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Meet Lisa Tanner of

No matter what type of blog you have, there is definitely a niche audience out there just waiting to hear what you have to say. That is exactly what you will find in the world of special interest and family blogs. At the end of the day, it’s not just about the content of a blog that matters, it’s also the passion and story behind it as well. Show More Summary

NBA Basketball and External Linking? Here Is the Connection

I used to hand out links like I was handing out candy. Now I link to established pros. People as committed to honing their craft as I have been for the past decade. OK; for the past 3-5 years. The first 5 were a hazy mystery at times. Show More Summary

How to Create Mini Online Learning Courses to Increase Revenue and Branding

Are you a blogger, content creator, or an industry expert? If you consider yourself any of these, you may have what it takes to start teaching others how to accomplish more through your own expertise and personal training. Thanks to the power of the internet and online training courses, this is now easier than ever. Show More Summary

Are Your Blog Posts Missing this Critical Element?

You! If you look up top you will see a much skinnier me after I got sick and lost 20 pounds in India. But this was me. This was my story AWAY from blogging. Watch as I explain a little bit more about me and 5 memorable travel experiences...Show More Summary

Increase Site Search Rankings and SEO with Overflow Cafe

In the world of blogging and content creation, it’s all about ranking your site in the search results and benefiting from the free organic traffic that Google has to offer. While most site owners and bloggers will know what keywords and search phrases they want to rank for, it simply isn’t as easy as that. Show More Summary

1 Helpful Tip to Build a Rocking Blog

Look up. 467,000 tweets through my Twitter account. That’s a whole lotta help. Help people. Help more people. Then help more people. Following this simple tip helped me expand my reach far and wide. I became an established, pro blogger by helping a high volume of folks interested in blogging without looking for anything in return. Show More Summary

1 Blogging Assumption You Don’t Want to Make

Have you ever seen a successful blogger and believed that things must have come easy to them? Or maybe you assume that an established, pro blogger is a natural, someone blessed with immense talents that they never needed to work at. Some people tell me that I make blogging look easy. Show More Summary

1 Common Blogging Question Answered

“How can you make money blogging?” This is one of the common questions I get from new or even established bloggers who have yet to crack the income code. I filmed a video answering this question – and 9 other common blogging questions...Show More Summary

5 Things to Know When Choosing Your Web Hosting Provider

Choosing a web hosting provider can feel daunting. For many people, the idea of getting started with a website or blog often starts with the registering of a domain name. However, this is only half of the process. With a domain name you also need a quality hosting service. Show More Summary

1 Analogy That Inspires You To Buy Blogging Products

I see many people excited to buy blogging products and services. Some spend money freely and easily to accelerate their blogging success. A portion of folks though have problems spending money on premium products and services to become a successful blogger. Show More Summary

The Importance of Assisted and Unassisted Conversions in Ecommerce

A shooting guard is far from the only valuable player on a basketball team, right? Knowing this, if you only judged a player’s worth based on points scored, you’d have a skewed point of view. Yes, scoring points is important; it determines whether you win or lose. Show More Summary

How to Shift from Confused to Clear Blogger

Confusion. Every blogger’s enemy. Clarity. Every blogger’s best friend. Blogging gets easier for me every day because I do things mainly from a place of clarity versus from a place of confusion. I clearly take a few simple steps daily to have fun, to help folks and to build bonds which lead to pleasant outcomes. Show More Summary

Meet Andrew Lowen of

The business of blogging is now more important and bigger than ever. With Google indexing more web sites and content daily, not only is it more effective than ever to create original blog content to rank more often, it’s also a requirement. Show More Summary

7 Things to Consider Before Starting a WordPress Blog

Blogging is actually an easy thing to undertake these days thanks to the many easy-to-use CMSs available, but it still takes time out of the day to get things perfect. If you’re thinking about starting a blog but you’re unsure what to expect, look at some of the below points to consider before you invest money in a domain, theme, and web hosting. Show More Summary

Meet Jessica Thiele of

One of the greatest things about blogging is that it’s something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have a business, a passion or even any idea what you eventually want to create with your blog, it’s all about taking action and going live with something of your own. Show More Summary

5 Gateway Activities to Make Money Blogging

When I lived in a remote Costa Rican jungle I had to walk 3 hours through deep, remote, sometimes dangerous terrain to get into town. Yeah that’s me in the picture above. Landslides, venomous scorpions and snakes, bullet ants and poison dart frogs met us at times, adding a harrowing element to our journey. Show More Summary

Smarter Ways to Trim Your Blogging Budget

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Running a blog business during a recession has us all looking for clever ways to save more money. When you are blogging on a tight budget, you will want to conserve money everywhere you can. You are tightening...Show More Summary

8 Dangerous Assumptions to Make about Successful Bloggers

I am super excited to release my new blogging eBook. I wrote this bad boy after seeing many talented but mislead bloggers struggle like a fish flopping around on the concrete. Flashback; I recall seeing sardines flipping and struggling and gasping for air on the sidewalk in Istanbul, Turkey. Show More Summary

Why You Need to Prune to Succeed with Your Blog

9 years ago I spent 3 hours daily copying and pasting a squeeze page link to 300 plus Facebook Groups. Imagine where I would be today if I was still mired in this fear-based, low energy, non helpful, BS, failure-ridden marketing strategy? I sure would not be guest posting on Blogging Tips. Show More Summary

7 Lessons I Learned from Writing 300 Guest Posts on Blogging Tips Dot Com

Woohoo! Today marks my 300th guest post on Blogging Tips! I feel grateful to Zac for extending this opportunity to me. I feel even more grateful to be able to have fun writing these words and to make a living out of it. I have been a full time pro blogger for years. Show More Summary

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