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3 Tricky List Building Freebie Memes to Dissolve

3 tricky list building freebie memes may eat into your blogging success. These memes, or limiting beliefs, are commonly held by most bloggers at one point during their careers. Believing in these false ideas lowers your blog traffic, eats into your blogging profits and also shrinks the size of your email list. Show More Summary

3 Steps to Building a Successful Pro Blogger Career Intelligently

Before I became a pro blogger I needed to be a pro blogger. This feels confusing at first, guys. You will need to change habits. You will need to let go the former you. You will definitely need to follow the pro blogging fundamentals presented by successful, pro blogging coaches. Show More Summary

2 Powerful Fundamentals to Thrilling Blogging Success

2 powerful – and to some quite secret – fundamentals promote your blogging success. I learned of these concepts from blogging big dawgs. After putting these ideas into practice for years things became easier for me, blogging-wise. Traffic and profits flowed to me. Show More Summary

3 Profit Boosting Blogging Tips Dripping with the Convenience Factor

5 minutes ago the UPS man knocked on the door. Another Amazon package. Amazon seems to visit our home daily. Or packages shipped from Amazon to the house. Jeff Bezos is the richest man on earth because he created the most convenient store in human history. Show More Summary

Grow Customer Engagement This Holiday Season With Free Giveaways

Offering customers and prospects free giveaways can be a powerful strategy to increase brand visibility, drive engagement and increase sales, especially during the holiday season. Although giving away free products may seem counterintuitive, well-executed giveaways and contests can help you achieve rapid growth. Show More Summary

1 Simple Concept that Eventually Solves All of Your Blogging Struggles

I began my blogging work day at about 9:30 AM. I created a Facebook Live Broadcast for about 10 to 20 minutes. Fun video too; I fleshed out this very concept, for my readers. Watch the video as I discuss: I proceeded to check my email a few moments after creating the video. Show More Summary

3 Affiliate Marketing Mental Blocks Eating into Your Blogging Profits

I have spied a few wicked affiliate marketing mental blocks eating into many blogger’s profits. Let’s dive into the post to tackle these issues. 1: Feeling Bad about Selling Affiliate Stuff I see some travel bloggers all but get on their knees and beg for forgiveness as part of their affiliate disclosure. Show More Summary

1 Accelerant to Blogging Success As You Enter the New Year

New bloggers tend to multiply around the New Year. Excitement abounds among this set. Possibilities exist. Opportunities seem to multiply. Resolutions fuel folks on their journey, goading them to hop into the blogging game, especially if they are disgusted with their 9-5 job. Show More Summary

1 Tip for Leaving the 9-5 Grind to Become a Professional Blogger

I know what it feels like to work a job that you hate. Sums up my life from my mid 20’s to early 30’s. I changed course eventually, becoming a full time, pro blogging, island hopping dynamo. I even wrote an eBook on how to escape a 9-5...Show More Summary

Palms Trees in the Tropics and Successful Blogging?

I have spent much of the last 6 years in the tropics. My wife and I have lived in places like Fiji, Bali, Thailand and Costa Rica. Living in the tropics during both dry and wet season taught us an awesome lesson in successful blogging. Show More Summary

Have You Developed Blogging Mindfulness?

I wanted to switch things up today. Time to go to an old school YouTube video. I just spent a minute finding this blogging video to share: The Facebook Live broadcast from this morning I filmed aligned with finding happiness in your life. Show More Summary

How Attached Are You to Your Email List?

Grow your email list guys. List building is a fabulous form of convenience marketing for bloggers and readers. Bloggers send out updates quickly and easily. Publish a post. Publish a newsletter or quick email update. Hit the send button. Show More Summary

Are You Doing this Simple Thing to Drive Blog Traffic?

Most bloggers get it all wrong. The masses believe driving traffic is incredibly hard. Hard = difficult. Difficult = complex methods. Driving steady traffic to your blog is not easy as a newbie blogger. But boosting the amount of readers who visit your blog is simple. Show More Summary

Three Resource Guides to Get Started with a Blog in 2018

Blogging is one of the most powerful and effective ways to build a business, brand or content platform on the internet today. With more than a billion active websites on the internet today, it’s no longer about simply creating content, it’s now all about engagement and building a trusted following from an audience. Show More Summary

1 First Time Author Mental Block

I strongly suggest all bloggers write and self-publish at least 1 eBook for Amazon Kindle. The benefits are immense. From boosting blog traffic – Amazon is basically a monstrous search engine for goods and you betcha folks will findShow More Summary

The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Your Very First Blog Post

Your very first blog post is a very big deal. For businesses, it’s their way of attracting more clients by creating content that resonates with your target audience. For hobbyists, it’s their chance to of sharing to the world your thoughts and ideas about their topics of choice. Show More Summary

Are You a Calm and Cool Blogger?

10 minutes ago I walked down to the subway in NYC. On looking at the MTA card machine I was alerted – by a dude scamming folks in the subway – that the machine only accepted cash. Hmmm…..I typically pay with my credit card. Quick swipe. Show More Summary

1 Analogy to Find the Right Sponsored Post Rate for Your Blog

Imagine walking into a Ferrari dealership. Stunning vehicles dot the showroom floor. The Enzo. The California. You set your eyes on an F430. The price tag: $300,000 smackers. This is a fabulous machine. One of the finest sports cars on earth. Show More Summary

Are You Establishing Blogging Barriers?

I spent 15 seconds poring over the pop up opt in form. Then I closed it out. I never returned to the blog. The blog content looked promising. I dug the title of the blog post. The domain name sounded enticing. Up my alley. All checks marked, across the board. Show More Summary

3 Tips to Build a Thriving Blog on a Budget

Most bloggers enter the blogging fray while being on a tight budget. I was in the same boat. I wanted to succeed with my blog but had few funds to spare. Building a rocking blog on a small budget is possible if you follow a few basic tips. Show More Summary

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