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1 Simple Tip to Attract Blogging Buddies to You

I received an email from travel blogging buddies of mine this morning. My friends Agness and Cez of reached out to me for a chat. I noted instantly how they said they were chilling in SE Asia. Sweet. This is one of my favorite regions on earth, as I have spent about 4 of the past 6 years of my life in Southeast Asia. Show More Summary

How to Increase Blog Traffic: The Missing Link

Energy. Or, energy management. I am not beating around the blogging bush today. If you struggle to increase your blog traffic you always have an energy problem. Here’s why: any lack or limitation or struggle roots itself in your fears. Show More Summary

Are You Suffering from Blogging PSS?

PSS. Perpetual Student Syndrome. I filmed a quick video you can watch, enjoy and share now if you suffer from this blogging malady or know people who are having a tough time with this tendency. Video Learn. Learn. Learn some more. Then...Show More Summary

Meet George Schildge of

Blogging has quickly become the platform of choice when creating content and trying to build a relationship with an audience. As simple as the concept might seem, many brands and entrepreneurs are still getting it wrong. Fortunately,...Show More Summary

1 Shift to Increase Your Blogging Profits that You May Not Want to Make

I noted a trend on a few blogging groups recently. Some bloggers seemed to relish ganging up on folks who appeared to be cheap, flat out broke or bargain basement barterers. But the tire kickers of the world do you a wonderful service. Show More Summary

Meet Kelley Jones of

One of the most exciting things about blogging is the hidden opportunities and value that you never really know about. For example, if you’ve ever created a blog you likely hear from a very small percentage of people that actually read it and then send you an email or tweet you through social media. Show More Summary

Why Choose WordPress Over Other Blogging Platforms?

Let’s get one thing straight first: WordPress is more than just a blogging platform. It’s the best way to create an explosive website that really gets your message across.  The fact that WordPress runs 50-60% of the world’s CMS market...Show More Summary

5 Quick Tips for Better Blog Content and Higher SERPs

As content creators in bloggers, we all want to rank at the top of the search results. However, the process of accomplishing this is much more complicated and time-consuming than ever before. With more websites creating content and ranking...Show More Summary

How to Increase Blog Traffic: Act Abundantly

Yesterday I wrote 5 guest posts. I published a post on the Warrior Forum. I answered questions on Quora for 20 minutes. I published another blogging tips themed post on Blogging From Paradise. I published a travel-themed page on Blogging From Paradise. Show More Summary

5 Tips to Tap into Boundless Blogging Energy

In the past few weeks I have been called the King of Guest Posting and the King of Blog Commenting. I just write words. I type away at a keyboard. No big deal. But in the same regard, I do realize that I have cultivated my energy to such a degree that established bloggers see me as some type of dynamo. Show More Summary

3 Ways to Instantly Increase Email Subscribers to Your Blog

While many site owners and bloggers are focused on just creating content for their blog, they may soon realize that the most powerful asset is their mailing list. With so many active websites on the internet today, more people are hitting websites and leaving at a faster rate than ever. Show More Summary

Blogging And Bruce Lee? Here’s the Connection

“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash.” ~ Bruce Lee You know I am a blogging mindset nut. Show More Summary

How to Create a Community Website Using UserPro

According to the latest statistics, WordPress powers around 75 million websites. Perhaps this information is even more astounding if we say that WordPress powers around 27% of all websites globally. Needless to say, there are numerous valid reasons for this. Show More Summary

1 Damaging Beginner Blogger Mindset Meme that Has to Go

I regularly answer questions on Quora. One of the more common questions I see involves a beginner blogger asking how much time it will take to make a certain amount of money through blogging daily. This line of thinking is quite damaging, forcing you to see blogging as a job that yields a set amount of money during a set period of time. Show More Summary

2 Simple But Tough Steps to Become an Influential Blogger

If it were easy to be an influential blogger every blogger you meet would be an influencer. Top blogs like Forbes and Entrepreneur would rotate features between millions of bloggers. Everybody you spoke too in your blogging niche would rake it in. Show More Summary

Siteground & Hostinger Comparison – Web Hosting

SiteGround and Hostinger are two of the most reputable names in the web hosting industry. Both companies have their own benefits and limitation. However, in the absence of real feedback and user reviews, people can’t make the right choice as to which company they should actually go with. Show More Summary

3 Blogging Profit Boosters

“How can I make more money blogging?” You have likely seen this question thousands of times during your blogging career. For good reason; most bloggers struggle terribly to earn steady profits, or any profits, for that matter. By focusing on helping people and building friendships you lay the foundation for a successful blogging campaign. Show More Summary

13 Smart Ways to Boost Your Content Reach by Capitalizing on a Viral Story

Going viral with your content on social media is a goal of every great marketer. And being able to take advantage of someone else’s story going viral is the mark of a savvy marketing strategist. These opportunities on social media are few and far between, but when done right they provide amazing content reach. Show More Summary

How to Increase Blog Traffic: Align Your Blog

Sometimes you get so caught up driving blog traffic through active methods that you forget about passive methods for attracting people to your blog. While guest posting and effective blog commenting are 2 powerful traffic drivers you should align your blog top-down to optimize your traffic driving campaign. Show More Summary

3 Blogging Lessons I Learned Living in the Jungles of Costa Rica

A few years ago I lived in a remote jungle for 6 weeks. Check out this video I filmed from the hut where we spent time: Costa Rica. 3 miles away from civilization. Intense. Beautiful. Brutal. Fun. Enlightening. My wife Kelli and I saw toucans, Mealy Amazon parrots, sloths, monkeys, bullet ants, army ants and poison dart frogs. Show More Summary

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