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Free Webinar – How to Make a Killing with Affiliate Marketing and Webinars

As bloggers, many of us like to write text content as our main source of traffic and revenue. While this is still a working and effective model, there are better ways to up your game and profits in the process. One such method is through the use of online webinars. Show More Summary

7 Link Building Tactics For Bloggers

SEO and link building are inexorably linked but the ties that bind them together are constantly shifting. Hence, bloggers have the responsibility to keep themselves updated with the link building tactics that Google, being the most popular search engine, dictates to us. Show More Summary

5 Tips for Getting Readers to Return to Your Blog

  You may be terribly frustrated by the “flash in a pan” readers who seem to frequent your blog once every 6 to 8 months. These individuals have yet to fully buy in to what you have to offer so they never seem to actually buy in to your products or services. Show More Summary

Avada Theme Review from ThemeForest

Out of hundreds of quality themes available on the ThemeForest marketplace, Avada is among the top 5 and also one of the most selling WordPress themes. Even if the theme is selling like a hot cake, one needs to check review before making the purchase. Show More Summary

Digital Pro Theme Review – StudioPress Sites

Half of the existing companies around the world are still not having a digital presence. Yes, not having a dedicated website! Your decision of breaking the old tradition and going for a digital medium is good, but you need to do things in a proper way. Show More Summary

5 Tips to Blog Consistently

If you can’t seem to blog consistently you are suffering through a frustrating ride. Traffic up, then down. Then down deeper. Maybe you see a mini spike after posting for the first time in months. Then the bottom drops out. Almost like riding on a boat being tossed around in a hurricane. Show More Summary

Use Crisp Chatbox to Increase Sales and Customer Experience

No matter your business, effective communication will always be of paramount importance. Especially in the modern age of sensory overload and fleeting attention spans, it’s more critical than ever to cut through the noise of the Internet and ensure that your customers, clients, and readers feel like they are heard and valued. Show More Summary

How Struggling Bloggers Can Boost their Traffic Despite Have No Connections

Are you terrified to start blogging because you feel you have no connections and zero clout? You see connected pro bloggers with huge networks and feel like “How in the heck am I ever going to get there?!” It can feel as frustrating as heck when you feel like an outsider. Show More Summary

Meet Keith McHugh of

The world of blogging has allowed everyone to take advantage of the internet by creating content of their own and expanding out on their own expertise and ventures. No matter if it’s through real estate, entrepreneurship, personal hobbies...Show More Summary

How to Escape Feelings of Inadequacy When It Comes to Your Business

It happens to even the best entrepreneurs. You get a killer business idea or turn a passion into profit and start working for yourself. You find out that running a business may or may not turn out to be what you thought it would be but it is rewarding after you put in lots of effort and countless hours of work. Show More Summary

1 Profitable Lesson Struggling Bloggers Can Learn from the Bird Eater in the Bathroom

Look up. That’s a bird eating spider. I photographed him camped out on my wife’s loofah. He’s a Thai black tarantula. A highly aggressive, venomous, amazingly beautiful creature. He’s living in the bathroom of the place where we’re house sitting in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Show More Summary

Meet David Leonhardt of

With content writing being the main focus for most bloggers, it’s a tough line to cross when you start selling or promoting content through your sites. At this point, it’s no longer about just creating content, it’s now a matter of selling to your audience and using persuasive writing. Show More Summary

How to Blog When You’re Really Busy

Today was a chill day in Thailand. My wife and I went to the movies, had lunch at a cool little Buddhist vegetarian restaurant and also grabbed some sweet Thai treats at the mall. Factor in some offline house sitting duties and I find myself writing and publishing this post at 11:30 PM, Thailand time. Show More Summary

5 Steps for Building Your Digital Marketing Company’s Online Reputation

Running a digital marketing company comes with a variety of challenges, and one of them is how to handle online reputation management. A company’s reputation can be an important key to its overall success and how the general public views it. Show More Summary

Review of Responsive Blog Theme – CyberChimps

Are you looking to make your presence felt in the online world? Whether you want to start a blog for posting content or boost your business through the Internet, you need a website that portrays yourself exactly the way you want and thereby reaches out to maximum potential users and customers. Show More Summary

How to Grow Your Email List Fast

After adding another 45 subscribers to my email list I’m sharing how you too can grow your list fast. You may be frustrated like the dickens at your list growth. 1 subscriber a week joins. 1 disappears. 2 join. 4 drop out. Annoying, right? By following these tips you can drive a deluge of traffic to your email list quickly. Show More Summary

5 Free Webinar Recording Tools

Webinars are quickly becoming a chosen tool to drive leads, create engagement and initiate a sales pipeline. A 2016 Webinar Benchmarks Report talks about specific pointers that made webinars a successful business model for the respondents. Show More Summary

1 Mental Block to Dissolve if You Want to Drive Blog Traffic through Comments

Are you having a heck of a time getting traffic through comments you post on blogs? It feels super frustrating to spend all that time, effort, and to put your blood sweat and tears into publishing guest post worthy comments on blogs for weeks and seeing no real return. Show More Summary

How To Promote Fundraising Campaigns Without Being Pushy

When you have a platform like a blog, you have the potential to reach a lot of people quickly with a minimal amount of effort. As a consequence, other people may notice this from time to time and ask you to cross-promote their content. Show More Summary

Why You Need To Balance Active And Passive Blog Income

For those who are new to the professional blogging world, one of the most important things to understand is that there are two major kinds of blog income: active and passive. Active income typically involves one-on-one services suchShow More Summary

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