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Are You Hacking Your Blog To A Painful Death?

I read an article recently. I have read about 456 million similar articles during my 9 year blogging career. Hacks. Blogging hacks. The blogger covered a few key hacks aka tips aka techniques to GET as much possible from as little GIVING as humanly possible. Show More Summary

Why It Literally Pays To Be A Picky Blogging Entrepreneur

Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Or, where you choose to place your attention and energy, grows. Watch this video I recorded recently. I will explain this concept and why it literally pays to be a picky blogging entrepreneur:...Show More Summary

Why Should You Pick a Blogging Niche?

The world loves specialists. Generalists? Not really. At least when it comes to seeking advice from folks, or following their blogs, or soliciting their business. I explain why bloggers need to dive into this confusing but clarity-building...Show More Summary

Why You Should Follow a Diligent Morning Routine for Your Blogging Success

Wowsers! Every day at about 8:30 AM a stream of ice cold water hits my face. Then my back. Then my legs. This is after I meditate for 10 to 20 minutes. I do some light stretching. A wee bit of shadow boxing. 30 to 40 minutes later I dive into my blogging day. Show More Summary

1 Skill to Develop for Moving Up in Blogging Circles Quickly

I write a bunch of guest posts. Usually I see 2-5 guest posts of mine published daily. Meaning I receive hundreds of comments on my guest posts monthly. Toss in the 30-80 to even 100 plus comments I receive on my posts at Blogging From Paradise and you get the idea I have a few comments on my creations. Show More Summary

1 Analogy Between Your Home and Your Blog

I filmed a video a few hours ago. I had to. Something grabbed my attention. A glaring mistake made by many bloggers in the money department which cripples your blogging growth. Watch as I explain: I delved into the idea of how being a cheapie can cripple your blog. Show More Summary

4 Ways to Grow Your Brand Loyalty and Following through Twitter

Twitter… it was one of the first social networks to really go mainstream. With hundreds of millions of users on their platform, it’s still one of the best sources for world breaking news, sharing website content and information, while also growing a blog, brand or business in the process. Show More Summary

Do You Need a Blogging Energy Boost?

I made a shift. Years ago, a little bit. But over time, more and more. 3 months ago I made a marked shift. This shift helped me boost my blogging energy to unforeseen levels. At least from my experience. What was the shift? Watch this video I filmed in New York City as I explain: Survival Mode to Fun Mode I was formerly in survival mode. Show More Summary

Why I Reject 99 out of 100 Pitches and How to Be the 1

If you want to know how to pitch top bloggers you came to the right place. But first…. Did you know I wrote and self-published 126 eBooks? Did you know 124 are on Amazon? And that 2 are on Selz? Did you know my favorite sport? My friends know these facts. Show More Summary

3 Millionaire Entrepreneurs Using Blogs to Fuel their Businesses

These days, blogging is more about creating content for your audience and using your influence to build your brand more than anything else. We are seeing this time and time again with some of the biggest and most well-known entrepreneurs and bloggers in the world today. Show More Summary

1 Blogging Lesson I Learned During a Commute to NYC

Bongos. I heard bongos on the train to NYC yesterday, as we commuted in for another house sit. You can watch the performance here: Performance on subway #travel A post shared by Ryan Biddulph (@ryankbiddulph) on Aug 8, 2017 at 11:19am PDT After spending a few moments bongo-ing, one of the performers walked around with his cap. Show More Summary

3 Ways To Boost Your Blogging Confidence

  I may appear to have always been confident, blogging-wise. If you come across Blogging From Paradise you may think I have reeked confidence, boldness and charisma during my entire blogging career. Fat chance. I had the blogging posture of a slouching earth worm for many years. Show More Summary

5 Marketing Tricks For Your Growing an Online Business or Blog

In a growing business, marketing can be everything. Growth can be hard to come by, and even harder to maintain. So once you start gathering customers and increasing revenue, you’ll naturally be scrapping for any way to keep the trend going. Show More Summary

How to Effectively Use Instagram to Grow Your Business

Social media plays a hugely integral part of business these days, but for some it’s still a relatively new concept. Bearing this in mind, Citipost Mail have been doing some digging into what social media platforms can work best for your business. Show More Summary

Why Blogging Critics Hold A Key To Your Success

Some of my biggest blogging breakthroughs happened after I fielded advice from critics. Sound weird? It’s not. I used to assail critics. Hated them. Years ago in a blogging galaxy far, far away, I would rally the troops to shame critics. Show More Summary

Up Your Conversion Rate Through Better User Experience

You are squandering your most valuable resource and you don’t even know you are doing it. What resource am I talking about? Your customers! User experience is the single most valuable piece of feedback you can receive, yet it is all but ignored by most webmasters in favor of paid testers and market research. Show More Summary

1 Idea That Pinpoints Your Blogging Struggles

1 idea sits at the root of your blogging struggles. Fear. Fear is the basis of your traffic struggles. Fear sits at the core of your struggles to make money blogging. Fear is the idea. Fear is the energy. Fear is likely the driver behind most if not all you do blogging-wise. Show More Summary

1 Way To Sell More Stuff Through Your Blog That May Confuse You

How you see the world is how you see yourself. How you see yourself is how you see the world. Young Grasshopper, before this turns into a Zen lesson, or a dissertation from a Blogging Yoda, I want to share this HD video I just recorded. Show More Summary

1 Way To Release Cheapie Blogging Tire Kickers

My sponsored post rate is $500 per post. I begin there. Sometimes, when I quote the rate, someone comes along and attempts to barter. Even though I explicitly explain how my rates are non negotiable. If anything, the rates may go up....Show More Summary

How Mobile is Changing the World of Blogging and Marketing

It’s rare to see a person without a smartphone nowadays. Everywhere you go, people are on their phones reading the news, watching movies or videos, listening to music, shopping, and many other things. There are over 2.6 billion smartphone...Show More Summary

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