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5 Reasons Why Your Blog Needs a New Design

If you are a blogger you will already know there is plenty of competition no matter what niche your blog is related to, so it’s always important you take the necessary steps to ensure your website looks attractive to your visitors. Even...Show More Summary

4 Vlogging Tips Every Digital Marketer Needs to Follow

Blogging is evolving. The rampant use of multimedia elements – both audio and video has been a fad in blogging for last couple of years. This type of content’s been making inroads with text content and content marketers have been advised – from left, right and the middle to include images and videos to their blog posts. Show More Summary

1 Scarcity Based Concept that Causes Your Blogging Struggles

(Watch the video of me from sunny Doha, Qatar as I explain this concept and struggles in detail.) I was terrified to email my list more than once weekly. I feared blowing out my list. Or eating through my list. I figured folks would unsubscribe left and right. Show More Summary

Best Plugin to Add Schema Microdata To WordPress Pages

You must often be reading about how small blogs are scoring on search engines. Yes, it is true and how do they do this I am going to tell through this post on the best plugin to add schema microdata to WP pages. Before going deep into the best plugin to do so, et’s explore a little about schema microdata. Show More Summary

How to Find People Who Want to Buy Your Blog Products

I just received a Facebook message from someone who asked me: “How can I find people who want to buy my blog product?” This can be confusing in the beginning. Mental blocks to money, to success, to your worthiness, all seem to collude to make an insurmountable task, in terms of making money through your blog. Show More Summary

Quick Tips on How to Make Your Affiliate Blog Pop

There are pages upon pages you can read about blogging, how it works, what are considered the best practices and so on. Some of this information is indisputable, some is controversial, some is subjective and works only for a limited number of people, but on average it isn’t too hard to get the sense of what you need to run a successful blog. Show More Summary

Think About a Rhetorical Essay Structure When Writing Blog Content

One of the best lessons I’ve learned is to write blog content by analyzing what others have written before me in my niche. This reminds me of when I use to write rhetorical essays in school because it would involve breaking down the words of the author, and understanding the style to see what attracts readers. Show More Summary

7 Branding Tips for Confused Bloggers

Few bloggers understand the power of establishing a recognizable, eye-catching brand. Goodness knows I ignored branding for years. To my detriment. When I got clear on building a brand first – before my blog – I wrote and self-published this blog branding eBook on Amazon. Show More Summary

7 Things to Consider When Looking For a Quality Web Hosting Company

Are you ready to start your own website? Before you can actually launch a site, you will need to jump over a few hurdles. First and foremost, you’ll need to choose a domain name. Then, you’ll need to put in substantial effort to ensure you choose the best hosting company. Show More Summary

5 Ways to Re-Frame Blogging Critics

  You may be quaking in your blogging boots at the prospect of being criticized. For the first time. For the 100th time. During lean days I had an intense fear of critics. This fear manifested as both a genuine hate for critics plus I allowed the fear to prevent me from guest posting and blog commenting and opening blogging income streams. Show More Summary

5 Tips to Make Your Blogger Outreach Campaign Sizzle

As I share my blogger outreach eBook I want to address a pressing problem in the blogging community: do-it-yourself-itis Few bloggers are immune from this mistake as a newbie. Even vets fall prey to this sickness. I myself ran through a rough patch because I tried to build a successful blog all by myself. Show More Summary

Top 10 Factors that Could Make Or Break Your Blogging Success 

Do you want to become a successful blogger? How much time are you seriously spending on blogging to make it success? Have you ever analyzed what are the factors that are used by top bloggers? If you don’t give a serious thought to the following 10 factors, they can break your blog’s success. Show More Summary

Blogging Tip: Pay Up to Play Up

Me and my wife Kelli just enjoyed a delicious breakfast at The Village Souq Waqif. This lovely little restaurant is a fabulous eatery catering to people who want Turkish, Persian or Indian fare. The interior was dazzling. Phenomenal ambiance. Show More Summary

6 Tips for Aspiring Bloggers

I recall the experience well. After an initial frenzy of excitement nearly 8 years ago, I was ready to quit blogging. Never mind this was less than 24 hours into my blogging career. My wife talked me off the ledge. But I know the mix of excitement, hope and terror aspiring bloggers experience. Show More Summary

5 Signs of a Great Online Tutor for a Business

You’ve hired an online tutor for your employees to improve your business. How can you know if you have a great online tutor—or just an adequate one? You’ll want to look beyond the feedback of your employees, although their input is a great source of information. Show More Summary

5 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging

All blogging struggles occur when you deviate from the fundamentals. Success finds the blogger who sticks to the fundamentals. I slammed into nightmarish scenarios in the past because I ignored what was working – even if my progress appeared to be slow – to start doing what was NOT working. Show More Summary

Why You Should Use a WordPress Specific Hosting Service

Just like not all websites are created the same, nor are the web hosting or server requirements for each of them. Years ago, a great majority of sites on the internet were all HTML based, which means they were static in code and didn’t have much complexity to them. Show More Summary

What Are Your Blogging Fears?

Own them. running out of traffic? running out of money? making pennies a day through your blog? not being able to grow an email list? blogging critics? succeeding with your blog, and wondering if you’ll need to release old friends to...Show More Summary

5 Monetizing Tips for Travel Bloggers

I kicked around my Blogging From Paradise audio book library on iTunes today and saw this listen: 7 Smart Monetizing Tips for Hungry Travel Bloggers When I created BFP I fell stunned at the number of travel bloggers who returned home every few months – or yearly – just to boost their savings for future travels. Show More Summary

How to Monetize Your Website with Vinteo Video Ads

As an online publisher, you should always be looking for new opportunities to monetize your digital content. Some strategies that may have been remarkably effective in the past may not be bringing in the same kind of revenue. What we...Show More Summary

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