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How to Create SEO-Friendly Content for Greater Blog Traffic

Nowadays, creating great content is not always enough. Sure, you’ve crafted a very valuable source of information, but if you want to achieve greater traffic, you need to make sure that it can be easily ‘understood’ by the search engines. Show More Summary

1 Uncomfortable to Develop but Powerful Blogging Skill for Increased Success and Happiness

I found myself futzing around with a plug in this morning for 15 minutes. My social sharing plug in crapped out. But after 15 minutes I dropped the task like a blogging hot potato. I have seen the power of surrender and how it’s changed my blog and life. Show More Summary

2 Clear Ways to Get on Top Blogs

I received the highest volume of pitch emails I’ve ever received today. Per usual, I sent a quick little email to the pitching crowd. I emailed a link to how to get featured on my blog, explaining how to build a friendship with me over time by helping me out. Show More Summary

How to Impress Influential Bloggers the Right Way

I received a few more lame guest post pitches this morning. Note; I have compassion for these bloggers. I have been in their shoes, struggling to grow my readership. But wasting your time doing silly stuff like blind pitching strangers adds years to your blogging learning curve. Show More Summary

4 Ways to Be More Successful with Affiliate Marketing

Plenty of people get drawn into affiliate marketing because of the promise of an easy, passive income. A tiny fraction of those people do it well enough that they quit their jobs, put their feet up, and let the money roll in. A decent number are successful enough at it that they make decent money, either as primary or supplemental income. Show More Summary

Picking the Right Hosting Service for Your Blog

So, you’ve thought about starting a blog and even come up with a domain name? Blogging is a very rewarding process if you know what you’re doing. But there are a few things that most people don’t consider when starting a blog. Things that would easily save you a lot of time and trouble. Show More Summary

1 Painful but Exciting Blogging Concept to Master

My email list growth seemingly slowed down recently. But I have never been more well known online. I also see my blogging profits steadily increasing. Note; I am writing these words from Thailand where I will be on working holiday for 7 weeks. Show More Summary

1 Way to Handle Blogging Crises Intelligently and Effectively

Meet Yoda. He doesn’t seem to be phased by blogging crises. I betcha he worries not about the White Screen of Death. No way would he fret about spammers or scammers trying to flood his blog. Yoda the Thai French Bulldog plays a prominent role in today’s Facebook Broadcast. Show More Summary

1 Weird but Powerful Truth of Building a Successful Blog

One concept loses itself on most bloggers. The majority desperately search for hacks, tricks and techniques to become a successful blogger as quickly as possible. I am all for leveraging. But in the same breath, a weird but incredibly powerful truth forms the foundation for all successful blogs. Show More Summary

How to Easily Create a Blog Using Office 365

If you’re a blogger, imagine not having to struggle with using WordPress again. Even with WordPress being the most popular and used content management platform on the internet today, there are still always going to be other solutions. Show More Summary

4 Tips to Dissolve Crippling Blogging Self Consciousness

I just filmed a Facebook Live Broadcast in Bangkok, Thailand at rush hour. Talk about a good practice to overcome blogging self-consciousness. The deal; if you overcome self-consciousness on the blogging front you dissolve crippling fears which block success. Show More Summary

Is Food Blogging Profitable?

With “blogging” now a full-time serious profession, I have seen the trajectory of blogosphere grow from “tech blogging” majorly to other niche segments such as “fashion,” “real estate,” “personal health,” “finance” and even “food.” In the last few days, I was researching the concept of niche sites and their monetization techniques. Show More Summary

How to Gamify Your Blog and Increase Engagement

Capturing people’s attention is an essential part of blogging. Without it, your blog would be useless. Yes, there are lots of ways to do that. But one of the best ones is by gamifying your blog. Gamifying has invaded the e-learning landscape because of its effectiveness in fostering engagement. Show More Summary

1 Way to Avoid the Unpleasant Feeling of Being a Blogging Fraud

Guess I gotta walk my talk, right? I made the bold move of filming a Facebook Live Broadcast in the middle of Bangkok, Thailand this morning. The guy who preaches moving out of your comfort zone regularly definitely exited his comfort zone doing a live video in a bustling place filled with curious Thai folks, wondering what this farang was up to. Show More Summary

Have You Really Thought through Your Blog Marketing Strategy Intelligently?

Blogging lessons smack you upside your head all day long. Tune into successful tips by observing life around you. Today I landed in Bangkok Thailand. My wife flew from NYC to BKK via an 18 hour flight. Our arms were tired. Anyway, I snapped images as we cruised around the streets today. Show More Summary

How Wix Makes Site Building Easy for Anyone

The Wix website builder for thousands of people who have discovered this easy-to-use platform. People remark in the ads that they were able to build a website in one day or less, or even in just an hour. The easy to use drag-and-drop interface makes it much simpler for people to create their sites. Show More Summary

1 Secret to Cut Your Blogging Learning Curve by Months or Years

This morning I received an email from a new reader of Blogging From Paradise. He asked me a few questions. I responded then hopped into my WordPress backoffice. For the next 15 minutes I read and responded to the 11 meaty, in-depth, genuine comments he published on my blog. Show More Summary

Are You a Bit Green about Building a Blogging Business?

I often get interesting emails. “Interesting” is the code word for: “Non targeted.” Take for instance this email: I never share emails like these to shame or embarrass anyone. Not my style guys. I love ya’s. But I do share to help you avoid year’s worth of blogging struggle. Show More Summary

How to Get through Strength Sapping Blogging Dry Spells

So you have blogged for 5 months. You followed practical advice from pro bloggers. But when you check your blogging income streams you see 0. A big fat goose egg. Being in this spot feels crippling. I know. I was in the boat for a minute. Show More Summary

Quick Tips to Improve Your Website, Blog, and Social Media Efforts

How you will make your website work for you? Often this question strikes every blogger in the blogosphere. Many small business owners and entrepreneurs design and spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on their website a year, yet the website is not effective. Show More Summary

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