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5 Instances When You Should Ignore Financial Advice

A lady stepped into my office concerned her financial advisor wasn't being straight up about her financial situation. She had purchased a variable annuity from the advisor and admitted she wasn't quite sure how it really worked. Uh oh. Show More Summary

Financially Screwed? 3 Ways to Turn Your Money Life Around

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the hardest part is getting started. That applies to so many things in life, whether getting in shape, quitting an addiction, starting a relationship with someone you care about, and (as is most relevant to our discussion) becoming financially stable. Show More Summary

11 Overlooked Credit-Card Perks

Getty ? By Sandra Block and Lisa Gerstner Rewards points and cash back are only some of the benefits of paying with plastic. Here are 11 little-known benefits that cardholders can take advantage of -- from extended warranties on items you purchase with your cards to free admission to museums. Show More Summary

Saving and Investing for Early Retirement: 3 Basic Strategies

Everybody wants to retire early. Sure, you might like what you do. But if you're 98% of people, you'd like to have more time to yourself, with your family and friends. In the years following the global recession, early retirement (or even regular retirement) seemed like an impossible dream for many. Show More Summary

Everything You Need to Know About Taxes and Social Security

Since Social Security checks are a federal government benefit, it seems odd that you'd have to pay taxes on this income. But the fact of the matter is that some people do owe taxes on Social Security. The good news is that if you're living off of Social Security retirement benefits and not much else, you won't likely have to pay taxes on this income. Show More Summary

8 Surprising Things You Need to Know About Retirement

Getty By Rachel L. Sheedy As you advance toward retirement, it's a good idea to start sharpening the focus of your retirement vision. You need to figure out how you'll spend your time, what your retirement budget will look like and where...Show More Summary

Don't Ignore These 7 Financial Time Bombs

Getty By Geoff Williams It's a question everyone asks when they end up paying an unexpected and expensive bill. What went wrong? Too often, what went wrong is that a problem was ignored until suddenly there was no ignoring it. Almost of all of us, unless we're highly organized, are susceptible to financial time bombs. Show More Summary

Use These 3 Tax-Reduction Strategies of the Rich

Getty By Brittany Lyte Even more than a house or a top-notch college education, income taxes are probably the single largest expense you'll ever encounter in life. And you already know there are all sorts of little tax tricks that can be used every year to shave off a little of your overall debt to the IRS. Show More Summary

Seven Unusual Tax Deductions

Getty We have all heard cases of strange failed tax deductions, such as writing off a personal racehorse as a business entertainment expense, a toothless actor being unable to write off his dentures, and our personal favorite - a business...Show More Summary

Final Sales to Begin at 143 Sports Authority Stores

Getty By Karla Bowsher Sports Authority won court approval Thursday to begin final sales at stores that are slated to close. The store closings will happen over the next three months, the retailer said in a website announcement Wednesday. Court...Show More Summary

These Are U.S. Consumers' Top 5 Complaints

Getty By Krystal Steinmetz Americans sure have a lot to gripe about these days - from problems with banks or their wireless provider to being victimized by scams run by impostors. The Federal Trade Commission received more than 3.08Show More Summary

4 Ways Money Can Buy Happiness

Getty By Kira Brecht It's the age-old question: Can money buy happiness? Much of the time, our energy and focus is on work and career, which primarily is about the chase for the almighty dollar. Generally, people want more for basicShow More Summary

10 Guaranteed Ways to Retire Rich

Getty By Maryalene LaPonsie Retiring comfortably - never mind wealthy - may seem out of reach to many people, given current savings rates. Consider that median savings accumulated by workers ages 51 through 60 years is $49,000, while...Show More Summary

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Credit Score Fast

The average American credit score varies by age. The 25 to 34 crowd has the lowest scores on average, likely because they're getting established and paying off student loans. Credit scores steadily climb with age, as consumers become more stable and focus on saving rather than spending. Show More Summary

7 Things Financially Successful People Refuse to Do

What are a few financial goals you're aspiring to reach? Perhaps you want to pay off debt, save $2 million for retirement, or give more than you ever thought possible. One of the best ways to get where you want to go in life is to look at the lives of those who have arrived. Show More Summary

9 Things to Do in the New Year to Brighten Your Financial Outlook

Getty By Teresa MearsA new year is approaching, and with it comes the desire to do better. We make New Year's resolutions for all aspects of our life, and our money should be part of that.If you're spending too much and saving too little, or if you don't even know where your money is going, this is a good time to give yourself a financial checkup. Show More Summary

The 7 Best Lessons Successful People Have Taught Us About Money This Year

Getty By Kathleen ElkinsIf you want to be successful and grow your wealth, start by learning from those who have already done it."Successful people look at other successful people as a means to motivate themselves," writes T. Harv Eker in "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind." "They see other successful people as models to learn from. Show More Summary

More Millennials Becoming Homebuyers

Getty By Karla BowsherMembers of the millennial generation have been criticized for poor spending and saving habits in the face of large student debt burdens. Others have chided them for relying on the "Bank of Mom and Dad."But a new...Show More Summary

10 Easy Tax Moves You Should Make Now to Increase Your Tax Refund

Getty By Lisa Greene-LewisWith the holidays around the corner, most of us are focused on decking the halls or charting out our New Year's resolutions. But the end of the year is also the ideal time to take actions that could lower your...Show More Summary

The 15 Biggest 'Shark Tank' Success Stories of All Time

#fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-552812{display:none;}.cke_show_borders #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-552812, #postcontentcontainer #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-552812{width:570px;display:block;} By Richard Feloni Entrepreneurs who...Show More Summary

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