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1 Blogging Lesson From A 7 Mile Run Through NYC That Increases Your Blogging Success

I learned an invaluable blogging lesson from a herd of mouth breathers today in Central Park, New York City. Watch the video to see me explain: If you are like me you probably spent a fair amount of time straining and striving with your blog. Show More Summary

5 Tips When Designing Blogging or Company Logo

It’s important when designing your company logo that it represents your brand. There are a few things which matter trying to put together the right design like colors, slogan, image, and uniqueness. By making sure you have the right combination of these, you’ll create a logo which is unforgettable and represents your brand to the fullest. Show More Summary

Online Marketing Musts: How to Drive Your ROI with a Fresh Focus

The world of online marketing is changing all the time, and it’s important for businesses to keep on top of the latest trends. Because things change so fast, no one wants to spend time and money focusing on marketing techniques that will quickly become obsolete. Show More Summary

4 Places To Find Blog Post Ideas

Even though I publish only 2 blog posts weekly on Blogging From Paradise I publish 1 guest post daily on Blogging Tips and The Huffington Post. As of this writing I’ve published 240 plus guest posts on each of those sites alone. Factor...Show More Summary

Make Money by Promoting Mobile Offers with Pinox Worldwide

As a blogger or Internet marketer, you have a wealth of options when it comes to monetizing your traffic. Affiliate marketing is potentially more lucrative than ever before, but you have to make sure that you sign up with the right network, access the right offers, and leverage the right technology to maximize your profits. Show More Summary

1 Word For Struggling Bloggers to Embrace

Embodying 1 word will turn your blogging campaign around quickly. Watch this in-depth video to discover and be this word: Service At 6:55 PM after an afternoon spent out with the family, then dinner and desert at the mall I am back on it blogging-wise. Show More Summary

LeadNetwork Pays Big Bucks for Payday Loans

For any number of possible reasons, people need money. And they might not have it on hand when they need it the most and that’s why the short-term loan industry, in particular, has grown considerably and continually these last several years. Show More Summary

1 Confusing But Powerful Aspect To Building A Blogging Community

I just spent the past 3 hours building my blogging community. Sure I published a blog post to Blogging From Paradise. But beyond that I did something totally confusing to most bloggers. Something confounding. But powerful. I built friendships with human beings. Show More Summary

BeTheme Theme Review – ThemeForest

A product of exceptional standard is not that easy to find. But, if you are aware of the platforms like ThemeForest, getting such a WordPress theme is not that hard either. BeTheme is one of them! In the age of multipurpose premium themes, BeTheme has taken dozens of strides forward, leaving behind the competitors. Show More Summary

3 Basic Steps to Create a Website that will Help Your Business Succeed

Whether you are just starting a brand new business, thinking of building a website for the first time for your established business, or you are thinking of trying to revamp an old website that never seemed to give you a lot of luck in the first place, you will need to pay attention. Show More Summary

Are You Afraid To Boost Your Blogging Profits By Following Up?

If that title caught your fancy I recorded an in-depth, long-form video for you to enjoy today. Watch to see why following up with readers boosts your blogging profits: I formerly had the blogging posture of a jellyfish. No backbone....Show More Summary

15 Common Social Media Mistakes Brands Should Avoid

With over 2 billion users across the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, engaging with customers on social media requires a good strategy and more than a little personality. Sharing news about events or products is important, but making sure people want to see the message is crucial. Show More Summary

Meet Steven MacDonald of

Blogging is a worldwide phenomenon. It doesn’t matter where you live, the language you speak, or even what you are passionate about — blogging has no boundaries and it’s free for everyone to express their minds. Over the course of our Meet the Bloggers series, we’ve heard stories from people all around the world. Show More Summary

5 Types of Online Businesses That Need Cyber Insurance ASAP

To the extent that all modern businesses maintain websites and have a presence on some part of the internet, every business is now an online business. Going online exposes a business to hacking and data breach risks that were never fathomed as recently as 25 years ago. Show More Summary

How To Handle Increased Blogging Responsibilities To Become Even More Successful

11:52 AM on a Sunday. Lunch awaits. As I sit down to write this post I am handling increased blogging responsibilities daily. More interview requests through email. More interview requests through HARO. More guest posts. More blog posts to read and comment on. Show More Summary

1 Easy Way To Improve Your Transparency And Make More Money

I just sold another eBook. One of my recent eBook customers notified me of this. So I tweeted to my followers how I just sold another eBook. I used to hide away. I would never share my blogging wins. I would never share any financial success. Show More Summary

Meet Angie Nelson of

Blogging opens up a whole new world of opportunities for people around the world every day. It doesn’t matter if you have a pre-set goal in mind for your blog or if you are just going to wing it and see what happens along the way. From...Show More Summary

Quick And Simple Tips to Find Awesome Blog Names for Your Business

Finding Awesome Blog Names is not an easy task. For some deciding on a name can be almost a trivial task. I envy those people, and perhaps you do too. You sit down with them for a quick tea and biscuits one day and they blurt out that they think they should start a blog. Show More Summary

Are You Mistaking The Hammer For The Carpenter?

Imagine a carpenter. Imagine a hammer. The skilled carpenter never blames the hammer for a job poorly done. Because a skilled carpenter understands that the carpenter, not the hammer, is fully responsible for the job completed. A hammer can be slightly defective but at the end of the day, the carpenter chooses and uses the hammer to finish the job. Show More Summary

Datafeedr Makes It Easy Integrate WooCommerce with WordPress

Once upon a time in the not too distant past, it was remarkably difficult to open up your own online store. It was arguably even harder if you wanted to sell someone else’s products and then it was harder still if you wanted to offer some sort of comparison engine for prospective customers. Show More Summary

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