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Join us in the battle for the mental environment. Adbusters Presents: Mindbombs from Adbusters Media Foundation on Vimeo. Join us in the battle for the mental environment. Read more on

Militarists and Haters Win in Israeli Elections

We wink to them, Good Night!

by From Adbusters #118: Rafiq Maqbool | AP For the past few decades, globally, many well-meaning but demoralized people, especially artists and intellectuals, but also activists, have been losing sleep. They suffer from a peculiarlyShow More Summary

Click Farm

by From Adbusters #118: We are trapped in this system. We live in bondage. Chained to the workplace, school, home, bedroom, subway tunnel and fiber optic web?—?we use these to define the self. Wherever we are, we feel nowhere; what ever we do, we feel empty. This despair is life when potential has been amputated. Show More Summary

Slow down and think

by From Adbusters #118: Field Guide for Virtual Warfare Youssef Boudlal/Reuters I am a college professor and the mother of a first-grader. From my position, I can see the entire educational pipeline in our country, from the young students who enter to the adults who leave. Show More Summary

Taking on the "high priests" of money

via #kickitover

Love and Survival

by From Adbusters #118: David Gray/Reuters By late July 2014, I couldn’t put it off any longer. I had been living in Mexico for almost eight years with Washington, D.C. license plates on my car. If I wanted to apply for permanent resident...Show More Summary

Hey Adbusters:

Hey Adbusters, You’ve been bashing postmodernism a lot lately. Good, I say. It’s about time we moved on. But it occurs to me that the term postmodernism is misunderstood almost everywhere it’s used; some of my professors and almost all of my fellow students would be at a loss even to begin a definition of the term. Show More Summary

Extremely Normal

What I saw at Yale I have continued to see at campuses around the country. Everybody looks extremely normal, and everybody looks the same. No hippies, no hipsters, no butch lesbians or gender queers, no black kids in dashikis. The geeks don’t look that geeky; the fashionable kids go in for understated elegance. Show More Summary


I have been educated. I have learned about Western Civilization. Do you know what the message of Western Civilization is? I am alone. — Eileen Myles #118 Field Guide to Virtual Warfare Eileen Myles western civilization Read more on

A Nuclear-Free Middle East?

Israel has maintained a nuclear monopoly in the Middle East for over 30 years now, one that it has repeatedly protected with force: bombing the Osirak nuclear facility in Iraq in 1981, the Deir ez-Zor nuclear facility in Syria in 2007...Show More Summary

Field Guide: Part 3 Black Hole of the Internet

From Adbusters #118: Facebook has 1.32 billion users, 864 million of which visit the site everyday for an average of 21 minutes. The lion’s share of the world’s connected (not currently located behing the Great Firewall of China) fit...Show More Summary

Field Guide: Part 2 Spot the NARC

From Adbusters #118: If while reading a news item, you’ve ever been brave enough to venture below the fold into the vast uncharted darkness of an online comment section, you may have noticed how vile, offensive and discouraging the experience...Show More Summary

Field Guide: Part 1 Plan X

From Adbusters #118: In 2012, DARPA — the mad scientist wing of the pentagon, revealed a new and highly classified research and development project called PLAN X. An effort to bolster the US military’s recently established established...Show More Summary

Resisting the Demon

by A History of AI in Nine Parts From Adbusters #118: 1. Bruno If you really want to talk about the origins of AI, you need to leave Silicon Valley and fly back in time to the Campo de’ Fiori in Rome on February 17th, 1600. There you’d find a heretical friar being burned at the stake. Show More Summary


by From Adbusters #118: Tim Hetherington “Outside, there are people walking around by the windows like it’s no big deal. People, who have no idea where Fallujah is, where three of your platoon members died, people who have lived their...Show More Summary


The formula has been the same since the beginning of the Internet: a Larry Page, Tom Anderson or Mark Zuckerberg gets inspired and launches a website that takes the world by storm. After that, all their passion, energy and vision is channeled into monetizing the platform. Show More Summary

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