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Meet Angie Nelson of

Blogging opens up a whole new world of opportunities for people around the world every day. It doesn’t matter if you have a pre-set goal in mind for your blog or if you are just going to wing it and see what happens along the way. From...Show More Summary

Quick And Simple Tips to Find Awesome Blog Names for Your Business

Finding Awesome Blog Names is not an easy task. For some deciding on a name can be almost a trivial task. I envy those people, and perhaps you do too. You sit down with them for a quick tea and biscuits one day and they blurt out that they think they should start a blog. Show More Summary

Are You Mistaking The Hammer For The Carpenter?

Imagine a carpenter. Imagine a hammer. The skilled carpenter never blames the hammer for a job poorly done. Because a skilled carpenter understands that the carpenter, not the hammer, is fully responsible for the job completed. A hammer can be slightly defective but at the end of the day, the carpenter chooses and uses the hammer to finish the job. Show More Summary

Datafeedr Makes It Easy Integrate WooCommerce with WordPress

Once upon a time in the not too distant past, it was remarkably difficult to open up your own online store. It was arguably even harder if you wanted to sell someone else’s products and then it was harder still if you wanted to offer some sort of comparison engine for prospective customers. Show More Summary

3 Examples of Blog Content in Very Different Niche Markets

We all know the power and influence that comes with blogging, but if you aren’t creating the right content for your audience, what’s the point? This is one of the biggest struggles for bloggers and brands around the world today. Most...Show More Summary

How to Launch an Effective Video Marketing Strategy

There are so many ways to make money online, and the internet has allowed people to cash in by selling products, advertising space, and launching marketing videos. But, the growth of the internet has also caused a lot more competition for people online so for you to stand out, you need to become very creative. Show More Summary

1 Weird Way To Make Money Through Your Blog That Has Nothing To Do With Blogging

2 years ago I charged $25 for an hour of consulting. As an afterthought. Only because someone suggested I charge that rate. I felt uncomfortable charging this rate. Today I charge $200 for an hour of consulting. 2 years ago I charged $30 for my flagship blogging course. Show More Summary

Bridge Theme Review – ThemeForest

I know it’s a safe bet to go for the best selling premium theme but, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any other choices to pick from. Especially those which couldn’t make it to the top charts! Bridge is one such theme which deserves attention and today, we are going to find out why exactly it’s popular. Show More Summary

How To Build A Successful Blog Even If You Are A Nobody From Nowhere

I once sat in a cage with three, 400 pound tigers. I felt terrified to do so not 10 seconds before I forced myself into the cage. My wife Kelli all but dove into the cage. She loves big cats. No problems. I on the other hand was mocked, laughed at and teased by the Thai tiger staff. Show More Summary

1 Highly Confusing But Proven Way To Build A Hyper Successful Blog

I completed a few interviews recently where podcasters wondered how I built a successful blog. I got to thinking; what helped me succeed most with my blog? I followed my fun. I dove into my fears with little bursts of bravery. WatchShow More Summary

1 Greedy Blogger Mistake And How To Fix It

All great ventures are built 1 connection at a time. All great blogs are built: 1 blog post at a time 1 comment at a time 1 email at a time 1 profit at a time 1 person generously served at a time 1 friend at a time 1 guest post at a time Some greedy, fear-filled bloggers make a terrible mistake on the regular. Show More Summary

Machine Learning: Trends and Landscapes of 2017 and Beyond

Machine learning is that field of computer science that is involved in enabling the ability to learn from experience with computers without any prior and explicit programming. The global cognitive computing market is expected to reach...Show More Summary

1 Tip To Go From Pipe Dream To Profitable Blog

I am spending the weekend with a well-known internet TV authority. We have talked shop on all things marketing, tech, blogging and pretty much anything to do with running an online business. My friend knows plenty of folks in the streaming video industry, from traditional TV and movie influencers to the less traditional Netflix crowd. Show More Summary

Meet Eric Brantner of

Blogging has become an outlet for pretty much every type of person out there. However, content marketers and copywriters will always have a special place in the world of blogging, as content is king. The good news is, anyone can start...Show More Summary

Meet Camilla Hallstrom of

The find success in the world of blogging and content writing, you need to provide real value to your audience. This is something that is commonly said, but not something that many bloggers still follow. The problem here is that ‘content creation’ will only get you so far — there is also already way too much of it already out there. Show More Summary

1 Tricky Way To Accelerate Your Blog Growth Quickly

I clung to a poisonous limiting belief. For years. A crippling limiting belief. I recall seeing a collection of high profile bloggers succeeding during my lean years. Big time successful. But I was a bit hamstrung by a really venomous limiting belief when I observed these hyper successful bloggers. Show More Summary

Meet Anne Louise Bannon of

When it comes to blogging, anything goes. Whether it’s something you are interested in at any given moment or something you’ve had a passion for your whole life. The great thing about blogging is that it’s your own little spot on the internet and you can turn it into whatever you like. Show More Summary

How To Avoid Blogger Burnout And Promote Your Success

I am visiting with family and friends for a few days. Busy bee on the social side of things. I can only do so much business-wise through this weekend. Just the way it is. If I wanted to go mad I would stay up until 2 AM, wake at 5 AM and get all of my normal workload done. Show More Summary

Things to Consider When Choosing a Website Site Builder Platform

Designing websites have become so easy, and many platforms are making huge money from sites like Wix and WordPress. WordPress is the more popular choice because it’s an open-source platform so developers can make money from creative plugins. Show More Summary

Increase Site Earnings with Adsterra International Advertising

With so many different options for website monetization and affiliate revenue in the world today, it’s always important to expand your reach and look at any new opportunities that may become available. This is especially true when working...Show More Summary

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