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4 Easy Steps to Turning Your Blog into A Reliable Business

Over the past years, many blogs have grown into businesses worth millions of dollars. Rand Fishkin started Moz in 2004 as a blog where he writes about SEO and internet marketing. He barely knew about these topics back then. Today, Moz makes over $30 million in yearly revenue. Show More Summary

How to Place Guest Posts on High Ranking Blogs

If you are excited to place guest posts on high ranking blogs I have a 4 step process for you. I landed gigs on a slew of blogs over the years. You may be intimidated or outright terrified to even dream of submitting guesties to big dawg bloggers. Show More Summary

13 Ways to Improve Blogging Profits with Holiday Sales

Black Friday. Cyber Monday. If you think all of the profits in the holiday season are generated on these two days, you’re wrong. Very wrong. There is a tremendous amount of money spent over the holidays. Are you doing your best to maximize...Show More Summary

Do You Compete or Create?

I peered at Blogging Tips and 1 thought crossed my mind: “Wow a lot of awesome folks post on this inspired blog.” Then another thought flashed across my mind: “Amazing how the old me would feel fear, worry and anxiety about going against these folks.” I am creating these days. Show More Summary

How to Position Yourself as An Expert Using Keyword Research

It took me a week to set up my first blog ten years ago. My second blog took less than two days. Creating my third blog was fast. I think it took me less than a few hours to build it. Today, I can build a decent looking blog within an hour. Show More Summary

Invoicing Help: Everything You Need to Know to Invoice Your Clients

Our ultimate guide to invoicing infographic provides a wealth of knowledge and research about invoicing, including the previously favored paper invoicing process and the rapid migration to electronic, or online, invoicing. You can also...Show More Summary

What Are the Best Ways to Get Regular Blog Readers?

You may be a successful blogger with a handful of sporadic readers but thriving, rabidly engaged, return readers build the spectacular online empires you peep in the blogging world. These blogging juggernauts seem like they were born with 50 comments per post in their pocket. Show More Summary

Ecommerce Design Elements That’ll Increase Your Conversions

When it comes to selling online, your website design has to appeal to your customers as much as the products do. Business owners who are not pleased with their current conversion rates need to take a long, hard look at the design of their ecommerce site. Show More Summary

7 Foolproof Content Marketing Tips to Boost Your Traffic And Sales In 2017

Did you know that 70% of buyers read 4 or more articles before buying from a website? Content marketing is extremely crucial to build a profitable blog in 2017. If you are ignoring your content, you are ignoring your sales. It’s as simple as that. Show More Summary

3 Reasons to Guest Post on Top Blogs (other than Making Money or Grabbing Links)

I like that sweet scrilla like the next guy. I love getting sugary link juice. But the biggest drivers behind what I do are shifting. Big time. I dig the getting but more than any time in my career, I am guest posting to give. Sometimes, when you focus heavily on outcomes you lose sight of doing things with love and having fun. Show More Summary

7 Ways Bloggers Can Better Communicate with Readers

Blogging is about emotional connections more than anything else. Through these connections, bloggers gain loyal readers who tell their friends, helping you get even more readers. Much of the element of connection is achieved through your writing, but there’s more to it than that. Show More Summary

37 Email Marketing Stats Bloggers Can’t Afford to Miss

When it comes to building successful a blog, brand or business on the internet, few things work better than a powerful email marketing strategy. The reason why email still works just as well today as it ever has, is simply that people still check their email inboxes several times per day. Show More Summary

5 Handpicked Tips for A Smart Content Marketer

Content marketing is much more than writing great copies and having people read them. Content marketing is insisting readers to turn into buyers, without visibly insisting them. Optimizing the website lead capture form is marketing without ado. Show More Summary

What to Do When Your Blogging Profits Appear to Drop

I have seen lean times. I have seen green times (USD-wise). I know struggle. I know success. Being on both sides of the blogging fence I reckon I know a thing or 2 about what to do when your blogging profits appear to drop. I explicitly...Show More Summary

8 WordPress Resource Blogs You Should Be Following

Are you looking for some great resources to help you get started with WordPress? Here are seven of them for you to check out. They are all different, but they have one thing in common: They all focus on WordPress and how to better maximize the tools available on WP for web owners and developers. Show More Summary

Finding Their Way: 4 Tips To Guide Readers Through Your Blog

Readers have found your blog – but now what? Although they’ve made it to your site, if your webpage isn’t well marked, offering the equivalent of posted house number signs, letting them know where to go to find your best content. Without clear markings and a solid navigational or wayfinding system, you’re doing your site a disservice. Show More Summary

1 Blogging Tip to Take to the Bank

Be. Do. 2 words. 1 blogging tip. First you BE a successful blogger then you DO the things successful bloggers do. Example; when I had lunch with Zac Johnson about a year ago he mentioned writing 15 guest posts weekly. Just to prime the pump with his blog. Show More Summary

7 Useful Tips for Affiliate Marketing Beginners

Getting into any kind of a new field is always difficult. You start with little to no knowledge, and no idea where to even begin. That’s particularly problematic when the said field is very vague. Such is the case when we explore the...Show More Summary

Finding Your Audience: Why Your Blog Platform Matters

Not all blog platforms are right for all blogs – there isn’t a one size fits all solution. Rather, if you want to reach the largest audience possible as a blogger, it’s important to position your blog correctly by choosing an appropriate platform. Show More Summary

7 Wealth Management Lessons People Can Learn from Google Panda and Penguin

Believe it or not, Google Panda and Penguin can and do teach us various lessons which are just as applicable when managing the wealth you’ve earned online as they are when it comes to SEO. The topic I’ve chosen may seem peculiar but bare with me, give this post a chance and I’m sure you’ll end up agreeing with my findings. Show More Summary

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