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Zombie Moths Old Fat Bikes and Wildly Successful Blogging?

In under 2 weeks my wife and I will return to Chiang Mai Thailand. We are doing a 6 week house sit in a fun, sleepy little Thai community located beside a national park. Being by a national park in Thailand means interacting with plenty of animal life when low/rainy season hits. Show More Summary

7 Ways to Successfully Generate Leads from Your Blog

Blogging proved to be a phenomenon that would forever change the way businesses interact. Years later, almost everyone has their blogs – from homemakers to even Fortune 500 companies! Not only do blogs enable businesses to reach a wider audience. Show More Summary

1 Confusing Branding Tip to Follow As Your Blog Grows

10 years ago I had heard about blog commenting when new to the blogging game. A few years after that I dove into blog commenting. A few years after that I became known as the blog commenting guy. But the current day version of me doesn’t do blog commenting like I used to do it. Show More Summary

1 Mindful Activity for Getting Unlimited Blog Post Ideas on Tap

I sometimes write 5 guest posts daily. In addition to the 5 guesties I write my blog post for Blogging From Paradise 3 times weekly plus I engage in an authentic blog commenting campaign. Easily, I write thousands of words daily. Not because I force things. Show More Summary

4 Tips to Get Off of the Blogging Ledge: How to Begin Your Blogging Career

Are you waiting for the right time to become a blogger? The time will never be right. You need to seize the moment and start now. As a guy who sat on the blogging ledge for months some 10 years ago I want to share a few times to help you dive into the blogging game today. Show More Summary

How to Make More Money through Your Blog By Dealing with Cheap Brands

I had to chuckle at this one. I do receive a steady volume of requests from cheap brands to get featured on Blogging From Paradise. Brands that pay up find me too; but today I wanted to focus on cheapie, bargain-basement, tight wad brands to give you a better idea of how to make more money through your blog by chatting with these folks. Show More Summary

How to Skillfully Create Traffic Driving Blog Comments from an Intelligent Space

Effective blog commenting is hands down the most powerful way for a new blogger to make a big splash as a relative unknown. Few barriers to entry on this one; if you stay out of spam folders you can: befriend big dawg bloggers drive blog traffic grow your email list But you need to do it effectively to reap those sugary sweet rewards. Show More Summary

1 Sinister Blogging Error and How to Avoid this Sneaky Foe

I often see bloggers ask a litany of questions. For some reason, most if not all questions seem to focus on the blogger’s blog. Maybe they want to know how to do onsite SEO properly. Or perhaps they want to know how to lay out their blog, for increased traffic and a better user experience. Show More Summary

40,000 Plays in 3 Weeks and the Power of Detachment with Your Blog

I often share how falling in love with the process of blogging and giving little thought to outcomes creates astounding success over the long haul. Case in point; a few moments ago I was offered an opportunity to co-promote an affiliate venture. Show More Summary

1 Relating Blogging Tendency to Avoid if You Struggle Horribly with Your Blog

I wrote a heart felt post this morning on Facebook. Turns out, I struggled mightily with my blog in the past. I had a tough time driving traffic and profits through my blog. Even amid the success that I experience today I sometimes doubt myself. Show More Summary

5 Rock Solid Fundamentals for Creating a Thriving Blogging Career

Living the internet lifestyle may seem like a pipe dream to some bloggers. Sure they dove into the blogging game full of enthusiasm, positive energy flowing through their pores. Unfortunately, they never reined in their excitement, leading to some harebrained blogging activities and sustained struggles. Show More Summary

How Bloggers Should Use Twitter to Drive Traffic

I filmed a screen share video to help you use Twitter intelligently. Many bloggers have a tough time trying to drive traffic through Twitter. These guys mistakenly try to get traffic and profits on the network all day long, tweetingShow More Summary

4 Things to Do with Blogging Criticism Versus Complaining

The fear of criticism makes most newbie bloggers shudder in their cyber boots. Even some pro bloggers feel uncomfortable after receiving negatively charged feedback. I want to help you benefit from criticism so you can coast seamlessly through your blogging day. Show More Summary

Where Your Wildest Blogging Dreams Sit and How to Get There

Blizzard like conditions. 7 degree Fahrenheit wind chills. Blowing snow. I figured; why not take the garbage out to the dumpster in my shirt, shorts and flip flops? As you can see I am not in the tropics now. Me and my wife will be in Thailand in about 3 weeks. Show More Summary

3 Distractions that Pull You from Important Blogging Duties

I filmed a video this morning about running a serious blogging business. The gist was how professional bloggers devote most of their attention and energy every day to being professional bloggers. You probably get this by now. But maybe you fall into the way too big lot of bloggers who claim distractions pull them away from their work. Show More Summary

10 Content Research Tools You Haven’t Tried (But Should)

Your content is your bread and butter. Marketers in general know that creating good content is the single greatest way you can engage with your audience in a meaningful way. But let’s face it, coming up with fresh ideas or knowing how to keep things relevant can be hard for all of us. Show More Summary

3 Silly Mistakes Made by New Bloggers that Need to Go

3 big time new blogger mistakes cripple even the most ambitious individuals. I often see aspiring newbies make these huge blogging boo boos that guarantee their failure, no matter how hard they work or for how long they work, or no matter what tools, hacks or techniques they use. Show More Summary

1 Blogging Buzzword for 2018

Transparency. Most of you know that this blogging buzzword is becoming more accepted every day. Being open transparent helps you gain your reader’s trust. But 2018 marks the beginning of a new type of transparency. 2018 won’t be mainly about sharing what you make. Show More Summary

3 Tricky List Building Freebie Memes to Dissolve

3 tricky list building freebie memes may eat into your blogging success. These memes, or limiting beliefs, are commonly held by most bloggers at one point during their careers. Believing in these false ideas lowers your blog traffic, eats into your blogging profits and also shrinks the size of your email list. Show More Summary

3 Steps to Building a Successful Pro Blogger Career Intelligently

Before I became a pro blogger I needed to be a pro blogger. This feels confusing at first, guys. You will need to change habits. You will need to let go the former you. You will definitely need to follow the pro blogging fundamentals presented by successful, pro blogging coaches. Show More Summary

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