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17 Brands Effectively Using Instagram Live & Facebook Live

yesterdayInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

Live streaming has grown significantly in recent years, and Facebook Live and Instagram Live have quickly risen to the top. We’re all visual creatures, but people especially love social live video. Native Facebook videos (meaning ones filmed and streamed via the platform) enjoy nearly double the engagement of video shared from YouTube and Instagram, [...]Show More Summary

7 Ways To Turn One Webinar Into Many Pieces Of Content

4 days agoInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

Creating large amounts of valuable content is a universal challenge among marketers. Whether we’re talking about images, articles, blog posts or videos, large quantities sometimes cause a decrease in quality if a marketing department isn’t diligent. And the flipside, of course, is that high quality content can take longer to create and therefore decrease [...]Show More Summary

Adwords: Higher Conversions & Lower CPA With Manual Bidding

5 days agoInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

AdWords is an excellent source of high-converting web traffic. I have had colleagues that have used AdWords to generate over 50% of their business for several years. But for marketers without a background in PPC, Adwords can be hard to crack. One of the biggest challenges new marketers face is developing a sound bidding [...]Show More Summary

Navigating The Local Search Ecosystem To Yield Results

6 days agoInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

The Local Search Ecosystem is made up of many different sources including data aggregators like InfoGroup, review sites like Yelp, social media platforms such as Facebook and Foursquare, geo and vertical directories (think SuperPages, DexKnows, FindLaw), GPS mapping solutions (e.g. Garmin, Here), and of course, search engines like Google and Bing. Originally the brainchild [...]Show More Summary

5 Psychological Concepts That Can Improve Your Content Marketing

last weekInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

Though you may not have thought about it in such specific terms, content marketing is all about psychology. You need to understand who your target audience is, discover what topics and angles will appeal to them most, and then provide it to them. You also need to offer some degree of persuasion, as most [...]Show More Summary

7 Sources For Cultivating Inbound Links

last weekInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

Inbound links – references and hyperlinks to your content from other sites – are critical for any media site. They expose your content to a broader audience, potentially improve your organic search rankings and help to establish your brand as an authority on a topic or an industry. But link-building has evolved from the “if [...]Show More Summary

11 Tricks & Tools To Boost Website Traffic

2 weeks agoInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

Growing website traffic is a constant struggle for online marketers and SEO specialists. In most cases, smart and consistent work over months or even years is necessary to win your website a lucrative place on the internet. Only a few companies hit a home run soon after being born, and those companies that do [...]Show More Summary

Make Your AdWords Call-Only Ads Stand Out

2 weeks agoInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

For advertisers who want to generate phone calls from their AdWords efforts, there has long been a tough decision about ad formats. You could add a call extension to your ad and get a “Call” CTA added. This meant that a click on the headline would go to your website, a click on the [...]

How To Improve Your Marketing ROI With Facebook Ads

2 weeks agoInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

Do you ever feel like your marketing campaign is being ignored by your audience? Are you sick and tired of creating marketing campaigns that are not converting? The truth is: It is not only you. Millions of marketers like you are creating campaigns every day. They wonder if they should continue to spend hundreds [...]Show More Summary

Dynamic Adwords: Show The Customer What They Want To See

2 weeks agoInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

“Give the customer what they want” is a tried and tested method for getting customer engagement and more sales. But what if your customers want something extremely specific? How can you make sure that what you’re showing them is exactly what they want to see? Imagine a situation where you could show your customer [...]Show More Summary

Supercharge Your Ads With Adwords Location Extensions

2 weeks agoInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

If you are running ads on Google then you probably want more customers to visit your business. Local extensions allows you to display your address, a map to your location, or the distance to your business underneath your main ads as shown in the example below: Mobile Browsing Is Increasing - Location Ads Can [...]Show More Summary

SEO Benefits Of The Progressive Web App

3 weeks agoInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

The app developing world are faced with a problem when it comes to app visibility in the marketplace. Luckily, Progressive Web Applications have come to save the day, and there are hidden SEO benefits by adopting this method as well. Let’s take a look at PWA’s and how they can boost your search engine [...]Show More Summary

Twitter Optimization: How To Benefit From Your Twitter Analytics Data

3 weeks agoInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

Twitter’s analytics dashboard is home to some of the most important data about your Twitter account. In this article, we’re going to look at how you can benefit from your Twitter analytics data. We have a list of 12 benefits to go through, so saddle up. Twitter analytics weren’t always so easy to use. [...]Show More Summary

5 Branding Lessons from Social Media Stars

3 weeks agoInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

For every marketer, online branding is a puzzle that they must piece together themselves. Let’s face it, the guides you can find online can only cover so much. At the end of the day, you still have go through trial and error to devise a strategy that will match your brand’s specific needs. Sure, [...]Show More Summary

5 Ways To Boost Conversions Using Web Push Notifications

3 weeks agoInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

An eMarketer report establishes that the global sales from retail will surpass $27 trillion in 2020. There are tons of other studies pointing out to this one trend that online retail is growing at an incredible pace globally. However, as with all other growing industries, online retail too is facing certain inherent challenges. Competition [...]Show More Summary

How Color Affects Conversions

3 weeks agoInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

Next time you walk into a store take special care to notice your surroundings. How air conditioned is the space? What music are they playing and at what volume? Are there any unusual scents in the air you might not expect, such as desserts coming from a department store where no food is being [...]

How To Calculate The ROI Of Influencers’ Posts

4 weeks agoInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

Influencers have taken the marketing industry by storm. And by now, most marketers are familiar with planning and executing influencer marketing campaigns. But even if they can successfully execute their campaigns, they still face the challenge of measuring their campaign ROI. In fact, Econsultancy found that this is the second biggest challenge faced by [...]Show More Summary

How to Use Facebook’s Dynamic Ads

4 weeks agoInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

Dynamic ads match the right people with the right products. Much like retargeted AdWords campaigns, Facebook’s ad service maximizes each dollar spent on digital advertisements. With such a large active user base, it makes sense for B2B and B2C companies to leverage the social media powerhouse in their advertising campaigns. Learn how to use [...]Show More Summary

It Takes Two to Tango! SEO-Infused Content = Optimal Rankings [STATS]

last monthInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

Google’s unpredictable algorithms updates and ever-changing ranking criteria often leave marketers breathless. In some cases, such enhancements make sense and require few changes here and there. Still, catering to Google’s mood swings is mostly a hair-pulling task! Google 2017 Ranking Says: It Takes Two (Content And Seo) To Tango Fortunately, Google’s 2017 [...]Show More Summary

How To Make Social Media Work For Your Brand

last monthInternet / SEO : SEO Scoop

How well is your social media strategy working for you? Everyone knows that when used effectively, social media can be a powerful asset. But, there’s a vast difference between causally posting a blog article or two and a well thought out social media marketing strategy. Previously, I outlined a simple how-tosocial media playbook for [...]Show More Summary

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