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1 Key to Big Blogging Numbers That You May Resist

Big blogging numbers like: big traffic big income big social shares big plays big views big lists grow out of generous service. Generous service means: helping people without looking for anything in return using your time, talents and...Show More Summary

Pop Ups: Good Friend or Wicked Foe?

Do pop ups work? Technically; no. A pop up is an inanimate object. Can’t do anything on its own. But skilled, capable bloggers feeling clear on using pop ups can see success and benefit readers. The key? Your intent. Fear Versus Abundance...Show More Summary

How to Build and Improve the Reputation of a New Small Business

With an influx of new, innovative companies every day, it’s necessary to build a solid reputation around your fledgling small business. This can seem daunting since there are so many routes you can take when creating a reputation for your company. Show More Summary

1 Often Ignored Secret to Highly Successful Guest Posting

Most aspiring guest posters are on the outside looking in. Not checked my email yet today in Thailand. I was up late last night writing a guest post for my friend Enstine Muki’s rocking blog: How to Streamline Your Blog for Increased...Show More Summary

1 Traffic Diving Tip That Has Nothing And Everything To Do With Blogging

My niece is almost 2 years old. She is a cutey. She likes to dance around after watching TV. Talks quite a bit too. She has grown so much over the past 6 months. If I handed my niece the keys to a Ferrari she would stare at the shiny keys. Show More Summary

1 Element Sorely Missing from Most Blogs

Personality. No sense beating around the bush. I spoke to a few bloggers over the past week in Thailand. I also chatted with aspiring bloggers. The budding stars had personality. I observed it through their blogs. Aspiring bloggers noted how their stories would set them apart. Show More Summary

1 Powerful Accelerant to Being a Prolific Blogger

I just filmed a video in Thailand. Sleepy village outside of Chiang Mai. The topic of the video clues you in as to why I am a kinda prolific blogger. Over my career I have written well over 10,000 blog posts between guesties and posts on my blog. Show More Summary

If You Slam Headfirst into Writer’s Block Remember This

I just published a post on my blog about cat fights, poop and successful blogging. Cat Fights Poop and Successful Blogging See the cat above. His name is Lentil, the Siamese mix we are watching in Chiang Mai, Thailand during a 7 week house sit. Show More Summary

Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid While Doing SEO For Blogs

Doing SEO for Blogs is not an easy task.Today, SEO is evolving day by day because search engines are developing according to the users perspective. It is quite difficult to make your content at the topmost position as there are lots of businesses falling into trap of incorrectly applying SEO. Show More Summary

3 Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas If Writer’s Block Plagues You

I pondered my next blog post idea for Blogging Tips today. After 5 seconds I picked this post title. Writing daily is a powerful way to nab ideas for blog posts. Even if you routinely suffer from writer’s block the habit of sitting down to write anything daily puts you into a different vibe. Show More Summary

5 Niche Site Tools to Help Increase Your Profit and Earnings

Running a website isn’t an easy business. It has many challenges you must overcome to survive the saturated market. Your SEO, reach, and content are things you need to deal with if you want to boost your site’s traffic. You can do these yourself. Show More Summary

3 Efficient Steps to Multiply Affiliate Marketing Income

Affiliate Marketing is the Internet’s gift to most of us in the blogging industry. Without investing in product creation and after-sales services, anyone blogging is able to generate quite exciting sums from a simple blog. All you have to do is read around for a few tips and tricks to get started. Show More Summary

Why Blogger Follower Threads Are a Bad Idea

I often see bloggers struggling to gain followers joining follower threads. Follower threads are a “you follow me and I’ll follow you back” deal on virtually any social site or site where you subscribe to other individuals. ExamplesShow More Summary

11 Tips for Starting a WordPress Blog in 2018

Is it still possible to build a successful blog in 2018? The answer is most definitely yes. However, it’s not 2008 anymore, and competition in the blogosphere is fierce. That means that you will have to bring your A game if you wantShow More Summary

Why You Need to Believe in Yourself to Build a Successful Blog

Belief in self precedes blogging success. Right now I am fixing my blog. Or my hosting company and developer are fixing my blog. If I did not believe in me I would go nuts now. I would have went bonkers over the past 3 days. Some readers access my blog just fine. Show More Summary

What I Learned by Publishing 500 Guest Posts on Blogging Tips

Focusing mainly on helping people – and not predominantly what you are getting – is the key to being prolific. This is my 500th guest post on Blogging Tips. Halfway to 1K. I recall a few years ago. Someone asked me why in the heck I’d publish 100 guest posts on one site, when I hit the century mark on Blogging Tips. Show More Summary

5 Lessons Learned from Website Problems

I am a bit confused. Most of my readers say my blog looks A-OK. Loading in 2 seconds. Rendering perfectly. A few of my readers note my blog renders poorly – not reading HTML tags – and takes minutes to load if it loads at all. What gives? I have no idea. Show More Summary

Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger: How People React Has Nothing to Do with You

I speak to new, intermediate and veteran bloggers who cling to fear. This fear is strong. This fear holds you back, blocking your blogging success, perpetuating your struggles. What is the fear? The fear of criticism. How does the fear manifest typically? As fearing how people will react to your blog posts. Show More Summary

Five Free Web Hosting Providers for First-Time Webmasters

When you’re first getting ready to launch a website, the web hosting provider that you choose is one of the most important decisions that you make. After all, the web hosting company is in control of the infrastructure that powers your website and which serves it up to visitors from around the world. Show More Summary

Why Deleting Inactive Email List Subscribers Increases Your Blogging Profits

I deleted over 70% of my email list yesterday. Felt amazing, I gotta say. Some panicked at me even mentioning that I did this. They did not believe I’d do it, because they never would dream of doing something seemingly so rash, impetuous and foolish. Show More Summary

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