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1 Fundamental of Successful Blogging: Know Why and Make it Freeing

At 9:57 PM, late on a Sunday night, I’m sitting down to write and publish my 2nd post on Blogging Tips today. I already published posts on Blogging From Paradise and the Huffington Post today. Why? I know why. And it’s a darn freeing reason why. Show More Summary

3 Words to Dissolve Any Blog Product or Service Money Objection

“It’s just money.” It really IS just money. Whether you are charging 5 cents or 50 bucks or 15,000 dollars for any product or service, it is only money. Money is a means of exchange. Like seashells were a means of exchange. Or sheep, at one time. Show More Summary

5 Tips for Handling Flagging Blogging Profits

I have seen boom times. I have seen lean times. I have seen in between times. I have become a professional, full time blogger by learning how to handle flagging blogging profits. Instead of making a knee jerk reaction when you feel that...Show More Summary

1 Fundamental of Successful Blogging: Breathe Deeply and Relax

One of the weirdest things about blogging is that to succeed in blogging you want to do stuff that appears to have nothing to do with blogging. Rewind for a second. Think this through. All the traffic and profits and Google rank and fame and glory and minstrels singing ballads of your astounding feats begins when you are sitting in a quiet room. Show More Summary

Where Your Blogging Success Sits

You can read every post on Blogging Tips. You can scan helpful posts on Pro Blogger. You can buy all of my 124 eBooks on Amazon. You can purchase blogging courses. Sign up for email lists. Join groups. Hang on forums. But no matter what you do, it is what you are BEING that determines your blogging success. Show More Summary

5 Brilliant Tips for Marketers Who Want to Explode Their Website Sales In 2017

81% of the bloggers never make even $100 from their sites. The #1 reason most people fail to make sales from their sites is this: lack of monetization plan. Are you looking to explode your website sales? Are you spending hours of time on blogging and still not making money? It’s time to change the strategy and find out what really works. Show More Summary

5 Ways to Impress Influential Bloggers

Before you trip over yourself trying to pitch top bloggers it helps to know what works and what doesn’t. Being on both sides of the fence – reaching out to big dawg bloggers and being pitched myself – I have spotted how to resonate strongly with influencers. Show More Summary

The Importance of a Style Guide and How to Create One

If you work with contractors, contributors, or any other creatives to produce content for a blog, then you need to be using a style guide. Many content managers don’t use or even understand how important an effective style guide is.Show More Summary

10 Tools That Guest Bloggers Can Use

If 2017 is the year you plan to get started guest blogging, you may have no idea where to start. Fortunately, other businesses have blazed a trail ahead of you, creating demand that has led to a large selection of tools you can use to make your efforts a success. Show More Summary

AdClerks Banner Ad Network to Increase Your Revenue Earnings

The fundamental challenge of the Internet publishing industry is actually quite simple. Advertisers want to target the right audience with the right product or service, but they’re not entirely sure how to reach these users. Publishers want to monetize their websites, but they’re not entirely sure how to attract the right advertisers. Show More Summary

How to Get Noticed as a Top Ranked Person on Twitter for Blogging

Darren Rowse and Blogging Tips, I smile at you with love. Because before today, every day I ran a “blogging” search on Twitter my name popped up as the #1 search result. For months. Heck, for years. On January 3rd, 2017 I decided to finally write a post on said topic. Show More Summary

The Ultimate Guide to Freelancing in 2017

A freelancer is someone that doesn’t fit the 9-to-5 career and has decided to strike out on their own to create a job that fits their schedule, choosing to work on their own terms. While freelancing has grown in popularity and opportunity...Show More Summary

When Is the Last Time You Did this for a Blogging Buddy?

I emailed a well known podcaster 5 minutes ago with the deets of a blogging buddy. The podcaster is hungry for new, inspired guests. I spotted a potential match. Habitually, I am promoting and referring other bloggers – my close friends and other potential matches – to other bloggers, podcasters and online entrepreneurs. Show More Summary

5 Factors You Need to Consider Before Launching a New Blog in 2017

As the year draws to a close, people start thinking about their goals for 2017. If blogging makes it on your to-do list, then you’re in luck; getting a site up and running is easier than ever with modern tools such as content management systems (CMS) like WordPres. Show More Summary

1 Chief Culprit in Blogging Burnout

I spot the blogging burnout issue regularly in my niche. Or in any niche. I have experienced BBO at times throughout my blogging career. How do you slay this most wicked of foes? Easy. 1 Chief Culprit A heavy attachment to outcomes chokes the flames of your blogging fire. Show More Summary

1 Ego-Based Limiting Belief that Stunts Your Blogging Growth

I’ve spotted a trend among aspiring bloggers. And pro bloggers too. This crowd turns down opportunity after opportunity to: guest post comment on on certain blogs. For a very silly reason. For an ego-based reason. I like to call it “The Too Cool for School Effect”. Show More Summary

Blog Promotion Strategy To Ensure Your Next Post Explodes

Today I want to share with you the blog promotion strategy I use that will ensure your next post lands with a bang. When I first started blogging I used to believe if I write then people will come. I mean I am that great, aren’t I? No! No matter how epic your content is your blog traffic will never grow. Show More Summary

How to Turn an Invoice Into a Powerful Money Machine

Every company has their own system for billing their customers or clients for the products or services they have exchanged. One of the best ways to stay organized in terms of who owes you money is to use an invoicing system for all your client billing needs. Show More Summary

1 Missing Element from Many Blogging Campaigns

I just emailed my list. Free eBook Friday. 1 travel-themed post too. Then I added a few updates. 1 notified our community of how Kelli and I are enjoying our time in New York City. Immensely. I also explained how the commenting problems on my blog had been fixed, because I migrated comments to the Disqus platform. Show More Summary

1 Way to Make a Successful Blogging Shift Quickly

I peeped a post on a well read blogging-themed community a few moments ago. 1 inspired blogger offered to feature 7 bloggers on her popular blog. She asked interested bloggers to simply link in via a comment to their blogs if they wanted to be featured. Show More Summary

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