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About (coming soon)

A few notes about the new blogging software I'm working on. It continues on the same approach I took with Manila, and refined with Radio UserLand. A home page from which everything radiates. A focus on simplicity, an intense level of factoring to reduce the number of steps it takes to post something new or edit an existing post. Show More Summary

New version of WordPress

The new version of WordPress -- released today -- is a Node app. And they have a Mac desktop app. I've tried them both, and they're really nice, and yet it's still WordPress. The product has the same familiar organization and structure. Show More Summary

20 vs 60

I listened to an interview on NPR this morning with violinist Itzhak Perlman. They asked if he knew more about the violin now, as he turns 70, than when he was 20. He said "no, but.." and paused. At this point my brain filled in the answer. Show More Summary

The problem is America, not Trump

People are saying everywhere that the Trump campaign is turning Nazi. I'd like to offer another theory. It's turning American. We in America paint the past as a Norman Rockwell painting. White, suburban, not too rich, but not poor either. Show More Summary

Podcast: Why Trump might win

A ten-minute podcast explains why Trump is the best bet to win the Republican nomination for President. And also a scary reason to think he might even be elected President. It isn't about him, it's about us. Spoiler: The problem is that our lives are meaningless. Show More Summary

Bump me baby!

Here's a feature request for Facebook and Apple. You know how the Apple Watch bumps you when something happens. I like that feeling. It's a Pavlovian thing. It would be really cool if there was a bump every time someone Liked something of mine on Facebook. No message, no explanation. Just a bump.

Trump happens

Trump is what happens when social media becomes the platform for discourse. There used to be gatekeepers that made sure the crazy candidates looked crazy, but now they get to go direct. I always thought Sources Go Direct was a good thing. Show More Summary

How to get flow

Tips for pubs looking for flow over social media. Write interesting articles about how people are using social media. Better, write stories about people are making money using social media. Best, how they are getting screwed on social media, both in the good way and the bad.

Do I use Medium?

Hendrik Jeremy Mentz: "I like how @davewiner uses @medium: short, pithy bursts. See his posts on war and terrorism in particular." Reading this was weird because I don't think of myself as posting to Medium, or that I am using Medium. Show More Summary

The Knicks are fun again

Carmelo wasn't on last night but the Knicks won anyway. This Knicks plays like a team. It has air superiority, now with two big men, Lopez and Porzingas. Porzingas changes everything. He makes shots from all corners, he blocks shots gets rebounds and put-backs, and all around dominates. Show More Summary

My basketball karass

I should have a basketball karass, a group of 20 or 30 people I like to go to games with. Every game should have an official place on the net. When I go there I see my basketball karass and I can ask questions or make observations, or just scream about the Knicks. Show More Summary

New start for discourse on Scripting

I just made the next round of changes in the way Scripting News works. Now you can reply to any post, by logging on via Twitter. For now, it's open to anyone with a Twitter account. I plan to add a couple of layers of moderation, similar to the conventions we had when I was using Disqus for comments. Show More Summary

Change at home, not far away

It is becoming clearer that attacking ISIS in Syria makes as much sense as attacking Iraq did after 9/11. The source of the problem was in the US, not in Iraq. Just as the source of the problem in Europe is in Europe. We can see it more clearly from our side of the ocean. Show More Summary

This is a test

If it works, you should be able to log on to this page with your Twitter account, and when you choose Reply from the popup menu in the byline of the post, a little box should open up on the screen. Type something like Hello World in that box and press Return. Show More Summary


I've heard that because of the 140-char limit, Twitter is filled with poetry and that if the limit were eased, there would be no more poems.

People return to places that send them away

Nick Bilton writes about Nick Denton and Ninja. He says publishers struggle when they try to be tech companies. Meanwhile Medium is kicking ass, imho -- and Nick (Denton) should be playing that game too, only differently. Put it another way, there's an opening for someone in publishing to challenge Twitter and Facebook in news distribution. Show More Summary

Podcast: The JavaScript console, hubris

A podcast about developing with a couple of ideas. 9 minutes. If you are using a browser-based product as part of a development team, or for a developer you like, it's helpful to learn how the JavaScript console works. I explain what it is and briefly how it works. Show More Summary

America's origin story

Fred Wilson sent a pointer to a comment on his blog from a young woman whose family emigrated to the US during the Gulf War. A number of comments. This is the origin story of America. Every one of us who is not Native American can trace our origin to a story like that one. Show More Summary

Re-thinking the 1999 blog in 2015

My next project is to do a model story page. (The page you're reading right now is a story page.) I always rush through this part quickly, and I did this time too. There are too many other fires to put out to focus too much on what a story page looks like and what it does. Show More Summary

JSON is to XML as what is to Node?

When Adam Bosworth evangelized me on using XML in 1998 it was simply a way of representing data in a text-based format. Data in XML could go anywhere that text could, and that was a big deal, because the web was booming, and the thing it was best at was transmitting text. Show More Summary

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