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Blogger of the Year

This is the time of year when I choose someone to be my Blogger of the Year. It's never been easy, because while there are a lot of people who blog, only a few meet two important criteria: They contribute themselves without a business model. Show More Summary

Play Kobe? Or win?

After the Lakers, without Kobe Bryant, beat the Warriors last night, the team with the best record in the NBA, you have to wonder what happens when they next start Kobe and the Lakers go back to their losing ways. Looks like a repeat of the 2012 conundrum the Knicks faced. Show More Summary

Fit in or reach for the stars?

Dries Buytaert is the community leader of Drupal, and is running a tech startup with an enormous endowment of $118 million. He wrote a piece that to me is 100 percent pure ageist dog whistle. He says attitude beats experience. Now I have more experience than he does, but I think I would have said this even when I was relatively green. Show More Summary

Who's going to bring NYC together?

I wrote on Friday, before the police murders yesterday, that NYPD and the city are inseparable. It's still true today, no matter what some people may think. We are the same thing. That's why it's so disturbing to see the police openly disrespect the mayor. Show More Summary

Zuck at 22 was wrong

Mark Zuckerberg at 22: "Young people are just smarter." My own experience: I did great work when I was in my 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. The stuff I'm most famous for I did in my 40s. But the best software I've ever done was this week. I think that's pretty much been true all the way through. Show More Summary

Networking has costs

Alert: There are spoilers in this piece for two TV series, Battlestar Galactica and Homeland. You have been warned. Battlestar Galactica takes place after the Cylons and the humans have been at war for some time. An earlier round of war involved computer viruses so as a result there is no net that connects the ships. Show More Summary

Twitter and Facebook aren't working

I had a phone conversation with a Facebook friend, Chris Saad, last week. In that conversation, I found out what Chris does. I also found out that he did not know what I do. Yet, I feel I know him, and I think to some extent he feels he knows me. Show More Summary

NYPD are the people

Talking with a friend the other day I learned something I had not previously understood. The people of the NYPD want the support of the community the same way we support soldiers who are or were fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. They...Show More Summary

What if the RIAA had embraced Napster?

Back in 2000 when Napster was raging, I kept writing blog posts asking this basic question. Isn't there some way the music industry can make billions of dollars off the new excitement in music? Turns out there was. Ask all the streaming music services that have been born since the huge war that the music industry had with the Internet. Show More Summary

Heroku deploy puzzle

Upfront disclaimer I have a bad cold. I'm trying to do some development work anyway. I have a project I'm itching to see run, and I'm bored. Because of the cold, my mind is a little foggy, and it's likely the problem I'm having with Heroku is something I'm doing wrong that's completely obvious. Show More Summary

How "dislike" might work

Facebook should have a Dislike button, but it would work differently from Like. Where likes are public, a dislike would just be between you and the Facebook algorithm. It's a way of signalling that "this is something I do not want to...Show More Summary

I know Ben

A wish I wish there were some way to tell Facebook that: I know Ben Edelman. He's a good guy. No more "news" about him writing emails to restaurants in the Boston area. Please! That was an actual post I posted that on Facebook, and there...Show More Summary

Project Maelstrom

Project Maelstrom sounds hot. But it all depends on the execution. It has to be a very smooth reliable web browser. I wonder about their ability to do this, based on the evolution of BT Sync. It started out as a fairly complex but usable and useful app. Show More Summary

Have a cuppa tea

Chris Saad is talking about what he wants from news. It's good stuff. Read it. But he posted it on Facebook. I know what it's like. I wrote something today on Facebook today about my cold and what I'm reading, and whatever. It elicited some nice support from my Facebook posse, which was probably why I posted it. Show More Summary

We make tools

Interesting piece by King Kaufman at Bleacher Report, on the disconnect between Silicon Valley and the news industry. Read the whole piece, but there's a line at the end that really got me thinking. "I can't tell you whether you should...Show More Summary

What "product" means in tech

Product is an evolving idea, a moving target -- which is why it can be so confusing. Not just to people in news, but also to people in tech. If you want to understand, here's how we got to today. Shrink-wrap Software used to come in shrink-wrapped boxes. Show More Summary

Very good analysis by Jay

If you want to understand the disconnect between tech and journalism, stop everything, right now and read this thread by Jay Rosen. The way he says tech thinks about product is how I think about it. I grapple with it all the time. IShow More Summary

Where are the protests?

There are protests, some spontaneous, some planned, all around the city tonight. Like many other people I wonder where they are. And the people of New York, collectively, know where they are. How to put up an app that collects this data...Show More Summary

What do to do about NYPD

I don't believe in the death penalty and I don't think cops should use deadly force unless their own lives or the lives of others are in danger. I also don't like to second-guess juries. But I also think they are predisposed to support the police. Show More Summary

The power of juries

Two grand jury decisions in the last two weeks, and a lot of people are angry over the outcomes. Yet most people, when called for jury duty, want to get out of it. I did it too. But then once, in 1996, I was called and decided not to resist. Show More Summary

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