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1 Time Focused Tip for Handling Blogging Criticism

44 minutes agoInternet / Blogging : Blogging Tips

This morning I came across someone who commented on one of my posts through a social network. The person noted the post was OK but lacked substance. Not enough tips. Not enough value. Said reader observed how one section of the post lacked any real meat, being void of practical tips to drill home the point I made through the sub heading. Show More Summary

1 Pressing Fear Preventing You from Doing Live Broadcasts

Fear. Sneaky emotion, it is. I knew of live broadcasting on sites like Facebook, Periscope and YouTube for months. But I avoided diving into the live broadcast game. I cowered to my fear of criticism. I worried about trolls finding me, criticizing me and exposing me through live broadcasts. Show More Summary

Meet Christopher Jan Benitez of

Blogging is a medium where everyone starts out on the same level and playing field. Once you get started with a blog of your own, you can determine your own success and value, based on the time, work, and effort that you put into it....Show More Summary

3 Secrets to Writing 126 eBooks

Folks ask me quite a bit how I wrote and self-published 126 eBooks. Many sentient beings have no idea how I did it. Or so they say. Today I want to share 3 of my secrets to writing and self-publishing 126 eBooks. Why Publish eBooks? Boost your authority. Show More Summary

1 Find from the Closet and How Your Morning Routine Changes to Become a Pro Blogger

Human beings are funny. You like me see someone online – a blogger or entrepreneur or whomever – living some dream life, and assume they always lived the dream, based on a split second snap shot. Call it the Facebook effect. Or whatever...Show More Summary

10 Ways to Use Social Media to Attract Talented Employees

Social media can be used for much more than sharing cat videos and company promotions. One option is recruitment. Giving people a look into how your organization operates — including the people involved, what they value and how they interact — can lure in a host of talented people. Show More Summary

Hug this Word to Succeed in Blogging

You know when you embody a certain word? Or when you see another blogger embody a certain word? When you think of the person you think of the word. Or when you think of the word you think of the person. Hug this word to embody it and to become a successful blogger. Show More Summary

10 Sustainable Ways to Turn Your Blog into a Profitable Business

Have you been blogging for years and its growth has been stagnant? Maybe, the traffic is not what it used to be in the past. What could you have done that lead to this situation? You’re still uploading consistently, you’re still writing quality articles that are relevant to your audience, and you’re still communicating with your followers. Show More Summary

1 Incredibly Sweet Blogging Benefit and the Price You Must Pay to Receive it

I got pulled into a YouTube binge watching tornado last night. I felt like I could not get out. The gravitational pull reeled me in, keeping me in front of the Chromebook, demanding me to watch the endless travel or vlogger videos. I was caught in the loop. Show More Summary

How Financial Blogs Can Help Better Manage Personal Finances

If writing is your passion, blogging is the best avenue to provide useful resources and guides for audiences in need. If this statement is confusing, let us explain it in brief. If you are passionate about writing, you can write a lot...Show More Summary

10 WordPress Security Tips To Keep Your Website Safe And Sound

Dealing with security issues and producing excellent content are just two of the responsibilities website owners can expect to regularly exercise. Just recently, consumer credit reporting agency Equifax put millions of Americans’ data at risk after the agency’s database was targeted and penetrated by hackers. Show More Summary

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Content Creation in 2018

In the world of blogging, nothing is more important than content and traffic to our sites. However, if you aren’t experiencing the traffic that you’ve always been hoping for, you might be focusing too much on your content creation and not your content promotion efforts. Show More Summary

3 Tips to Become an Efficient Guest Poster

I have written and published quite a few guest posts over the years. I see one pressing problem though in the guest posting niche; many bloggers waste their time with inefficient activities. I get guest posting pitches daily. Guest posting is permanently closed on my blog. Show More Summary

How to Profit through Blogging While Keeping Your Reputation

Making money through blogging means little if you lose your reputation. I recall a well known blogger making an honest, helpful but reputation-destroying admission when I first began blogging a long time ago. He admitted that he was not the 6 figure blogger he claimed to be. Show More Summary

1 Missing Ingredient in the Blog Post Automation Secret Sauce

Yesterday I retweeted someone. I enjoyed seeing their travel photo. I hit the RT button. I chatted with the person, letting them know I enjoyed seeing their travel photo. Said individual chatted with me, letting me know, “no sweat.” The tweeter whom I engaged then Liked and RTed about 10 of my prior posts from the day. Show More Summary

3 Tips to Boosting Blogging Profits Steadily over the Long Haul

If you cannot seem to crack the blogging income code you probably are skipping the fundamentals. Following these 3 basic steps sets the foundation for building a rocking, successful, income generating blog. Step 1 is beyond key; it is at the core of successful monetizing. Show More Summary

4 Tips for Driving Blog Traffic through Live Videos

3….2……1…..and you’re live! I am addicted to live videos. I admit it. I am a live broadcast junkie. I do one live video on Facebook and Periscope daily. Here is my latest Facebook live broadcast: Today I want to help you drive blog traffic through this inspired, trust-building, brand-expanding online medium at your disposal. Show More Summary

9 Blogging Communities You Can Join To Attract More Traffic To Your Blog

Blogging is essentially building relationships between you and your readers. That’s why it is essential for any blogger to continuously find ways to increase blog traffic and attract a wider audience. You have to have a substantial number...Show More Summary

4 Simple Blog Photography Tips to Snap Better Photos

The days when blogs were predominantly text-based are long since gone, and most modern blogs make use of photography to provide a much more visual spectacle. However that means that bloggers need to have some basic photography skills – and if you don’t the photos you publish aren’t likely to live up to your expectations. Show More Summary

3 Uncomfortable to Embrace Qualities of Successful Bloggers

Successful bloggers master the concept of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. If you are struggling to boost your blog traffic or profits you likely shy away from uncomfortable activities. I get it. I have been there. I finally...Show More Summary

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