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32 Great Benefits of Blogging

I love blogging and I could give you 300+ reasons why blogging is so beneficial and how it can massively change your business and branding forever. Instead I will just give you a list of 32. Why 32 you ask? Because it’s my favorite number and it grabs attention. Show More Summary

Meet Sean Smith of

Running a blog of your own is a great way to get your message and expertise out there. Writing for other high profile blogs and media sites is an even better way. This is exactly what Sean has done through his powerful writing on top sites such as Huffington Post, CopyBlogger and others, while also writing for his own blog as well. Show More Summary

How to Optimize Landing Pages for Better Result?

The utilization of landing pages is crucial to develop a stream of online revenue. Businesses, small or big, should experiment with varied landing pages to understand the target market. Landing pages are basically a targeted page where...Show More Summary

7 Advanced Ways to Promote Your Blog Content

Content promotion is moving away from big-box social media channels to more focused platforms that hone in on a specific target audience. To draw the attention of the movers and shakers in your niche or industry, you have to travel somewhere besides the familiar paths to promote your content. Show More Summary

How to Breathe Life into Old Blog Posts and Improve Blog Traffic?

Bloggers spend a lot of time finding and implementing strategies to improve blog traffic. Regular content updates and social shares are the two frequently used methods. Today, let’s talk about something different. What about your old...Show More Summary

Why You’re Not Making Money With Your Blog

When I started blogging, I had no idea how to make money. Like a lot of newbies, I got suckered into believing all I needed was a website, a few words and the overarching desire to sip Mai Tais on the beach. And while I loved the idea of freedom, the one thing lacking in most in my early education was the truth. Show More Summary

Why Your Blog Should Have a Homepage?

This post is a counter-argument to Paul Gannon’s Why Your Blog Shouldn’t Have a Homepage article on BloggingTips. You should read it first before reading my counter-argument. What Paul basically insists is that bloggers shouldn’t use...Show More Summary

Meet Steven Jacobs of

The world of blogging is vast and deep. While many readers of this blog will focus their blogs on “wordpress and blogging tips”, with over 100 million blogs in the world, we are a mere fraction of the blogs out there. The majority of...Show More Summary

Why Your Blog Shouldn’t Have a Homepage

If you got a group of marketers, designers, bloggers, and other web professionals together to talk about homepages, you could count on at least one of them comparing homepages to storefronts. While there is some merit to this analogy,...Show More Summary

How to Watch Netflix Outside of the United States

As bloggers and especially travel bloggers, we may find ourselves with the opportunity to travel through out the world. In addition to the many perks of being able to run your business and blog from anywhere, you might also run into connectivity issues when traveling outside your country. Show More Summary

Meet Sean Si of

One of the biggest reasons why people find so much success with blogging and online marketing is because there are so many useful resources out there and people to help you along the way. Sean Si created his SEO-Hacker blog to help others...Show More Summary

Meet Venchito Tampon of

No matter where you are located in the world or what language you speak, there is blogging outlet for you. WordPress and blogging has taken the world by storm and the bloggers of yesteryear are helping the bloggers of tomorrow. Venchito...Show More Summary

How UpCity Can Help Boost Your Blog’s SEO

One thing that is missing from the Blogging and SMB community is an SEO tool with easy to understand instructions, tools that are actually effective in helping you grow your site as well as easy to understand reports.  That’s why internet marketing veteran Dan Olson created UpCity. Show More Summary

Meet Nick Loper of

It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, online marketer or even an employee at a company… it’s all about the hustle! No one gets to the top by being lazy or not giving a damn… and that’s one of the driving forces being many of the top entrepreneurs and bloggers in the world today. Show More Summary

Meet Ali Luke of

If you want to be a successful blogger, they you are going to not only need to know how to write… but most likely enjoy it as well. Writers can do pretty well for themselves in the world of the internet and technology today! Everyone needs new content and well written content isn’t cheap. Show More Summary

It’s Been 3 Years…What I Learned And What Works For Bloggers?

I’d be lying if I said that blogging hasn’t been tough because it’s been a nightmare. I’m the type of guy that wanted quick success and wanted to make an impact right away. I must have tried everything when starting and was disappointed when it didn’t work. Show More Summary

6 Easy Strategies To Help You Grow Your Twitter Following

Let’s be honest. Most of us care about how many followers we have on Twitter. More or less, but we do care. It’s flattering to know that there are thousands of people who care about your opinion and it feels great when you tweet for help and get it from someone you don’t even know. Show More Summary

Meet Aaron Lee of

Blogs have become a great way for people to brand themselves while also promoting their current job positions and expertise in the process. This can clearly be seen by all of the domain names that are used in referenced to personal names. Show More Summary

Meet Paul Shapiro of

Blogging has always been a great way for online marketing experts and professionals to build a voice for themselves while also showing off their expertise and passions. The same holds true for Paul Shapiro, who is a professional SEO, but also covers all aspects of online marketing. Show More Summary

The most important tip to make your incentive drive more subscribers

Building an email list. This had been a topic I had been discussing on this blog for few weeks now and I’ll still continue discussing it for few weeks more, if not months. If that means one thing, it means that building an email list...Show More Summary

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