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15 Vital Tools for the Content Creator’s Arsenal

Every writer knows the feeling. You sit down to work on a project and … nothing. Nada. Zip. Your deadline is approaching and your page is blank. You have encountered, once again, the content creator’s arch nemesis: writer’s block. As awful as writer’s block can be, there may be something worse. Show More Summary

Meet Gini Dietrich of

New blogs are going live every second. Some from individuals, but many are business and brand related as well. Gini started her blog at over eight years ago as a component of her existing communications business. Years later and it’s evolved into such much more and a huge asset to both her personal brand, business and company. Show More Summary

Meet Richard Marriott of

With over a billion sites on the internet, they are all unique in their own way. Blogging is one of the most exciting areas to be in right now because you can create content based on whatever you like. Some of the best blogs out there today are ones that walk through the steps and process of finding success. Show More Summary

The Importance of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is quickly changing how sites are viewed on the internet and on mobile devices. Back when I first started making money online in the mid 90s, everything was so basic and simple with web design… it was pretty much all HTML. Show More Summary

How to Boost Your Email Subscribers? Tip #3

Getting more email subscribers. Building an email list is what you’re after, if you’re a smart blogger. If you’re not building your email list, then sorry to say that you’re dumb. If you’re building it, welcome smart blogger. But it’s...Show More Summary

Premium WordPress Themes at TeslaThemes

When you think of the word Tesla, you probably think of one of the most innovative cars ever created and it’s gaining in popularity every day. This is probably the same feeling that bloggers have about their own web site and how they would like to be perceived by others. Show More Summary

How to Remove Bad Backlinks that Penalized Your Website

The success of the internet and its search engine King, Google, is built on links. Links are what the ‘web’ is made of, and, without them navigation would be impossible. It is a search engine’s responsibility to stay on top of how these links work and what they are communicating about sites. Show More Summary

How to Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest problems for online retailers. It’s also something that we are all guilty of — we visit a site and find something we like, we start filling out the order form and then when it’s time to put in our credit card we end up leaving the site all together. Show More Summary

How to Effectively Use Social Media for Blog Interaction?

Social media is something that every blog would require in order to grow their reader base. With the ability to concentrate on a wide userbase and their problems, social media works like a magic wand. If this magical wand is used appropriately, it can make your blog readers stick with you for long. Show More Summary

Using Social Media Profiles to Rank Higher in Search Results

Experts in digital marketing often specialize in search engine optimization, social media outreach and online reputation management. While providing professional services, such Internet gurus also use Web-based platforms for personal use. Show More Summary

Meet Joe Williams of

Many successful bloggers first find their way into the world of blogging, thanks to the current industry that they are working. This can often be the case when working with a business, brand or organization and they realize the power...Show More Summary

The Only WordPress Framework You’ll Ever Need…and that’s NOT Genesis or Thesis!

Thesis came and passed into oblivion swiftly. Does anyone even use the Thesis framework? In the theme war between Thesis and Genesis, the latter succeeded. Genesis offers a WordPress framework, with varied child themes and site functionalities. Show More Summary

Meet Adam Connell of

Everyone finds their way into the world of blogging in one way or another. Some dive into the space to fuel the fire for their passions and what their hobbies are, while others start a blog with the end goal to make money. At the end of the day, blogging is what you want it to be and the more work you put in, the more you will get out of it. Show More Summary

Increase Traffic and Engagement with Facebook Contests

Facebook contests are often talked about, but many blogs and brands still have yet to actually set up their first promotion. The good news is that Facebook is still growing by thousands of new users every minute, so never think thatShow More Summary

Blogging to Blog… or Blogging to Make Money?

So if I asked you today, are you blogging to blog, or blogging to make money, what would be your answer? In most cases, many people would say they are blogging because they want to make money. However, most people would also likely say...Show More Summary

How to Boost Your Email Subscribers? Tip #2

List building and email marketing had been one of the hot topics in the past few years. People are starting to see the benefits of getting their visitors, keeping them and increasing the trust factor to easily sell their products, not once, but multiple times. Show More Summary

12 Writing and Grammar Tips for Bloggers

Reading some blogs make me cringe! Their sentence construction, grammar usage and comprehension are something even a fifth standard kid will find awful. You’ll find every blogger propagating the necessity of quality content. However, most of them fail to maintain the necessary quality standards on their own blog. Show More Summary

The Benefits of Performance Marketing for Bloggers

Bloggers and affiliate marketing are a great match. But often bloggers don’t fully understand the benefits of affiliate marketing as a proven monetization method. They are either unaware of the opportunities or not sure how affiliate marketing can work for them. Show More Summary

How to Unblock and Download YouTube Content?

YouTube enjoys massive popularity as the top video sharing platform. You can watch and upload videos, create playlists and channels. However, sometimes the YouTube videos are blocked by regional conditions and of course; you can’t download YouTube videos unless they are your own. Show More Summary

Five Ways to Make Money Blogging Right Now

Guess how many people are going to start a brand new blog today? Thousands! Since WordPress blogs are so easy to get started, thousands of them invade the internet every day. This means thousands of new domains, hubspot,, blogspot and tons of other free and paid domain services are going live daily for you to compete with. Show More Summary

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