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What to Eat While Camping in Africa

We often say, you are what you eat; this holds true for camping. When camping on a site away from home in a new area, you should not only experience the nature or the environment of the site but also experience the food offered by that area. Instead of carrying canned food with you try […] The post What to Eat While Camping in Africa appeared first on Camping Tourist.

Best Schedules for Wild Camping

How many times did you want to go camping but fear you’ll get bored or have a bad experience? All this can be fixed if you have a great schedule that makes your camping experience fun and enjoyable. Before going out to camp, you can be well equipped, full of gear and utilities but without […] The post Best Schedules for Wild Camping appeared first on Camping Tourist.

The Perfect Pregnancy Vacation

Between prepping the nursery, babyproofing the house, and taking care of all of your everyday tasks, there are tons to do before your baby arrives. Consider adding one more thing to your list: a babymoon! It’s a final opportunity to spend a few days relaxing and focusing on fun before the big day arrives, and […]

6 Awesome Places for Solo Female Campers

Camping is usually done with friends, but there are times when you want to head to someplace without any human presence next to you in the car. Those moments may not necessarily be triggered by despair, but a want to experience the world all by oneself. Hence, solo campers are often termed weird, but they […]

8 Things you should Not Bring with you on a Camp

Camping is when everything is fun. We all love to camp: we get to hang out with friends, spend some real time together; get rid of those mentally-draining electronic devices and spend away some part of our lives amid the wilderness. Who would not want that happen, at least once in their lives? Well, camping […]

6 Places to Camp Under a Starry Sky

Who does not love to spend some time lying beneath an infinite web of sparkling stars? Well, everyone loves it. We, humans, have been blessed with many places where one can go and check out the inexplicable beauty of the star-studded sky. It is a perfect escape from mundane city night sky and invitation to […]

Light Up Your Autumn Camping

With shorter days ahead it’s time to think about brightening your path As the year draws to an end days are becoming shorter, but this doesn’t mean it should stop you from your favourite outdoor activities. Hiking and camping in the late autumn can be as fun as during the summer months. You just need […]

6 Types of Camping Tents you should Know About

A camping tent is an extremely important item for all those who love outdoor adventure. It does not matter whether you are setting up a camp for a hiking expedition or planning a family trip, a safe and secure tent is what you need to chill out and sleep. A camping tent makes up for […]

7 Incredible Camping Gadgets you should Definitely Check Out

Technology has influenced nearly everything on this planet, and there is no reason why camping should be left out. With time and technological developments, people have come out with diverse camping-related innovations that take the entire camping experience to a whole new level. It, therefore, becomes all the more important to know about these gadgets […]

5 Smart Things to Carry while on Wild Camping

Are you planning to brave the wilderness? Yes, we are talking about wild camping, and we know you would be excited about it, but, hey, you need to pay attention to this article—for your own good. Wild camping is a venturesome form of camping. It is different from other forms of camping because in this […]

8 Tips to Avoid Wild Animals While on Himalayan Camping

Himalayan camping is an enthralling experience, but while we may immerse ourselves in the beauty and magic of Himalayas, we cannot take the dangers lurking lightly. One of the many dangerous things that might happen to you while on a Himalayan camp is an encounter with wild animals. The Indian Himalayas is home to diverse […]

6 Reasons to Choose a Summer Camp

You would know the importance of a summer camp if you have attended one. A summer camp is an experience that gives you ample exposure to the outside world and makes you learn the tips and tricks of life which you ordinarily do not learn in the safe precincts of your comfort zone. Childhood is […]

8 Things Only Real Campers Know

The world of camping is adventurous, exciting, and, at times, nerve racking. If you have been camping for a long time, then you must be acquainted with certain realities of camping. These realities essentially define the experience of camping. Newbie campers often end up making or repeating mistakes, but the real campers, with considerable experience, […]

7 Ways to Do the Mountain Camping Right

Mountains are picturesque, but they are not as gentle when it comes to camping, They offer a whole world of remoteness, ruggedness, and energy-consumption. If you are not active and bodily fit, you might find it excessively difficult to hike and camp on mountains. Camping on mountains is one of the oldest forms of camping, […]

6 Famous Books on Camping that you should Read

Camping is a great idea—with all its benefits you cannot simply resist it. When you are in a camp, you encounter all kinds of adventures, people, and feelings, and with each adventure, person and feeling, you grow. This is what camping does to you. While you are enjoying it, you are learning loads as well. […]

5 Camping Myths Everyone should Stop Believing

While camping, you may end up meeting many people and learning about different things, especially camping myths. These camping myths, at times, can be really ridiculous, but the way campers strongly believe in them is amazing. In this article, we took it upon ourselves to clear out the confusion regarding a number of camping myths […]

6 Tips for Camping with Kids

Camping is an exciting activity that brings together everyone—friends, families and even strangers. But, with kids, camping is a whole new experience. Despite being a different and fun-filled experience, camping with kids may stumble upon certain obstacles, which you must need to take care of. If you are wondering what those things are, well, you […]

5 Really Fun Things to do on Your Next Camping Trip

Camping is a perfect getaway from the humdrum of modern-day life and gives you the much-wanted solitude from problems. It is, therefore, important that camping should be done right, and this is what we are exactly going to discuss. Leaving aside the technicalities of camping—such as what equipment should be carried along, etc—we are going […]

6 ways to Create a Campfire

Fire is the soul of camping, and without it, you will have to go through a number of problems and inconveniences. In fact, the first thing to consider while planning camping somewhere is to arrange adequate equipment and material sources for fire. What are those sources and ways?—you have come to the right place, as […]

5 best campsites for family

Family camping is a joyful experience; with all your close ones around you, camping becomes double the fun. However, if you wish to ensure maximum enjoyment during your family camping, you better choose the campsite wisely. Choosing a campsite is not really a simple task—it entails a number of considerations depending upon the kind of […]

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