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David Byrne, blogging philosopher

He offers two bits of advice in one song. When I have nothing to say my lips are sealed. Say something once, why say it again?

A cascade into dysfunction

I just did yet another server move. This all got started by me saying What The Heck to a question a hosting company asked. Would you like a free upgrade from 2Gb of memory to 4Gb? Pause. Sure! Let's go. Click. Wait. Reboot. Two daysShow More Summary

Seeking common cause with opposing tribes

For the sake of argument, suppose Ann Coulter did something good. It's not debatable. Suppose she was wronged and protested and you heard about it on the Internet. Could you say "Hey Ann Coulter did something good?" Or would tribalism prevent you from doing so? By tribalism I mean, she's the member of a different tribe. Show More Summary

About sarcasm

I've been thinking about sarcasm in online communication and how rarely it works or is understood. As part of the thinking I did a search for the word on my blog to see how it has come up over the years. I always disclaim it, either way, if I think people will mistake sincerity as sarcasm, or if I want to be sure people know I'm being sarcastic. Show More Summary

"The deception is mind-boggling."

I had never seen the full discussion on Fox News between Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace. This is definitely a turning point. Remember this is on Fox.

Blog bugfix

In my blogging software, permalinks are constructed by smashing together the hour, minute and second a post was created into a string. So if a post was created at 11:52:02, constructing the permalink by smashing together the hour, month (the error) and second. Show More Summary

Catching up on Game of Thrones

Over the July 4 weekend I indulged in a lot of Game of Thrones. They were running the episodes back to back. I tuned in at various times, and got bits of all six seasons. Then, I filled in the blanks. I still have to watch a few episodes in Season 6. The most illuminating episodes were in Season 1, esp near the end. Show More Summary

The word you're looking for is traitor

Treason probably isn't the right word. Legally it only applies when we're at war. If Trump had aided the Taliban in their fight against the US, that would be treason. If he helped ISIS plan an attack, that would be treason. If he gave...Show More Summary

Ghost != Medium

John Gruber started a thread on Twitter lamenting that Medium is going down a predictable path. To which I responded, it's time for a Medium without a business model. A place for people to quickly write a document that stands alone on...Show More Summary

What if Medium were open source?

Assuming you know what Medium is. What if Medium had been designed from the start to be the Mother Node of a network of clones. The basic software would be available for installing on your own server, but if you want, there's a place...Show More Summary

It is what it appears to be, until proven otherwise.

So much virtual ink has been wasted on what amounts to giving Trump all the benefit of the doubt and then some. I don't know why. Suppose you had a relative who lies as much as the Trumps do. Next time would you believe what they say? And...Show More Summary

Demo of a new Scripting News feature

The other day I wrote a piece about how I prefer blogging on the open web because if I have an Aha! moment, over here, I can implement it. If you click the wedge next to this item you can read the full text of that post, without leaving this post. That's the feature I figured out. Show More Summary

Standard Response #23

When someone says -- None of this matters to Trump supporters blah blah blah etc. My response is -- I don't care. This happens so often we might as well just given them numbers. Let's call the first one Standard Response #23. And the second is #23a.

I don't care what Trump supporters care about

We should give this response a number, and then you can type "Standard Response #23" and the browser will just fill in the text. Here's how it goes.. None of this matters to Trump supporters blah blah blah etc. My standard response to #23, let's call it #23a. I don't care.

It all fits together now

Rachel Maddow said it best last night. She's no longer confused. Now she sees how the pieces fit together. Me too. Trump, pre-bankruptcies, financed his ventures the old-fashioned way, with bank loans. Then he defaulted, returned pennies...Show More Summary

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