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5 Tips for Landing Interviews on Popular Podcasts

As I’m rolling out a new audio book on iTunes about landing interviews on popular podcasts I want to help you give your blog the love it deserves. You may be barely sniffing features on top podcasts. Or maybe you wrote off trying to land on well-known podcasts completely, feeling it’s impossible to be featured on these high-ranking shows. Show More Summary

Dealing with Taxes as a Freelancer

As a freelancer, taxes can be a tough responsibility to handle. Between tracking your business finances, filing the right tax forms, and paying what you owe, taxes are a lot of work. But planning ahead and knowing your basic tax obligations is not too big of a challenge to wrap your arms around. Show More Summary

3 Sneaky and Paralyzing Blogging Financial Limiting Beliefs

Running a professional blog requires a financial investment on your part. Or, multiple investments. As I write these words from exotic and opulent Doha, Qatar, I can say that I have invested thousands of dollars on my blog. That’s nothing compared to guys like John Chow. Show More Summary

Using InvoiceBerry to Track Business Financial Growth

How many of us here employ proper finance tracking method? Usually, it’s all about sending an invoice through PayPal and maintaining an excel sheet of income and expenses. But, this process doesn’t give a holistic picture of your finances – income growth, expenses, and investments. Show More Summary

Struggling with Writer’s Block? You May Have a Packaging Problem

I want to help you KOP (more on that later) a blog post idea. Or multiple blog post ideas. Feeling frustrated by writer’s block leads to struggle, straining and striving, and increased failure. Force negates. Meaning, if you intend to fight writer’s block you’ll have a bigger fight and a bigger, more imposing writer’s block to contend with. Show More Summary

You Cannot Blog Perfect

At 5:30 AM today I let the cats out from the home where we are house sitting in Qatar. I looked down at my Chromebook for 30 seconds. When I looked up one of the cats vanished. Left the yard. Exited stage left. Or somehow. Which caused my wife to flip. Show More Summary

My Personal List of Best WordPress Plugins for 2017

I love WordPress. It has been my CMS of choice for years. However, at its core, the WordPress framework is very minimalistic.   My WordPress sites would be useless without the right plugins. I have found a number of really cool plugins that provide the functionality my blogs need. Show More Summary

5 Mental Blocks for Author Bloggers to Dissolve

On perusing my Blogging From Paradise audio books on iTunes I spotted this beaut: 5 Wicked Mental Blocks I Crushed to Write and Publish 50 Books in 10 Months (and How You Can Crush them too) I got to thinking. How those limiting beliefs hamstrung my writing career. Show More Summary

3 Blogging Lessons I Learned from Traveling to the Wealthiest Country on Earth

Yesterday marks the first week I spent in Qatar. With an average household income of $400,000 USD this is the wealthiest country on earth. I learned 3 distinct blogging lessons from my stay here. Lessons that can help you build a successful blog. Show More Summary

Create Explainer Videos in a Jiffy with mysimpleshow

I’ve written about “explainer videos” on this blog before, but those posts have mostly discussed places where you can hire a professional to make these whiteboard-style videos for you. Some are more expensive than others, but the one thing they all have in common is that they are not free. Show More Summary

Meet Matthew Loomis of Build Your Own Blog

One day I Googled the term “blogging”. I found Build Your Own Blog hovering near the top of page 1. It made perfect sense that Matthew Loomis, the blogging wizard behind this dynamite blog, should appear near the top of the rankings....Show More Summary

3 Examples of How to Get Creative with Your Site Navigation Menu

When it comes to your website or blog, you want it looking at fancy and professional as possible. After all, first impressions do mean everything. However, at the same time, you want to make sure your site isn’t too complex or fancy in design that your audience is lost from the moment they get to your site. Show More Summary

12 Steps Toward Building an Email List That Yields ROI

When building an email list, your goal should go beyond simply getting subscribers. To start seeing ROI from these subscribers, you want to build a list of people who are likely to become paying customers. This should be the end goal...Show More Summary

4 Ways You Can Write More Effectively to Your Audience

All bloggers should know that blogging in a niche is vital for success. Most blogs don’t make it if they don’t focus on a specific topic and write to a well-defined target audience. Define Your Audience The importance of writing to a pre-defined audience cannot be understated. Show More Summary

4 Guaranteed Ways to Get Paid Quicker in 2017

Regardless the size of your business, the best way to keep a steady cash flow is to get paid on time. While this may seem like a no-brainer, many business owners still struggle to receive payments on-time. If you’re spending more time chasing down late payments than scaling your business, then use these four strategies to get paid quicker in 2017. Show More Summary

Are Your Guest Post Pitches Falling on Deaf Ears?

I just got an email from a fitness blogger who wanted to place a fitness-themed guest post on Blogging From Paradise. My blog can help you retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. I publish: blogging tips travel blogging themed posts on BFP. Show More Summary

Teamwork Makes the Blogging Dream Work

If you want to retire to a life of travel through blogging or if you want to become a full time blogger from home you likely need to make a shift. I thought about this shift earlier today at the manse in Doha, Qatar. My wife Kelli and I are house sitting here for the next month. Show More Summary

1 Element You Need on Your Blog

As I release my new eBook I wanted to share 1 thing you absolutely, positively need on your blog. Like a ding bat, I refused to place this element on my blog for many years. You had to know by now I struggled like a slimy fish flip flopping on the sidewalk because I made this mistake. Show More Summary

How To Create Your Blog Visual Marketing Strategy

If you are not into visual content marketing yet, you are way behind! Visual marketing is booming and evolving year by year with new platforms, tools and tactics popping up monthly! Any method of visual marketing can create a visual buzz, and so improve your campaign and results. Show More Summary

Automate Your Instagram Updates and Engagement with Instaeasy

Once upon a time, social media was decidedly simpler with far fewer rules to follow. Updates were presented to us in reverse chronological fashion and that was that. Since then, we’ve been hit by “the algorithm” and engagement has become the crucial name of the game. Show More Summary

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