway between The Searchers and El Topo, drawing western tropes out into the wilds of surrealism but (wisely) stopping...Show More Summary

State Legislature Unanimously Passes Bill Restricting Police Use of Stingrays

By mimicking cell phone towers, Stingrays can suck all kinds of data out of any nearby cell phones—location, metadata, even the content of communications. iceink/Shutterstock Well, a little good news from the state legislature: Yesterday,...Show More Summary

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