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Should Your Business Invest in Travel Insurance? 4 Reasons It’s a Good Idea

I travel a lot. Like many of you, many businesses spend a great deal of money on travel each year as they meet with clients and attend industry events. Travel can start from the early days of a new startup, with a solo entrepreneur journeying to network and pitch potential clients and investors. Show More Summary

Exploring Different Paid Writing Opportunities for Expert Bloggers

Blogging is all about the content you create. Without content, there is simply no reason for someone to visit your site in the first place. Being a successful blogger isn’t about whether or not you are a great writer, however it is something that usually improves over time. Show More Summary

10 Biggest SEO Challenges And How To Overcome Them

SEO is all about ranking on the first page of search engines for keywords that drive customers to your business. But where you rank on the first page could be the difference between making $10,000 to $100,000 a month. According to aShow More Summary

Content Marketing: How to Dominate Headlines Like Donald Trump

If your headline is not good, you run the risk of your article never being read. If it’s not read, that means there is less traffic. Less traffic means fewer (or no) sales. No sales means you’re not making any money. No money means you’ll...Show More Summary

GiveAways ~ 5 Tips to get more exposure and traffic

One of the things every one of us online strives for is targeted exposure. In today’s Internet world, there are many ways to get noticed but getting that targeted traffic still remains a difficult task. People like free stuffs so we want to be able to use giveaways to draw their attention. Show More Summary

Attracting Visitors to Your Site with More Than the Usual Blog Post

You’d be hard up to find many websites today that don’t have a blog. And why shouldn’t every company include a blog on its site? Blogs have a number of marketing benefits for companies: driving website traffic, creating customer leads, and solidifying client engagement, among other valuable qualities. Show More Summary

Is Your Website’s Traffic Stagnant? Here Are 5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Traffic 

Are you struggling with low website traffic? Don’t know how to get more search engine traffic to your blogs or websites? Don’t worry. Let me help you with this article where you will discover 5 of the easiest ways to jumpstart your overall blog traffic. Show More Summary

6 Quick Tips for Marketers to Overcome a Creativity Block

Facing a creativity block is not that unusual a problem. Obviously, when someone tries to push themselves to come up with new unthought-of ideas every day, it is not so surprising that they feel drained once in awhile. But for marketers, who have deadlines to meet and goals to achieve for the company, hitting a block can be very stressful. Show More Summary

5 Questions Every Aspiring Affiliate Marketer Should Ask & Answer

I got into affiliate marketing in 2008. I still consider myself somewhat of a newbie, because I don’t devote a lot of time to it and my earnings are not consistent. The most I’ve ever earned is $900 in one day. I’ve had plenty of $100 and $200 days, and quite a few $300 and $400 days – but again, it’s not consistent. Show More Summary

What does the Future of Content Marketing Look Like?

For most of the past few years, too much online content has been, well, crap. There are too many low-quality articles and clickbait headlines chasing too few eyeballs and too few dollars – it’s a downward spiral of diminishing returns for the entire media industry and for everyone who’s trying to reach an audience online. Show More Summary

7 Essential Tools For Digital Marketers

Life as a digital marketer often moves very fast and it can seem like there are never enough hours in the day. Luckily there are a plethora of web tools and services these days to help streamline our workload and time. Here are seven of my most recommended ones. Show More Summary

8 Ways to Delight Your Customers with Content Marketing

Many business owners and marketers have the wrong impression about content marketing. They approach their strategies from a seller’s point of view; trying to convince people to trust the business by promoting aggressive content. In its...Show More Summary

Solving the Search Crisis that is Your Files and Emails

You know when you know that you have an email or a file but just can’t find it? That’s one of the most frustrating and time-consuming tasks that we experience quite often, especially when we are continually receiving hundreds of new emails, files, and documents from everywhere on a daily basis. Show More Summary

How to Monetize Any Blog: A Super-Easy Template

I’ve been blogging since 1999, seriously since 2005. I started out on blogspot, writing well over 500 posts in a five-year span. In 2010, I finally moved into the 21st century (as demanded by site readers) and had a site designed in WordPress.Now, I’m having the site redesigned again. Show More Summary

5 Tips for Following Up on Customer Feedback Surveys

You’ve convinced customers to complete your feedback surveys and provide insightful information. Some customers are happy with what you’re doing and don’t need you to change anything, while others have nothing but complaints. Most of your customers likely fall somewhere between those two extremes. Show More Summary

2 Blog Post Types to Boost Your Affiliate Commissions!

If you are a blogger with an active community, I’m excited to say here that you have a market place to help generate some affiliate money into your account monthly. Generally, we are told to add banners to sidebars, post content area or even do product reviews to make those sales and earn commissions. Show More Summary

5 Tips For Using Social Media To Build Your Blog

There are a whole lot of blogs out there on the internet. Tumblr reports a cumulative total of 300 million blogs on their site since 2011, while WordPress reports that over 400 million people visit their blogs each month. And those two numbers don’t even account for the many other blogging platforms and self-created blogs that are out there. Show More Summary

Best Image Optimization Plugins for WordPress 2016

When it comes to website speed, Image optimization has never been so important as it is now. That is because images continue to be the largest resource in a web page (over 60% in 2015) but also because an ever larger number of people use mobile devices. Show More Summary

4 Powerful eCommerce Blogging Tips To Boost Your Sales and Revenue

Starting an eCommerce business is not as complex as it used to be just a few years ago. This is why you see so many online stores selling all kinds of stuff on the web. But one problem that most of these new eCommerce websites face is attracting relevant traffic to their products. Show More Summary

Are You Building Your Affiliate Marketing Income on Digitally Sharecropped Quicksand?

Recently, a freelance writer who’s had some success on one of the major job-hunting platforms reached out to me to ask about selling digital products. She’s trying to create income streams beyond writing for clients, and one of the things...Show More Summary

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