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CyanogenMod 13 ROMs Arrive For Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P

A couple of months back the CyanogenMod team confirmed that it had started working on developing ROMs based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, just yesterday the very first Marshmallow-based nightly builds were released. The list of supported...Show More Summary

Shipping Container Homes: 10 Most Amazing

Home is a necessity for everyone: some people just need a shelter to live while others may want to build a masterpiece. This leads to some really unusual types of houses, ranging from big, small, wooden, concrete, brick, stone, vernacular and… shipping containers. Show More Summary

Man Claims He Invented Fake “Phuc Dat Bich” Name To Fool The Media

Several days ago, there were reports of a man by the name of Phuc Dat Bich who claims that Facebook would not allow him to use his real name. He even posted a passport photo as “proof” that it was his real name. This led to a bit of an outcry in which many news outlets were suggesting that maybe Facebook should revisit its name policy. Show More Summary

WhatsApp For Android Updated With Rich Link Previews & More

Image credit – Android Police Last week WhatsApp pushed out an update to iOS devices. The update included new features such as rich link previews, which basically gives you a thumbnail and also includes the title of the website that you’re about to visit. Show More Summary

30 Million PS4 Consoles Have Been Sold To Date

In terms of current-gen consoles, Nintendo has the Wii U, Microsoft has the Xbox One, and Sony has the PlayStation 4. However in terms of which console is winning, it seems like Sony is the clear winner because according to Sony, they have announced that they have managed to sell a whopping 30.2 million PS4 units to date. Show More Summary

Google Rumored To Help Samsung Optimize TouchWiz

Last year there were reports that Google wasn’t too pleased with the modifications OEMs such as Samsung was making to Android, so much so that they apparently told the South Korean company to cut back on the modifications. Now interestingly...Show More Summary

Elecom Unveils Mouse Designed For MMORPG Gamers

MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft usually consist of a lot of button pressing to cast abilities to attack, heal, tank, escape, and so on. In the heat of the moment like during a raid or when in the dungeon, things start to get hectic and sometimes it’s hard to press the button/combination that you want. Show More Summary

This Security System Will Monitor Your Home Without Cameras

When it comes to home security systems, installing cameras around the house is pretty much the standard. However if you have seen movies involving spies and heists, you know that the first thing they do is take out the cameras which will pretty much render your home security system useless. Show More Summary

League Of Legends Will Deny Toxic Players Access To Features

If you have ever played online games, you will meet all sorts of players. There will be players who are extremely helpful and will be more than glad to help you along your way, and there will be players who will berate you everytime you make a mistake, or will troll you in annoying ways so that your experience will be a horrible one. Show More Summary

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Will Launch Early 2016

Right now Facebook has an instant articles feature in which the content from publishers has sort of been preloaded. This means that when you click it, the content loads instantly in Facebook as opposed to having to wait for a website to load. Show More Summary

Victim Of Exploding E-Cig May Never Walk Again

There is a lot of debate regarding the safety of electronic cigarettes (e-cigs). The question here lies in both the content of the juice and also the electronics involved, and every now and then you hear about an accident that further seems to enforce the idea that e-cigs are considered to be dangerous. Show More Summary

Apple’s Acquisition Of FaceShift Has Been Confirmed

A couple of months ago it was reported that Apple had apparently acquired facial motion capture technology firm FaceShift. The Cupertino company did not confirm it back then and this was based on the fact that FaceShift’s employees no...Show More Summary

Man Blames The Apple Watch For Burns On His Wrist

The Apple Watch is designed to be worn for extended periods of time on the wrist, which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that in the past, some users have complained of getting rashes. However it seems that over in Denmark, a man by the name of Jørgen Mouritzen claims that the Apple Watch has burnt his wrist and pretty severely at that. Show More Summary

Iris Lens Lets You Attach Lenses To Your Smartphone Easily

If you are in the market for a camera lens attachment for your smartphone, there are several options available in the market today, with brands like Moment and Olloclip being some of the more popular options. The Moment lens prides itself as being a more premium lens but the downside is that you need to attach a lens mount to your phone. Show More Summary

Blizzard Kicks Off Their Holiday Sales

Yes, the holidays are nearly upon us and if you’d like to use some of that downtime to perhaps catch up on games that you didn’t get to play, you might be pleased to learn that Blizzard has kicked off their holiday sales. There are several discounts that Blizzard will be giving out, so pick your poison. Show More Summary

Audio Technica Announces Two New Gaming Headsets

ADG1x When it comes to gaming headphones, gamers are probably more familiar with brands like Turtle Beach, Razer, and Steelseries just to name a few. However it was a couple of years ago that headphone maker Audio Technica got into the gaming headset scene and it looks like they are back with two new models. Show More Summary

Volkswagen Makes 3D Glasses Standard Issue For Logistics Personnel

As cool as headsets like Google Glass would be for everyday use by regular folks, it seems that they might have more use in the industrial side. It was reported that earlier this year that despite Google deciding to discontinue Glass,...Show More Summary

“Hoverboards” Also Banned In NSW, Australia

Last week we reported that in NYC, the state had declared that “hoverboards” were considered illegal and that anyone caught riding them would be subject to a fine. It looks like it didn’t take long for that decision to catch on overseas because now according to reports, it looks like these devices are banned in NSW, Australia. Show More Summary

Sony XDCam PXW-FS5 4K Camcorder

I had a close encounter with the Sony XDCam PXW-FS5 at InterBee 2015. Unveiled in September with prototypes, this Super35 camcorder can shoot in 4K in excellent quality and low-noise, thanks to its very good noise-reduction algorithms. Show More Summary

Sony Demonstrates Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) HDR TVs

At InterBee 2015, Sony had TVs capable of using Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) HDR, and was demonstrating some of them side-by-side. HLG is a High Dynamic Range (HDR) standard proposed by both BBC and NHK, which makes it possible to broadcast a single signal/stream compatible with both non-HDR and HDR televisions. Show More Summary

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