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The formula has been the same since the beginning of the Internet: a Larry Page, Tom Anderson or Mark Zuckerberg gets inspired and launches a website that takes the world by storm. After that, all their passion, energy and vision is channeled into monetizing the platform. Show More Summary

A new religion

by From Adbusters #118: We need a new religion which is credible and meaningful to 21st century man. Since all gods have been created by man, man is free to create further gods who are far more credible to him now and into the future than the dysfunctional transcendent characters which Abrahamism, New Age etc. Show More Summary

Adbusters #118

From Adbusters #118: Hey Wild Ones, Part One of the Manifesto for World Revolution is hitting newsstands worldwide today! A Field Guide to Virtual Warfare will serve as your tactical manual for breaking free from the clutches of a capitalist...Show More Summary

A Scary Goddam Place

by From Adbusters #118: Hidi Slimane I am necessarily fragmented these days. The USA is a scary goddamn place. On the one hand, I am living the dream —?westcoast, abundant, in-season produce, a real garden, an ideally-sized apartment, time to spend with my baby, time to read and make, concerts, mountains, ocean, etc. Show More Summary

Your Daily Bread

From Adbusters #114: Blueprint for a New World, Part 3: Corpo One of the things that makes people feel completely helpless in our world is the idea that they can’t escape the established order of things. Even the most fundamental parts of your life and your identity are prepackaged and sold back to you in glossy sterile plastic. Show More Summary

Our AI Futures

From Adbusters #118: Amiko Li P { text-align: center } “Unexpected item in the bagging area,” says a prerecorded voice from inside the machine. The woman in front of me at the self-service check-out is confused. She wipes her brow and repositions her groceries. Show More Summary

Where is it heading?

Why didn’t the center hold? Why did everything suddenly fall apart? Was it because we did not know how to measure progress? Because we put our faith in Gross World Product and the Dow always soaring back? Because economists refused to...Show More Summary

A Sense of Spiritual Purpose

Detail of painting by Bouguereau William-Adolphe Much was lost in the transition to modernity: craftsmanship, a deep appreciation of beauty, community, silence and, above all, a sense of spiritual prupose. — Morris Berman #118 human spirit modernity Read more on

Your Brand Neurosis

From Adbusters #114: Blueprint for a New World, Part 3: Corpo Say the word “brand” and many think of the logotype of some multinational corporation, advertising or the conspicuous marketing of consumer goods — something of relative importance...Show More Summary

The Divine Spark

John Stanmeyer The proposed solutions to our environmental problems are no longer a matter of saving a few watts, using less plastic or stopping an oil pipeline; they are tantamount to a call for freezing the infrastructure. It is our...Show More Summary

The Hamlet Presidency

Barack Obama has so many highfalutin questions swirling in his head that he just can’t seem to make up his mind. When we elected him we were hoping he would know how to wield power and lead us toward a sane sustainable future. But as...Show More Summary

The Structure of Human Thought

What’s most insidious is the human-centric ideology of science. On the one hand, it insists that human consciousness is nothing special, and should be naturalized just like everything else. On the other hand, it also wants to preserve...Show More Summary

Play Jazz

We build GEO-1, an app that allows people to vote on the big issues of our time. We implement it city by city, country by country. The reliability of its voting system is proved again and again. Then we launch GEO-2, an app that can hold quick 24-hour global plebiscites. Show More Summary

Big Bang MindBend

Hey Adbusters, So you say you want a revolution … well … which one? Eviscerate neo-liberal corporate capitalism with its “personhood” succubus birthing unlimited political power? Or Cliven Bundy/2016? Topple dictators, tyrants, presidents-for-life,...Show More Summary


by From Adbusters #117: Blueprint for a New World, Part 6: Aesthetico Vladimir Putin began as an unruly little boy fighting older thugs in the courtyard of the housing complex where he grew up in post-war Leningrad. He soon became a hooligan and “hood,” just like the boys he fought with. Show More Summary

On plants and modernity

From Adbusters #103: I thrust my hand into the dark earth … and curl my fingers into a loose fist around a clump of soil. The rays of sun above me filter through the coverage of a heritage magnolia tree, its canopy blocking half of the potato bed below. Show More Summary

Clever Animals

In some remote corner of the universe, poured out and glittering in innumerable solar systems, there was once a star on which clever animals invented knowledge. That was the haughtiest and most mendacious minute of a “world history” — yet only a minute. Show More Summary

A Green Silence

by From Adbusters #118: Blueprint for a New World, Part 6: Aesthetico Artist Unknown Dark economies suck at the forests and oceans like insatiable demons, and all the kids head to the desert ripped on empathogens to burn effigies. I rolled out of my tent to watch the eclipse. Show More Summary

Fuck It All

As our planet degrades, a new meaning, a new aesthetic emerges. We begin to crack jokes, explode mindbombs, float insane off-the-loop meta memes that spread like wildfire in the collapsing scenario we find ourselves in. We don't just...Show More Summary

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