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Ten years ago in RSS-land

I was looking for something to read yesterday, when I saw a piece by Zeldman pointing to a 2006 post by Matt Mullenweg about the Feed Validator site. It was a remarkable piece, I don't remember seeing it at the time, I think if I had I would have written something about it. Show More Summary

Screen2 scheme

When lies are common in a TV debate, the "second screen" is used to fact-check the debaters, real-time. Problem easily solved w technology!

Bernie speaks the truth! Please share..

I would give $1000 to a PAC devoted to running 1-minute of excerpts from this interview with Bernie Sanders as an Internet/TV ad aimed at people who supported Sanders in the primary. Win enough of them over and we avoid the collapse that is sure to come with a Trump election. Show More Summary

Other blogs like Scripting News?

I have a weird question. You're reading a blog called Scripting News now. My name is Dave Winer. I am the author of this blog. I've been writing here since 1994. I have no idea how many notes I've posted here, how many essays or podcasts, or right-margin graphics. Show More Summary

Best Clinton video yet

This election is inspiring so much art! Great example..

My two cents on Palmer Luckey's wealth

As one of the founders of the technology that made Peter Thiel and Palmer Luckey so rich, it disgusts me to see how they are using their wealth. I've written about Thiel before. He is most famous for suing Gawker out of existence because they published an article saying he's gay (he is). Show More Summary

What "politically correct" means

I'm still learning. Today I figured out that when Trump says he's not "politically correct," the political part is extraneous. It means he is not correct, i.e. he lies. And that a liberal is someone who cares whether something is true. Show More Summary

Voters are like jurors

A campaign has an obligation to teach the voters how to care about issues, at an emotional level. For example, anyone who depends on ObamaCare should be worried if Trump wins. Repubs have promised to repeal it. They will be able to do it if they control the White House. Show More Summary

Go to the mirror boy!

When I visited Seattle in August, I spent a day hanging out with two longtime friends Brent and Sheila Simmons. Brent and I worked together on UserLand's products in the late 90s that led to many cool things like blogging, RSS, Facebook, Twitter. Show More Summary

President Trump could move quickly

The New Yorker story about the first term of President Trump had a very important idea that I wasn't focusing on before reading the piece, maybe you weren't either.. First, it seems likely that if Trump were elected he'd have a Republican Congress to work with, both houses. Show More Summary

Trump's story about Skittles

Remarkable piece in The Intercept, woke me up to what's going on in this election in a way nothing before has. I hope everyone reads this. It's remarkable how close the German story is to the one told by Trump Jr. In Germany they talked about Jews as poisonous mushrooms, and Trump talked about Syrian refugees as poisoned candy. Show More Summary

The secret of contacts

The real secret of getting a contact lens in your eye is this. First, you have to get good at controlling your eyelids with your fingers. They're going to want to close. You have to be sure you control when that happens. Be sure the fingers you use to hold the lids are dry and be sure the eyelid is dry. Show More Summary

Podcast: Screen2 prototype

In this ten-minute podcast I explain why I'm looking for an embeddable realtime TV news experience. Quite simply, I believe in the second screen, and in its urgency. We can't wait for the social networks to slowly bootstrap it, because we need it for the election of 2016. Show More Summary

Can we all get along?

Yesterday on Facebook, a longtime friend posted a message saying he was burning out on people's political missives there. I am too. Most of it is powerless and judgemental. There's no listening going on, just people talking over each others' heads. Show More Summary

New Yorker: Trump's First Term

The New Yorker has a very important piece just out. Evan Osnos: President Trump's First Term. I've only read the first few sections, but it's exactly what I was looking for. Hopefully he'll be on all the news shows discussing this to help to change discussion from the daily outrage to the serious stuff of understanding what we're up against.

This should be a law of the Internet

No one has or ever will be persuaded by an argument.

Wanted: Embeddable, live, scheduled news show

Here's a weird question. Are any of the scheduled news shows embeddable, live, real-time. All four elements are necessary: Scheduled -- for example every weekday night at 9PM Eastern. Embeddable -- I can include the live video in my own site. Show More Summary

Programming note

I now have the ability to turn on Disqus comments on a post-by-post basis. I'll do this when the purpose of the post is to ask for information. I plan to release the feature to users. This post has comments turned on.

Busting the huge walls around news

My personal frustration with the news is that we can't get an idea into their flow. These days they're living in our world, we know a lot about it, what's possible that isn't being done. But I can't get them to listen. It's a very closed community. Show More Summary

The news on screen 2

Quick thought. I watched Face The Nation and a bit of Meet The Press today. Same people, same memorized talking points. Both Repubs and Dems. The Dems are running a somewhat real campaign. As real as you can while the Repubs are running a campaign based entirely on lies. Show More Summary

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