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What would you do if you woke up one morning and there was no Internet?

I asked this question on Facebook and Twitter, and got a variety of answers. I think there are two "correct" answers. Start a new Internet. Cry. Most people say they would go do normal things that don't involve the Internet, but I think the world would take a long time to adjust. Show More Summary

Apple Watch liveblog notes

I got my Apple Watch last week, and I pretty much love it. I started taking notes on my exploration on my liveblog, which was designed for cumulative projects like this one. I wanted to be sure readers of Scripting News know about this. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Something doesn't smell right about the rush to "deprecate" HTTP

Google and Mozilla and others want force all non-HTTPS sites to become HTTPS. And while the name HTTPS sounds a lot like HTTP, it's actually a lot more complex and fraught with problems. If what they want to do ever happens, much ofShow More Summary

How to have a future

The journalism world is having a fit of depression today as they learn that their something they've actually known for years: their distribution system is owned by the tech industry. There is a solution. Start rebuilding your distribution system around the Internet. Show More Summary

Facebook's Instant Articles

A few items related to Facebook's Instant Articles announcement that came in the middle of the night. I was briefed on this project last summer. It got me interested in the Facebook API. People who use Facebook want this. How do I know? When I post full text of posts on FB they read it and comment. Show More Summary

Why I moved off Heroku

I really appreciate the service that Heroku runs. It was a very easy way for me to get started in Node.js, and also very affordable! I kept marveling at what a great deal it was, gushed publicly about it, and paid them the highest honor,...Show More Summary

Hello Fargo users

This is a quick heads-up, there were major changes in the servers over the weekend. But if all went well, you should see no changes in the performance of Fargo. Basically, I moved the back-end, Fargo Publisher, from Heroku to a server in Amazon's cloud. Show More Summary

I would have hired Doug, but..

Philip Greenspun wrote a post on his Harvard blog about MIT grads over 50 having a hard time finding work. In his post he cites a piece I wrote about how I would have hired Doug Engelbart, when I was running my first startup in the 80s. Show More Summary

Professional users

I love testers. Great testers are essential. Or you could look at them as professional users. Or something else. But without them, software projects flounder. One of the things I said to Doc yesterday is that if you can write a good bug report you'll do better as a user, because the problems you're hitting will move to the front of the queue. Show More Summary


A few weeks back, Doc posted a mysterious message to our support list, saying that blank headlines were showing up in his outline, and wanted to know if we knew what the problem was. This is the kind of "bug report" that makes programming for users so frustrating. Show More Summary

Scoble asks about the Facebook API

Over on Facebook, my friend Robert Scoble asked how I feel about changes Facebook is making in developer access to the social graph. It was such an interesting question that I did an 8-minute podcast answering the question. Hope you find it interesting!

Great "Blue Sky" platforms

The hairball Our current platform is a mess: CSS. HTML. JavaScript. A server. Think of how much you have to learn to become "full stack" in this world. At least four different syntaxes, and a CSS preprocessor. HTML is XML. JavaScript is like C or Pascal but then, it's full of gotchas. Show More Summary

I would have hired Doug Engelbart

I've heard it said, and thought myself, that of course I wouldn't have hired a 50-something developer when I was running my 20-something startup. But then I just realized that if Doug Engelbart had wanted to work for Living Videotext or UserLand I would have hired him in an instant. Show More Summary

My Apple Watch podcast

I've made a dozen or more visits to the Apple Store website hoping to buy an Apple Watch and each time coming up empty and as confused as ever. This 16-minute podcast tells the story. BTW, here's a screen shot of the Apple website, referred to in the podcast.

Should Boston bid on the Olympics?

When I was chatting with Chris earlier today, the subject of the Olympics and Boston came up. Should Boston bid? My two cents Boston should not try to host the Olympics, in fact no one should. With climate change, a new venue for the Olympics every four years is an extravagance we can't afford. Show More Summary

5-minute podcast

I was talking with Chris Lydon about the idea of a 5-minute podcast. Then Doc Searls asked a question that I thought could easily be answered in 5. I was right, but I rambled too much and it turned into a 6.5-minute podcast. Next time we'll do better!

The open tech of

On Friday, as you may know, I made public. It's a quick way to find a great podcast to listen to, now. Without subscribing. The list of feeds is curated, it comes from my Facebook friends. In that I think it's a prototype for how social networks can be used to create new flows that aren't complicated or hard to use or appreciate. Show More Summary

The new WTC elevator

One of the things I love about NYC history is the layering and the continuity. It's how I think software should evolve too. We rip up our cities too easily, because we don't like the arrangement of the streets, forgetting that thereShow More Summary

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