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LinkedIn to support Instant Articles?

There are a few troubling things about this Buzzfeed piece saying that LinkedIn is creating their "own version" of Instant Articles. Why their own version? Why not just use the one we're already creating for Facebook? We don't need to have a proliferation of mostly-compatible feed formats. Show More Summary

Starting with

If you've been wondering what the fuss is about, here's your chance to find out. First, if you have a machine that can run Node.js apps, you can install the server on your own system and run it there. Or if you want to quickly find out what it's like, you can create a site on my server. Show More Summary

The Getting-It-Done Party

When Obama was elected I thought I understood something that I didn't. First, I supported Obama. Gave the max. Talked him up on my blog and on social media as it existed in 2008. Went to meetings. Voted for him. Was overjoyed when he was elected. Show More Summary

Why no delete command?

Here's why my blogging tools don't have delete commands, basically until the users drag it out of me. In the early 1980s, I ran a computer bulletin board out of my living room in Menlo Park, CA. It was called the Living BBS or LBBS for short. Show More Summary

Why does Bernie keep running?

So on the Sunday talk shows Bernie Sanders said he's going to challenge Clinton at the DNC. He keeps changing the story. I don't think it's because he has changed as some people think, rather he's seen his own contribution numbers, numbers we can't see, and they tell a story. Show More Summary

Yes, there is a reason Denmark can have nice things that we in America can't

Bernie Sanders asks -- if Denmark can have universal health care and free tuition for college, why can't the United States? I've heard him ask it many times, and hadn't realized until I read this Vox article that there is actually a reason why, and it's not something you can wish away with the kind of sarcastic comebacks that Sanders is famous for. Show More Summary

I'm stickin with the Mets

The consensus is that the Chicago Cubs are the best team in baseball this year. I've never been a Mets booster, though I am a lifelong Mets fan, but please, the Mets are pretty incredible this year. We have great pitching and this year great power. Show More Summary

What bloggers need from Facebook

I want to make Facebook into the best blogging platform in the world that has over a billion readers. Here's what's needed to make that work and then why it's important. Links. Styling -- bold, italic, lists, subheads. Enclosures -- for podcasting. Show More Summary

At least it's good for CBS

Leslie Moonves, president of CBS famously said, in February, that the Trump candidacy "may not be good for America but it's damn good for CBS." He continued, "Man, who would have expected the ride we're all having right now?... The money's rolling in and this is fun," he said. Show More Summary

Video but no audio

Why is it that neither Twitter or Facebook have an audio type? YouTube has hosting for videos, but they don't offer a service for hosting audio. Facebook, with the idea of an audio post would be pretty great. But only if you can create audio enclosures through the API.

Preparing for Donald

As a lowly tech blogger, if I express a political thought, even if it's urgent, even if the political reporters are missing it, I seem to have no ability to insert the idea into the discussion. But someone needs to ask this questionShow More Summary

Twitter should become a web service

I'm a big user of and believer in AWS. It's got lots of components: databases, storage, computing, and lots of things with fanciful names that I don't really understand. I've been using AWS since its inception. Their first service, S3, provided something you couldn't get anywhere else without buying lots of other stuff -- storage. Show More Summary


Twitter infrastructure may have AWS-like value. Amazon doesn't have a Twitter. Add storage and you have infrastructure for Internet++.

I was wrong about Hillary

Sometime in the mid-90s, I was living in Silicon Valley at the time, I was driving around in Menlo Park listening to KQED, an episode of Fresh Air. Terry Gross was interviewing a woman, and because it was radio, I couldn't see who. They went from topic to topic. Show More Summary

Jeremy Lin in the playoffs

Watching Jeremy Lin in the playoffs, it's clear that he's always had star power. The myth in the NBA that he was a flash in the pan was something constructed by the league itself, probably because: Lin went to Harvard, a school not very famous for basketball. Show More Summary

What if we reincarnate?

What if, before we transfer human awareness into computers, we discover proof of reincarnation. What then?

Facebook for blogging means engagement

Earlier today I turned on a new feature in my blog, allowing me to cross-post instantly to my own blog and Facebook, in sync. Same content flows through RSS and to Medium not instantly and without sync, but with full fidelity. Now I can show you the difference in engagement. Show More Summary

What it's like to be dead

Wake up, make coffee, listen to a little news while you make coffee, cook breakfast. Log on to Facebook. No events in the menu. Look in the timeline. Nothing new. Write a post. Hey where is everyone. Nothing. Wait. Nothing.

Programming note

Something interesting is working. Now when I post something to my blog, it will automatically be cross-posted to Facebook. Not a link to a post, but the full text. However without any links or styles. Just the text. Not a bad place to start. Show More Summary


Over the weekend I got something working in that's pretty cool, and necessary. I can now include arbitrary HTML in my blog posts. Here's an example. Prince's 1999. I imagine this video will disappear after not too long. But that in itself will be a story. Show More Summary

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