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Venezuela's Rebellion against the Petrodollar

The U.S.A. is applying increasing pressure on Venezuela, a country that, in accordance with the way the Pentagon has carved up the world, falls within the “jurisdiction” of the U.S. Southern Command (Southcom). SouthCom encompasses 31 countries and 16 territories that together form Latin America and the Caribbean. Show More Summary

200,000 Israelis expected in “Kurdistan” once independence is declared

According to the magazine Israel-Kurd based in Erbil, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and Massoud Barzani, the self-appointed President of the future independent Kurdistan, have reached a secret agreement. Tel-Aviv is committed to installing 200 000 Israelis of Kurdish origin in Kurdistan. Show More Summary

For H.R. McMaster, Hezbollah is no terrorist

According to Israeli TV's Channel 10, the Israeli delegation's interview with the National Security Adviser, General H.R. McMaster, in August 2017, did not go very well [1]. The General rejected Tel-Aviv's requests to push the Hezbollah and the Iranian forces as far away as possible. Show More Summary

When UN Gardens are visited by the olive green, by Jorge Wejebe Cobo

In UN headquarters in New York, there was really not much the Secretary General, Dag Hammarskjold, could say in response to Fidel Castro, Cuba's Prime Minister, as he was setting out to camp in the gardens of the UN building. This was...Show More Summary

After the Caliphate, Rojava, by Thierry Meyssan

While the Syrian Arab Army, the Russian aviation and Hezbollah are preparing to finish off Daesh, the Pentagon is planning a new war against Syria, this time with Kurdish troops. Just as the mission of the Caliphate was to create a Sunnistan...Show More Summary

QE with a twist? In 2016, the Supreme Leader of the Revolution distributed more than 1 billion dollars around the world

The Leader of the Revolution is an institution, specific to Iran. Inspired by the Government of the Wise Men in Plato's Republic, the Guide holds the following concurrent powers: • The power to veto any decision made by political leaders in his country; and • The power to take initiative abroad. Show More Summary

Susan Rice admits that she spied on Donald Trump

Susan Rice, the former National Security Advisor, has admitted before the House of Representatives' Intelligence Committee that during the transition period, she had spied on Donald Trump and his team when they were in Trump Tower, New York. Show More Summary

Netanyahu strengthened by investigations

Two judicial inquiries have been initiated probing into the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and another one initiated into his wife's, Sara's, affairs. These investigations came after his predecessor, Ehud Barak, launchedShow More Summary

Berlin, we recommend you: Grab the Nato bull by its horns!

While Chancellor Merkel and Macron have already met to discuss governing the EU together, Federal Germany's official think tank, the SWP, recommends that Berlin takes the military leadership of both the EU and Nato. Taking due note of...Show More Summary

Commemoration of 9/11: President Trump prohibits any reference being made to Bush's version of events

President Donald Trump has forbidden members of his cabinet from making any reference whatsoever to the alleged “Islamist” conspirators, during the commemorations of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. At the time of the attacks, President George W. Show More Summary

Remarks by Donald Trump at the 9/11 Memorial Observance, by Donald Trump

Thank you, General. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. I want to thank you, Secretary Mattis, General Dunford, members of the Cabinet, members of the Armed Forces, first responders, and most importantly, to the families and to the survivors: It's an honor to join you on this very, very solemn occasion. Show More Summary

State of the Union Address 2017, by Jean-Claude Juncker

INTRODUCTION – WIND IN OUR SAILS Mr President, Honourable Members of the European Parliament, When I stood before you this time last year, I had a somewhat easier speech to give. It was plain for all to see that our Union was not in a good state. Show More Summary

Double dealing the US in Syria

On 18 August 2017 Brett McGurk, the Special Envoy of President Obama and then President Trump in the fight against Isis, met with the chiefs of tribes inhabiting the Saudi-Syrian desert. According to the “anti-terrorist tsar”, it was...Show More Summary

Lavrov: Saudi Arabia supports the Russian Peace Process in Syria

On 9 and 10 September 2017, the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, met with his Saudi homologue and King Salmane in Riyadh. In the final communiqué, the two parties declare: “Our examination of the problems in the Middle...Show More Summary

Russia and China united against the dollar's empire , by Manlio Dinucci

There is now a vast arc of tensions and conflicts that extends from Eastern Asia to Central Asia, from the Middle East to Europe, from Africa to Latin America. The “hot points” along this intercontinental arc– the Korean Peninsula, the...Show More Summary

Double jeu US en Syrie

L'envoyé spécial des présidents Obama, puis Trump, pour lutter contre Daesh, Brett McGurk, a rencontré le 18 août 2017 des chefs de tribus du désert saoudo-syrien. Selon le «tsar anti-terroriste», la rencontre fut un «excellent meeting...Show More Summary

USA: link established between the opioid crisis and to job loss

Canada and the United States are going through a health crisis due to the generalized use of opioids. One third of Americans are suffering from chronic pain leading doctors to prescribe opioids 289 million times in 2016. Opiate drugs are more expensive than heroin sold on the black market. Show More Summary

“I am not accepting the invitation to attend today's desecration of the Pnyx”, by Manolis Glezos

Manolis Glezos, the same person whom Charles de Gaulle used to call the “the first person in Europe to resist”, has written an open letter protesting that his country, Greece is being pillaged by certain French investors, with the French President Emmanuel Macron, leading the way.

Rewriting the massacre at Sinjar

August 2014: while Daesh are making progress in Iraq, the jihadists are taking Yezidi villages, killing men and taking women and children as their captives. The women will be used as sex slaves and the lot of adolescents will be forced conscription. Show More Summary

NATO's Anarchist Brigades, by Thierry Meyssan

Presented in the West as the realization of a friendly utopia, the brand new « Rojava » is in reality a colonial state, designed and cemented in blood by Washington. This time, the plan is to expel the populations of the North of Syria and replace them with people who were not born there. Show More Summary

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