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Meet Jon Dykstra of

Of the many different reasons someone might want to start a blog, the goal of making money or tracking your progress with something is most common. This is something we see very often in the world ‘make money bloggers’ and ‘affiliate marketing’. Show More Summary

Finding Financial Insights in Your Tax Return

Every year, every American that earned money is required to file taxes. Whether you are an individual who only earns income from an employer, a side hustler who earns a little more on the side, or a full-time business owner with a registered business, you can find some interesting insights into your business by reviewing your taxes. Show More Summary

1 Increasingly Silly Aspect of Expert Webinar Interviews (Big Mistake)

Me and my wife Kelli regularly receive interview requests. We both sometimes see requests with a rigid condition attached. A silly condition. A condition that leads to a big mistake made by interviewers who build these expert webinars. Show More Summary

Meet Sarah Arrow of

When it comes to blogging, everyone has their own story on how they got started are why they wanted to have a little spot of their own on the internet. Some wanted to start a hobby site and others maybe wanted to see if they can make some money online. Show More Summary

1 Difficult Blogging Concept to Master that Makes You Infinitely Powerful

Watching the video above may drive you mad. But after going mad – we all do, sometimes – you will uncover a blogging (and life) concept that will make you infinitely powerful. I chat about the idea of extension versus projection in the video. Show More Summary

What Swarming Ants in Thailand Teach You about Blogging

Forget about me teaching blogging lessons. For a minute, at least. I found a brilliant blogging teacher here in Thailand yesterday. Well….hundreds of teachers. Small teachers. Little teachers. Liliputian teachers. Look at the image up top. Show More Summary

Niche Blogging SEO – Why Niche Blogging is Effective

When it comes to creating a website or blog, you always want to keep the end user and value in mind. At the same time, you need to consider your options with keyword usage, H1 tags and making sure you have enough juicy content in place to rank for some generic and long tail keywords. Show More Summary

Sick of Dealing with Blogging Critics? Do this Instead

The other day I spied a comment on one of my videos. Yeah; the comment you see above. I see criticism through a different filter these days. A healthy filter. More than anything I see criticism for what it is. But….it was not always this way. Show More Summary

Avoid These Amateur Mistakes When Choosing a Web Host

When you first decide to create a blog, you’re driven by your passion to start something new. You’re anxious to get your ideas out there for the world to see. In order for you to get started, however, you’ll need to locate the best web hosting service. Show More Summary

How Can You Become a Connected Blogger? (Even if You Hate this Advice….it Works)

As I share my audio book on iTunes for helping you become a networking machine (buy it here): 13 Steps to Become an Unstoppable Networking Machine I want to expand on a simple, easy to follow tip. A tip that non-connected, lone wolf, struggling bloggers hate to hear. Show More Summary

Are You Ready to Create an Online Store for your Blog?

Blogging is generally used to communicate with your target audience and share your thoughts and ideas with them. However, due to the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, people are now using their blogging for more than just writing. Show More Summary

Wellness Pro Theme Review – StudioPress Sites

You know what, this is the right time to start a blog on healthy and fitness. Especially, if you can write a lot about wellness! In today’s era, everyone is trying to implement healthier options and exercises like yoga in their lives. Show More Summary

The Easy 5 Step Guide to Monetizing Your Blog Content

You had a plan when you built your blog. Create clever content. Say important things. Gain followers. Profit. But it’s that last step that can be so elusive. Just how do you profit with a blog? Some websites offer these get-rich-quick solutions, but more often than not they don’t pan out the way you’d expect. Show More Summary

What Is Your Story?

  Look up top. That is me. Right now. In Chiang Mai, Thailand. Holding a mosquito racket. To zap those pesky critters. We live by a national park. For the next 5 weeks. Lizards. Skeeters. Critters. Everything. I also have some head gear. Show More Summary

1 Travel Blogger Mistake and How to Fix It

I recorded a Facebook Live video today detailing a common digital nomad blogging mistake. Click the Play button to watch: (insert code) The same problem hamstrings many travel bloggers. Here in Chiang Mai, Thailand – the digital nomad capital of the world – too many traveling bloggers or traveling entrepreneurs just slum it. Show More Summary

4 Common Financial Mistakes Every Small Business Owner Should Avoid

Every entrepreneur and business owner will make a few financial mistakes during their journey. Those who aren’t savvy in accounting often overlook the need to brush up on their financial IQ. Truth is, these little financial errors can lead to some serious cash flow problems if you aren’t careful. Show More Summary

What Blogging Brand Image Are You Speaking to Your Readers?

I snapped the above photo while enjoying breakfast at Butter Is Better restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand this morning. I also learned a neat lesson on how to brand your blog. BIB is one of my favorite haunts. Because it is owned by a NYC expat who fashions it after the traditional New York/New Jersey diner Kelli and I grew up with. Show More Summary

How to Track Any Changes on Your Site Using an SEO Platform

Tracking down the changes that take place on the site is a hard task, especially when you manage dozens of websites. Thank goodness there’s a variety of page changes monitoring tools and services that online businesses and high-stakes websites can put in good use. Show More Summary

Meet Adeel Sami

If you have not met Adeel Sami it is time to connect with him. Adeel is an up and coming blogger from Pakistan who’s beginning to make waves in the blogosphere. If you scour comments on top blogging tips blogs, you will certainly find AS. Show More Summary

4 Must-Know Tips for Every Budding Blogger

Are you new to blogging? Not sure what to do and what not to? You’re at the right place to boost your sites’ ranking with your mind-boggling content. A lot of tips which promises to boost your sites’ ranking and pull in more traffic with your content, but in reality has less or no effects. Show More Summary

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