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Video Of The Week: Kara Swisher Interviews Hillary Clinton

I posted an interview that Kara Swisher did with President Obama a few weeks ago. Shortly after that interview, Kara interviewed Hillary Clinton. Kara is on a roll. I hope she interviews Jeb Bush next. In any case, it is great to see a tech journalist interviewing the major national political figures. There are a host […]

Feature Friday: Twitter Video

I tried posting video to Twitter today. It works simply and easily. The early morning crowd at Inteligentsia Coffee in Venice Beach — Fred Wilson (@fredwilson) March 6, 2015 I haven’t seen a ton of video in my feed so far, so it’s not clear that posting video has become popular with Twitter users. […]

A Focus On The Company Not The Investment

I said something on stage at Launch yesterday that I’d like to elaborate on: “Great VCs care more about the company than their investment.” -@fredwilson @Launch #launch2015 — Red Clay (@redclayco) March 4, 2015 I do not mean that your investment isn’t important and I do not mean that making money isn’t the focus of […]

Some Thoughts On Watches

One of my most controversial predictions at year end was: The Apple Watch will not be the homerun product that iPod, iPhone, and iPad have been. Not everyone will want to wear a computer on their wrist. With the Pebble Time making records on Kickstarter this month, with the iWatch coming soon, and with a host […]

The Blockchain Market Map

Four hours ago I left my house for the airport and was planning to blog on the flight to SF this morning. But things got in the way of that. First the pilot didn’t show. Then when he did the computer systems went down at LAX grounding all Delta flights to SF. We called an […]

LTE in the WiFi Spectrum

Apparently T-Mobile is getting ready to launch an LTE service in the unlicensed WiFi spectrum. I’ve written a fair bit here at AVC over the years about the fact that unlicensed spectrum provides a path for way more innovation than licensed spectrum. I am a big fan of unlicensed spectrum and I believe that the […]

A Note On Anonymous, Pseudonymous, Guest, and Regular Commenters

One of the best things about AVC is the engaged and active community that envelopes this blog. It has been for many years a conversation among friends and the occasional stranger. I’ve called it a bar where I get to be the bartender. The people in the community come and go. There are regulars who […]

Video Of The Week: Alexis Ohanian Visits WattPad

Late last year, Alexis Ohanian visited our portfolio company WattPad as part of The Verge’s Small Empires series. If you want to know how a small scrappy Toronto based startup competes with Amazon, this 20min ish video will tell you how.

Feature Friday: Undo Send in Gmail

Here’s a good reason to read the comments at AVC. You learn things. On Monday I wrote a post about sending stuff to the wrong people and a number of folks in the comments explained that there is a Google labs feature called Undo Send that holds your “sent mail” for up to 30 seconds before […]

Open Internet Rules

The FCC is expected to approve its Open Internet Rules today. This is a big deal and something we have been fighting for since former FCC Chair Michael Powell unfortunately and incorrectly ruled that Internet Access was an “information service.” We believe that last mile Internet Access is a natural monopoly/duopoly in most geographies and […]

Is This A Good Startup Idea?

I wrote this tweetstorm yesterday at lunch after engaging in a discussion on Ethan with an entrepreneur who wanted advice on his idea:

Building A Diverse Culture And Team

Brittany posted today about the first USV portfolio diversity summit. Last year we had forty-two portfolio summits all driven by topics that bubble up from our portfolio. Diversity has been rising as a topic that people want to talk about and we reacted to that by hosting a summit on it. We had 28 attendees […]

Sending Stuff To The Wrong People

I got a bunch of emails yesterday that were clearly not meant for me. I replied to let the senders know and deleted them without reading beyond what I had read to know it wasn’t for me. Then I saw this tweet by Chris Dixon: Gmail is auto-suggesting the wrong contacts. Just me losing my […]

Building Enterprise Networks Top Down

Most people that are in the VC and startup sector know that USV likes to invest in networks. And most of the networks we invest in are consumer facing networks of people. Peer to peer services, if you will. The list is long and full of brand name consumer networks. So it would be understandable […]

Video Of The Week: Luis von Ahn on Technology Based Tutoring

Luis is the founder and CEO of our portfolio company DuoLingo. In this video, he explains how he thinks technology can replicate the experience of a one on one tutor.

Feature Friday: Accept Bitcoin With Stripe

Stripe has had this in beta for quite a while but yesterday they launched it and now any merchant who is using Stripe can accept Bitcoins in the regular Stripe checkout flow. Here’s the details on how it works and there’s a nice interactive demo on this page. If you are using Stripe to handle […]

Reblog: VC Cliché of the Week

Back in the early days of this blog I had a series called VC Cliche Of The Week. I’m not sure how long I ran it but I did eventually run out of material and phased it out. In continuation of yesterday’s good vibes and with yet another shoutout to Bliss, here’s a reblog of […]

Finding Your Passion

I graduated from college with a technical degree from one of the finest engineering schools in the world, I had helped to pay for college by writing code in a research lab, I had a strong academic record, and I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. Fortunately the Gotham Gal […]


Our portfolio company Onename is announcing something today that I think is pretty powerful. It’s a key value store built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain called Blockstore. Onename initially built Blockstore for their own business but is releasing it to the cryptocurrency community today to solicit feedback. Here’s how Onename designed Blockstore: Based on […]

Basketball, Startups, and Life

When you watch the San Antonio Spurs (or the Atlanta Hawks this season), you get a sense of a system at work on the court. There is chaos, the players are moving and cutting all over the place, and then a pass is made to the open man and an uncontested layup results. It’s like […]

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