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Checking In

The Rejecter, I've been reading up on your blog all the advice you've dispensed about self-published authors seeking representation- and i'm assuming by the beginning of this sentence you can tell that I am one of them. Why did I self...Show More Summary

BEA 2011 Post

(I'm only "semi" retired) My trip to the BEA is over. I generally do everything I need to do in one day, the first day of the floor exhibitions. The BEA is really too exhausting to me to go back. Observations this year: (1) The digital...Show More Summary

Retirement Post

A number of people have emailed me to ask me where I've been, which I think is really sweet, especially when they implied something might have happened to me. The truth is the more obvious: I've been really busy. I have two novels coming...Show More Summary

So You Want to Write a Novel

I can't believe I didn't write this myself. "How many editors do you think Random House will assign to my novel?" "Minus 13."

So You Want to Write a Novel

I can't believe I didn't write this myself.

The Wait

Hello Rejecter, On average how long does it take for a publishing house to determine a book is to be published or rejected? I have one out to a publisher over a year and no response. I sent a follow up with an additional submission two months ago and still haven’t heard back. Show More Summary

Audio Books Follow-up

Why do publisher buy audio rights if they find it too expensive to actually have one produced? Wouldn't it be better to not buy the rights and leave it to someone who actually wants to create it, so they can also drive more people to...Show More Summary

Audio Books and Audio Rights

Dear Rejecter, I found your blog via Nathan Bransford's and Eric of Pimp My Novel fame. As a yet un-published writer and an entrepeneur considering a small press venture, I found your blogs on money and royalties extremely useful. Something I did not see addressed, however, was audio books. Show More Summary

We're On To You

(Not posting much recently has been largely due to the Jewish holidays. Longtime readers probably guessed that) In your query letter, if you describe a novel with an obvious sci-fi premise, and then write, "But it's not science fiction!"...Show More Summary

Follow-Up on Writers Earning Money

I didn't think to include this in the last post, which is OK because it's needlessly complicated, but another way writers make money - sometimes, how they make most of their money - is in foreign rights. Remember that when a publisher buys your book, they don't buy the physical book. Show More Summary

How Much Does a Writer Make?

I have read through several years of your back posts and I have a quick question for you as an assistant agent with inside knowledge and also for you as a published author in your own right. You mentioned in a couple of your posts that...Show More Summary

Inside Agenting

One reason it's a good idea to belong to the AAR if you're an agent, aside from it being the ultimate stamp of legitimacy, is you get to go to AAR meetings. They're hit-or-miss, but there's usually drinks. The last couple have been either about e-Books or social media outlets for authors like Facebook, Foursquare, etc. Show More Summary

MA Degree Questions

Dear Rejecter, I have been writing novels since I was about seven. I literally think about it all the time. However, try as I might I have never been able to get beyond the 40,000 word mark before losing the plot and momentum of my story and deciding to start something else entirely. Show More Summary


Hello Rejecter, I just came across your blog today and found your honesty refreshing. Speaking of honesty, I'm trying to decipher some agent rejection letters. They say many positive things about the story and writing followed by: Agent...Show More Summary

The Sky Is Falling (No It Isn't)

No doubt you're hearing about this from all quarters. Does that bring on any changes to your thoughts about ebooks? I'm sure hard covers haven't been a big seller for a long time now. Show More Summary

If You Have An Offer...

Question: I'm in process of sending queries out both to agents and publishers (the few that still take unrepresented queries). Let's say there is an offer on the table from a publisher, but I want an agent to handle it. I would imagine there would be some urgency about getting a deal sealed (of course, I have no idea, this is just how I dream it). Show More Summary

For Your Information, Again

If you've self-published several terrible books in what's probably a mystery/adventure/YA series, complete with your self-drawn cover, it's really only necessary to send one unsolicited book with your query, not all 3 plus some soundtracks you've composed. Show More Summary

Money for Reviews

Dear Rejecter, Having recently completed my YA novel and believing it to be original, inventive, yadda yadda, I'll be sending my query letters out to potential agents soon. My question to you is: We Book's Page to Fame, good idea or not? The premise: for $9.95 a writer puts up the first page of their novel. Show More Summary

Revising Your Word Count

What if you rejected for no other reason than a too-low 50k word count?(though -oops-the author-doesn't know for sure it was this, God forbid an agent give feedback) would a revised 70k get the auto-dump as well? There's a short answer...Show More Summary

For Your Information

My boss requested I make the following post: If you send a query, don't send the same (or similar) one three months later. We will totally know you did it and just reject you again. My boss is sick of them. Thank you.

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