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Finding the Best WordPress Hosting for Bloggers

What do you need to have a successful blog on the Internet these days? It certainly pays to have a strong social media presence with a great number of very engaged followers. It’s definitely in your best interest to offer consistently compelling content for your audience, great content that they won’t find anywhere else. Show More Summary

1 Blogging List Building Meme that Needs to Go

However badly you want to believe it, the money is not in the list. Many bloggers may tell you this. More bloggers will point to stats. Some may desperately point to their profits, begging or imploring you to build a list because without a list, this crowd believes you won’t make money. Show More Summary

How to Develop a Sustainable Blogging Business Plan

  When you finally mustered up the courage to create your own blogging business, you’ll soon realize that it can get overwhelming especially if you’re new to the industry. There are too many things to learn, tools to use, and techniques to master. Show More Summary

1 Tip to Bring You Blogging Success

As I was reading a chapter of 1 of my 126 eBooks I noted a turning point in my blogging career. This defining moment occurred when I did things mainly for fun and freedom versus blogging from a place of fear. How many of my past struggles...Show More Summary

6 of the Most Shared Marketing Infographics of 2017

One of the best ways to communicate an idea nowadays is through infographics. By utilizing graphic visual representations, the audience can easily perceive information and data quickly and clearly. But what makes an infographic good?...Show More Summary

What Mayweather-McGregor Teaches You About Successful Blogging

Where your attention and energy goes, grows. I reminded myself of this idea before seeing the results of the Mayweather-McGregor fight recently. I saw this success-promoting concept after the fight too. Watch this video as I explain how the fight teaches you a successful blogging lesson: McGregor trained for boxing, for months. Show More Summary

1 Question To Ask If You See Little Traffic And Profits

1 question may be the difference maker in your blogging career. If you will just ask this question honestly and wait for a clear answer you can turn the tide of your blogging career. Quickly. I explain in this video from lovely New York...Show More Summary

Successful Blogging and Earthquakes? 1 Lesson I Learned From Living through 3 Tiny Tremors

1 weird lesson emerged from me living through 3 earthquakes. Granted, the quakes were not too impressive. Just tiny tremors. But in the same vein, each of the earth shaking experiences – kinda – had an impact on me because I learned a successful blogging lesson from this trio of tremors. Show More Summary

1 Mistake New And Experienced Bloggers Make

I just walked through Time Square in NYC. Everywhere I looked I saw evidence of the “B” word. No, not “Biddulph.” “Branding.” Before Biddulph traveled to NYC today he filmed a video in the crib explaining this 1 mistake common to both new and experienced bloggers. Show More Summary

3 Examples of Professional Consulting Website and Blog Designs

When it comes to running a personal or professional consulting business online, it’s important to make sure you always look your best. It’s not just a matter of impressing visitors who come to your site, it’s also about making sure their user experience on your site is fast, easy and professional as well. Show More Summary

3 Steps to Write and Self Publish eBooks

Writing and self-publishing eBooks has been a fun, prospering experience for me. I want to help ease your self-publishing journey by laying out 3 simple steps to write and ship these suckers. I filmed an HD video explaining the steps in detail. Show More Summary

Why are One Page WordPress Themes Gaining in Popularity?

One-page website designs are cropping up more frequently as time goes on. WordPress, one of the most popular platforms for blogging and website design, has a number of one page WordPress themes that are now available for it. But is a...Show More Summary

Five Examples of Product Placements within eCommerce Sites

When selling online it’s always important to make sure you have an online set up that’s easy for your audience to use. This is something Amazon has mastered time and time again. Not only with their product pages, but also their check out process and customer feedback as well. Show More Summary

1 Venomous Blogging Story You Need to Release

Stories may sell on the reader side of things. But if you want to build a successful blog you need to face, own, feel and release your own negative blogging stories. The nasty self talk. The untrue garbage. The pure BS. The lies. The wicked little voice in your head telling you what you cannot do. Show More Summary

An Introduction to Profitable Niche Blogging

Niche blogging refers to blogging within a particular group of people or subject. Some websites have succeeded in creating a very profitable blog that requires a little amount of effort. But, note that niche blogging is not just an overnight work. Show More Summary

4 Steps To Successful Blogging

4 simple steps precede blogging success. Watch this video from New York City as I explain how to build a successful blog: I detailed the 4 steps. If you skip any of the steps it’s like skipping 1 or all of the steps from the 2nd floor of the NYC apartment where we are living now down to the street level. Show More Summary

1 Blogging Question That Will Promote Your Success

1 blogging question will make you successful. Ask yourself this query before hitting the sack every night. I filmed a video in NYC explaining the question and why you should ask it: I ran into 2 big blocks with my blog before I saw success. Show More Summary

Do You Know The Critical Rule Of 3 For Pitching Pro Bloggers?

3 rules. 3 lines. 3 pitches. 3 paragraphs. I explain via this YouTube live video I filmed in New York City: Over the past few weeks I have seen an increasing number of emails. I spied a pattern over the past few years but as the volume of emails and social media messages I receive grows I wanted to share the Rule of 3 for pitching pro bloggers. Show More Summary

12 Annoying Strategies That Torpedo Your Blogging Success

12 silly strategies may be killing your chances at becoming a successful blogger. I just filmed a video explaining the 12 tactics; with solutions: I am really excited to release my new eBook: 12 Annoying Strategies That Torpedo YourShow More Summary

4 Tips for Effectively Training New Hires and Freelance Writers

You’ve been interviewing prospective job candidates for weeks. Whether this has been for adding talent to your existing company, or if you’ve been looking for some qualified blog writers, the process is quite overwhelming, yet one that needs to take place. Show More Summary

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