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Arkansas Executions: The Shocking Lack of Science Behind Lethal Injections

No one knows if lethal injection really is more humane than other execution methods. And they can't really find out.

How a Single Gene Could Become a Volume Knob for Pain—and End America's Opioid Epidemic

Her skin is perpetually on fire. He can't even feel a bone break. Together they might hold the key to ending America's opioid epidemic.

Physics: Let's Model Radioactive Decay to Show How Carbon Dating Works

You can use Legos, pennies, beans---whatever, really---and a six-sided die to model radioactivity. Why? Because physics is fun.

Nike Breaking2: The Secret to Training for A Marathon Is Just Keep Running

Long-distance running rewards effort and willpower. It also rewards steadiness and rhythm.

NYC’s Newest Weapon Against the Rats? Sterilization

De Blasio’s administration is testing a targeted approach to hit rats where it hurts: right in the ovaries.

All the Ways To Know If That Volcano Might Kill You

Now that we have a grasp on what might make a volcano dangerous, how might you rank how dangerous each volcano is?

A Crucial Climate Mystery Hides Just Beneath Your Feet

A scientist goes on a search for old soil, and his research reveals a promising result: Humans can slow climate change simply by feeding people.

California Overcame 1/100 Odds to Beat Its Epic Drought

According to new research, the state had a 1 percent chance getting enough rain in just two years to end its epic drought.

The Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Gives Us an Excuse to Do Physics

In this scene from Thor: Ragnarok, Thor and The Hulk wage an epic fight in an arena. Let's look at the physics.

The Busy Little Robot on a Quest to Help Humanity Feed Itself

The Vinobot rover teams up with an eye in the sky to keep tabs on corn so that one day humanity will still even have corn.

The 'Most Dangerous' Volcano Can Be a Tricky Thing to Pin Down

People love to think about how dangerous volcanoes are, but really, what makes a volcano the "most dangerous" on Earth?

Why Aren't More Employees Suing Uber?

Arbitration agreements prevent lawsuits---but exacerbate the cultural problems endemic to startups.

Our 12 Favorite Laptops, From MacBooks to Chromebooks

If you're looking to buy a laptop, we're here to make your decision easier.

Microsoft's Patching Windows XP Bugs, and More Security News This Week

Microsoft's patching Windows XP, an anonymous tech company fought back against PRISM, and more of the week's most important security news.

The Lone Star Tick That Gives People Meat Allergies May Be Spreading

A rare meat allergy used to be limited to places the lone star tick calls home. But recently it's started to spread.

This Is the Coldest Object in the Universe

Be dazzled by a pair of dancing brown dwarf stars, an eerie shot of Titan, and the Earth's origins written in the sky.

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