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Here Comes the Sun: America's Solar Boom, in Charts

Last week, an energy analyst at Deutsche Bank came to a startling conclusion: By 2016, solar power will be as cheap or cheaper than electricity from the conventional grid in every state except three. That's without any changes to existing policy. Show More Summary

Jon Stewart's New Film Is Very Real, and Frighteningly Familiar

First there was the initial optimism, the confidence that this was all a misunderstanding, and once they found out who you really were they would let you go. Then there was your conviction that you were innocent, that you had nothing to hide. Show More Summary

Mia Love: Representative From Nowhere

Of all the victories conservatives are crowing about this week, none seem as welcome as that of Utah's Mia Love, the first black Republican woman ever to be elected to Congress. She's been the subject of fawning profiles and officially dubbed a "rockstar" by Michelle Malkin and other right-wing pundits. Show More Summary

How Surveillance Turns Ordinary People Into Terrorism Suspects

This story first appeared on the TomDispatch website. It began with an unexpected rapping on the front door. When Wiley Gill opened up, no one was there. Suddenly, two police officers appeared, their guns drawn, yelling, "Chico Police...Show More Summary

Adam Savage on #Gamergate, Hollywood, and Women in Science

Last week, as part of the Bay Area Science Festival, I had the chance to interview Mythbusters host and producer Adam Savage for a live episode of the Inquiring Minds podcast. Savage is a science evangelist, and he's been instrumental in educating huge numbers of people on how science works and why it's so much fun. Show More Summary

2014: The Year of Koch

The 2014 election season acquired its fair share of nicknames: the Nothing Election, the Seinfeld Election, and the Meh Midterms. Here's another: The Year of Koch. Big money from outside spenders like the Koch brothers' political network and the pro-Democratic Senate Majority PAC dominated this year's elections. Show More Summary

The Fight for Abortion Rights Just Got a Whole Lot Harder

The GOP wave didn't just crash into the US Senate. It flooded state legislatures, as well. By Wednesday evening, Republicans were in control of 67 of the nation's 99 state legislative chambers—up from 57 before the election. It's still unclear which party will control two other chambers. Already, anti-abortion advocates are calling it a big win. Show More Summary

2014 Was the Year Men Finally Got Feminism

This story first appeared on the TomDispatch website. What do the prime minister of India, retired National Football League punter Chris Kluwe, and superstar comedian Aziz Ansari have in common? It's not that they've all walked into a bar, though Ansari could probably figure out the punch line to that joke. Show More Summary

Texas Dems Spent $36 Million and All They Got Was This Lousy Landslide. Now What?

Oops. Last year, fresh from a presidential reelection campaign in which it was hailed for its 21st-century tactics and organizing prowess, a group of Obama for America veterans descended on Texas with the goal of turning the state purple. Show More Summary

Map: The United States of Legal Weed

With marijuana now legal in four states and the District of Columbia, the movement to end the prohibition of pot continues to gain steam. Another five states are expected to introduce ballot measures to legalize recreational pot in 2016, including California, Massachusetts, and Nevada. Show More Summary

Washington Voters Just Passed the Gun Law Congress Couldn't

Most post-election coverage has focused on how Republicans drubbed Democrats in the battle for Congress, but there was another resounding victory worth noting on Tuesday, and it wasn't a partisan one. Universal background checks forShow More Summary

The Climate Lost Big-Time in Tuesday's Election

Tuesday's elections were a major defeat for those who want to take serious action against global warming. Environmentalists spent millions in an effort to defeat pro-fossil-fuel Republicans, but their efforts largely failed. Key Senate...Show More Summary

White House Aide: No Way the GOP Will Work With Us

As the postelection celebration (for the GOP) and cleanup (for the White House and the Democrats) continues, some political observers of a D bent are trying to push a silver-lining idea: Now that the Republicans fully control Congress,...Show More Summary

From GMOs To Soda Taxes, Here's What the Election Means For Your Fridge

States and localities nationwide voted yesterday on a host of hot-button food and agriculture issues, from GMO labeling to soda taxes to food stamps. The outcomes of these contests have major implications for policy—and your dinner plate. Show More Summary

Being a Terrible Candidate Isn't What Doomed Martha Coakley

Four years after losing a Senate special election to Scott Brown, Massachusetts Democratic attorney general Martha Coakley is on the brink of defeat in another race that was hers to lose. Both Fox News and ABC have called the governor's...Show More Summary

Republican Thom Tillis Defeats Kay Hagan in North Carolina

Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan lost her seat to Republican Thom Tillis Tuesday evening—despite waging the largest ever get-out-the-vote effort in a North Carolina Senate campaign. The race is part of a wave of GOP victories that will give...Show More Summary

Iowa Swings Right, Elects Joni Ernst to Senate

Iowa's next senator will be Joni Ernst, a one-term state senator who has endorsed personhood for fetuses, supported the government shutdown, said she wants to impeach President Obama, discounts climate change, insisted there were WMDs...Show More Summary

Scott Walker for President Begins Now

Scott Walker is now three for three. He won his 2010 gubernatorial race. He beat back a recall attempt in 2012. And on Tuesday, he won his third election in four years, easing past what was supposed to be his stiffest competition yet,...Show More Summary

Election 2014: Obama's Failure to Communicate

"We are the ones we have been waiting for." That's what Barack Obama proclaimed the night of Super Tuesday in 2008, borrowing the line from a 1980 June Jordan poem (without citing the poet). His aspirational emphasis on we was a foundation of the campaign that brought him to the White House. Show More Summary

Cory Gardner's Senate Victory Proves Colorado Is Not a Blue State

It was the difference between this year's US Senate race and the 2010 election that kept Colorado Democrats up at night: the caliber of the opposition. Democrat Michael Bennet's challenger four years ago, tea partier Ken Buck, had a knack for the ill-timed gaffe. Show More Summary

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