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Top 10 Most Obnoxious Marketing Techniques

Marketing is essential in the business world, but there are some tactics that take things just a little too far and may be pushing your audience away instead of drawing them in. Some of the tactics commonly used lately are pushing away customers, and some have even made for some nasty PR blunders. Show More Summary

Top 10 Lesser Known Tax Deductions for Small Businesses

Tax time is something that many people dread, but operating a small business can come with its own variety of additional stress. There are a lot of things that can be deducted that you may not be aware of, or perhaps you just aren’t aware exactly how or what they entail. Show More Summary

Best Office Chairs

Today’s world is one where more and more often people not only find themselves sitting at a desk at work almost all of the day, but also at home for online shopping, social media, or watching silly cat videos. It’s very important for overall health to find the best office chair with the proper fit […] The post Best Office Chairs appeared first on Business Pundit.

Top 10 Biggest Corporate Mergers in History

A merger is defined as an instance where two (or more) entities combine ownership of assets that were previously under separate control. These are a pretty standard way to get an edge on the competition in an open market while maintaining...Show More Summary

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Mysterious Silk Road

It’s almost common knowledge that the deep web exists, going by names such as the undernet, deepnet, and many others. It’s most well known for being the underbelly of the internet, as it should be. Because of the anonymity it provides, the deep web is full of all of the ugly things about the world. Show More Summary

20 Ways You Can Lose Money By Losing Sleep

You know how it feels. You’ve had a terrible night of sleep and everything seems like a drag. Our mental clarity, and our ability to make decisions, comes down to how rested and refreshed our brains are. In fact, we all lose the ability...Show More Summary

Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Apple

The company that urges you to Think Different is full of a lot more surprises than you would think. While it has become a widely accepted fact that Steve Jobs was a bit eclectic, the way that has shaped Apple, and the way the company continues his legacy is remarkable. Show More Summary

Strategies for Investing in Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

If you read the news about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, you get mixed messages. Some tell you that bitcoin is a huge bubble waiting to burst. Other tell you it’s just getting started. How you invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies largely comes down to what you believe is true about its future. Show More Summary

Top 10 Biggest Security Breaches

When data is accessed by unauthorized people, it is generally with malicious intent; even if it isn’t, this kind of data can fall into the wrong hands. In these cases, there were negative consequences, but just the idea that some personal information was stolen or even visible to a hacker can destroy a company’s reputation. Show More Summary

Top 10 Shady Business Practices

People are fighting harder for their dollars these days, and it has definitely bled over into the shady side of things. Many companies are guilty of doing things that are less than ethical, less than legal, and honestly, downright terrible. Show More Summary

30 Major Developments in the History of Cryptocurrency

Image Source The first Bitcoin transaction, made between the cryptocurrency’s elusive creator Satoshi Nakamoto and cybersecurity veteran Hal Finney, came in January 2009. And this pivotal moment was the start of something big: in 2017, in fact, the number of Bitcoin transactions over a single day regularly exceeded 250,000. Show More Summary

Top 10 Underground Businesses in the Tourism Trade

The tourism industry generated $7.6 trillion for the global GDP in the year 2014, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council. It is among the largest sectors in the world. Of course, the WTTC only accounts for money made legally,...Show More Summary

Top 10 Most Expensive Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are extremely unpredictable, and they’re happening with increasing frequency. Many factors come together to drive up the cost of a natural disaster. Because of property damage, environmental damage, casualties, and a variety of other hidden expenses, the price tags on these occurrences tend to grow quickly. Show More Summary

Top 10 Ways Not Using Cash Affects the Economy and Society

In today’s society using a debit card, credit card, or other digital form of payment is often preferred over using cash money. Many have never given any real thought as to how not using cash can affect different areas of our lives. These...Show More Summary

Top 10 Strangest Patents Ever Filed

Technology is something that is so integral to our everyday lives, we often forget just how incredible it is. It is something that has added indescribable value to our lives because of the way it has enhanced communication, the medical field, and more. Show More Summary

Top 10 Worst Business Decisions Ever

Bad decisions happen to everyone; it’s a natural part of life. They can cost people time, friendships, opportunities, and in the following cases, a lot of money. At the time these decisions were made, there wasn’t a way to predict the consequences of them; however, that is part of the responsibility of being business minded. Show More Summary

How Cryptocurrencies Will Challenge Modern Government

A Dangerous Idea In 2009 someone working under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto developed a currency using blockchain technology. The basic idea behind this technology was to create a public, online ledger spread across the computing power of numerous computers within the blockchain network. Show More Summary

Hawaii Considers Universal Basic Income

On the one hand, it’s a great thing.  Robots taking over jobs that humans would rather not do. The problem?  Our society is built around the job.  And as the jobs become more scarce, it’s less and less clear what we should do about structuring our economy and livelihoods. Show More Summary

Top 10 Most Successful Shark Tank Products

Shark Tank is an Emmy-winning business reality that airs on the network ABC and is watched by an astounding 7.9 million viewers. The premise of the show is simple and incredibly addictive for the casual television consumer. Entrepreneurs at varying stages in the creation of… Read More The post Top 10 Most Successful Shark Tank Products appeared first on Business Pundit.

25 Facts About The Emerging Industrial Hemp Industry

Over the last several years, the United States Federal Government as well as many state governments have enacted laws to make it easier for a legal economy to develop around hemp products. In the 2014 Farm Bill, Congress establishedShow More Summary

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