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Startup Physics

I have used the word “physics” to describe a few things here at AVC over the years. I am tempted to write a “textbook” on this topic as I have observed many “formulas” over the years that seem to repeat themselves again and again. A few examples are this post on the relationship between monthly […]

Mobile Apps For Both Sides Of The Market

In the web era, if you had a two sided marketplace, you had one app that served both sides of the market. In the mobile era, it seems that it is better to have different native mobile apps for both sides of the market. Ridesharing and delivery companies like our portfolio companies Hailo and Sidecar […]

Code Brooklyn

If Brooklyn were its own city, which it was until 1898, it would be tied with Chicago as the third largest city in the US. It is the largest borough in New York City. So I am excited that the Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is going to announce Code Brooklyn today at PS/MS 282 […]

Are Bitcoin and the Blockchain Joined At The Hip?

I saw this statement in the Economist piece on Blockchains: Bitcoin itself may never be more than a curiosity. However blockchains have a host of other uses because they meet the need for a trustworthy record, something vital for transactions of every sort. Dozens of startups now hope to capitalise on the blockchain technology, either […]

Video Of The Week: Notifications Summit

A few weeks ago Betaworks put on a notifications summit. I could not attend but thankfully the entire event was recorded and is up on the Internet. All of the sessions are good and it was hard to pick one to feature. I am going with the last one, featuring April Underwood of Slack, Naveen […]

Fun Friday: Funding Silicon City

AVC regulars will recall that I blogged about a Kickstarter that the NY Historical Society is doing to bring the Telstar satellite back to NYC for its Silicon City Exhibit. The project has four days left and is still a few thousand short of its goal. I’d like to have some fun on AVC today […]

That Time Of The Year

Last night I got home to watch the World Series and turned on the TV and fired up Twitter. In addition to the Mets Royals, you had the GOP Debate, and fourteen NBA basketball games. Twitter was on fire. I didn’t change the channel once on the TV, choosing to continue my pain from the […]

Where Is The Value In The Tech Stack?

Yesterday’s discussion was fantastic. Days like that are where the USV community really shines. David argued that data is the new oil, not software. There’s a lot of validity in that comment. Kirk pointed out that ISPs are the pipelines of the digital revolution and I liked that. And TR followed Kirk with this observation: […]

Software Is The New Oil

I was with some friends this weekend and one of them was talking about an investment committee meeting he attended and there was a discussion at that meeting about some of the threats out there in the macro investment landscape. One of them was “vanishing liquidity” and the significant change in net cash flows from […]

Outsider vs Disruptor

Mark Suster wrote an interesting post on the state of the VC business this weekend. In it, he makes this comment and puts the blame on the current rabid environment on “outsiders”: If “the market” is driving up prices beyond intrinsic value the main new entrants to the market that have taken a less rational […]

Serving Workers In The Gig Economy

USV’s very own Nick Grossman has co-authored an ebook for O’Reilly Media called “Serving Workers In The Gig Economy” and you can get the ebook here. This book came out of a year or more of research that Nick has done on this sector for USV. We’ve been thinking that there are investments to be […]

Video Of The Week: Why Marketplace Lending Is Better

Samir Desai, founder and CEO of our portfolio company Funding Circle, which is the global leader in small business lending marketplaces, gave a great talk at Lendit this past week. It starts with a bit of an advertisement for Funding Circle, but Samir quickly gets into an explanation of why marketplace lending is a better […]

Fun Friday: Mapping The Bitcoin Market

AVC community member William Mougayar published a Bitcoin market map yesterday. Putting together something like this is a major pain in the butt, but it is incredibly useful for people (like VCs and other investors) who are trying to make sense of an emerging market. It’s a great way to get your name and reputation […]

Twitter Moments As A Platform

The conversation we had on this blog a couple weeks ago about Twitter becoming a journalistic entity by hiring editors to curate Tweets and create what is now known as Moments was interesting. But it missed something important about Moments that I did not realize at the time. Moments will be a platform for anyone […]

Negative Gross Margins

There’s been a lot of talk coming out of silicon valley lately about fast growing companies with high valuations that are going to face problems in the coming year(s). Bill Gurley said this recently: “I do think you’ll see some dead unicorns this year” Mike Moritz said this recently: “There are a considerable number of […]

Work Life Balance

We’ve been in Europe since Oct 2nd. We are on a cross Atlantic flight returning to NYC today. In those 18 days we spent a week in Paris with our oldest daughter who was installing a show there for two artists she works for, a long weekend in Berlin with two other couples, two days […]

Google Photos – Auto GIF Creation

Last night we took a walk along the Seine with some old friends who we’ve been hanging out in Paris with this past week. There was a boat in the river that people were partying on and they started setting off fireworks. I took about six or eight photos of the fireworks along with a […]

Winner Takes Most

The history of the Internet and mobile is that in many categories the winner takes most of the market: Search – Google ecommerce – Amazon Social – Facebook Ridesharing – Uber We can go on and on with making a list like that and I have left off many many markets, but I think this […]

Video Of The Week: Kim-Mai Cutler and Sam Altman

This past week YC announced a $700mm Continuity Fund to allow YC to continue to invest in its portfolio companies. YC has become one of the most important investors in the startup sector and it’s leader, Sam Altman, is driving it to do more faster. This interview he did with Kim-Mai Cutler recently reveals a side […]

Fun Friday: Mets vs Cubs

So I woke up in Paris at 8am this morning and checked my phone. The Mets beat the Dodgers last night in Los Angeles and now go to the National League Championship Series to play the Chicago Cubs. I know there are a few Cubs fans who are AVC regulars. So fun friday is going […]

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