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Nerds and hippies

When I was growing up I thought people who liked computers were all nerds with thick glasses and those pocket protector things. Later I learned that there were hippie programmers, who loved programming the way hippies love acid rock, weed, making love not war, getting back to the land, saying truth to power, sticking it to the man, etc etc. Show More Summary

Medium and cross-posted updates

Brad Feld wrote a post today about cross-posting to Medium. He says: "...when I publish something on WordPress, update it, and then publish it again, it doesn’t update on Medium." I've been theorizing why Medium doesn't flow-through updates from external CMSes. Show More Summary

Season 6 of The West Wing

Earlier this year I recommended watching the first few seasons of The West Wing to provide an optimistic antidote to the crazy political season of 2016. But I stopped around season 4, when Donna and The Chairman go to Gaza and all the cringe-worth TV that follows. Show More Summary

How I started blogging

It's 1994... Press: No one is making Mac software. Dave: We are! Press: Everyone knows no one is making Mac software. Dave starts blog.

Podcast: Help Facebook support the web

The domination of the web by Facebook is just as much a problem for bloggers as it is for journalists. Fact. People want to read stuff in Facebook, they do -- it's great, but when our stuff appears there, the links to pages on the web are missing. Show More Summary

Rating the silos

All silos are not equally silo-y. For example, Twitter is a silo, but I can reliably point to a tweet from outside Twitter, and you will be able to read it even if: You are not logged in to Twitter. You are not following the person who wrote it. Show More Summary

The election is too long

It struck me last night as I watched MSNBC, and all the talk about Trump's tortured flip-flop on immigration that t his outcome was totally predictable, and that all the time leading up to this point in the election process was wasted, at least on the Republican side. Show More Summary

Hillary is not hiding from the press

When reporters interview Clinton people they always bring up the topic of a press conference. They're being tricky, and I as a voter know it. The big question: When are you going to have a press conference? The Clinton person gives a decent answer, she's done 300 interviews this year. Show More Summary

A requiem for Gawker

Mostly, I tried to keep Gawker and its subs at arm's length. I had mixed feelings about them. Some of their journalism was excellent and needed. We needed more news orgs to take on Apple. They were too controlling, and covered too much territory. Show More Summary

Reporters never understood blogs

On the New Republic they say Gawker was a blog and now blogs are past tense. We've been over this so many times. Blogs are what sources write, not what reporters write. An irreverent scandal sheet written by professional reporters is not a blog. Show More Summary

Ronald and Jillian

When I was growing up I knew a family with two kids, a boy named Ronald and a girl named Jillian. The girl studied hard and got good grades. The boy threw tantrums. Jill got blamed for a lot of Ron's tantrums, because that's what Ron said, and it was easier for the parents to punish Jill than to argue with Ron. Show More Summary

Fargo times out in June 2017

Fargo will stop working on June 28, 2017. That's the headline. Now the background. I've received notice from Dropbox that the API we're using in Fargo will stop working on that day. Since Fargo is built around that interface, it will stop working at that point. Show More Summary

Gawker, the open web, Thiel and Zuck

Perhaps not many people will see the connection between today being the first day Gawker is gone, it being the 25th Anniversary of the Web, and the message all Facebook users were greeted with this morning. Gawker is gone because Peter Thiel financed its murder-by-lawyer. Show More Summary

Blogs and wikis: All about people

Last week I visited Seattle and Portland. In Seattle, I spent a day with Brent and Sheila Simmons, two longtime friends. Brent and I worked together at UserLand. He's also an excellent writer. His interest in blogging stemmed from his literate side, which made him an excellent web developer imho. Show More Summary

Podcast: Allen Wirfs-Brock

A second Portland podcast, this time with Allen Wirfs-Brock. The topic, how JSON came to be and the back story about how Tim Bray came to be interested in its evolution. First, I should say, and as will be obvious in the podcast, I have history with Tim. Show More Summary

Weekly journalism flash conf in NYC thru election?

Someone in NYC should have a weekly flash conf for news insiders on the dilemmas created by covering Trump. Fluid time, good for understanding and even influencing the way reporting changes. Just an idea.

The Hello World pattern

I've been learning about software design patterns the last few days, thanks to my Portland friends. Turns out they use this concept to teach computer science these days. And as I understand it, it's a good one. So I wrote a pattern about patterns, to see if I got it. Show More Summary

Why I hate Delta

Today I learned that when you buy a business class seat on Delta they have the option to move you to coach, without notification, with no recourse. They offer to refund the difference in price. But I didn't think I was buying an option to fly business class. Show More Summary

Podcast: Ward Cunningham

A 30-minute podcast conversation with Ward Cunningham, prolific and active software developer, who among many other things invented the wiki. We talked about a lot of things, I'll fill in the blanks later, but I wanted to get this out to people right away. Show More Summary

Body shaming Trump, part 2

On Thursday I wrote a quick post that said body shaming was wrong, unconditionally. But then I read how the Repubs are creating their 2016 swift boat campaign against Hillary Clinton about her health. So I changed my mind. This stuff works. Show More Summary

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