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Study Interactive Architecture at UCL

At the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London – the UK’s leading and largest Faculty of the Built Environment – we offer a 12-month Masters programme giving students an opportunity to learn about the potential of new... Read More

The Rules of Games and Spaces

The essence of ‘games’ lies in a person’s immersion in play subject to rules. Immersion implies a complete and, more importantly, willing absorption in the activity. The difference between ‘play’ and ‘playing games’ is the presence of rules. All games... Read More

Sound & Sensing

The 21st century has begun with an explosion of new tools, technologies and methods, as well as a mounting catalogue of challenges facing the designer. (Sheil, B.,2014) The development of sensing technologies and computation provides designers and architects... Read More

Performing SCARA Robots

Can industrial robots perform elegant and improvisational choreography? Yes! I’ve been looking specifically at SCARA robot mechanisms and exploring the relationship between SCARA’s motion and contemporary dance in space during studies at IALab. The acronym SCARA stands for Selective Compliance... Read More

Creating a virtual/physical space

“Marling” by Usman Haque, leaves me a profound impression. People play with their voice. The voice of citizens creates a compelling space which is between virtual and physical. Have a look here. Visual Motion Perception as a discipline can certainly... Read More

The Cybernetics of Stillness

When reading “The edge of stillness” by Ranulph Glanville, one might notice the irony in using a static term as part of a paper’s title written by a figure in the dynamic field of cybernetics (2007). Even more, it is primarily discussed in reference... Read More

Digital Notation as a Tool of Thought

Designing a tool has been a constant influence in the way we think. In the last 10 years, this phenomenon is uniquely shared on the crossovers of Architecture and Dance choreography, where reciprocal exchanges of common words regarding the body, geometry... Read More

The Captaincy of the ”Dymaxion”

As Peter Anker describes in the magnificent “Buckminster Fuller as the Captain of Spaceship Earth”, saving the Earth from ecological disaster was what motivated Fuller to develop his approaches, along with specific interests in scientific and technocratic social management. Believed... Read More

From Domestic Plants to Cyber Gardens

Why do we keep plants at home? It may seem that the practice of plant keeping lacks significance because we have domesticated animals to the point where they became part of the family, but plants are still viewed as stationary pets.... Read More

Designing a Bio-tensegrity Exoskeleton

What is the best way to build an exoskeleton for the human body? In the Lab we’ve been looking at the biomechanics of human body, trying to find a structure to “upgrade” human action capabilities and extend perception too. Biotensegrity... Read More

Uncanny Prosthetics

Uncanny Prosthetics: A Survey through J. Stuart Blackton’s short movie ‘The Thieving Hand’ “Artificial limbs do not disrupt amputees’ bodies, but rather reinforce our publicity perceived normalcy and humanity. Artificial limbs and prostheses only disrupt what is commonly considered to... Read More

Technology and Choreography

Negroponte (1970) pointed to the possibilities of computer-assisted interfaces for artists in the early stages as strategies to engage audiences in a dialogue. Simultaneously, the notion of generative systems in the architectural field has been developed along with the advent... Read More

Kinetica Art Fair 2014

We’ve had a fantastic few days at the Kinetica Art Fair held at the Truman Brewery –  part of the Frieze London art fair 2014. Kinetica featured over 50 exhibitors, as well as a number of performance pieces. With our... Read More

Flights of Fancy

“We believe in the possibility of an incalculable number of human transformations, and we say without smiling that wings sleep in the flesh of man”  – Multiplied Man and the Reign of the Machine (1911), Marinetti This years... Read ...

Domestic Ecologies

“It is now highly feasible to take care of everybody on earth at a higher standard of living than any have ever known. It no longer has to be you or me. Selfishness is unnecessary. War is obsolete. It... Read More

Motive Mythologies

This years Lab Research Theme is ‘Motive Mythologies’. Below is the brief handed out to students at the beginning of the year to stimulate responses. If you’re interested in studying with the Interactive Architecture Lab, you can find out more... Read More

Scorpion – Robotics Controller

A project that has been developing in our Lab for over 2 years now. I thought I’d share a link to its dedicated website. Read More

Industrial Improvisation

Chryssa Varna joined the Interactive Architecture Lab with an interest in bringing Dance and Architecture together. Her fascinating project between 2012-2013 brought together these two worlds through a series of kinetic installations the last of which “Industrial Improvisation” gathered a... Read More

Morphs 1.0

It was a great pleasure to see William Bondin graduate with distinction for a project which examined  fascinating questions about the relationship between morphology and behaviour. Regine at We Make Money Not Art did a great interview with William which... Read More

Keynote – Ruairi Glynn @ Fascinate Conference 2013

I thought I’d share a Keynote that I gave a few months ago at the brilliantly well organised and ambitiously curated Fascinate Conference. My thanks to the guys in Falmouth for the invitation and for sharing the conference footage also.... Read More

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