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The First Annual AFSE Fundraiser

AVC folks will know that my first foray into K-12 Computer Science Education work, which has now become almost a second full-time job, was the effort four years ago to open NYC’s first dedicated computer science high school. That high school is called The Academy For Software Engineering (AFSE) and this year they will graduate […]

Time Zone Management

I spent last week in Utah on Mountain Time and I found myself booking meetings in Europe, NYC, and the bay area regularly. I am certain that some of those meetings and resulting calendar entries are going to be wrong, wreaking havoc on me and multiple executive assistants. For some reason the cognitive load of […]

Contextual and Granular Notification Controls

I love getting notifications on my phone. I’ve written a lot about notifications, at one point calling the notifications screen “my home screen.” But I don’t like how we are forced to control notifications, which ones we want, which ones we don’t want, how we want them, etc through the settings in the mobile OS, […]

Video Of The Week: The Internet Of Moving Things

Here’s a short TV news report on our portfolio company Veniam and their technology that powers an “Internet of moving things.”

Bitcoin Is Dead, Long Live Bitcoin

I’ve been writing about the Bitcoin blocksize debate here at AVC (the only place I write and I’m hard core about that) for the past year. It’s a big deal. At the core of the debate is whether the Bitcoin blockchain should be a settlement layer that supports a number of new blockchains that can […]


One of the things I admire most in companies and their leaders is tenacity. I don’t mean sticking with a failed idea for too long. That is a mistake I see a lot of entrepreneurs make in the Seed and Series A stages. That does nobody any good. I mean years 5-10, or years 10-15, […]


Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, Turn and face the strange  David Bowie Just this week I’ve been on the receiving end of a half dozen of those emails. They start with the news that a valued colleague has made the decision to move on. It goes on to thank everyone for a wonderful experience and ends with best wishes. It’s […]

Network Equity

Our portfolio company LaRuche is leading an effort in France to allow platforms to share the equity in their businesses to the broader network of participants on their platform. As more and more businesses leverage the power of networks to create economic value, there is a question of whether the network participants should share in the […]

Time Change

The Gotham Gal are doing our annual winter in the west and we flew to the mountains of Utah with some of our family yesterday. We are in Utah, Los Angeles, and the bay area regularly for the next couple months. We return to NYC when it’s spring. Look for this blog to post daily […]

Wifi In The Subways

I’ve been writing about wifi in the subways since 2005. Ten years later we still don’t have ubiquitous connectivity in the NYC subway system. On Friday, NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo and Tom Prendergast, Chairman of the MTA, announced plans to accelerate the rollout of TransitWireless to all 278 underground subway stations so that all of them […]

Video Of The Week: Albert and Peter Kafka

This isn’t actually video, it’s audio, but it’s a good one and so I’m making it the video of the week. My partner Albert and Peter Kafka talked a few weeks ago on the Decode Recode Podcast. Peter is one of my favorite tech journalists. He’s been around for a long time, he knows his […]

Fun Friday: Stock Market Prognosticating

The Nasdaq closed 2015 at 5,007. It has fallen 6.4% this week and is now at 4,689. Here’s the long term history of the Nasdaq: 5,000 is a number with some meaning with this index. It touched that number briefly in the Internet bubble, then built its way all the way back over the past […]

The Co-Founder Bootcamp

Co-founder stress and strain is one of the most under appreciated of all the startup challenges. If you don’t have a co-founder, well then you have other challenges, namely having to do it all on your own. But if you do have a co-founder or two or three, I would imagine that figuring out how […]

The Phablet Era

Flurry, a former USV portfolio company now owned by Yahoo!, put out a mobile report yesterday and there’s some interesting data in there. Flurry has its analytics on over 2bn devices around the world so they see a lot of activity. The most interesting stat I saw in the report is this chart about device […]

Is It The Content Or The Packaging?

My partner Andy tweeted this yesterday and I replied: @aweissman @diymanik @elidourado i wonder how much of that is delivery model, business model, and content quality? — Fred Wilson (@fredwilson) January 4, 2016 I was looking for some thoughts on whether these Netflix and Amazon shows are really the best content on TV right now […]

The Analog To Digital Move

One of my favorite business moves over the past twenty years was the one Netflix pulled off. They started out as a subscription DVD rental business and evolved into the leader in subscription streaming video. I’ve never seen anything written about whether that was intentional all along or whether they figured it out as the […]

Bitcoin: Democracy and Debate

Brian Armstrong, founder and CEO of our portfolio company Coinbase, published two back to back posts yesterday on the dual topics of Bitcoin governance and the scaling Bitcoin debate. Article 1: How are we going to solve bitcoin scaling? Miner Voting: — Brian Armstrong (@brian_armstrong) January 3, 2016 and Article 2: How the block […]

Video Of The Week: Obama On Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

I’ve always enjoyed Jerry Seinfeld’s web series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee and this week’s episode with President Obama is a lot of fun. Enjoy

What Is Going To Happen In 2016

It’s easier to predict the medium to long term future. We will be able to tell our cars to take us home after a late night of new year’s partying within a decade. I sat next to a life sciences investor at a dinner a couple months ago who told me cancer will be a […]

What Happened In 2015

Last year in my What Just Happened post, I said: the social media phase of the Internet ended I think we can go further than that now and say that sometime in the past year or two the consumer internet/social/mobile gold rush ended. Look  at the top 25 apps in the US: The top 6 […]

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