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Watch: Julian Assange on the TPP

It sold millions

The cry of the artist in an age of commoditization. by From Adbusters #120: Manifesto for World Revolution PT.III Increasingly, artists have come to judge their own success through money, too. This is the reason today that we feel the...Show More Summary

Like a cat on the prowl

alive, alert and a still a little wild From Adbusters #120: Manifesto for World Revolution PT.III Direct action is a proclamation of personal independence. It happens, for the first time, at the intersection of your self-consciousness and your tolerance for being screwed over. Show More Summary

Journalists declared enemy combatants

A world of digital aesthetics

surfing through entire worlds made of contradictions by From Adbusters #120: It is strange to think how, in spite of so many young artists now playing with digital aesthetics, it was actually Warhol who saw it coming most clearly. The...Show More Summary

Here Comes the Climate War

by A two-degree rise in the global temperature sets off a biblical chain of events so cataclysmic we won't even have hope. From Adbusters #120: I was recently assigned a story about the U.N. Climate summit in Paris this December. Admittedly, I hadn’t yet grasped the dire importance of this particular summit. Show More Summary

Every voice was heard

by Collective decision-making at Occupy Wellington, NZ. From Adbusters #120: The occupy general assembly in New Zealand’s capital, Wellington, was my first experience of collective decision making on a large scale. The initial day of action attracted several hundred people who were abuzz with anticipation at the potential of a little cooperation. Show More Summary

Everything is forgotten

... and so on and so forth... The bloody massacre in Bangladesh quickly covered over the memory of the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia, the assassination of Allende drowned out the groans of Bangladesh, the war in the Sinai Desert...Show More Summary


students are back in the streets to fight austerity From Adbusters #120: The Montreal student body is divided over the immediate future of its notorious activism. One side — Comité Printemps — wants to revive the pot-banging spirit of 2012 and fight the Liberal government’s new austerity measures all summer. Show More Summary

Unfathomable darkness

you can’t explain how it is that the stars and galaxies are organized as they evidently are From Adbusters #120: If you calculate all gravitational forces observably in play in the universe, you can’t explain how it is that the stars...Show More Summary

Let the future breathe again

China's Awful Smog Inspires Some Disturbing Artwork of Suffocating Kids Read more on

To be an anarchist

... imagining and acting on the assumption of the possibility of another kind of world is, in itself, a monumental and continual effort of resistance... From Adbusters #120: To be an anarchist, in a place and time that is like any part...Show More Summary

Postmodern Surveillance Dystopia

by At what point will the corporate state harness the power of the Internet to shut down dissent. From Adbusters #120: The Internet, which was supposed to be a civilian space, has become a militarized space. It has become not only aShow More Summary

The Empire Strikes Back

it's the second coming of the second son From Adbusters #120: Anthony Freda We are staring into the face of another Bush administration, and in its shadows, poised for resurrection, lurk the familiar architects of the Iraq war and an...Show More Summary

Death of a thousand cuts

by the climate wars will be drive by many factors, but three above all From Adbusters #120: Climate wars will be driven by many factors, but three above all. We’ll first see waves of refugees from places that can’t feed themselves anymore. Show More Summary

Flowers in the Dustbin

by When there's no future, how can there be sin? From Adbusters #120: As warming crosses one degree Celsius, Hansen and his colleagues’ research shows that additional heat is stored mostly in the deep ocean, where it can remain locked away for hundreds or thousands of years. Show More Summary

How Many, How Much?

It takes an infinite amount. That’s good news for economic growth, but bad news for the planet. From Adbusters #120: How many adventure films does it take to compensate for a lack of adventure? How many superhero movies must one watch,...Show More Summary

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