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Alabama Senate election open thread

On Tuesday night, something momentous happened: The people of Alabama elected a Democratic senator for the first time in over 25 years. By the tiniest of margins -- 49.9 percent to 48.4 percent -- voters picked Doug Jones over disgraced judge and accused child molester Roy Moore. So there's a lot to discuss there. Read more ?

Reproductive organs: This is the shit I’m talking about

[Trigger warning: transphobia] This is the shit I'm talking about: TERFs love to insist that women are not defined by our reproductive organs, until they need an excuse to exclude trans women, at which point we're defined exclusively by our reproductive organs. Show More Summary

Mika Brzezinski wants to know if it’s cool to attack accusers we don’t like.

Yesterday, Minnesota Sen. Al Franken announced his pending resignation after a seventh woman has come forward to accuse him of sexual harassment and dozens of Senate Democrats have called on him to step down. This morning, on Morning...Show More Summary

Quick Hit: TIME’s 2017 Person of the Year is women who speak out

TIME magazine has announced their Person of the Year, and it's actually People: the silence breakers who have come forward about the sexual harassment and assault they've experienced -- as TIME calls them, "the voices that launched a movement." Read more ?

The lighter side of sexual harassment

The women of Saturday Night Live bring us a scathing bubblegum pop anthem letting those men bewildered by the recent sexual harassment allegations know that WOMEN LIVE IN A HELL OF MEN WHO CAN'T KEEP THEIR HANDS OR THEIR LIBIDOS TO THEMSELVES, AND NOW YOU'RE INVITED. Read more ?

What men need to know about discussing sexual harassment

I was talking with a group of guy friends recently, the sole woman amid a collection of dudes as they stream-of-conscious workshopped their way to understanding the ongoing storm of sexual harassment accusations. It's not a pleasantShow More Summary

Quick Hit: Trump fails to not be racist as he “honors” Native American code talkers

On Monday, Donald Trump once again gave it the ol' college try to not be racist at a special event. He failed, because he is constitutionally unable to not be a racist asshole any time he stands in front of people without a script. This...Show More Summary

Because We Need It: Let It Go

Not because we need to let it go -- we're under no requirement to let anything go that we don't want to, so there. But our president is an infant, and Alabama is preparing to put a monster in the U.S. Senate, and parts of Puerto Rico...Show More Summary

Why Women Don’t Come Forward

Supporters desperate to defend Roy Moore against accusations of child molestation and predation -- and justify their decision to vote for him despite said accusations -- love to try to discredit his accusers by asking why they didn't come forward 40 years ago, when the offenses allegedly occurred. Show More Summary

5 Super-Fun Ways to Handwave Child Sexual Assault

[Trigger warning for child sexual assault] If you've been looking for tips on how to pretend child sexual assault is okay, don't miss the current parade of excuses against accusations that Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore molested a teenager when he was in his 30s. Read more ?

I am not my reproductive organs.

I don't want to have kids. I don't need or want to be defined by a biological process and a couple of organs that I don't even need. Reproductive organs don't define womanhood, and I am not my ladyregion, and conflating them doesn't do anyone any good. Read more ?

Yes, Trump attacks white guys. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a bigot.

Anyone who ever predicted that we'd have a president who was celebrated for being an equal-opportunity asshole, stop lying, because there's no way you predicted anything that specific. But that's what we've got. Our president, who'sShow More Summary

Birth control pills are for healthcare. And other stuff.

Passage of the Affordable Care Act provided a major benefit to women of reproductive age: Employers with religious or moral objections to birth control weren't allowed to exclude those benefits from health plans just because they thought birth control was wrong. Show More Summary

Trump has rolled back the ACA protection of birth control coverage, slut

The Affordable Care Act, passed in 2012, included one provision in particular that was crucial to women's health: It prevented employers from excluding birth control from employer-sponsored insurance plans just because they had a religious or moral objection to it. Show More Summary

The 10 WTFiest moments from Trump’s visit to Puerto Rico

Nearly two weeks after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, Trump made the trek across great big water for a four-hour meet-and-greet and photo op with civic leaders and storm victims. The man is an embarrassment on a good day, but this trip was gruesome even by Trumpian standards. Show More Summary

Why I talk about mental illness

I haven't been shy about discussing my mental health on this blog. There's a lot of privilege behind that -- I know that I'm probably not going to suffer ill effects to my life or livelihood if people know about it. That isn't the case...Show More Summary

The Las Vegas shooting was a tragedy. That doesn’t mean mental illness is at fault.

In Las Vegas Sunday night, a gunman in the Mandalay Bay hotel used many, many automatic weapons to rain fire on fans at a country music festival, killing 59 people and injuring more than 500. We currently have absolutely no idea why....Show More Summary

Because We Need It: Sorry, can’t pun at the moment

It almost feels too self-indulgent to enjoy even tiny lighthearted pleasures while people are dying and people are being attacked for protesting people dying. Almost. It could be argued that We Need It even more. And We Need It to double up on awesome women. Read more ?

Help for Puerto Rico

Things are dire in Puerto Rico. They're desperate for help. Here's a quick rundown of what they're facing, along with a (constantly updated) lists of ways we can help. Read more ?

The sacred institution of protest

They aren't protesting the flag or the anthem. It isn't about the flag or the anthem. And if you're more upset about the way they're protesting than you are about the reason they have to protest, that's not about them or the flag or the troops or America -- that's about you. Read more ?

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