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Foodie Pro Theme Review – StudioPress Sites

I must admit, Food Blogging is the new guitar! Everyone with a passion for eating new food items, trying new recipes every week, has a chance to become a known face in the industry. If you already have this deep hidden passion and never...Show More Summary

Is a Blogging Mentor Responsible for Your Blogging Success?

No! This may be a prickly question to answer honestly. I know. I spent a minute blaming folks for my blogging failures. As a matter of fact, the guy who helped get me into the blogging and online money making game nearly a decade ago was one such backboard of mine. Show More Summary

7 Ways to Make More Money with Affiliate Marketing and Blogging

Affiliate marketing and blogging are two completely different mediums, but at the same time, they are also quite similar. Affiliate marketing is the concept of making money by delivering leads or sales to a brand or website. Blogging is all about creating content and getting it in front of the right audience. Show More Summary

Meet Christina Nicholson of

It seems like everyone has their own little space on the internet today. If not a blog, then definitely a few social profile and maybe a Facebook Fan Page. One of the biggest reasons for this is that it’s now easier than ever to getShow More Summary

How to Become a Blogging Expert: Surround Yourself with Pros

The guy who wrote those books you see above and snapped that photo in Bali was an inexperienced, lost, confused blogger many years ago. But I decided to feast on the advice of pro bloggers to change my trajectory. One easy way to gain expert status is to surround yourself with experts. Show More Summary

How Bloggers Can Leverage Social Proof to Their Advantage

People follow the crowds. One of the foundational principles of marketing is how to influence the crowds, so people are just inclined to become your customers. The phenomenon where the majority influences purchasing decisions is known as social proof. Show More Summary

The Skills And Equipment You’ll Need To Be A Blogger In 2017

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, the first question you have to ask is why you want to do it. Your answer to this question will determine the future of your blog and how you go about creating content and providing value to your audience. Show More Summary

3 Tools of the Professional Blogging Trade

Last night I had a tussle with a scorpion in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The menacing looking brute (that’s him in the picture above) barged into the kitchen pincers and stinger first. I grabbed a broom and gently nudged him from the house. Show More Summary

5 of the Best VPN Service Providers for Bloggers and Internet Users

Everyone is concerned about security online these days and for a good reason. Governments, companies, hackers, and even teenage computer whizzes can figure out how to unmask your identity when you are on a public network or even your home network unless you have a quality VPN. Show More Summary

Adaptation Rules: The Right Visuals for the Right Niches

Sure, it is important to have a nice logo, and have a pretty website. But, are your design choices beneficial or detrimental to your efforts? Weirdly, even if your blog looks like a million dollars, it might be the look that just doesn’t suit you, your message, or your audience. Show More Summary

1 Reason Why Most Bloggers Struggle to Get Traffic and Earn Profits

I am in a throwback type of mood today. Maybe because we are at 100 degrees in Thailand – again – and I wish to revisit cooler climes. Anyway, peep this video of me from last year in beautiful Rivas, Costa Rica. I explain why you may...Show More Summary

5 Tips To Build Your Startup Status As A Thought Leader Through Blogging

Traditional companies have accepted the importance of regular blogging to maintain visibility and drive traffic to their sites. But most startups put blogging on the lower level of their priorities and budget, preferring to fight it out with the competition first than writing quality content for a blog. Show More Summary

Are You Hiding Your Products and Services?

I recorded this Facebook live video earlier today in Thailand: because I spotted a problem tripping up even the most determined bloggers. But before we go on, I wanted to invite you to purchase my eBook: How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging Aha! That’s it. Show More Summary

ReachMobi Unlocks the Power of Web Push Notifications

Cutting through the noise of the ever-expanding Internet is a challenge for any marketer. At the same time, publishers are always on the lookout for new monetization opportunities and innovative ways to reach new audiences. OfferingShow More Summary

Atmosphere Pro Theme Review – StudioPress Sites

Internet was once dominated by graphic featured heavy websites, which were not at all fast when accessed via mobile phones. Now, the trend has shifted to minimal looking websites which are equally good in graphics but, consuming lesser resources. Show More Summary

Are You Puking Practical Tips All Over Struggling Readers?

I just poked around my iTunes audio book store and noticed something. Feel free to buy an audio book or two to build a successful blog. Or to build your dream life. Anyway, some of you may wonder if I ever talk much about blogging. I share practical tips and all. Show More Summary

Five Resource Guides on How to Create Expert Roundup Posts

If you want to earn good money online and acquire great exposure, a good idea is to write some amazing expert roundup posts. Expert roundups are great because they can provide a ton of value to your audience while also bringing a lot of social activity, traffic, expertise and backlinks to your site in the process. Show More Summary

How to Handle a Bad Blogging Day

As I release my new eBook (click to buy it): 10 Lessons from Hyper Successful Bloggers I think of a commonly held but untrue platitude. The one that professionals show up for work every day. Even when they do not feel like it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Show More Summary

Meet Jon Dykstra of

Of the many different reasons someone might want to start a blog, the goal of making money or tracking your progress with something is most common. This is something we see very often in the world ‘make money bloggers’ and ‘affiliate marketing’. Show More Summary

Finding Financial Insights in Your Tax Return

Every year, every American that earned money is required to file taxes. Whether you are an individual who only earns income from an employer, a side hustler who earns a little more on the side, or a full-time business owner with a registered business, you can find some interesting insights into your business by reviewing your taxes. Show More Summary

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