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The question that podcasting asks

The next a continuing series of stories about podcasting. If an angel tapped me on the shoulder and asked what is the one thing podcasting needs more than anything, I would have an answer. What podcasting needs more than anything is a quick easy answer to the following question -- Find me something good to listen to now. Show More Summary

The creation story of podcasting

An addendum to the creation story of podcasting. At the end of 2004 the creation story was MTV star creates podcasting. Of course that was wrong, it was a partnership. And many others contributed. It wasn't an act of invention or a single person's accomplishment. Show More Summary

No silos for podcasting

When we were booting up podcasting, at the first BloggerCons at Harvard and Stanford, one of the core values, if not the core value, was no silos. If you collected information from users, such as subscription lists, you had to share that information with the users and your competitors. Show More Summary

Remember your users

At the Perugia journalism conference they had a panel with a 10-year-old boy and several adult journalists. The goal, I guess, was to find out what the boy thought about the news. It was a noble idea, but imho it was a flop. Kids in the midst of adults will act more or less as they think the adults want them to act. Show More Summary

Reality TV that's really reality

A new TV show format. Tours of neighborhoods in various parts of the US. Show people in different parts how we live, and vice versa. Walk through a typical supermarket and show what you can buy and what the prices are. The nearest airport. An average commute. See it as a person living there would see it. Confront perceptions with reality. Reality TV that is real reality.

What I am

I realized something this morning, and I don't know why it escaped me for so long, it's one of those things that's just plain obvious, maybe everyone else can see it, but it's about me, so I couldn't. Here's the thing I realized. No one knows what I do. Show More Summary

What we know about Trump and Russa

I keep watching MSNBC, but last night my heart just wasn't in it. I made it through the first fifteen minutes of Maddow and then switched over to the NBA playoff game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Houston Rockets. At least there the outcome was somewhat in doubt. Show More Summary

Electric River v0.41b

There's a new version of Electric River. Here's a list of the features in the new release. Podcasts. As it reads feeds if it encounters any items that have audio enclosures, it downloads the file into a new podcasts folder in the River5 folder. Show More Summary

Quick quirky podcast

A quick look into the metaverse of Your Constant Developer working on a new podcast client. Developers need a test podcast to work with. The first time around it was the Grateful Dead. This time I'm using a beautiful poem by John B. McLemore from the Shit-Town podcast. Show More Summary

Priorities for podcasting

Some takeaways from this weekend's podcasting conference at Columbia. Primarily this conference was by and for producers of podcasts. I was the only developer who spoke, and not in any detail about how podcasting works, other than to say it's open and not dominated by silos and that's where the freedom comes from. Show More Summary

Journalism and the braintrust

I had a brief Skype chat with Chris Lydon and Mary McGrath earlier this week. We talked about the usual thing tech people and journalists talk about when we get together. What's the future of journalism on the Internet? I have some strong...Show More Summary

Fever dreams about getting rid of Trump

I came home from Italy with a cold. The first one in a few years. I thought I had come back with all these ideas to write about, but even though I feel well enough to write, unusually for me, I find I have nothing to say. One thing that's nice about going away from the US for a week is I feel removed from the Trump madness. Show More Summary

State of the podcast

I'm doing a keynote at a podcasting symposium at Columbia on Friday. Starting to think about what I want to do there. We're lucky that podcasting is not dominated by tech companies. Not that they haven't tried (thinking of Apple). Still to this day when people say at the beginning or end of their podcasts how to subscribe, it's a confused jumble. Show More Summary

Five days in Perugia

It's been interesting in Perugia with me being the designated rep of the open web. Many many interesting conversations. Facebook, Google and Amazon were everywhere. They paid for a lot of the conference. I had a rollicking session. A real come to Jesus revival for the open web. Show More Summary

Interop matters

Checking in from Italy. Every so often I hear from a developer who thinks RSS should be redesigned from scratch. I listen to what they think needs to be fixed and am reminded why it's better to improve the existing format through a namespace rather than starting over. Show More Summary

My demo river

For an upcoming demo, I'm going to show a river running on my desktop, accessible through the web, using Dropbox to do the bridge. Actually the river will be running on my laptop. Using Electric River. And to show that all rivers don't always look the same, I made a river in the theme of the Dancing Hamsters of the Old Days of the web. Show More Summary

Making a home for news on the open web

Once upon a time, I was 30 or so years younger, and had just sold my angel-backed tech company to a VC-backed company, stayed six months, and then left to start something new. I was young, successful, a minor tech god in Silicon Valley, the whole world at my fingertips. Show More Summary

Our political system has been hacked

Have you ever had a server that was owned by hackers? I have. All the way back to the beginning, to my LBBS server running on an Apple II in my Menlo Park living room. Here's how it goes. You see some odd things, you investigate, find suspicious stuff, delete it, but it comes right back. Show More Summary

A parser-blocking cross-origin script...

Sometime in the last few weeks Chrome started giving an error message in the JavaScript console, in various apps, of this form: "A Parser-blocking, cross-origin script,, is invoked via document.write. This may be blocked by the browser if the device has poor network connectivity. Show More Summary

Is Feedburner being hacked?

Over the last few days I've noticed feeds coming through Feedburner that appear to have been hijacked. For example, here's a feed that used to carry content from New York Magazine. Here's a screen shot of what shows up from that feed in my river. Show More Summary

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