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Screenwerk Is Taking a Time Out

2 weeks agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

I currently blog on Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and MarTech Today (all Third Door Media sites) as well as the LSA blog. On most days I’m writing several articles on topics ranging from privacy and antitrust, to local SEO, location data uses, voice search and consumer behavior. It’s a lot to keep up with. […]

Most Analyst Forecasts Are Wrong: The iPhone 8 Edition

4 months agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

Here were some of the headlines, based on financial analyst “checks” and third party data, that came out ahead of Apple’s earnings this week: ‘Anemic’ iPhone 8 demand drags Apple shares lower U.S. buyers favor iPhone 7 over 8: research Don’t Ignore Signs of Tepid iPhone Demand These gloom and doom stories were picked up […]

The Acquisition of TaskRabbit and the death of the ‘Gig Economy’

5 months agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

A number of people sent me articles this last week on TaskRabbit being acquired by Ikea. The amount of the acquisition was not disclosed; its investors are likely to be both relieved and disappointed. This is almost identical to HomeDepot acquiring Redbeacon. RedBeacon was dying under HomeDepot but has now been reinvented as Pro Referral, […]

O2O: Time on Wine Site Leads to Direct Mail Piece in My Mailbox

5 months agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

I had a very interesting experience “online to offline” this week. One of the speakers for the upcoming Place Conference is Trace Johnson of wine retailer Total Wine & More. I was doing a prep call with him and spent some time poking around the Total Wine site in advance of the call. I had […]

Reviews and the Problem of the Defensive Local Business Owner

6 months agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

You’re a local business owner who strongly identifies with your product or service and you hear negative feedback. What do you do? Yelp counsels a “stop, drop and roll” approach to dealing with critical reviews. And many local SEOs and agencies have an array of advice on the subject. Among the recommendations: –Ignore these reviews […]

Google and the Case of the Disappearing Location Modifiers

6 months agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

One of the most interesting tidbits that I’ve come across in the past week is the following on the Think with Google site: In September 2015, we shared that “near me” or “nearby” searches on Google had grown 2X in the previous year. Now, just two years later, we see that behavior has continued to change.. […]

My Recent Depressing Realization about All This Crappy ‘Content Marketing’

7 months agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

One of the things I do every day is blog. I haven’t been blogging here as much because I have too much work these days. I’m blogging on LSA Insider, Search Engine Land and its sister sites Marketing Land and MarTech Today. As a person who has been writing or editing in some capacity for more […]

DexYP: What Should the Brand and Strategy Be Going Forward?

8 months agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

Months of rumors were answered yesterday when it was announced that Dex Media and YP would become DexYP. It’s not a merger; Dex bought YP for $600 million. YP had been owned by private equity firm Cerberus Capital, with a minority stake retained by AT&T, the original owner of YP (formerly the AT&T yellow pages). […]

What Percent of SMBs Are Willing to Pay Yext’s $500 Annual Fee?

9 months agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

Yext has a range of business listings management plans — from $200 to $1,000 per year. At the top level you get reputation management as well. The “best value” package is $499 per year. Some local SEOs have expressed skepticism about whether local businesses would pay that much. David Mihm and I were having a debate […]

Majority of Homes Now Don’t Have a Landline, 71% Under 35 Are Mobile Only

10 months agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

Another mobile milestone has been reached. In 2015 mobile search passed desktop search volumes. Last year mobile advertising reached 51% of total digital ad spending. And now the majority of US homes are mobile only. For younger users the numbers are more dramatic: 71% of adults under 35 live in mobile only households. According to […]

United Airlines — or Brands Behaving Badly

10 months agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

By now you’re probably aware of the situation: United airlines asked people to volunteer to take another flight Sunday because one from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky was over-booked and some United employees “needed to get to Louisville.” When not enough people volunteered, United personnel started involuntarily choosing people. Show More Summary

The ‘Influencer Marketing’ Scam

10 months agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

Considerable attention these days is directed toward “influencer marketing.” My (as yet) unproven theory is that it’s basically all bogus. It’s certainly true that trusted “influencers” — a term I dislike — can impact buying decisions. There is a lot of data to support that assertion. For example, the following from the 2015 Nielsen Global […]

Facebook Jobs Won’t Kill Craig’s List but It Gives SMBs Another Reason to Engage

12 months agoMedia / New Media : Screenwerk

Craig’s List has survived numerous “Craig’s List killers” and will probably survive Facebook Jobs. The classifieds marketplace makes money primarily from fees for job listings and real estate in New York. Consultancy the AIM Group estimated total Craig’s List revenue at $700 million in 2016. While I’m quite skeptical of that number, if it’s even […]

Yelp Is Starting to Solicit Reviews for Business Owners — and That’s a Good Thing

Yelp is getting serious about transactions. That’s a very good thing for the company. This is what CEO Jeremy Stoppelman said about it on the recent Q4 earnings call: We also made excellent progress in building our transactions capabilities. The number of Yelp Eat24 orders, Yelp Platform transactions and Yelp Reservations bookings grew 40% in […]

Super Bowl Ads: Are Politics the New Sex?

At $5 million for 30 seconds, you better hope your Super Bowl ad generates buzz. Past campaigns have used humor, sex, cute animals and sentiment to capture attention. Some have consciously sought to generate controversy — usually involving sex (e.g., the old GoDaddy, Carl’s Jr.). This year politics took the place of sex as the […]

New LSA Digital Media Certification Program Seeks to Identify Ethical Sellers

How many small business owners have received telemarketing calls from marketing companies making spurious claims about a guaranteed ranking on Google? The SMB-digital marketing services arena is full of noise with almost limited transparency. Show More Summary

Are News and Politics Ruining Facebook?

On Friday, former NBC and CNN journalist, turned education activist, Campbell Brown announced that she was joining Facebook as a liaison to news organizations. She will lead the “News Partnerships” team at Facebook according to a post on her Facebook page: This month I will be joining Facebook to lead its News Partnerships team. This […]

Apple Maps Needs to Do a ‘Pepsi Challenge’ with Google Maps

As an iPhone owner (I also have several Android phones) I use Apple Maps a great deal. However I’ve found myself using it less over the past several months. That declining usage revolves around routing and navigation. In many ways I prefer Apple Maps to Google Maps. However I believe that Google offers more reliable […]

Facebook, False Equivalence and the Darker Side of Social Media Revealed

Undoubtedly you’ve seen the controversy surrounding Facebook and the election. How much did the circulation of fake news and other false, inflammatory content contribute to the election of Donald Trump? In some areas the margins were very thin — Michigan in fact remains too close to call. While many critics have charged that unchecked false […]

On Tuesday, Go Out and VOTE. It’s Much More Important than Digital Marketing

Against the backdrop of the larger problems in the world — and there are too many to name — I sometimes question whether I’m spending my time wisely, writing and doing research about digital marketing. I like what I do but their are times when I think I should be doing something for the greater […]

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