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The emergency room is not health care

One of the favorite talking points of Repubs re health care is that people can still go to the emergency room, so no one will be allowed to die in the streets. That is so totally wrong. For more than one reason. You still have to pay for it even if you don't have insurance. Show More Summary

If I were in charge of Medium

Here are the stories on Medium's new business model announced yesterday. Now here are my two cents... What would I do if I were the owner of Medium and were free to be creative with new business models? I'd merge with or acquire an ongoing news organization, or maybe two. Show More Summary

What's new in Electric Pork 0.61

Two main changes in v0.61. There's a Linux version. You can get it on the download page. It seems to work exactly like the Mac version. I also plan to create a Windows release, but have a few other things I need to get to first. There was a setting that allowed you to tweet in reverse order. Show More Summary

An idea for the acoustics of restaurants

I went to a group dinner last night in NYC, it was great, but it was hard to make out what people were saying. Some people have booming voices and move their lips visibly. Those are relatively easy to follow. Others have high pitched voices or cover their mouths. Show More Summary

How do journalists get news?

I'm going to a journalism conference in Italy in a couple of weeks. I wondered how news people get their news. Is it systematic, or do they rely on whatever comes their way on Twitter or through email? Then, how do they share links with...Show More Summary

House Repubs stand for America

I've asked many times over the last few months when the Repubs in Congress would show some spine and help the country dig out of the mess we're in with Russia and Trump. Basically our country has been invaded, there's a pretender in the Oval Office, and we have to get him out before he can do more damage to the country. Show More Summary

There's more to Electric Pork

Electric Pork is the UI but underneath it, it's running inside an app called electronRunner, which is nodeRunner, running in Electron. I think I'm figuring out how to build something like what we had in Frontier in JavaScript. The big new idea is that Electron is the right environment to do it in, because that's where Frontier ran too. Show More Summary

The president lies

The president lies. Example: He said during the campaign that Hillary Clinton was the founder of ISIS. We knew then and now that she is in no sense the founder of ISIS. He lied saying that she started the birther lie. And many many more lies. Show More Summary

Dems must not be thinking

I don't know what the Democrats are thinking. Every day the Repubs dish up new disasters, and the Dems aren't channeling that info to the people who they're screwing over. If they don't do that, what do they do? It's not clear they have figured out that they too can go direct, that they don't have to go through journalism. Show More Summary

We don't do campaigns right

We should do something other than march and yell slogans and root for our candidate. Because they always say stuff that they can't do. It's as if we decide to go crazy the one time when we have any power. Think that's not by design?Show More Summary

Why is the menu in the title bar crazy?

Next question -- Why is the menubar for my app so crazy? Thanks in advance for any ideas... Dave

Electron app has a ? for its icon on Ubuntu

I want the Linux version of Electric Pork to have an icon in the dock. Right now it's showing a question mark. Here's what I did. When the app is ready, where I create the new BrowserWindow, I added an icon value that is a NativeImage. Show More Summary

Tech could buy journalism

Re the tech industry capitalizing journalism, an idea that journalism talks about a fair amount. Why wouldn't tech just buy journalism? For example Facebook has a market cap of $405 billion. Google is worth $596 billion. Apple is worth $740 billion. Show More Summary

Ubuntu Electric Pork to try

I've got a Ubuntu version of Electric Pork. Still a bunch of loose ends to work out, but it works. Download here. Report problems in comment. Biggest headache, getting it to recognize the icon, so it appears as something other than a question mark in the dock.

Blogs are pretty good

People say blogs are dead, but this blog ain't! I had a new product to test, Electric Pork. I knew there would be problems because I'm still learning how the underlying technology works. I needed people to test it before it could be unleashed on the world. Show More Summary

Max 500 words per day

I heard an author interviewed on NPR yesterday cite an example of another author who writes exactly 500 words a day. Even if he's in the middle of a sentence, in the middle of dialog. He stops. The next day it's easy to get started because he just picks up where he left off. Show More Summary

Today's rescue site:

I love the feeling of restoring a broken site with a bunch of good writing on it. Today's rescue site is Here's an example post from the site. A question I would have asked the actor who played Mike on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Show More Summary

Are you a bot or just happy to see me?

A story I like to tell. When I was a kid I had a penpal from Scotland. Then one day I got a letter from him that said, right in the middle of a sentence, "sometimes my mother writes these for me." I think that's what's happened with Facebook. Show More Summary

How to bootstrap a tech hub

Over the years lots of cities have wanted to replicate the success of Silicon Valley. I have some ideas how to do that, and why the way they've been going about it is wrong. I migrated to Silicon Valley in 1979, from Wisconsin, where I was previously a graduate student in Computer Science. Show More Summary

Radio3 and Facebook

I'm having a problem with Radio3 and its connection to Facebook. I had it working for a few years without trouble, but then around the end of last year it required me to log to Facebook on every time I used it to post a link. I also get notices from Facebook telling me that the app is using an old API that will stop working on March 27. Show More Summary

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