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Strange Noise in Gravitational-Wave Data Sparks Debate

The team that discovered gravitational waves put their data online. Now an independent group of researchers claims that they’ve found what might be a serious problem.

Biology's Roiling Debate Over Publishing Research Early

Posting scientific papers online, free to the public, seems like a great idea. But it's more complicated than it sounds.

You, Too, Can Analyze North Korea's Missile Capabilities--With Physics and Video

Let's take a closer look at the video North Korea released to determine that missile's acceleration.

'Spiderman: Homecoming' Gives Us a Reason to Study the Physics of Spider-Man's Webs

Pondering the role of Hooke's law and Young's modulus as we break down a scene in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming.'

Jill Tarter Never Found Aliens—But Her Successors Might

The long-time leader of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence—and inspiration for the movie Contact—has scores of astronomical devotees.

How the Large Hadron Collider Almost Didn't Work

When physicists first switched on the particle collider, the world worried about black holes. But they ran into a totally different kind of problem.

Hot Dogs: What's the Right Way to Eat Them, According to Science?

What is the perfect condiment for a hot dog? Science should be able to answer that. One writer goes on a quest to figure this out, once and for all.

Juno Shatters Scientists' Jupiter Theories in Just 365 Days

NASA's Juno mission DGAF about scientific expectations. Here's what it's accomplished after only a year in orbit.

A Math Genius Blooms Late and Conquers His Field

June Huh thought he had no talent for math until a chance meeting with a legendary mind. A decade later, his unorthodox approach to mathematical thinking has led to major breakthroughs.

The Popsicle's Origin Story Starts in a Test Tube

In 1924, when the first popsicle patent was filed, a test tube was one of the suggested vessels.

Watch SpaceX Launch Its Third Rocket in 9 Days

SpaceX has now completed more missions in 2017 than any other year since its founding—and it’s still got five months to go.

How Scientists Preserved a 440-Pound Blue Whale Heart

When a blue whale washed up in Newfoundland in 2014, Jacqueline Miller launched into action.

Forget the Blood of Teens. Metformin Promises to Extend Life for a Nickel a Pill.

The more researchers learn about metformin, the more it seems like a medieval wonder drug that could boost longevity in the 21st century.

What's Inside Triple-Action Mace? Chili Peppers and UV Dye

When you push the button, nitrogen shoves a pungent, debilitating cocktail out of the canister.

Opinion: Climate Change Is Making Cities Sick

City leaders must do more to integrate climate concerns into public health policy.

The Battle to Get Gender Identity Into Your Health Records

A decade ago, most electronic health care records collected just one piece of gender-related data: sex. Here's how that changed.

Your Connected Devices Are Screwing Up Astronomy

The radio spectrum is a limited commodity—and more and more of it is getting slurped up by consumer devices.

The Epic Untold Story of Nike’s Two Hour Marathon Attempt

Nike's quest to break the two-hour marathon did not go as planned. But when you're pushing the limits of human performance, nothing ever does.

Gecko-Inspired Gripper May Soon Snag Space Junk

It could not only help robots get a good grip on things like space debris, but supercharge robots right here on Earth.

Pentagon ‘Space Corps’ Plan Leaves Earth Science in the Dust

Scientists and the military have often tussled when it comes to who is more important in outer space.

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