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A few years ago, my friend Jonathan Klein asked me to come speak to a strategy offsite for his company Getty Images. A few days later, I got a thank you note and he asked me to pick any image from their website for a thank you gift. I picked this one and he was […]

La Ruche qui dit Oui!

La Ruche qui dit Oui! (the hive that says yes) is a marketplace that connects farmers to people who want farm fresh food in their kitchens and on their tables. We got to know the company last winter when my friends Simon and Toby from Mosaic introduced me to Marc-David Choukroun, one of the two founders […]

Banks and Brokerages Should Be Mining The Blockchain

The biggest new trend I am seeing in bitcoin/blockchain is the emergence of a number of companies building systems on the blockchain (including the NASDAQ) to handle the backoffice issues that banks and brokerage firms have to manage. The blockchain is an ideal platform to build these sorts of applications (clearing, settlement, etc) on. One […]

A Blast From The Past

I’ve been assisting with a project that is attempting to document the history of tech in NYC since Samuel Morse helped to bring the telegraph to market in the 1830s. I can’t help much with what went down in the 19th and early 20th century. But I can help with what happened at the very […]

Video of the Week: Nick’s OuiShare Fest Talk

My colleague Nick Grossman went to the OuiShare Fest this year and delivered a talk he called “Venture Capital vs Community Capital” Here it is:

Future Friday: OpenBazaar and OB1

Yesterday our portfolio company OB1 announced a seed round led by USV, Andreessen Horowitz andWilliam Mougayar. From the OB1 blog post: OpenBazaar will always be open source and MIT licensed. As a global software community, we’ve intentionally created OpenBazaar so that there are no fees required to use the network, and there is no central […]

The Context.IO App Challenge

I recently agreed to be a judge for the Context.IO App Challenge. It is a long-format online hackathon. Developers and entrepreneurs have until September 1 to build and submit consumer applications that use the Context.IO API, with a chance to win over $50k ($125k cash prizes in total). Context.IO is a product of Return Path, where […]

Benedict Evans on WWDC

If you, like me, were busy at work this week and were not able to pay attention to WWDC, then this podcast with Benedict Evans is well worth the 25mins it takes to listen. Now I feel like I know what was announced and what to make of it. Thanks Benedict.


I’ve been watching my friend Kirk and his colleagues Bart and Marc building a mobile app called Pegg for the past year. I’ve had almost every build on my iPhone during that time so I’ve been watching them up close and it’s been a pleasure to see them refine, simplify, and ultimately ship a really […]


Yesterday was a bright sunny day on the east end of long island. So the Gotham Gal wanted a hat to shield the sun from her face and pulled out this gem from one of our closets. For those that don’t know, that’s a logo on the hat. Kozmo shut down in early 2001 […]

Getting To Broadband For All

Ryan asked me what I thought about the news that the FCC is going to expand the Lifeline program, which provides a $9.25/month subsidy for phone (wired and wireless) to the poor, to include broadband. In the short term it makes a ton of sense to me to say “you can use your $9.25/month subsidy […]

Video Of The Week: My NYU Poly Commencement Address

Several weeks ago I gave a talk at the commencement of NYU Poly, NYU’s School of Engineering. I’ve been on the board of NYU and NYU Poly and this is the first time I’ve given a talk at commencement. It was fun. The talk is short, about five or six minutes, and the video cuts […]

Feature Friday: Pinning Wifis

I’ve started using a cool mobile app called WifiMap. It does something quite simple but also quite useful. When you have the app on your phone and you are using a public wifi (open or password protected), you simply open WifiMap and it gives you the opportunity to “pin” that wifi on a map and […]

MBA Mondays Illustrated

I’ve encouraged folks to use the MBA Mondays content in whatever ways they want. It is all creative commons licensed and available to be used freely as long as there is proper attribution. This past week Jason Li emailed me about his illustrated version of MBA Mondays. I took a look and was very pleased […]

The Buffalo Bet

Last year I went up to Buffalo and talked to their startup community and got a tour of the emerging startup community there. I was impressed by what I saw. Like many cities around the country, Buffalo is betting on tech and tech startups to give their economy a boost. Part of this bet is […]

The Freelance Economy

I was on the phone last night with Stephen DeWitt, the CEO of our portfolio company Work Market. He was talking about a specific community of people and I asked him how many of them were likely to be freelancers. He said “well the statistics say that 3 to 4 out of every ten people […]

While You Were Away

I saw this in my twitter feed this morning I like that a lot. I don’t see every tweet that is in my feed. I like the idea of Twitter figuring out the ones I’d like to make sure to see and put it right up front and center. Kind of like Gmail’s Priority Inbox, […]

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Reading the comment thread from yesterday reminded me of something fundamental and true. It is easy to critique but hard to do. A big part of my job is to sit on boards and when you do that, your primary role is to evaluate the performance of senior management, particularly the CEO. As someone who […]

Video Of The Week: Dick Costolo at Re/code

I like how Dick answers the question about whether he’s going to be CEO of Twitter by the end of the year. It is about time that Twitter articulates how large their audience really is and why their usage numbers can’t be compared directly to Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. Full disclosure, I own a lot […]

Fun Friday: Office Art

We have some fun office art at USV. The most recent addition is an Electric Objects digital frame. Here’s a short video of it in action. If you have cool art in your office, or home, pls share it with us.

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