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The People's PAC

Bernie had a good idea, but we can do better. Let's start a People's PAC... The purpose of the PAC is to produce and run commercials that play in swing states and present ideas and facts in compelling ways that none of the candidates are telling people about. Show More Summary

Jeremy Lin signs with Brooklyn

I'm really excited by this news! I thought he should go to Houston to reunite with Coach D'Antoni, but secretly I hoped he would go to Brooklyn so I could go see him play 41 times next season, a subway ride away. I love Jeremy Lin. The Knicks and everyone else will learn a lesson about expectations. Show More Summary

An EU of blogging systems

We need a European Union of blogging systems. My posts should be able to move between all the countries of the blogging world, including new ones like Facebook, Twitter and Medium, fluidly and quickly, with updates. I should be able to use any editor I want. Show More Summary

Mets report

We were seated betw two sets of Cubs fans and they made our lives living hell, until the 7th inning when the Mets caught up and went ahead on some bad fielding by the Cubbies. ;-) The ride home on the subway was fun too. No Cubs fans on the train. Show More Summary

AWS docs, day 2

I want to try to zoom in on what I need from AWS tech docs that I'm not getting, using as an example a problem I have now. I am using Dropbox to manage a few of my servers. I want to know if I can use Elastic File System as a replacement. Show More Summary

What does Trumpocalypse mean?

What if the meaning of the experience with #brexit and Trump is that the civilization we've built doesn't work? Pretty sure that's what's going on. Like the blind men and the elephant, we're all seeing little pieces of it. Up to a point the rich have been able to insulate ourselves from this. Show More Summary

Amazon: Make AWS easier to start with

I'm a longtime user/customer of Amazon Web Services, going all the way back to the beginning when they rolled out S3, their basic storage system. My main site,, is an S3 bucket. I have an EC2 instance that runs a bunch of my apps. Show More Summary

One more Bernie Sanders piece

We're on a plane that's crashing into the ocean. He's complaining about the food. The flight attendants are rude. There isn't enough legroom. It's like that scene in Butch Cassidy. It doesn't matter if you can swim, dummy, the fall is going to kill you. Show More Summary

Where news makers go to make news

If you break down a news story into its components, it's basically Quotes from sources strung together to tell a story. Data, a number of people killed, a vote on a referendum, a score in a game, percent unemployed. The point of view of the reporter and the editorial team. Show More Summary

Keeping the number of copies down

From time to time I get reports from users that say they're using some software that prevents the browser from loading script code from other domains. I don't know where it's written that thou must only include code from the same domain. Show More Summary

My ode to Terrapin Station

When I get to the top of the first hill on my daily bike ride, I pull over to the side, and queue up Terrapin Station on the iPhone. It's hooked up to a Beats Pill that's strapped onto the handlebar. I don't connect them via Bluetooth, it's too unreliable, instead I have a mini-to-mini cable connecting the two. Show More Summary

Brexit is heavy

Basically the UK is ripping up all its trade relationships. Sounds daring perhaps, but an economy can't run w/o trade.

Let's just outlaw guns

This came up in a thread on Facebook, once again being told that if you don't own guns and study the hell out of them, you can't have an opinion about which guns should be legal or not legal. If it's hard to define what is and isn't a good gun, just outlaw all of them. Show More Summary

Bloggers take over!

I once had a public argument with the celebrated award-winning journalist Lowell Bergman about whether judges would blog their own trials if journalism failed to cover them. Bergman disagreed. He mocked me. Said I was stupid. I though hah I will have the last laugh, assuming I live long enough to see the day. Show More Summary

Walls keep good ideas out, too

In 1979, I called the Encyclopedia Brittanica because I thought their product could be computerized. They followed up by sending a salesman, trying to sell me a set of books. He was persistent. I kept trying to explain that my interest was in working with them to create an electronic product. Show More Summary

NRA nonsense

Just listened to an interview with the NRA chief Wayne LaPierre on Face The Nation. Trump was on before him, talking about how you shouldn't be politically correct, all the while refusing to say anything specific about what he would do to combat the terrorism he says is so rampant. Show More Summary

My father loved outliners

My father, Leon Winer, said "Every day is Father's Day," because he loved ThinkTank so much. That's what he looked like at 65. Happy Father's Day Dad, where ever you are! ;-)

The Central Park of the web

Evan Williams says that the web is about money now, not creativity. He says this follows the pattern of previous technologies. At first there's a wonderful burst of creativity and then it's locked down by a few big companies. The fun is over. Show More Summary

What programming is like

This is a picture of a Cat's Cradle. It's an arrangement of string that makes something real out of something virtual. It's a complex arrangement. It makes my mind hurt, a little. It requires physical dexterity and practice. It's hard to explain in words. Show More Summary

It's all terrorism

There's a debate going on in the US about what is and isn't terrorism. Some think what happened in Orlando was terrorism, also in San Bernardino, but not in Charleston, last year at this time. I read in a NYT piece with survivor stories from Orlando, really horrifying stuff. Show More Summary

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