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Meet Chris Makara of and

Blogs can be used for a lot of things. One of the most common is to create content for a main website or business. For most site owners and brands, there is already a main website where most of the business already takes place. WhenShow More Summary

7 Reliable SEO Software Tools for 360° SEO analysis

We live at a time where website owners can use different tools to attract more sales, leads and website traffic. Knowing where to find the right SEO software will save you time and money. Website analysis plays a crucial role in any SEO campaign and using reliable tools for making a comprehensive site analysis can help you. Show More Summary

Are You Struggling through this Common Blogging Mistake?

  Most of your blogging nightmares are rooted in one terrible blogging mistake. The scant traffic. Non-existent profits. The lack of comments and small, lifeless email list and all your blogging struggles are the effect of this painful cause. Show More Summary

Startup Costs Associated with Starting an Online Blog Business

For most people, starting a blog is something they usually jump right into and don’t give too much long term thought to. However, if you are blogging with the sole purpose of making money online and creating a business that you can potentially sell down the road, this is definitely something you need to prepare. Show More Summary

9 Tools to Monitor and Use Social Media Trends

There are a number of reasons to follow hot trends on Twitter and Instagram. Of course, some of them are for monitoring hot content, or marketing. But it can also be fun on a personal level to get the latest on what people are talking about all over the world. Show More Summary

5 Skills to Become a Successful Blogging Coach

If you want to build a steady blogging profit stream offering big ticket services makes your life easier. Being a blog coach is a rewarding, fulfilling and highly profitable way to render a useful service and to get paid handsomely.Show More Summary

1 Common Mistake Made by Low Earning Bloggers

You can’t earn a fortune online penny by penny. You can’t even earn a steady online income penny by penny. Even the most skilled, popular, dazzling blogger cannot earn a rich income penny by penny. So why do struggling, low-earning bloggers...Show More Summary

myPortfolio by MyThemeShop Review

Not every portfolio theme out there is a perfect match to go ahead with. This is the reason why you need to invest more time, investigating pros and cons of each theme, before making the final decision. The good news is that WordPress...Show More Summary

Make More Money and Be at the Top with HilltopAds

As online advertising continues to shift and evolve with the times, so must the efforts of advertisers and publishers alike. There is an increased focus on mobile devices and mobile advertising, for instance, as well as how both advertisers and publishers can still remain profitable with the ongoing rise of ad blocking technology. Show More Summary

How to Place Your First Guest Post on a Top Blog

It seems scary to place guest posts on top blogs, right? Rejection. Failure. Wasted time. The list of nasty outcomes dances around in your mind. If you can get through these fears you can land guest posts on top blogs. Wading through those fears is easier if you have a few solid, proven tips to follow. Show More Summary

10 Blogging Tools to Help You Create A+ Content

As a blogger, you should understand the responsibility that comes with writing posts online. You are not just a wordsmith who turns thoughts into words, but also an influencer who can move needles with every post you publish. In a way,...Show More Summary

4 Blogging Lessons Learned from Plane Turbulence

Shake. Shimmy. During a recent flight over the Pacific Ocean we ran into an hour’s worth of persistent, bouncy turbulence. This was rare as most turbulence lasts for seconds or minutes at most. Nothing severe but the situation turned...Show More Summary

Meet Mi Muba of

Blogging has many great benefits, but one of the most exciting has to be how it’s connecting individuals together from around the world. No matter if you live in the United Stated, Russia, Egypt or India, when you have a website or blog on the internet, you are all basically from the same community. Show More Summary

Why Branding Your Invoices Can Make a Huge Difference to Your Bottom Line

Invoices are one of the most important documents for business owners. They ensure that you get paid for your goods or services. They’re used when it’s time to file your taxes. And, they can help boost your brand. As Amanda Abella perfectly...Show More Summary

Meet Gina Horkey of

If you have an expertise or are good at something, you should let the world know. That’s the great thing about blogging — no matter what it is you are passionate about or want to create a business or brand around, it’s all possible with a quick WordPress install, domain name and some great content. Show More Summary

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Starting a Blog

The concept of starting a blog is nothing new, and it’s actually something that is easily accomplished even for the average person. There is no longer a need to hire a site designer, programmer or even invest a few hundred dollars into a fancy and professional site design. Show More Summary

4 Reasons Why Flying Makes You a Successful Blogger

After cruising 36,000 feet above Thailand I realized that flying can dissolve your blogging struggles quickly. Learning through analogies helps you uncover successful blogging tips. Most of you have probably flown at least once in your life. Show More Summary

How to Build a Responsive Email List

    Are you disgusted with your open or click rates? You have an engagement problem. Growing your email list can be maddening. After nabbing a few hundred or even a few thousand subscribers you may be ready to print money on demand with each new email you send to subscribers. Show More Summary

3 Ways to Better Brand Your Youtube Video

After the video concept and implementation, its proper branding is the second most important step to the success. Your website logo, domain name or brand name should by all means be present on the video. Here are the three essentialShow More Summary

Free Webinar – How to Make a Killing with Affiliate Marketing and Webinars

As bloggers, many of us like to write text content as our main source of traffic and revenue. While this is still a working and effective model, there are better ways to up your game and profits in the process. One such method is through the use of online webinars. Show More Summary

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