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What Is Going To Happen In 2017

Happy New Year Everyone. Yesterday we focused on the past, today we are going to focus on the future, specifically this year we are now in. Here’s what I expect to happen this year: Trump will hit the ground running, cutting corporate and personal taxes, and eliminating the preferential treatment of carried interest capital gains. […]

What Did And Did Not Happen In 2016

As has become my practice, I will end the year (today) looking back and start the year (tomorrow) looking forward. As a starting point for looking back on 2016, we can start with my What Is Going To Happen In 2016 post from Jan 1st 2016. I thought AR/VR and wearables would disappoint in 2016. They […]

Songs That Stayed With Me In 2016

I liked over 450 songs on SoundCloud in 2016. These are the ones that stayed with me.

Blockchain In 2016

Nick Tomaino has started a new publication called The Control to provide “high brow” (my word not his) reporting on the Blockchain sector. If Coindesk is the TechCrunch of the blockchain sector, Nick wants The Control to be The Economist of the sector. Here is how Nick describes his ambitions for The Control. The Control […]

Data Wins

Whenever people ask me which company I think will win the self driving car race, I say Telsa. And the reason is that they have more data. And when it comes to training machines to do what humans do, more data is better than more software engineers. Bloomberg has a good post on that today.


One of the issues in all of the concerns about “fake news” is the way headlines are used on the Internet. Newspapers and magazines certainly took the construction of headlines into account to drive readers into the stories. But on the Internet, headlines have become that and more. They are the links themselves that fly […]

New Economics

I am tired of the classic left/right perspective on society, policy, and politics. I realize that markets are an incredible tool to allocate resources efficiently. And I also realize that markets are subject to failure and we need to protect our society from these market failures. I am not a purist on either side of […]

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas

I’m not writing today and tomorrow as we are celebrating the year end holidays with families. Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to all of you.

Fixing The Internet

Walter Isaacson wrote a blog post last week suggesting that the Internet is broken and outlining how he would fix it. I think that most of his suggestions are currently being built using blockchain technologies. Here is his list (in italics) and my reactions to it. 1) Create a system that enables content producers to […]

What Has Gotten Into Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is up 16% this month: And it is up 86% YTD 2016: Obviously there is more demand for the leading digital currency than there is supply of it right now. My guess is this is speculation driven (the more it goes up the more traders want to bet on it) and does not represent […]

Going Back In Time

I woke up to an awesome holiday gift today. Sitting in my inbox was an email from Greg Galant. Greg had read about the missing Positively 10th Street podcasts from 2005-2007 here on AVC a few weeks ago. So he dug up an old hard drive and found five episodes in his iTunes folder. And he […]

Kik Group Video Chat

It seems that adding group video chat is the thing right now. Yesterday our portfolio company Kik added group video chat to its popular mobile messenger and Facebook did the same with its Messenger application on the very same day. Here’s a screenshot of me and AVC regular William Mougayar video chatting in Kik just […]

Venture Deals 3.0

Like a great software product that keeps getting better and better as it ages, the classic book by Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson, Venture Deals, is now on its third version. Here is the forward I wrote for the first version of the book and that continues to provide the opening context for it: I […]

AI: Why Now?

UK-based VC David Kelnar wrote an excellent primer on Artificial Intelligence that is a relatively quick read and helps explain the technology and its advancement over the past sixty years since the term was coined in the mid 1950s. I like this chart which explains the relationship between AI, machine learning, and deep learning. But […]

Audio Of The Week: Three Time Social Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is not only about making money. It can also be used to create social change. Three time social entrepreneur Nancy Lublin has made a career out of starting non-profits to do exactly that. Last week she sat down with the Gotham Gal and talked about lessons she has learned along the way, most of […]

Fun Friday: Best Performing Public Market Investment In 2017

I am curious what the best performing public market asset (stock, bond, REIT, etc) was in 2017. Here’s my nominee – Bitcoin, up 71% this year to date: Please leave your nominee in the comments.

Planning For Next Year

For the past few weeks I have been going from Board Meeting to Board Meeting reviewing, discussing, debating, and, ideally, approving the 2017 plans for the companies that I work with. Here are some thoughts and observations about the year end planning process: 1) Companies should start the annual planning process early. I think September […]

Hacking Elections

I spent the last twenty minutes reading this long and well reported NY Times story on the Russian hacking efforts during the recent Presidential Election. If you read one thing today, I recommend you read this. We have been engaged in information warfare with other countries for years. This is not a new thing. But, […]

Numerai and Polychain

USV recently made two investments in hedge fund managers. You might gather from that fact that we are moving away from venture capital. But that would be an incorrect assumption. What we are doing is finding new ways to invest in technologies that we think are interesting. These would be technologies like artificial intelligence, encryption, […]

Debug Politics NYC

If you are like many people I know, you are dismayed about the 2016 political cycle, not only the results and how they came about, but with the whole damn thing. Some hackers have decided to do something about that and created the Debug Politics Hackathon. The first Debug Politics Hackathon happened this weekend in […]

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