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We're still somewhat in the Information Dark Ages

We're still not all the way there with social networking. Facebook knows who I'm friends with, at least in a Facebook sense. Now let's say I'm driving into San Francisco, going over the Golden Gate Bridge and wondering as I look at the...Show More Summary

Twitter NT

On Saturday I wrote a piece about Windows NT, the operating system Microsoft created to run alongside the original Windows, as its eventual successor. In a similar way, that's what Twitter needs. New technology, running off on the side,...Show More Summary

Why you must watch BoJack Horseman

Note: There are a few nano-spoilers here, but you can safely read this and still have 100 percent of the fun watching the show, because nothing can begin to explain how spacy and intelligent it actually is. This is more of a sales pitch...Show More Summary

Markus Persson and life after success

I read today's articles about Markus Persson with interest. I know the story, I experienced it myself a long time ago. Achieving all the success you wanted is not as simple as you might think. I've written about that before here on my...Show More Summary

Windows NT

Flashback to 1995 It's roughly the 20th anniversary of Windows 95. I was there, in Redmond when it rolled out. With Jay Leno and Bill Gates. I got a private demo of Blackbird, which was supposed to be Visual Basic for the Internet. Quite a day. Show More Summary

Why blogs are hurting in a nutshell

Another nutshell post! Twitter says posts must not have titles and can't be longer than 140 characters. Posts cannot contain HTML markup. Google Reader says posts must have titles, and are assumed to be essay length. Posts may have HTML...Show More Summary

Twitter in a nutshell

O'Reilly has a series of books entitled X in a Nutshell. They're called that because presumably nut shells are small things. So if you want to understand something in a nut shell, that means you're getting a distillation, a summary, a conclusion without the reasoning. We used to call them Busy Developer Guides. Show More Summary

Another requirement for future-safety

How would you feel about an email service that didn't allow you to forward all your email to another account? Yet we post our writing and photos to sites that don't provide the ability to redirect to the new location of our work if we think it's time to move. So I'd add another requirement. Show More Summary

Mac OS is spyware too

All of a sudden my Mac is telling me whose birthday is tomorrow. People I don't even know that well. How did that happen. I don't like my computer randomly and unpredictably getting all "social" on me. It's a tool. Try to imagine a carpenter's...Show More Summary

The XML-RPC site works again

There was a lot of breakage in the old XML-RPC site dating back to 1998. I finally have all the tools I need, I think, to get it working again. Nice to be able to get this stuff working again. With all that I write about future-safeShow More Summary

Do people still use libraries?

John Palfrey, a former colleague at Berkman Center, has a new book about the importance of libraries in the age of Google. Yesterday it got a short writeup in the NY Times. I haven't read the book yet but I plan to. When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time in the Queensborough libraries. Show More Summary

I would love an open source Slack clone

Last Sunday I saw a tweet from TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington that said he missed the old Silicon Valley and might try to do something to bring it back. I was enthusiastic, and suggested what the tech industry needed was a new open platform to grow on. Show More Summary

Car insurance price based on credit score, shopping habits

Consumer Reports says that car insurance pricing doesn't work the way it used to. A couple of big differences. Your credit score is a bigger determinant of insurance price than your driving record. A person with a high credit score and...Show More Summary

Bezos on kindness and the NYT willfully tells an incomplete story

The New York Times ran a remarkable piece about what it's like to work at Amazon HQ in Seattle. I read the story from top to bottom, and was, like a lot of people, fairly disgusted by the way they treat people who work there. But there was one story that stood out, near the top of the piece, that seemed out of place. Show More Summary

Future-safety notes

A few random items for the future-safe web file. A commenter on yesterday's post asked about my personal profile page from 1998, which was linked to from the RSS 2.0 spec, which I pointed to as an example of something that seems relatively well set up for longevity. Show More Summary

The "President Reagan" Show

In this clip, Brian Stelter. who has a weekly show on CNN about the news industry, warns reporters not to pay too much attention to the polls in the Presidential "horse race." He's doing this the way a blogger would. Makes me really respect him. Show More Summary

Criteria for future-safety

I've written about a future-safe web many times -- the idea that what we're creating on the web should persist. Will the ideas we publish be there years from now, so others can know who we were, what we did and what we thought? The concern...Show More Summary

Mike: Great tweet, time to put back

Mike I was pleased to see your tweet yesterday about returning Silicon Valley to its earlier focus on products (and presumably users of those products). I think there's a good way to put this idea into action. Create a process where products are funded because they contribute new open formats and protocols to the mix. Show More Summary

Our deal with the devil

Sometimes an idea comes out in a sequence of tweets, worth preserving in a blog post. Reddit censoring sounds sort of sensible. What happens if Github starts? And before you all hand over blog posts to Medium, what if they do? Giving any tech company exclusive rights to a media type is a bad idea. Show More Summary

Koch for America?

I didn't see this coming, and I should have. Has the Internet already disintermediated national politicians? Maybe Donald Trump is just the first of the former financial backers of candidates to eliminate the middleman and go directShow More Summary

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