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Earning Passive Income Through Your Blog is NOT a Myth! Here’s How You Can Do It

Every day we read and hear about people saying they want to escape their stressful 9-to-5 jobs. We are further inspired by stories of people whose passive income ideas have helped them make it big. As it turns out, generating passive income is not as easy as investing your money and waiting for it to come streaming back. Show More Summary

State of Email Marketing in 2017 and the Years to Come

We all know the power of email marketing in the world of business and advertising, but it isn’t until you start looking at the industry as a whole that you can really appreciate the sheer volume and number of emails being sent on a daily basis. Show More Summary

1 Blogging Truth that Will Make You Prolific

I am releasing a new eBook on Blogging From Paradise. This read involves 7 blogging lessons I learned from 2 Thai lady boy prostitutes. I was stalked and chased by the lady boys a few years ago in Bangkok. Before traveling back to the the US for an around the world flight I wanted to get a little morning walk in at 6 AM. Show More Summary

1 Warning Analogy for New Bloggers Who Want to Make Money Online

Imagine walking into a classroom. You are taking a physics class in college. This is the first day. You look forward to learning the ins and outs of physics over the next few months, waiting eagerly for teaching lessons from your professor. Show More Summary

11 Ways to Help Fellow Bloggers

After publishing my new post on Blogging From Paradise and sharing a video to Facebook I want to expound on the secret of successful blogging: help other bloggers all day long. Watch the video to see me chat about the topic while wearing a pretty epic T-shirt of cats in space. Show More Summary

Everything You Need to Know about Evergreen Content

Standing out in the sea of online resources can be tough even for established publishers. And for those who are new to the industry, it’s even more terrifying. Being on top of the search engine results is a never-ending competition that will go on for years. Show More Summary

1 Tip to Cut Your Beginner Blogger Learning Curve Dramatically

Follow your fun. Watch as I discuss via rare whitewall background video that I recorded in Cyprus. If you follow your fun, the work is the reward. If you follow your fun, you will be a student of blogging. If you follow your fun, you will practice your writing, and creating and connecting. Show More Summary

Meet Kai Davis of of

Of the many different reasons why blogs are being created on the internet today, the most common and effective reasoning has to be for business and marketing promotion. With so much interest on content creation and increasing traffic, there is a never-ending supply of business and need for those who have an expertise in marketing and ranking content. Show More Summary

2 Tips for Moving Higher in Blogging Circles Quickly

Moving up in blogging circles opens you up to prospering opportunities. You can expect traffic surges, increased profits and an overall expanded online presence when you make friends with successful bloggers. But you need to know how to network with blogging big dawgs to move up in blogging circles. Show More Summary

How Should Online Businesses Be Using Live Video?

Live video is a new way of reaching out to your audience. Within the digital environment, it enables you to communicate with a more interactive and personal vibe. It is now more than just a trend. Live video has become a huge staple for social media platforms and it’s time you use it to your advantage. Show More Summary

1 Tip for Going from the 9-5 Gig to Full Time Pro Blogger

Release. It isn’t always pleasant but is necessary if you want to transition from your full time job to being a professional, full time blogger. 10 years ago I began my day with a bagel, Sports Center on ESPN and maybe some CNN before I went to my job. Show More Summary

3 Words to Help You Make a Connected Blogger

Help Without Asking. These 3 words will help you become a super connected blogger. Give freely. Receive easily. You will attract a huge network of loyal, loving friends when you give freely of your blogging knowledge across a wide range of platforms. Show More Summary

3 Email Titles and Topics that Are Always Great for Your List

As site owners and bloggers, we are always focused on creating the best content for our sites possible. While the content on our sites is extremely important, the email messages that we sent to our subscribers is even more important....Show More Summary

What to Do if Your Guest Post Pitches Are Being Ignored

Nothing feels worse than wasting your time online. Seeing your guest post pitches fall on deaf ears feels frustrating. But if you change your strategy you can land guest posts on a wide range of blogs from your niche. Video Why this Works Be nice. Show More Summary

1 Simple Tip to Attract Blogging Buddies to You

I received an email from travel blogging buddies of mine this morning. My friends Agness and Cez of reached out to me for a chat. I noted instantly how they said they were chilling in SE Asia. Sweet. This is one of my favorite regions on earth, as I have spent about 4 of the past 6 years of my life in Southeast Asia. Show More Summary

How to Increase Blog Traffic: The Missing Link

Energy. Or, energy management. I am not beating around the blogging bush today. If you struggle to increase your blog traffic you always have an energy problem. Here’s why: any lack or limitation or struggle roots itself in your fears. Show More Summary

Are You Suffering from Blogging PSS?

PSS. Perpetual Student Syndrome. I filmed a quick video you can watch, enjoy and share now if you suffer from this blogging malady or know people who are having a tough time with this tendency. Video Learn. Learn. Learn some more. Then...Show More Summary

Meet George Schildge of

Blogging has quickly become the platform of choice when creating content and trying to build a relationship with an audience. As simple as the concept might seem, many brands and entrepreneurs are still getting it wrong. Fortunately,...Show More Summary

1 Shift to Increase Your Blogging Profits that You May Not Want to Make

I noted a trend on a few blogging groups recently. Some bloggers seemed to relish ganging up on folks who appeared to be cheap, flat out broke or bargain basement barterers. But the tire kickers of the world do you a wonderful service. Show More Summary

Meet Kelley Jones of

One of the most exciting things about blogging is the hidden opportunities and value that you never really know about. For example, if you’ve ever created a blog you likely hear from a very small percentage of people that actually read it and then send you an email or tweet you through social media. Show More Summary

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