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Bring Back Pat

I read the other day that Patrick Ewing would like to be considered for the currently vacant NY Knick head coach role. I think that’s a terrific idea. Companies like Apple and Twitter have gone back to their early leaders to rejuvenate the company. The Knicks have started down that path by bringing Phil Jackson […]

Video Of The Week: Q&A With Brian Hoffman of Open Bazaar

Our portfolio company OB1 launched the Open Bazaar p2p decentralized marketplace protocol recently. Here’s a video where OB1 founder Brian Hoffman explains what Open Bazaar is and why they built it.

Fun Friday: AR and VR

I’m pretty skeptical about the early implementations of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. I think the early versions are expensive, require powerful computers, are tethered, require headsets, and can cause headaches and worse. But I am in the minority in our business and in the tech community. VR and AR are among the most hyped […]

Losing Money

I remember back in the mid 90s, I used to say with some pride that I had not lost money on any of my VC investments. Then one day, someone told me “then you are not taking enough risk.” I ended that streak of not losing money on VC investments in the late 90s in […]

New Disqus iOS App

Disqus, the USV portfolio company that powers the comments/community here at AVC, released an iOS app this past week. You can download it here. The Disqus mobile app has two primary features. The first is the ability to follow channels and discover content and conversations in those channels. Here’s a screenshot of my home tab […]

The Kik Bot Platform

Our portfolio company Kik launched its bot platform today. Kik has supported bots for several years but they were limited to bots from publishers and brands that were willing to make a significant effort to be on the Kik platform. What is new today is that any developer can build a bot for the Kik […]

What Android Phone Should I Get?

We are heading back to NYC tomorrow and, among other things, that means I can end my 6 months on iOS. I force myself to spend six months of the year on iPhone to make sure I’ve got my head wrapped around that platform and how it is changing and evolving. But I feel like […]

The IPO Standoff

The NY Times suggests that the reason there have been no tech IPOs in the past quarter is that the tech sector is having a “standoff” with the public markets. The logic goes like this: many of the tech IPOs that happened in 2015 are now underwater so public market investors are tired of losing […]

Audio Of The Week: Albert Wenger and Mike Masnick on Encryption

My partner Albert went on the Techdirt podcast last week and talked with Mike Masnick about his thoughts on encryption, secure elements, and other issues related to the ongoing debate about privacy and security.

Funding Friday: William Kentridge On The Tiber River

So I’ve decided to start up another friday theme (fun friday, feature friday, etc) called Funding Friday. I will post projects of all sorts (not just Kickstarter) that are seeking funding that I think are worthy. We will start with an ambitious art project that is closing today. The renown artist William Kentridge will create a mural […]

Side Projects

Back when we started USV in 2003/2004, we used to see a lot of side projects that had taken off and were turning into companies. We funded at least one such side project, Delicious, which ended up getting sold to Yahoo! a few years later. But I remember that we would see one or two […]

MIT Digital Currency Initiative

My alma mater is doing some really good work in the area of digital currencies. MIT, via its Media Lab, has built something called the Digital Currency Initiative. The basic idea of the DCI is to bring together researchers and scientists from all over the world and from many different disciplines (cryptography, economics, privacy, distributed […]

SoundCloud Go

Today is a big day for our portfolio company SoundCloud. They are launching SoundCloud Go in the US today. They plan to launch SoundCloud Go in other parts of the world as soon as they can get the rights together to do so. SoundCloud Go is the ultimate music service, giving listeners access to 125 […]

The Flatiron District

In 1996, Jerry Colonna and I decided to call our venture capital firm Flatiron Partners (it was code named Acme Ventures). We named it after the Flatiron Building and decided to locate in the neighborhood with the same name. We moved down there a bit later and I immediately was smitten with the neighborhood. I […]

Back From The Dead

It’s Easter Sunday. A time to celebrate those that have risen from the dead. My favorite success stories are the ones that were written off for dead and somehow pulled it out and built something lasting and sustainable. It doesn’t happen that often to be honest. Sure there are the pivots like Odeo>Twitter and Glitch>Slack. […]

Video Of The Week: Creative Communities

I was surfing around YouTube today looking for something to watch (and post) this morning. I found this video with two of my favorite people, Esther Dyson and Chad Dickerson (Etsy’s CEO). This video is more than a year old so the data in it is not current. But the lessons on scaling and managing a […]

Fun Friday: Going Over The Top

Last night we got home from dinner and I wanted to watch some TV. TV is not really my thing but I am trying to get more into it these days. I did not turn on the cable box. I went straight for Netfix, HBO Go, Showtime Anywhere, and NBA League Pass. This morning I […]

Path Forward

Our portfolio company Return Path built a “returnship” program a few years ago to help stay at home moms and other men and women who have left the work force to take care of children, sick parents, etc figure out how to get back into the workforce. This program, which involves a 20 week paid […]

Podcasts I Like

Living in LA this winter has been a boon to my podcast listening and discovery. I get in the car, fire up SoundCloud on my phone, and start listening. This past weekend I listened to three new podcasts that I thought I’d share with all of you. Unlisted With Brad Inman Brad Inman‘s Inman News has […]

ScriptEd Internships

One of the questions I get a lot from people about our K12 Computer Science Education work is “where are the pathways to a job?” and right now there aren’t enough of them. Some of it is that not enough students have the skills that employers want in an employee or an intern. But some […]

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