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Blunt + Tile XS Umbrella Ensures You Will Never Lose It Again

Umbrellas are probably one of the most commonly misplaced items simply because some of us just aren’t used to carrying one, which means that when you bring it out with you, it’s easy to forget that it’s there and you walk out of a restaurant completely forgetting about it. Show More Summary

LG G4 Rumored To Be More Expensive Than The Samsung Galaxy S6

The LG G4 will be announced in all of its official glory come 28th of April, although we’re sure many are wondering how much will LG’s upcoming flagship handset cost them? So far Android flagship handsets have all been roughly priced the same, but it seems that things could change with the LG G4. Show More Summary

Oculus Rift’s Commercial Release Might Not Happen This Year

It seems that at the moment, virtual reality is a hot topic and we’re sure many gamers and developers are eager to get their hands on the Oculus Rift. However there is some bad news and that is there is a good chance that the commercial version of the Oculus Rift might not be released this year. Show More Summary

Samsung Shares Design Philosophy Behind The Galaxy S6

With the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung made a huge departure from their use of glossy plastic and faux leather textures that was part of the company’s design philosophy for a long time. Instead the South Korean tech giant caved into the...Show More Summary

Butterfly Wings Could Be The Key To Glare-Free Displays

More often than not, there has been a lot of technological advances and creations that have been inspired by nature, and it looks like if you’re looking forward to having truly glare-free displays in the future, it seems as though butterfly wings could be the key to unlocking that possibility. Show More Summary

LG Watch Urbane To Go On Sale Later This Month

Ahead of MWC 2015, LG announced their latest smartwatch – the LG Watch Urbane. The specs of the watch is similar to that of the LG G Watch R, with the main difference being its looks, but other than that the hardware is identical. That...Show More Summary

Cyanogen OS 12 Rollout Resumes For OnePlus One

Last week Cyanogen OS 12 for the OnePlus One began rolling out to users but then it was stopped because OnePlus wanted to add the “OK OnePlus” voice feature. Well the good news is that the delay wasn’t too long because according to reports, it looks like the rollout of the update has resumed. Show More Summary

Resume For Airbnb Impressive Enough To Nab CEO’s Attention

What is considered to be an impressive resume? Having it stacked with famous and elite schools followed by a long list of extracurricular activities? Perhaps, or in the case of Nina Mufleh, it was the creativeness behind her resume sent...Show More Summary

Singapore’s Prime Minister Actually Coded A C++ Sudoku-Solver

Leaders of countries have plenty on their plate to deal, such as dealing with the country’s economy, diplomatic relations, working out trade agreements, tending to matters at home such as reducing the rate of unemployment, and so on,...Show More Summary

China Planning An Electric Sports Car Of Their Own

With the world’s natural resources starting to deplete, it is not surprising that we’re turning to alternate means, such as creating electric cars to replace fuel cars in an attempt to reduce the amount of fuel we consume. Right nowShow More Summary

Pentax K-3 II With Pixel Shift Resolution Mode Announced

If you’re looking for a new camera and your phone isn’t cutting it, but you want something more than just a point and shoot, you might be interested to learn that Ricoh has recently announced the Pentax K-3 II semi-pro DSLR, with the...Show More Summary

German Court Rules That Using Ad-Blocking Software Is Legal

It has been asked many times in the past if using ad-blocking software such as AdBlock is constituted as stealing. After all you’re basically preventing ads from being displayed, which in the case of most websites acts as their main source of revenue. Show More Summary

Apple’s Safari Accounts For 55% Of Mobile & Tablet Usage In The US

Safari is the browser app that comes bundled by default on OS X and iOS devices, although we’re sure that there are some who might opt to install a different one on their devices, like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and so on. Well as it turns out, that number might not be as big as we thought. Show More Summary

iPhone 6 Beats Out The Competition In Gaming Benchmarks

We have seen a couple of videos in which handsets like the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 are pitted against each other in a speed test. In every video, it is clear that the Galaxy S6 came out the winner as the handset had no problems loading up a variety of apps, including games, in a relatively short amount of time compared to the iPhone 6. Show More Summary

Jay-Z’s Tidal Service Is Seemingly Not Doing Very Well

Last month hip hop mogul Jay-Z announced that he would be acquiring Tidal, which for those unfamiliar is a music streaming service that focuses on hi-fidelity streams that focuses on the lossless format, ultimately bringing CD-quality music to music-lovers around the world. Show More Summary

Nokia Wants Apple To Buy Their HERE Maps Division [Rumor]

A report from a little over a week ago suggested that Nokia was looking to sell off its HERE Maps division, but the question is who might be interested in purchasing it? After all Nokia’s HERE Maps service is a pretty decent navigational...Show More Summary

Several Boutique Stores Will Carry The Apple Watch At Launch

It is no secret that Apple’s strategy for selling the Apple Watch, at least for now, is to sell it exclusively online as opposed to other Apple products in which customers can just walk into the store and pick one up there and then.Show More Summary

Verizon Seemingly Not Too Fussed After Losing 138,000 Customers

One would think that companies would do anything they can to retain a customer. After all it is widely believed that keeping an existing customer is cheaper than trying to find new ones, but in a recent statement made by Verizon’s CFO Francis Shammo, it seems that the carrier isn’t too fazed after losing 138,000. Show More Summary

Some Apple Watch Pre-Orders Will Ship Earlier Than Expected

If you were sitting on the fence and deciding if you should get the Apple Watch, chances are when you placed your order you saw the shipping estimates slip to June. This is an insane wait and one that came about in a relatively short amount of time. Show More Summary

70% Of Facebook’s Ad Revenue Comes From Mobile

Facebook can be accessed either at your computer through its website, or on your phone where users can access it either via the official Facebook app or through its mobile website, with the former offering up a more optimized experience. Show More Summary

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