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We get the big things wrong

During the campaign last year, I pleaded with the press to listen about at least two things. Email is inherently insecure. You're spreading your ideas all over the place when you send an email. Just because the person-to-person channel...Show More Summary

Let's actively support bipartisanship

I knew this was coming. I believe Repubs are splitting up now. Maybe one part will be very small, the part that goes with Trump. I think maybe the number of diehard Trump supporters is very small. Where were they all when called to the Mother Of All Rallies this weekend? It was pathetic. Show More Summary

I'm no fan of Facebook, but please...

I can't point to Joan Walsh's rant about Facebook, because she posted it on Facebook, but here's my comment. I'm no fan of Facebook, and I am a fan of Joan, but this is crazy talk. "Allowed" is Repub-like misdirection. Your phone allows you to say and do all kinds of nasty stuff. Show More Summary

The publicFolder desktop app is starting to take shape

Click the screen shot to see it full-size. Let me explain what's going on there... That's an Electron shell. The publicFolder package is running inside it. There's a web interface that shows you what's going on. The changes in the last...Show More Summary

Rebooting our societal intellect

At first I was ambivalent about Chelsea Manning as a fellow at HKS. But seeing all that it has stirred up, I think she would be good. You want lightning rods to help identify issues and boundaries. I understand the objections, let's get those people at HKS too, and discuss the issues, like scholars. Show More Summary

Morning coffee notes

Good morning everyone. Nothing special on the calendar for today. Apple's products are announced. publicFolder package is released. I'm thinking about new projects for the fall and beyond. Hope everyone is healthy and happy. ???? Wouldn't...Show More Summary


What if Trump were to pardon white police officers of a crime, but not black officers? Would the pardon stand? What if he pardoned a police officer who had been found in contempt of a court order requiring him to stop violating people's...Show More Summary

The amazing Scripting News community, part 287,658

I just spent a couple of hours trying to figure out why the tabs on the new home page don't work on an iPhone. I decided to ask you all if you had any ideas, so I recorded a video to demo the problem, and outline my theory. Also took out the sidebar, and replaced it with a directory in the About outline. Show More Summary

Apple products coming today

Briefly, I don't expect to want any of them. I have a watch, an iPhone 6, two iPads (one mini, one medium), an Apple TV, a PowerBook, two iMacs. Apple has made some compelling and useful products, but for now I'm happy with what I have. Let's see if anything announced changes that. I love computer lust. It's been a while.

Arrow keys on Scripting News?

Yesterday on the UX thread, kwebble says: After opening it's not possible to navigate up/down with the keyboard using the up/down or pageup/pagedown cursor keys. I guess focus is not on the content are, but somewhere else. He's right. Show More Summary

What the Equifax breach means

The security breach at Equifax is much more than a security breach. You could say it's 1/2 of a meltdown of the economic system in the US. I haven't heard anyone say exactly what information has escaped, let's assume it's the worst, it's all the info needed to identify a person. Show More Summary

Instant Dave update

Happy to report that more people are tuning in to Instant Dave. Now we can start learning and developing. It will be an interactive experience. I want to create a new kind of environment, to stimulate thinking and to get ideas for new...Show More Summary

Rotten Tomatoes is brilliant

Rotten Tomatoes is a brilliant name because you expect nasty reviews. People are attracted to flames. So if you advertise with a flamey title like Rotten Tomatoes, that automatically makes you want to go there. The best YouTube channel would be person-on-the-street interviews with people who tell you about companies that screwed them. Show More Summary

It's always something

Here's something I learned the other day. I have this awful pain in both my feet in the heel that happens whenever I walk. That's right when I walk. I thought oh shit this is going to mean surgery for sure. I looked it up on the net....Show More Summary

What is an ICO?

I've reconnected with Chris Allen, a friend from the Old Mac Days, the mid-late 80s. We used to hang out at the WWDC back when it wasn't such a juggernaut and pretty much anyone could buy a ticket. Chris went on to develop SSL with Netscape, and has become a guru in blockchain technologies. Show More Summary

Thoughts re ES6

This a really nerdy post. ES6 is the newest version of JavaScript, and it's gradually making its way into online docs and browser runtimes everywhere. I'm starting to use one of its features, and am reluctantly having to use others, and looking forward to one being more broadly deployed. The feature I am using is let. Show More Summary

My brain is definitely getting older.

A couple of years ago a younger reporter asked if age was making me less able to imagine the future. That isn't my problem. I still figure stuff out long before younger people. Memory -- that's the problem. Here's a little story. For some reason I've gotten in the habit of drinking ice coffee instead of hot coffee. Show More Summary

Game of Thrones spoiler below

Spoiler alert, don't read the rest of this item. I re-watched the season finale. I couldn't remember why they needed to convince Cersei of anything. Someone should have said to her that the dragons could wipe out the Lannisters and all...Show More Summary

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