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I get real pissy when music is used as a cellphone ringtone. It still jars the hell out of me when a song abruptly sputters out of a tinny cellphone speaker, and the absolute worst is when no-one answers and so it repeatedly loops through the first 5 seconds. Don’t even get me started on [...]

The Age of the Personal Soundtrack

Sometimes I would give my left leg — well maybe just a little piece of it, perhaps just the slimmest sliver of a pinky toe — to be able to instantly conduct some piece of market research all the way back through history. For example, I would love to see a graph which shows what [...]

Shouldn’t they force him to ADD an audio track?

It took a while, but unfortunately the copyright police are now rampaging all over the YouTube classical music community. I first noticed this while checking up on the status of the embedded videos I used over at GetIntoClassical, and finding that half of them were “unavailable due to terms of use violation”. Basically, If an [...]

Not the 9th

Beethoven is a tough little nut to crack. I remember once reading that you should get through all of Shostakovich’s string quartets before even attempting to understand Beethoven’s. Beethoven is so famous that it’s sort of overwhelming when you first start listening to classical music, because it seems like all of his music should sound [...]

It’s Alive!!

My recent post, A Symphony in C++, was featured today at the rather stunningly designed (and rather new) blog Killing Classical Music. The author of the blog, Grant, describes his blog as: Dedicated to rescuing the world’s best music from a slow, certain death at the hands of tired traditions and oppressively ordinary thought Quite [...]

Symphony in C++

Every now and then I can’t keep my classical music and science nerd parts apart. Today was one of those days. I present: A Symphony in C++: key get_secondary_key(key home_key){ if (home_key.minor == TRUE){ secondary_key=relative_major(home_key);...Show More Summary

Eugh, I know the feeling…

via Reddit. Anyone know where it originally comes from?

Choose Your Own Damn Mahler Adventure

Do you love Mahler? Do you want to marry him and have his babies? Well it’s a bit late for that, but it’s not too late to participate in Deutsche Grammophon and Decca’s latest foray into the classical music social media scene. They’ve done a bang-up job arranging this one. The idea is that they [...]

Not quite dead yet

Holy crap! Check this out! TEXT! Yeah, writing is mysteriously appearing in this space, and that’s because despite all the stuff that’s been happening recently my fingers have not completely broken up their relationship with the keyboard. And what “stuff” could have been happening? Well as an in e.g., in an unrelated order of importance… [...]

A Chamber Full of Beethoven

This morning, as I sat nursing a cup of coffee and procrastinating starting work,  a sudden Beethoven-related thought appeared: are there arrangements of his symphonies for string quartet? The answer is: sort of. Theses ones aren’t for quartet, but quintet. I discovered these via this thread, which contains a wealth of information about chamber arrangements of [...]

Free classical music! (if you’re in school…)

If you are in one of those fine institutes of learning known as “a university” then you might already have access to bazillions of online classical music recordings. Naturally I only worked this out in the last half-year (please please please oh god) of my PhD. You can check it out by going to your [...]

(W)Here I’ve Been

10 states, 6 days, ~2000 miles of driving: Biggest surprise: The landscape in South Dakota is like a cross between Yorkshire and Scotland, not jagged and full of fear like I imagined it to be. Biggest disappointment: Phoenix; hot and gross and pockmarked with interstate.


In our modern age, everything is available in snack form. The internet has drained our attention spans. Any wall of text longer than a couple of paragraphs is a challenge that needs to be planned, and packed, and mapped out well in advance. We’ve moved from writing letters, to phonecalls, to emails, to instant messenging. [...]

Temper Tantrum

Does arguing the finer points of tuning systems get you in a bit of a bother? Do perfect fifths make you need to loosen up your collar? If so, I recommend a cold shower, and a trip to Slate to read this article on temperament, though possibly not in that order.


I can see these guys in three locations without moving my head more than a half turn: They’re ubiquitous on any media player: CD players, MP3 players, remote controls, PC software, Mac software, DVD players, stereos, and tape decks. But no-one seems to know exactly where they came from. There’s a thread on reddit right now [...]

Run-way+++ Would listen again.

Right now me and G are fighting over the last two thin-mint cookies, part of our strict health regimen. I don’t feel too guilty about stuffing my face with these little minty pillows of delight because just a few days ago I acted on the suggestions from this post, and did this run: While listening to [...]

Nossa alma gémea em português

The only word I know in Portugese is “housefly”, so praise be the lord of the internet for Google translate. The magic lets me understand the following post on this website: Hoje nas minhas deambulações internéticas da hora de almoço, bem dos 5 minutos que me restam depois de comer e antes de ser confrontado com os [...]

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