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1 Easy Way to Become a Successful Blogger

I built the foundation of all I do at Blogging From Paradise on being nice. Being nice helped me build an inspired lifestyle. Being nice helped me circle the globe as a pro blogger. Being nice helped me land spots on some of the world’s top blogs. Show More Summary

Will Artificial Design Intelligence Takeover Web Designing and Development?

The worlds are colliding. Web designing and development happens in two primary ways: DIY (bloggers and small business owners buying readymade themes, web hosting account, and setting up the website after reading a lot of online resources)...Show More Summary

Beyond Blogs: 5 Ways Bloggers Can Make Money Apart From Blogging

If you’ve been blogging for a while but can’t live on its income alone, you might want to supplement it with other online work because, let’s face it – only a handful of bloggers make six-figure earnings from their sites and you’re not (yet) one of them. Show More Summary

Should You Respond to Every Comment on Your Blog?

I read a question a few minutes ago on Quora. Said user wanted to know if they should respond to every comment on their blog. Yes. Of course. Unless you have 100 or more comments on your blog daily. Or unless you have 500 or more social media engagements daily. Show More Summary

Your Pinterest Inspirational Resource: How to Productively Build More Traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest is one of those social media platforms you cannot just help cheering for: It’s neither Twitter nor Facebook, it’s not trying to mirror any of the existing social media solutions and it is following its own path offering real value to its readers. Show More Summary

How to Be a Top 7 Most Viewed Blogger on Quora

Hey dudettes and dudes. Look up top. I reached #7 on the list of most viewed bloggers on Quora. Why would you want to be a top 10 blogger? Or a top 7? You get a chance to help folks by being prominent on the network. All those views – through the blogging category alone – means I am serving, helping, spreading love and having fun. Show More Summary

1 Tip for Becoming an Expert Despite Having Little Experience

If you are a newbie blogger you may feel becoming an expert is nearly impossible. But this belief is not true. From this day forward, you have 1 weapon in your expert-building arsenal. This weapon levels the playing field. This weapon cuts your learning curve by years. Show More Summary

1 Common Mistake I See on Instagram

I spent a few hours this morning stalking folks who followed me or liked my updates on Instagram. I’d click through to their profile, would like one of their updates and clicked through to the website said users provided. I spotted a...Show More Summary

4 Lessons in Content Creation from 6 Fortune 500 Companies

Content creation and marketing are the lifeblood of many companies. They successfully raise search rankings and improve the online presence of a brand through digital marketing. It’s not always easy to get it right, though. The competition is fierce, and at times you can feel overwhelmed by how much further you have to go. Show More Summary

63 Entrepreneurs Share How They Made Their First Dollar Online

Making money online is something many people dream about. However, not many people actually realize the long backstory, failures, stress, time and effort that go into actually finding starting a business. However, it really isn’t their fault. Show More Summary

Need More Site Content? Outsource Your Content through Contentmart

It can be challenging to find the right writers to produce the right kind of content for your website, all while keeping your costs in check. If you’ve got an e-commerce site, you need product descriptions. If you’ve got a blog, you need blog posts. Show More Summary

Infinity Pro Theme Review

Having an online presence is becoming important day by day and it’s utmost important for a company. If you’re a startup or an existing company, having a digital profile is important. Thanks to the platforms like WordPress, creating a digital presence is easy. Show More Summary

1 Blogging Lesson I Learned from a Dog Named Yoda in Thailand

That’s Yoda. And me. Yoda is our little friend. We are watching him for the next 7 weeks in Thailand on a house sit. By the way, if you are like most folks who say, “How in the HECK can I get into house sitting?!”, I wrote an entire eBook on the topic that you can purchase here: How to Land the Best House Sits Easily. Show More Summary

6 Steps to Truly Understand Your Audience

Do you know your target audience well enough? To really create content that will resonate with your audience — understanding your audience is very crucial. It gets better when you can put yourself in your customer’s shoes and create content with empathy that’s tailored towards improving their lives. Show More Summary

Make More Ecommerce Money with Skywide and SAP Hybris

When you run an online store, regardless of the types of products that you choose to sell, you will need to manage a great number of moving parts. You need to make sure that your marketing game is on point. You need to make sure that you’ve got consistent branding across all your channels. Show More Summary

7 Proven Steps For Creating A Content Marketing Strategy

How effective has your content marketing strategy been? A failed strategy will most definitely affect everything. Content marketing helps you to generate a reliable and affordable website traffic and leads. A B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks,...Show More Summary

1 Blogging Lesson I Learned from Having Lunch with Rob Cubbon

Me and my wife Kelli enjoyed lunch with online course and eBook creating machine Rob Cubbon in Chiang Mai recently. I’ve cyber known Rob for nearly 7 years. Yesterday marked our first offline meeting. He has made Chiang Mai, Thailand an official haunt of his and you need not chase Kelli and I to Chiang Mai either. Show More Summary

Should You Pay for Your WordPress Theme?

The great thing about WordPress – and there are a lot of them – is the ease of customizing your site’s appearance. You can directly download from thousands of themes straight from your dashboard and activate it to apply its look and feel on your site. Show More Summary

7 Blogging Lessons I Learned from a Forced Internet Fast

Recently I experienced a forced internet fast (where I did stuff like play with mosquito killing tennis rackets). The internet connection in Myanmar was not too hot. Factor in a nasty stomach situation and you have said fast. Instead...Show More Summary

Make Money Online with URL Redirection

Some people might have called it a problem, but chances are that those people weren’t internet marketers who saw the situation as a very lucrative opportunity. While the rise of URL shortening services cannot be wholly attributed to the rise of Twitter, the social media platform certainly played a significant role. Show More Summary

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