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The Gigantic Benefits Of Blogging For College Students

College is the place where you become responsible and somewhat on your own. In fact, that’s where you should actually learn and force yourself to be on your own. Going through the academic years can be really a tough job with all the...Show More Summary

A Simple Twitter Marketing Tactic That Has The Highest ROI

Did you ever waste your time on marketing strategies that didn’t bring you any results? If you ever tried Social Media Marketing my guess is that your answer is “Yes”. There has been plenty of debate in the past on whether SMM is anShow More Summary

Five Quality Job Boards for Bloggers

If you are looking for a professional blogging job, you should check out these job boards for bloggers where new web sites, brands and blogs are always coming to list their latest jobs, projects and outreach to bloggers around the world. Show More Summary

How To Run Effective Webinars Even If You’re a Newbie

Content is king – I know you’ve heard this a million times. But who said your content only needs to be a blog post, an eBook or an email course? How about running a live webinar with your audience? It’s great for your brand image, connects you with your audience at a more personal level and helps you build dozens of new connections and relationships. Show More Summary

How to Monitor Online Brand Mentions in 7 Steps

Online reputation management is quickly becoming one of the most heard phrases in the blogging and internet marketing space. If you haven’t heard of it already, you probably will soon enough. In the past, all you needed to worry about was making sure you “had a presence” online. Show More Summary

Main Step to Relaunch a Dead Blog

The title is slightly misleading because re-launching a dead blog requires a lot of effort in time and some financial investment. You need a detailed guide to makeover a dead blog and make it relevant. However, THE one step which is crucial to re-launch a dead blog and is the subject of this discussion today is clearing backlink profile. Show More Summary

How to Use Guest Blogging to Build Quality Links, Relationships And Traffic

Guest blogging isn’t dead as most people said. Only spam link building through guest blogging is dead. If done right, guest posting on other blogs not only gives you traffic but you can nurture relationships with other bloggers as well. Show More Summary

How to Generate Blogging Revenue? 7 Proven & Guaranteed Ways

Let’s understand one thing clearly. A sustained blogging revenue source takes years to build. Blogging can’t give quick revenue unless you’re into event blogging. Over the years, I have seen bloggers who had good potential to become authority figures quit blogging because they couldn’t generate sustained blogging revenue. Show More Summary

12 Steps to Creating Great Content Campaigns

Give people great content and they will give you their time, their attention, their loyalty, even their money. But there’s a catch? It isn’t easy to create great content. For every viral Volvo advert featuring Jean Claude Van Damme doing...Show More Summary

How to Create the Perfect Viral & Shareable Content

Social media is everything nowadays; from blogs like WordPress to sharing photos on Instagram and Facebook pages to exchanging intellectual ideas across platforms like Google Plus, everyone is participating in this growing online dialogue by having some sort of online presence now. Show More Summary

How to Improve Blog Service Sales?

WordPress blog setups, SEO services and writing services are three common blog service listings. Many blogs these days have a dedicated service page to improve earnings. It helps to get freelance clients using their blog’s popularity. Show More Summary

How to Create a Wufoo Form as Your Blog Feedback Form

Receiving comments from your audience is a huge part of any successful web site and blog. You want to make it easy for people to contact you, so implementing a comment form on your site is a necessity. I recently made the switch from Contact Form 7 to Wufoo forms on a bunch of my sites. Show More Summary

Explode Audience Engagement by Using Twitter Video

In the world of social media, Facebook and Twitter are king. Whichever of the two you prefer, it’s important you always pay attention to both. The reasoning behind this is that they are always trying to one-up another and coming out with new features all the time. Show More Summary

A step-by-step guide to apply The Content Upgrade and Get Results Nearly Instantly

I’ve been posting about the content upgrade thing for 2 months now. I know it seems a lot of content, and it is. Some people even complained about it, that’s why I created this post to conclude the series of posts about content upgrades and getting more subscribers for your blog. Show More Summary

Are You Out of Blogging Ideas? Heed These Words

What do I write today? I have run out of ideas. I don’t know what to write now. How do I help my readers? How do I get some inspiration? Blogging burnout is quite common. Six to nine months of active blogging will really burn you out. Show More Summary

Google Panda DOs and Panda DON’Ts

If you’re like many bloggers and content creators, you’ve struggled since the “Panda” update trickled throughout Google’s search algorithm. For several years Keywords were the gold standard of the land, and not throwing in a few for the SEO spiders was basically throwing your post to the wind. Show More Summary

How the SuperBowl and Big Advertisers Won Social Media

Social networks were on fire following this Sunday’s Super Bowl. While the Patriots and Seahawks garnered a total of more than 4 billion conversations on Twitter alone, it was the commentary surrounding high profile brands and their ad placement that provoked the greatest digital audience engagement. Show More Summary

4 Traits of Blogging Business Owners [Infographic]

Do you run a blog that makes money or generates leads for other businesses and brands online? If so, you would be considered a business owner! With more people jumping into the world of blogging and WordPress making it extremely easy for anyone to get started, it’s now easier than ever for anyone to become a business owner. Show More Summary

3 Insanely Simple Ways to Increase Website Traffic and Conversions

Traffic is the life blood of any website or blog. No matter how many visitors you get per day, you still want to attract more. Because more traffic means more opportunities to earn money and find clients. But equally important is the traffic conversion rate on your blog. Show More Summary

How Magento Became a Leading eCommerce CMS

Running a successful ecommerce site is no easy task. Not only will you have to market the site correctly, but you will also need to make sure your site, shopping cart and CMS is always up and running properly. The only thing worse than not getting sales to your site, is losing sales because of poor management and set. Show More Summary

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