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Young Paul looks into the camera

Paul looks soulfully into the camera. You think, what a ham. Then he opens his mouth and out comes Hey Jude. A religious moment, for this old hippie at least.

Clinton takes Obama hostage

This is the best post I've read on last night's most interesting debate ever. If the question on the table is whose financial regulatory legislation program should be submitted to be dead on arrival in Congress, then the tie goes to Clinton. Show More Summary

An EZ-PASS for local news sites?

Three sites I read somewhat regularly, the Boston Globe, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune (sports mostly) all have limits on the number of articles I can read every month. And occasionally I read sites that I aggregate on and Show More Summary

Miracles and unicorns

When real change comes it won't look like what they promise on the campaign trail, which usually is like the cartoon of the mathematician in front of a blackboard with all kinds of equations on it, and in the middle it says Then A Miracle Occurs. Show More Summary

American politics just changed, media and money in crisis

A few takeaways from tonight's election in New Hampshire. American politics has changed. This is a turning point, a showdown. Media and money have to rethink their roles. Neither will change easily. For news people -- is it fair/wise...Show More Summary

Is the horse race inevitable?

I find myself both captivated by and grossed out by the way the news media cover Presidential elections. I watched MSNBC three nights in the last week. I expect to be flipping between the channels tonight, for the posturing both before and after the results of the New Hampshire primary come in. Show More Summary

Introducing River5

Good morning! Today's a good day to ship something new! As you may know, I've been involved in RSS as a standard way to distribute news since the beginning. I wrote the RSS 0.91 and RSS 2.0 specs, and shipped the first software that was compatible with both formats. Show More Summary

Node needs RSS

Node.js needs a really good RSS toolkit. ????

Black Panther

Am I the last to notice that the QB of the Carolina Panthers, an African-American, is a black Panther? Beyonce's dance was the hint.

Yes, we can have a woman president

I'm obviously not black, but part of the pleasure I got in voting for Barack Obama is that I believed I was voting for the first black president. And when I vote for Hillary Clinton, as I expect to, in the fall, I will vote for her because...Show More Summary

JavaScript "eval" function is useful

I read a lot of stuff about JavaScript, and therefore hear over and over that there are very few if any valid uses of the eval function. There actually is one very good use of eval, and no others. If you want to allow users to run code, then you must use eval, or something equivalent to it, to run the code. Show More Summary

Football in a minute

One team gets the ball. They line up on the field. The team with the ball tries to get the ball into the "end zone" that they're facing. The other team tries to stop them. They get four plays to do it. If they get more than 10 yards they get another four plays. Show More Summary

Rubio got gotcha'd

It's weird that Rubio is getting called out for doing what they all do. Each of the candidates has memorized a few talking points and they never go off-script. None of them do. Even Christie focus-group-tested the way he would hack at Rubio, to do it in the optimal way. Show More Summary

Don't hide the enclosures please

One thing I fail to understand is a podcast feed that does not have enclosures. What am I supposed to do with that? What I find is that if I hunt enough I usually will find the feed that has the enclosures, but there's no predictable way to find it, and sometimes I don't, which results in un-listened-to and un-linked-to podcasts. Show More Summary

Twitter's new timeline?

Overnight someone at Twitter leaked the upcoming changes to the Twitter timeline. This almost certainly was a leak-from-the-top, given that it happened on a Friday night, long after the market closed. Yes, it would be suicide for Twitter to change the timeline for existing users. Show More Summary

Tech is already too big to fail

In last night's debate, when HRC said there's more than one street, referring to Wall St, she was challenged. She had rattled off a list other industries that had misbehaved. But she left one out, and when we look back at this election in the future, the omission, imho, will be glaring. Show More Summary

This is a test

You are the only real person. The rest of us are alien robots sent here to test you. No one else can see this message.

No Tesla for Alsop? Please fix

Read this bit on Medium by Stewart Alsop about his experience with Tesla. So hard to believe that Tesla has decided that this passionate, heavily invested, even groveling user of their product can no longer buy one. Back in the day, Stewart wrote a tech industry newsletter. Show More Summary

Editing JavaScript code in an outliner

Here's the HTTP request handler in my nodeStorage app. Look at how deeply nested it gets. Now you can see how it looks in the outliner here. Totally manageable. That's how I edit the code.

Why HTTPS will never be required in browsers

One more piece about the HTTPS problem. Think of this as the TL/DR version. It started as a series of tweets. The problem of requiring HTTPs in less than 140 chars: 1.Few benefits for blog-like sites, and 2. The costs are prohibitive. Show More Summary

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