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People Plus Packages

The ability for anyone to get in their car and open up an app and get business has turned into an enormous market in the past five years. The two biggest categories are “ridesharing” (Uber, Lyft, Sidecar) and “delivery” (Postmates, Deliv, etc). But there isn’t any reason why these two categories need to be separate. […]

The Carlota Perez Framework

I was reading William’s post on the potential crash in the Bitcoin sector this morning and I thought of Carlota Perez. Longtime readers of this blog will know that I am a huge fan of Carlota’s work, her research around technology revolutions and financial capital, and her book about all of that. In 2011, I […]

Video Of The Week: Making Music With Splice

I had this chat yesterday on Ethan about electronic music related companies in our portfolio: Which suggests to me that many people in the EDM space don’t know about Splice (a USV portfolio company). So here’s a short (less than 2min) video that showcases two of the most important features of Splice (cloud storage and […]

Feature Friday: Digital Money Accounting

So this is a different kind of feature friday. It is about a feature I want but don’t have. Digital money is coming and it is coming pretty fast now. In the developing world we see mpesa taking off in many countries now. In some countries, like Kenya, it has become the dominant way people […]

Startups Matter In DC

In the WSJ post about the FCC’s decision (announced yesterday) to adopt Title II as the mechanism to insure that last mile access providers don’t mess with the open Internet, they explain how the White House came around on this issue: The prod from Mr. Obama came after an unusual, secretive effort inside the White […]

The Ethics Of Algorithms

Last week, USV hosted one of our regular portfolio summits. We do this on almost a weekly basis now for some subset of our portfolio (engineering leaders, human resources leaders, marketing leaders, etc, etc). It is all part of our USV Network offering for our portfolio companies. This summit was for the data analysts in […]

Utility vs Information Service

I saw this headline on the New York Times today: F.C.C. Is Expected to Propose Regulating Internet Service as a Utility Now you can argue whether regulating the last mile Internet is a good idea and we have done that ad naseum here at AVC over the years. But if you accept that some regulations […]

MBA Mondays Reblog: Sunk Costs

The Gotham Gal and I made a decision recently where we had a bunch of sunk costs. It reminded me of this post and I am going to reblog it today. —————————————- Sunk Costs are time and money (and other resources) you have already spent on a project, investment, or some other effort. They have […]

Hiring Mobile Engineers vs Training Engineers On Mobile

We have watched many of our large “web first” portfolio companies struggle to make the change from web first to mobile first. By now, most of them (but not all of them) have made the transition. And it is not an easy transition. Most of them built up “mobile teams” that are made up of […]

Video Of The Week: Gabriel Weinberg on Search and Privacy

I came across this short (~12min) interview of Gabe this past week. I enjoyed it and I think you all will too: And if you want to see something cool and new from Gabe’s search engine (and USV portfolio company) DuckDuckGo, check out this search query.

Fun Friday:

I just realized we haven’t done a fun friday since mid December. It’s gotten way too serious around here. I’m sorry about that. So we are going to rectify that by posting our favorite comedy routines (youtube embeds or anything else that will work in the comment thread). Here’s my contribution. I recently saw Jason […]

Another Tweetstorm Rant

I got fed up yesterday with seeing this on my phone all the time That red notification next to the Facebook app is basically permanent because it is about messages that I need to download FB messenger to receive and clear the notification. I love notifications, they are the primary way I navigate my phone, […]

Time Shift

The Gotham Gal and I are on the west coast for a while, escaping the NYC winter now that our kids are all out of the house. That means this blog, which normally gets updated around 5-7am eastern will get updated around 5-7am pacific this winter. We will resume our regularly scheduled programming when NYC […]

Community Ownership Of Internet Applications and Services

I kicked off the second topic of the week discussion on today with a post about community ownership of Internet applications and services. If you want to read the post and/or join the discussion, go here and do that. Here’s a teaser to get you interested in doing that: With more and more web […]

More On Seed Rounds

There was a good discussion in the comment threads to yesterday’s post. This comment from Rick made me think a follow-up post would be helpful. Seed, Later Stage, etc. all mean different things to different people. That’s where the confusion comes from. I wrote a post explaining how we think about seed last June. Here’s […]

Some Thoughts On Seed Investing

We (USV) raised a new venture fund at the start of last year and started investing it in the spring of 2014. It is called USV 2014. We have made six investments in it so far and five of them are seed investments. That’s a very high ratio for USV and we do not expect […]

Video Of The Week: Opening Keynote Of The Women’s Entrepreneur Festival

The Gotham Gal and her friend Nancy Hechinger have put on the Women’s Entrepreneur Festival for five years now. It’s become an annual celebration of women and entrepreneurship. It was held in NYC this past wednesday and thursday. Here’s the opening keynote the Gotham Gal delivered (it is the first 12-13mins of this video. the […]

Feature Friday: Back Up iPhoto To Dropbox

The Gotham Gal moved from an old macbook air to a new one about a year ago. When she moved all of her files, configurations, and settings from the old macbook to the new one, somehow her iPhoto folders didn’t come over correctly. She was missing a bunch of photos on her new laptop and […]

Deep Web Marketplaces

Last week Joel sent everyone at USV an email outlining his journey through and exploration of the Dark Web which ultimately resulted in a purchase of a pair of boots for his girlfriend. Jonathan replied to all with “this is the best thing I’ve read on the Internet this year” to which I replied “except […]

A Lens Into The Future Of Enterprise Software

I’ve been working with our portfolio company WorkMarket for four years now. It’s been a real learning experience for me as enterprise and SAAS has never been my long suit. We were attracted to WorkMarket because, as their name implies, they use a marketplace model to help enterprises get work done. Specifically, they created and […]

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