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Getting Hello Node-Webkit to work

I've tried five different ways to get started with Node-Webkit, but haven't gotten the hello world app to work yet. I really want to get going with this, so I thought I'd just detail the steps I took, and provide the actual example app, and maybe someone else will tell me what I'm doing wrong. Show More Summary

Blogging isn't just writing

Last weekend I flipped the switch on the new version of Scripting News. It's a return to a previous format, this time built on standards. Each tab is rendered when the user loads the page from an XML or JSON file stored anywhere on the public Internet. The formats are: RSS, OPML, River.js and a new one, for the linkblog, generated by River3. Show More Summary

LeBron's head

None of the commentators on TNT last night got what must have been going through LeBron's head last night. They were talking about how dreamy it was, here he is back in Cleveland, and he must be choking up because it's such a meaningful moment. I'm sure that wasn't it. Show More Summary

Apple software gets worse

I've been having trouble with wifi on my iPad ever since I did the 8.0 upgrade, then the 8.0.1 upgrade. Before that, it worked fine, except I couldn't log on to my Facebook account through the Facebook app, I had to go in through the web. Show More Summary

Developing better developers

About universities and open source projects, and why they go together. We want to teach technology in university. So far this has meant teaching programming basics. Which is good, everyone needs to know how to write a little code. It's like teaching chemistry to doctors. But there's so much more to technology. Show More Summary

Which Internet do you want?

I would like to be part of the Internet where people say what they think, no matter how different, or offensive it may be to some people. Why? I care what people think. I find I can learn from lots of points of views, even ones I don't...Show More Summary

Throwback Thursday

This picture was taken at Davos on January 27, 2000. It's notable because I was wearing a suit, as is the custom, in a ski resort in the Swiss Alps. I know it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me either. PS: A blog post I wrote from Davos, two days later. Pretty sure I wasn't wearing a suit when I wrote that piece. PPS: I'm not wearing a suit now.

Broken clipboards

The clipboard in Chrome/Mac is getting worse not better. Basically there are times when Copy just doesn't work. The way to work around it is to create a new tab, set up the tab so that the text you want to copy is selected, and do it again. Show More Summary

20 years later, platforms are still Chinese households

On October 29, 1994 I wrote an emotional piece about being a developer for Apple. I had just read an Amy Tan novel about life in China many years ago, and found a lot in common with the life of Mac developers in 1994. Developers cook the meals, care for the babies, and don't ask for much in return. Show More Summary

Ebola is not like heart disease

People don't understand how Ebola is different from heart disease, cancer and diabetes, often-cited examples that will kill more people this year than Ebola will. Even in Africa, right now, Ebola isn't likely to kill that many people before the end of the year. But the big killer diseases are chronic. Show More Summary

A roadmap for the news industry

Re what the news industry should do about Facebook, please read David Carr's piece, and my own piece, and then here's a very simple four-step plan. Say yes to Facebook, because it's distribution, and you need it. They reach people you don't. Show More Summary

What's the best desktop node.js shell?

I have a node.js app that could easily run on the desktop using the local file system, as well as running on a server. I want to package it up so it's super simple for a regular user to install and run it. No installing of runtimes. Just download an app, double-click, and start editing, and configuring via web forms. Show More Summary

What does Facebook want?

Last night NYT columnist David Carr ran a piece that outlined the prospect of the news industry working with Facebook. He is a wonderful writer, and came up with a fantastic metaphor for Facebook. "For publishers, Facebook is a bit like that big dog galloping toward you in the park. Show More Summary

Remembering Mookie

Your browser does not support iframes. This was the most thrilling moment in sports for me, and there can never be one that tops it, because as Mookie says, I remember exactly where I was when it happened, and who I was with. I was watching the game with my father and brother in my brother's apartment in Palo Alto. Show More Summary

Scripting News v0.41

Since my blog is now a software product, it makes sense that it should have a version number. Today's release is v0.41. You can see the version number in the upper right corner of the menu bar. It's not visible when viewed on a phone,...Show More Summary

God bless Hunter Pence

What a great game last night, especially if you like the Giants, which I do. I can imagine if you're a Royals fan you probably didn't think so. But that's the way it goes. I can't say I hope your team wins tonight, because I don't. I...Show More Summary

I'd rather see silo-free than ad-free

Ello has taken a pledge to be ad-free. I'd prefer a stronger pledge, to make the pathways in and out, easy and open, always. That way I can hook it up to any flow I want in either direction. It's like have a fire exit in a movie theater. It's makes it possible for people to invest without fear.

Twitter's announcements from a web developer's perspective

I watched most of yesterday's press announcements about Twitter's new toolkits for developers. I know they can't do everything, but I was surprised that they're more or less leaving the Twitter API as-is, at least based on what I heard yesterday. Show More Summary

What I want from a blogging platform

I want to be able to write down a short idea, one or two paragraphs, hit Publish (or the equivalent) and move on to the next thing. When I publish it should... Appear on my home page. A link should be sent to Twitter. The full text should be sent to Facebook or/or WordPress, including a link back to the original post. Show More Summary

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