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How to Profit through Blogging While Keeping Your Reputation

Making money through blogging means little if you lose your reputation. I recall a well known blogger making an honest, helpful but reputation-destroying admission when I first began blogging a long time ago. He admitted that he was not the 6 figure blogger he claimed to be. Show More Summary

1 Missing Ingredient in the Blog Post Automation Secret Sauce

Yesterday I retweeted someone. I enjoyed seeing their travel photo. I hit the RT button. I chatted with the person, letting them know I enjoyed seeing their travel photo. Said individual chatted with me, letting me know, “no sweat.” The tweeter whom I engaged then Liked and RTed about 10 of my prior posts from the day. Show More Summary

3 Tips to Boosting Blogging Profits Steadily over the Long Haul

If you cannot seem to crack the blogging income code you probably are skipping the fundamentals. Following these 3 basic steps sets the foundation for building a rocking, successful, income generating blog. Step 1 is beyond key; it is at the core of successful monetizing. Show More Summary

4 Tips for Driving Blog Traffic through Live Videos

3….2……1…..and you’re live! I am addicted to live videos. I admit it. I am a live broadcast junkie. I do one live video on Facebook and Periscope daily. Here is my latest Facebook live broadcast: Today I want to help you drive blog traffic through this inspired, trust-building, brand-expanding online medium at your disposal. Show More Summary

9 Blogging Communities You Can Join To Attract More Traffic To Your Blog

Blogging is essentially building relationships between you and your readers. That’s why it is essential for any blogger to continuously find ways to increase blog traffic and attract a wider audience. You have to have a substantial number...Show More Summary

4 Simple Blog Photography Tips to Snap Better Photos

The days when blogs were predominantly text-based are long since gone, and most modern blogs make use of photography to provide a much more visual spectacle. However that means that bloggers need to have some basic photography skills – and if you don’t the photos you publish aren’t likely to live up to your expectations. Show More Summary

3 Uncomfortable to Embrace Qualities of Successful Bloggers

Successful bloggers master the concept of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. If you are struggling to boost your blog traffic or profits you likely shy away from uncomfortable activities. I get it. I have been there. I finally...Show More Summary

1 Source of New Blogger Struggles and How to Dissolve it

2,000 plus videos ago I was a newbie video creator and a newbie blogger. This was 10 years ago. I was terrified to do most anything, blogging-wise. Which is the exact reason why I struggled so much. I worried about everything; my guest...Show More Summary

Boost Your Business with MIA Web Lab

The Internet can be a very tough nut to crack, especially when there are so many moving parts. And then all the algorithms seems to be updated and changed every other day too. It’s so hard to keep up, especially when you are an online business seeking to grow your audience and convert more visitors. Show More Summary

5 SEO Reporting Tools to Help Scale Your Blog’s Growth

In life, you learn from your mistakes. You won’t grow if you don’t let the error of your ways shape your life and become a better person in the process. The same can be said about SEO. You can try your best to observe the best SEO practices on your blog. Show More Summary

3 Alternative Ways to Start Monetizing Your Blog

Developing and maintaining a successful blog are challenging, especially with the internet landscape being as competitive as it is today. Maintaining a blog with thousands of regular viewers also require a lot of investments. It is only natural that many blog owners take active steps towards monetizing their blogs. Show More Summary

1 Critical Time Saving Tip that Busy Bloggers Often Overlook

You have a split second to impress established, pro bloggers. Influential bloggers open doors for you. Pros promote you to large, loyal, targeted followings. Pros help you grow your blog traffic and profits. But to impress pros you have a split second. Show More Summary

1 Chief Factor in Becoming a Pro Blogger for the Long Haul

I am tired. I have a run around NYC in about an hour. At 11:51 AM, EST, I have published my post for the day. I also wrote and published a travel-themed page on Blogging From Paradise. I checked my email and responded. I checked my social media sites. Show More Summary

1 Blogging Lesson Learned from a Tough Situation in the Andes

5 years ago I found myself hunched over a toilet in Cusco, Peru, among the massive Andes mountain range. For 12 hours. Not a pleasant situation. Bad potatoes. Food poisoning. Not good. I did learn a critical blogging lesson though. Watch...Show More Summary

The Ultimate List of Popular Blogging Ideas for Your Next Blog Post

Coming up with new and creative ideas to write about on your blog is one of the most common problems site owners and brands have to deal with. This is especially true when you are extremely niche-focused with your content. There areShow More Summary

1 Smart Tip for Becoming an Influential Blogger

Following one smart tip can help you become an influential blogger. When you become an influencer you can help more people on a greater scale and earn more blogging income as you render useful service. But before reaping those sugary sweet benefits you want to focus on one word. Show More Summary

1 Tip for Handling Blogging Fires

The white screen of death. Your hosting company pulls your blog. Your prime income stream dries up. What do you do? Follow this piece of advice to handle blogging fires. Slow Down Your Thinking The first chapter of my eBook on blogging lessons I learned in Bali discusses an oft ignored blogging concept; what to do when the poop hits the fan. Show More Summary

Quick Tips to Using IFTTT for Internet Marketing Campaigns

What is IFTTT? IFTTT (If This Then That) is nothing but an awesome free tool that enables you to connect web services so that they can talk to each other. It works as described below- Real Life Examples Let me give you some real-life...Show More Summary

1 Quality to Develop if You Want a Successful Blogging Mindset

During lean blogging days I had a tough time thinking about others. Things turned the moment I did a full 180. Being compassionate helps you develop a successful blogging mindset. Here’s why: Successful Bloggers Think about Others Being successful requires you to think about other folks. Show More Summary

Hostinger Promises Cheap Web Hosting That’s Actually Great

Quality web hosting is at the heart of any successful online business. If your readers and customers can’t reliably access your website, if your page load times are horrendous or you’re not capable of including the features you’d like to have, nothing else really matters. Show More Summary

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