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In Defense Of Bubbles

There is nothing the tech media and the broader press likes to ask me about more than bubbles. “Is Snapchat a bubble?” “Is Uber a bubble?” “Is Facebook a bubble?” “Is seed investing a bubble?” “Is growth investing a bubble?” And on and on and on. It’s like bubbles are a disease that we need […]

Reason For Reform

Like all impassioned political debates, there is a reason to be on both sides of the immigration divide. If you are against immigration, you are likely afraid of what these new people might bring to the US. They could bring lower cost labor and cause you to lose your job. They could bring crime or […]

Reboot Podcast With Jerry and Brad

Jerry Colonna, Brad Feld, and I go way back in the venture capital business. We met in the mid 90s and worked very closely together during the late 90s. I still work closely with Jerry and Brad but not quite as intensively as we did back then. We got together a couple weeks ago (virtually) […]

The Seventh Sense

Joshua Cooper Ramo was introduced to me a few years ago by my friend Joi Ito. I’ve gotten to know him a bit and he’s one of those people that knows a lot about a lot of things. Earlier this year he told me he was writing a book. I wrote it down and finally got […]

The Golden Age Of Open Protocols

Protocols are a geeky topic. It’s way more interesting to talk about applications. People will go on and on about why they like gmail or some other email application. But not a lot of people get excited about SMTP and IMAP which are the underlying email protocols that allow the gmail application to talk to […]

Video Of The Week: Khizr Kahn’s Speech

The most moving and powerful speech I saw in the past two weeks, which have been full of speeches, was Khizr Kahn’s speech on Thursday night. Of course it was political and an attack on Donald Trump. But on this issue, religious and ethnic tolerance, Trump deserves the attack. And Khizr did it wonderfully.

Kickstarter’s Impact On The Creative Economy

Professor Ethan Mollick of The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School has been studying our portfolio company Kickstarter in his research. Late last year, he published his research on how many projects actually ship after getting funding on Kickstarter (answer is roughly 90% ultimately ship). Now he’s back with another piece of research looking at the […]

The AI Nexus Lab

In Matt Turck‘s recent blog post about the state of NYC’s tech sector, he wrote: The New York data and AI community, in particular, keeps getting stronger.  Facebook’s AI department is anchored in New York by Yann LeCun, one of the fathers of deep learning.  IBM Watson’s global headquarter is in NYC. When Slack decided […]

The Tortoise And The Hare

One of my favorite childhood stories is Aesop’s The Tortoise And The Hare. I just love the idea that slow and steady ultimately wins the race. I thought about that story when I read that Pokemon Go had set a record with 75mm downloads in its first few weeks in the app stores. Mobile games […]

Hailo and MyTaxi

The news broke this morning that our portfolio company Hailo is combining forces with MyTaxi. The combined company, which will operate under the MyTaxi brand, will be the dominant taxi hailing app in Western Europe. Hailo is huge in the UK and Ireland and has a strong position in Spain. MyTaxi operates in Germany, Australia, Italy, […]

Start, Grow, Mature, Consolidate

The life cycle of tech companies is pretty straightforward. They start, they grow, they mature, and they consolidate. The news that Yahoo is finally selling to Verizon and joining forces with AOL is a not in the least bit surprising and probably long overdue. Yahoo has not been a growth business in quite a while. […]

On The Beach

I’m taking the weekend off to spend it with my entire family (parents, brothers, wives, children) on the beach. Here are a couple podcasts that Harry Stebbings did with my partners Albert and Brad in case you want to spend some time going deep on USV this weekend Podcast w/ Brad Podcast w/ Albert:

Video Of The Week: William Talking Blockchains At Google

AVC regular William Mougayar gave a talk about blockchains at Google a few weeks ago. It’s a good overview of where we’ve been and where we are going in the blockchain sector.

Hard Forks

The crypto-currency Ethereum completed a hard fork on Wednesday. The Ethereum core developers, after getting a vote of support from the Ethereum community, hard forked Ethereum to “get back” the roughly $40mm of Ethereum that was taken in the hack of The DAO. Hard forks are a bit of a lightning rod issue in the […]

Stack Documentation

Our portfolio company Stack Overflow (or Stack as I prefer to call them) has launched something new and interesting today. It is called Stack Overflow Documentation. This is what Stack co-founder and CEO Joel Spolsky told me about Documentation a few weeks ago: The current state of developer documentation is pretty abysmal. It’s spread all […]

Trashing Tumblr

So Scott Galloway thinks Tumblr was nothing more than a “porn site.” I think that is a ridiculous comment coming from someone who says ridiculous things. Tumblr was, and still is, a vibrant social media platform. Just talk to the tens of million of of people who have had Tumblr blogs and have gotten tremendous […]

Dear Fred

I get so many emails from people who are thinking of starting a company and they share their idea with me and ask me if they should do it. They want my feedback on their idea. These are, for the most part, people I have never met and have no context for. I came across […]

Some Thoughts On Steem

About a year ago, in the middle of the Reddit soap opera that played out last summer, I wrote a post about how someone could (and would) build something like Reddit on the blockchain. A number of developers and entrepreneurs have done that and the one that has garnered the most interest is called Steem. […]

Active vs Passive Investing

When you buy a stock in the public markets, that is passive investing. When you buy 10% of that public company in the open market and then seek to obtain board seats, that is active investing. When you buy a REIT, that is passive investing. When you buy vacant land, build an apartment building, and […]

Remembering the Life and Career of Bill Campbell

Last week at Fortune’s Brainstorm Conference, Adam Lashinsky led a panel discussion about Bill Campbell, who passed away earlier this year. There are some great anecdotes about Bill in this 30min video.

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