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How Bloggers Can Stay Safe When Using Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is almost everywhere these days. Coffee shops, bus stops, subways – you name it, they’ve got it. Which is great for quick and easy internet access whenever we want it — especially for bloggers. However, public Wi-Fi is nowhere near as safe as we’d like to think it is – password protected or not. Show More Summary

3 Reasons to Start a Blog that has Nothing to do with Making Money

A lot of people see the money-making potential of blogs as the initial reason to start one. Within a couple of months, they reason, they’ll have a dozen sponsors and paid advertising that will make them money with every click. And while...Show More Summary

Building a Website Blue-Print: CTR, Rankings & Position

Note from author: this isn’t one of those posts which you can just skim over and take away some superficial advice – to get the most out of this post, allocate 30-60 minutes, brew a double espresso and by the end of it you will up your SEO game a LOT. Show More Summary

Is Your Blog Missing these?

I just wrapped up a post about 5 intriguing toilet situations I’ve had during my world travels. I send Netflix a tweet here and there, pitching them an idea on making my travel stories a series. I don’t hesitate to share my experience with my readers. Show More Summary

7 SEO Analysis Tools Every Blogger Needs to Know

While site traffic can come from any number of different sources, like social media or your email newsletter, search engines will continue to play a big role for just about any website. The obvious elephant in the room here is on Google,...Show More Summary

The Power of Saying “No” Positively Affects Your Blog Business

A blogger is often a one-person army; a rising behemoth juggling various activities and amidst the hustle, often it becomes a tendency to say “yes” to everything – the next sponsored post, the next freelance writing offer, the next networking invitation…and everything else in between. Show More Summary

6 Tools For Boosting Content Marketing Results Over The Holidays

What are you doing on your off time around the holidays? If you are like me, sitting in your pajamas, slippers and robe, drinking hot coffee, and browsing your favorite websites and blogs to catch up on stuff you didn’t have time for during the busy workdays and weekends. Show More Summary

Situations When Your Blog Should Be Hosted on a VPS Server

Is it time to upgrade your blog to VPS hosting? Before we tackle that though, let’s make sure we’re all talking about the same thing. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an additional service sold by an Internet hosting company. Generally speaking, signing up for VPS hosting gains a higher level of privacy and control. Show More Summary

Sell, Market, and Deliver Online Courses with the New Kajabi

In the early days of the Internet, if you wanted to have a website, you would have to write up the raw HTML code for each and every page yourself. It was daunting, frustrating and inefficient. Then, content management systems like WordPress came along, drastically improving the publisher experience by separating the design from the content. Show More Summary

10 Killer Tips for Starting a Fashion Blog

So you want to blog about fashion. It’s a great choice, but it won’t be easy. Many of the top blogs in the nation are fashion blogs, and the market is becoming oversaturated. That being said, it’s still a worthy goal, particularly if you have a unique perspective or skill that you can bring to the table. Show More Summary

The 4 Most Vital Elements Of A Landing Page To Increase Your Conversions

Do you wish to create an effective landing page that converts? That’s a silly question. Of course you do. In today’s competitive marketing world, any landing page will not cut it. You need to give your audience an experience, not just a landing page. Show More Summary

1 Practice Separating Blogging Contenders from Pretenders

I am so darn deft knocking papayas down from trees with an elongated bamboo chute that I can catch those suckers on the fly. I poke at the green stem with the chute. When the papaya turns ripe enough to pop off of the tree. In Fiji I know what color to look for. Show More Summary

5 Mistakes Every B2B Brand Needs to Avoid

Mistakes still stand between B2B brands and their impending success. It’s easy to avoid rookie mistakes related to blogging and social media. But the more serious ones…the ones I am going to discuss here are a bit difficult to identify. Show More Summary

12 Tips to Get Your Business Blog Ranking

Developing a blog for your business and publishing some content underneath that blog isn’t enough to be successful. Regularly sharing high-quality content with your readers certainly plays a role, but you must spend time paying attention to SEO and search engine rankings if you really want to get your business blog ranking. Show More Summary

3 Tools for Conducting Effective Content Marketing Research

One of the most challenging aspects of content development is the generation of fresh ideas that can capture the audience’s interest. This process requires creators to be very familiar with their target audience to know what kind of content clicks. Show More Summary

15 Top Influencers to Watch For in 2017

The rise of the Internet has provided an exceptional opportunity for just about anyone to make it big online. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, male or female, young or old. This has become especially true with the rising popularity of social media, making it easier than ever to reach an ever growing audience. Show More Summary

4 Often-Ignored Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

Sometimes I’m lulled to sleep when hanging with my established blogging buddies. Most of these cats have the blogging fundamentals down cold. But a trip today into the unknown revealed a few stunning points. I read and commented on a handful of new blogs outside of my friend network. Show More Summary

5 Affiliate Marketing Rookie Mistakes from Hell

A lot of people have become entranced by the new world of possibilities that is affiliate marketing. From desperate housewives who want to make more money, to seasoned CEOs tired of their boring daily routines, it’s becoming ever more...Show More Summary

How To Create The Perfect CTA That Gets Clicks And Conversion

When you ask someone to do something online, they have to go through your call-to-action to do it. The CTA is the key to converting a visitor. If someone chooses not to click your CTA, they bounce. This makes the CTA button so important. Show More Summary

How to Spy on Your Competitors Anonymously?

Competition analysis is one of the most critical elements of any business. Bloggers who want to convert their endeavors into a business model must know the same. Advanced blogging tools, some strategies and a unique approach has allowed...Show More Summary

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