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Walter Cronkite, trust, greatness and happiness

Talking with a friend the other day. He said you know back in the day we trusted the people who gave us the news. Walter Cronkite was his example. "And that's the way it is." I thought for a moment, he certainly seemed trustworthy, but...Show More Summary

An XML vs JSON argument that's not bullshit

Most of the XML vs JSON stuff is bullshit, but this one is not. Having worked extensively with both formats, I have to say jerf has got it right. But there are two criteria that need to be added: #4: If the format was designed before...Show More Summary

Can we trust the people?

Can the people be trusted to rate news sources? What choice do we have? I know experts think they have the means that we don't, but they accept a set of premises about what news should be, that lead us to news that Accepts that the US...Show More Summary

IPC in Node

Here's a theoretical question with practical implications. In Node.js, is there a way to do interprocess communication between Node apps? I could set it up so both apps have an HTTP server, and the apps could communicate using XML-RPC,...Show More Summary

Other cutters

I was just talking with a friend, two ideas -- skicutter -- like Wirecutter but for ski areas. Where's the best skiing right now. weedcutter -- same thing for weed. For extra credit, cross-tabulate. ????

Little wrecked ecosystems

With Google Reader shutting down and Facebook pulling out of news, and now HuffPost withdrawing, I feel great. Vindicated. Optimistic once again. There is no magic to platforms. Corporate platforms always end up as puddles. Little wrecked...Show More Summary

Goodbye Huffington Post

I tried writing at Huffington Post, many years ago, hoping to get more flow. When I finally got a hot story on HP, here's what they did. Rewrote it. Redirected traffic from my page to theirs. That's when the great experiment ended. ...

How Trump stank up Haiti

I read this Politico piece about this history of Trump and Haiti. Initially there was some bad data about a possible connection betw Haitians and AIDS that soon turned out to be false. But Trump kept bringing it up, and the stink onShow More Summary

River5 michegas continued

The thread continues. I believe I have found the least disruptive way to fix the file-read synchronization problem. Here's a gist containing a new local routine that reads an XML feed. Note that we save processing of new items for the end, and don't do any processing until the feed river is in the cache.

What open source means to me

In putting together the Feeds for Journalists project, I had to figure out some new stuff about open source, because I had never seen the idea applied previously to a list of feeds. I haven't even seen it used for docs or news, written...Show More Summary

Yet more River5 michegas

BTW, the River5 discussion continues with Carsten. He points out that the new method I proposed for adding items to rivers not only is more complex than the current method, and therefore more difficult to maintain, something I totally concur with, it still has a synchronization problem. Show More Summary

Journalists, let's help journalism thrive on the net

If you're a journalist and you love RSS, please join me in an easy project to improve both. Let's put together a list of starter feeds for journalists. I've kicked it off with a collection of news feeds that I know provide good value. Show More Summary

Facebook is not thriving, for me

I'm guessing what Facebook saw in numbers is what I feel as a user. It's drying up. The most interesting part of Facebook is the On This a Day In feature, and even that is starting to scare me as we relive 2016 and 2017. It's very quiet on Facebook these days. Show More Summary

Project to collect a set of feeds for journalists

Yesterday Mathew Ingram, a longtime friend and professional journalist, put out a call for feeds for a reboot of his use of RSS. This got me thinking. What if a community created such a list of feeds, and did it over a period of weeks...Show More Summary

Re the River5 file-reading problem

Following up on yesterday's report on River5's file reading problem at startup, with futher thought I realized I did not have a solution to the problem. The way I proposed doing it yesterday would have resulted in just as many lost items at startup. Show More Summary


I wonder sometimes what goes thru people's minds when you offer to help and it's something you're expert in, and they ignore you. It's been happening with news people constantly since I stared working on news software and formats on the web. I can't imagine what ulterior motive they think I have. Show More Summary

River5 file-reading problem

I've now had a chance to study the problem reported with River5 a few days ago. The first part of solving it was writing down concisely what the problem was. Carsten Senger did a great job, but he isn't responsible for the fix, I am....Show More Summary

Wolff is Occam's News

I've been pushing the idea of Occam's News, where we talk about what's obvious not what we can prove. Michael Wolff's approach is exactly that. It's not what you can prove, but it's what we know anyway. Both this and proof-based news...Show More Summary

MTP Daily is the worst cable show

I watched MTP Daily yesterday. For a few minutes, and then went back to work. It's an awful awful show. The worst of the worst. I hate the show because Chuck Todd only talks about the horse race. I swear, the day after the 2016 election he was already talking about how people were "positioned" for 2020. Show More Summary

I have no idea what Facebook announced

They announced something. What this all means, I have no freaking clue. Since the Algorithm is proprietary, I don't know what it did before that was so different. I gather they're reneging on their deal with professional journalism? I...Show More Summary

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