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Is Trump the new Jimmy Carter?

President Jimmy Carter was swept into Washington in 1977, in the aftermath of Nixon, Watergate, Ford and The Pardon, with a sweeping mandate to change. The nation hated itself for Nixon. Carter was the bitter pill we decided to swallow, for punishment. Show More Summary

Easing up on Medium, for now

The last few days as important articles have appeared on Medium, I've been posting pointers to them without gritting my teeth. As much. Right now we have bigger fish to fry than whether or not the blogging world is getting overly and unwisely centralized. Show More Summary

Let me help with that conundrum

When Trump lies... The story should be that. Trump lies. Because that is the story. Don't give weight to deliberate lies. Be better.

"The Left" has become a dog whistle

A longtime friend posted a link to an article on Facebook that explained at great length how "the left" is even more hostile to science than "the right." I started to to read it, it took a long time to get to the point, if it ever did. Show More Summary

The Apprentice President

Idea for new cable news show. President Trump's daily brief. Based on public info only. We all get to tune in on the info a president-elect would get if he were listening. Why? Well we know the PE likes to watch TV. Perhaps if he knew we all were getting the briefs, esp if his name came up a lot, he might watch. Show More Summary

What went wrong with journalism?

I see so many people discussing what went wrong for the Dems in 2016. But most are written by journalists, so they miss (imho) their own role in what went wrong. Imagine you're watching an NBA basketball game, and one team is being called...Show More Summary

Trump knows what he's doing

Oh there he goes again with the lying and weak ego etc, only sometimes it's strategic, and you have to pay attention to all of it to see if you can figure out how it furthers the Republican cause. Lets play Jeopardy! So when Trump talks about millions of illegal votes, let's play Jeopardy. Show More Summary

Underground railroad for ideas

We need an "underground railroad" for facts and ideas. Maybe a new editorial product from the Washington Post or NY Times? If we could crack that nut, we could create a union of people who want accurate information that isn't Republican or Democratic or in a red state or blue. Show More Summary

The voters who elected Trump

The big news story of 2016 is The Voter Who Elected Trump. Yet the news orgs have snapped back to business-as-usual. They tried to cast Trump as the standard-issue Republican Party candidate for president, but that never worked. They're...Show More Summary

My first podcast with Chris

I always have trouble finding the first podcast I did with Chris Lydon on July 9, 2003. We were sitting at a table at Berkman Center, which was located on Mass Ave in Cambridge at that time. For some reason I think the table was outside, but I don't think there actually were any outside tables at that building. Show More Summary

Podcast: Trump voters, we hear you

This is a longish podcast (18 minutes). I start with the story of the Trump voter on Delta airlines who gave a speech and was banned for life. I thought he actually had something important to say, if we listened from a different point of view. Show More Summary

Listening across the red/blue divide

The Run-up podcast did something along the lines of my Nov 14 proposal to create connections between red and blue state people. They did three podcast conversations between friends and family members, each of whom voted for different candidates. Show More Summary

Twitter text, day 2

Follow-up to Friday's post. The thing that's really hard is styling. If you just want bold or italic, you have to bring in the heavy machinery. Since the last time I looked however, the machinery has been nicely packaged thus.. It works. Still filled with mystery, but I have something interesting working, but far from complete.

Bruce Springsteen podcast

Listened to a podcast interview with Bruce Springsteen. Funny, after listening to his music all these years, I had never heard him talk. He sounds like my friends from childhood. We're like cousins. Who knew. And the guy is funny and he's just like someone who could be your friend. Except he's made some of the best music ever.

Tools for Twitter text?

I'm interested in tools that generate what I think of as "Twitter Text". Here are a few examples. More Summary

Lessig on the Electoral College

The Washington Post ran an op-ed by Larry Lessig on the Electoral College today. This is a very important piece. He says something that very much needs to be said, and heard. If you can access the piece through their paywall please do. Show More Summary

Gravitas wins elections, not ideas

I'm on a TV news budget. No more than one hour a night. That generally means I watch Rachel Maddow. Sometimes Chris Hayes. There's a lot of fussing about What Went Wrong, and the irony that Hillary got more than 2 million more votes than Trump and that number keeps growing. Show More Summary

I forgive you

This is the second part of my Thanksgiving message. Yesterday I said let's have a nice Thanksgiving. Today I add, forgive everyone you possibly can. We're all having a tough time. What if everyone decided to be nice to everyone else from now until we have sorted out this political mess? Let bygones be bygones. Show More Summary

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have an idea for this Thanksgiving. Let's give thanks to the the United States that is us. Did you ever notice how the initials for the country are also our name? E pluribus unum, it's on every bill -- Out of many, one. That's us. So let's thank the United States. Show More Summary

Four tweets

Sometimes you figure stuff out in four tweets. #1: Spooky thing about jury duty is the realization that you're personally part of a courtroom drama, after watching them on TV a million times. #2: That's what's spooky about this political thriller our lives have become. Show More Summary

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