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Some Big News On CS Education

I am driving up to the Bronx this morning to attend Mayor de Blasio’s speech on the NYC public schools. As the NY Times reported last night, in his speech he will announce a big public/private partnership between the city and the private sector to train up to 5,000 teachers on computer science curriculum, from […]

Question: Can You Get T-Mo Wifi Calling On Stock Android

So last week I ditched my Nexus 6 for a Samsung Galaxy Edge 6 from T-Mo so I could get Wifi Calling on my android phone. A week later I am back to the Nexus 6. I just couldn’t take all the stuff that comes with the T-Mo phone. The autocomplete was driving me crazy. […]

CloudFlare and China

Our portfolio company CloudFlare operates one of the Internet’s largest networks. This blog is hosted on the CloudFlare network so all of you are passing through CloudFlare on your way to AVC. CloudFlare wanted to operate its network in China but obviously that created some challenges. So for the past four years CloudFlare has been […]

Ten Years Of Techmeme

If you were blogging about tech in September 2005 when launched, you knew about it and you read it. There was a time when AVC posts would regularly be on Techmeme and AVC would regularly be on its leaderboard. That has not been the case for years but I still read Techmeme every day. It is […]

Video Of The Week: Kara and Jeff

This is a great discussion between Kara Swisher and Jeff Weiner. I love the radio talk show look and feel.

Fun Friday: Teaching Empathy

This is a serious topic, brought up by reggiedog in yesterday’s comment thread, but maybe we can have some fun with it today. I agree with reggiedog that teaching empathy to children is necessary if you want to produce happy and healthy adults. We are fortunate that our kids’ school was damn good at that […]

What Is Coding?

I did a fireside chat at Google NYC yesterday and was asked a great question by one of the engineers in the room. He wanted to get at what exactly are we teaching when we teach coding to kids and why is it important. I responded that coding is just instructing a machine what we […]

CircleUp Rights+

Our portfolio company CircleUp is a marketplace where consumer goods companies raise equity capital from accredited investors. CircleUp is a registered broker dealer and does all of this in full compliance with securities laws. Over the past few years, CircleUp has helped 113 consumer goods companies raise over $130mm and they are growing quite rapidly now […]

Android Tap & Go

I have not moved from one android phone to another in a few years. I’ve been going back and forth between the latest iPhone and the latest Android. I recently went through a period where I was carrying both. But about a month ago, I went back to my Nexus 6 with a TMo sim […]

Some Thoughts On Labor On Labor Day

When one looks back over the history of the development of the modern economy from the agricultural age, to the industrial age, to the information age, the development of a strong labor movement has to be one of the signature events. Capitalism, taken to its excesses, does not allocate economic value fairly to all participants […]


It seems like more and more of my engagement with various services I use involve some sort of recommender. The new version of Google Maps on my phone recommends a certain way to get from one place to another along with a couple other options. SoundCloud and Spotify are generating awesome recommended listening streams to […]

Video Of The Week: A Discussion Of Accelerators

The economist Ian Hathaway did a public video hangout with Brad Feld this week and posted it on YouTube. They cover a lot of interesting territory in and around the startup accelerator phenomenon.

Feature Friday: Twitter Highlights

I found out about this feature here at AVC a few weeks ago so it is fitting that I’m telling you all how much I like it. I believe it is only available on Android right now. I could be wrong about that, but I think that is the case. This morning I had this […]

Forgive and Forget

My partner Albert has long been arguing on his blog (which you should be reading) that technology is bringing massive changes to society and we are going to have to change the way we think about things in reaction to these changes. One of those areas is privacy and the “post privacy world” that we […]

What Are We Doing?

I’ve been told over the years that the number one reason employees leave a company for another job is that they don’t know where the company is headed and they don’t know what their role in that roadmap is. Apparently a bad boss and below market comp and long working hours all come in lower […]

A Glimpse Into The Future

Justin Fox has an excellent blog post up on talking about some changes he is seeing in the global economy. In the post Justin observes that the global economic slowdown we are in the midst of may well be more about the accelerating change from a goods based economy to a services based economy […]

Signing My Name

I sign my name a lot. When we close deals, I sign the documents. When things change in our companies and they need consents, I sign them. I sign tax returns, filings, permits, and a host of other documents all the time. As I have written here before, I have a hard time with what […]

Taxis, Ubers, and Subways

Nate Silver published an interesting post on Taxis, Ubers, and Subways this past week. This graphic is from that post: What you can see from this graphic is that most New Yorkers don’t use taxis or Uber. They use the subway, and to a lesser extent buses. This is from Nate’s post: How big is […]

Video Of The Week: Using Drones To Track Construction Projects

One of the most popular use cases for our portfolio company Dronebase is tracking construction job sites. This video from their YouTube page gives you a sense of why that is valuable to construction managers and their clients. We will return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow

Feature Friday: Mayorships

I love the new version of the Swarm app from our portfolio company Foursquare so much that I fired off a tweetstorm about it earlier this week. Among the many great replies I got was this one: @fredwilson do we still care about “mayorships?” — Jordan Rice (@1jrice) August 26, 2015 To which I replied: @1jrice […]

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