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We need 140 different Twitters

Twitter has much-needed technology. It’s a waste to tether it to only one user interface, one application. It shouldn’t be hard to pivot to being totally platform given how depressed the stock is. It’s the only way we (the users) are going to have Twitter going forward, is if current management gets out of the way and lets a market develop. Show More Summary

I still want to bring blogging to Facebook

I tried once again to get Facebook to add styling, links, titles and podcasts to timeline posts, and once again they said no. I told my friend inside Facebook this reminds me of the time Apple wouldn't give us working sample code for AppleTalk apps. Show More Summary

The Hill and Bill Show

Bill Clinton's speech was a story. That's what he does. Lovely speech. Corny is fine when it comes to love. They are married, after all. A convention is a TV show. Hill and Bill are the two main characters. The show runner's goal for this episode is this: Humanize Hill.

A giant step for mankind...


Revolutions aren't won in a single election for a single office

At the end of last night's coverage of the DNC on MSNBC, they interviewed a young woman who was a Bernie supporter and asked if his speech had convinced her to support Hillary. She said no. It's up to Hillary now to say something to convince her that she deserved her support. Show More Summary

Day 1, DNC

The Dems killed. Michelle Obama's speech was a work of art. Everything about it. And Sanders was a masterpiece of politics. 3 more days.

Women have to be perfect

File this under clouds with silver linings. If you support Hillary Clinton, as I do, you're becoming familiar with all the disadvantages women have when they compete with men. I saw it in the debates with Bernie Sanders. He would talk over her, wave his hands at her, and it was clear she couldn't object. Show More Summary

1999-server on Docker

We now have a howto for running 1999-server on Docker. This is great because Docker has become the standard for "container" services. Thanks to Don Park for getting this started, and showing me how Docker works. Having a patient, friendly expert around to help makes all the difference on projects like this. If you have questions, post a message on the 1999-server mail list.

Radical idea: Nationalize Twitter

A radical idea -- nationalize Twitter, give the shareholders a decent exit, open it up to competition. Our whole political system flows thru Twitter, and the limits of Twitter have become limits of our politics. The company is struggling to find a business model that has nothing to do with its central role. Show More Summary

The convention vs the press

I went to two DNCs, in 2004 and 2008. Both times I heard what the cable news networks were reporting, scandals and controversies, but didn't see any of it on the floor. I think some people perform for the cameras, and say things that'll get them more coverage. Show More Summary

Thomas Dewar on Tim Kaine

Thanks to Joan Walsh, I read this piece by Thomas Dewar on Facebook, and felt strongly this point of view should be more widely circulated. He said it's okay to cross-post, so here goes. DW My favorite two Democrats are Elizabeth Warren and Russ Feingold. Show More Summary

Trump has made his pitch

What people don't get about Trump is that he's made his case to Republicans and independents and Bernie supporters. That's what the convention was for. That's it. We were worried it would be dark and ugly, and it was. And we're all still here. Show More Summary

Node-based search engine?

Back in the late 90s we had a publishing system called Manila. This was around the time Google was starting, and they weren't yet indexing blogs. We needed to have search working for our sites, so we wrote a search engine that ran inside Manila. Show More Summary

The Dems are prepared

Tim Kaine's intro speech was fantastic. If you get a chance to watch it, do. But one thing's for sure, the DNC is going to be incredible. The Dems are prepared. And of course Trump threw a huge fat pitch.

After the nightmare in Cleveland

Last week's RNC was a horror show. It was certainly depressing to see all those Republican elite, Americans every one of them, signing on to third world politics. I don't want to repeat all that they said, but as a good American who has voted Republican more than Democratic, they had nothing to offer me. Show More Summary

The Internet's Twitter

As a user of Twitter, I appreciate that there are lines you can't cross and stay on Twitter. Leslie Jones is a great comedian, and actress, and more remarkable because of her vulnerability. She's an easy target for predators on Twitter, and I like that Twitter is keeping it safe for her to participate. Show More Summary

Trump threw a fat pitch

I didn't think last night after watching the Trump acceptance speech that there would be a post-convention bump for Trump in the polls. I thought it was a miserable speech. I kept thinking how people who know him say he has no attention span or curiosity. Show More Summary

A tweet with a bad title

Early yesterday evening I pushed a picture to Twitter of two people, one black and one a cop, holding signs that respect each other. Respect in the sense that each listened to and accepted the other's point of view. I know from listening...Show More Summary

Crooked Ted steals the show

I liked what Ted Cruz did last night at the RNC. I had been turning the convention off and back on all evening, too grossed out by people who pretend that Crooked Donald Trump is fit to be President. I imagined on Election Day, with a Trump victory these people all feeling a huge hangover caused by Buyer's Remorse. Show More Summary

They're all crooked, I tell you!

Crooked Donald Trump. Crooked Melania Trump. Crooked Mike Pence. for (var i = 0; i console.log ("Crooked " + republicans [i].name + "."); } I'm using "Crooked" as if it were their title. This might be fun!

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