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Notes from an alternate reality, day II

Everything I read about Trump says he'll do anything he wants, whether it's legal or not, and say that it's legal. This has been his M.O. in private life and people who know him say it's certain that will go with him to the White House. Show More Summary

Inclusivity cannot have exceptions

TL;DR. We might just have lost an election, and perhaps our democracy, because we couldn't be big enough to see that inclusion is an absolute. If you exclude people, then you are not inclusive. Longer version. Inclusivity today means creating opportunity for people of color, of certain religions and ethnicities, LGBTQs and women. Show More Summary

There is a method

So I spent a couple of weeks over the holidays doing the Listicle software. Then I made it work from OPML, figuring that I'd get it to tie up to my outliner. So I looked at building it into the outliner, and sighed, oh man I've been down this road before. Show More Summary

Notes from an alternate reality

Suppose the NYT had embraced the idea of users writing stories on, i.e. if they had hosted blogs for people quoted in the Times, an idea I promoted to them in 2002. Then, I argue -- they would have become Facebook, but better. Show More Summary

End-user storage from Amazon?

I sent this email to Jeff Barr, a longtime friend who is the chief evangelist for AWS. We go back to the beginnings of RSS. I really want this service, if not from Amazon, possibly from a another vendor? I don't know, but this gap has to be filled by someone. Show More Summary

Media types, gatekeepers

Right now podcasting is cresting, it's growing, people are talking about it. But podcasting has crested five times, each time bigger than the last, each time new people thinking they were there at the birth of podcasting. This happened with blogging too. Show More Summary

My top ten albums as a teen

There's a meme going around, list the top ten albums you listened to as a teen, only one album per group. I thought at first I would have a hard time thinking of ten albums that meant a lot to me then, even though I remember I listened to a lot of music, and went to a lot of concerts. Show More Summary

Why bother with war?

Our incoming government is already playing a dangerous game of brinksmanship and provocative sabre rattling. It seems so unnecessary. It certainly isn't what I want as a US citizen. But I wonder why China would bother fighting a physical...Show More Summary

The party is for everyone

An 11-minute podcast, the first of the year, about two topics that are very related: The president-elect didn't run a campaign to unify the country betw the election and inauguration. He kept the tension up. Not good for him, and imho also a problem for the country. Show More Summary

TWTR bought by a Repub?

This is one of those posts I don't want to write, but now I have to write it. I don't want to write it because I don't want to give anyone any ideas. But there's no avoiding it now. First, it looks like Zuck is going to run for president. Show More Summary

Zuck and Bezos in DC

This post started in pngWriter. More speculation. Both Zuck and Bezos woke up and realized Holy shit you can buy the US for a lot less than we have. Another way of looking at it, the US govt is a bargain. So Bezos bought a huge party house in the same neighborhood as the Obamas and Ivanka Trump. Show More Summary

pngWriter update

I'm using pngWriter again, now that I figured out how to make the text look crisp. See the previous post about pixel ratios. It's almost perfect, and it's made Twitter way more exciting. So if Jack you're listening, do it, it'll make Twitter exciting the way Napster made music exciting. Show More Summary

Learning about pixel ratios

I am learning about pixel ratios in HTML canvas elements. It's why the text in pngWriter looks fuzzy. It has something to do with pixel ratios. I find everything about canvases mind-numbing until I figure it out, then it makes sense....Show More Summary

Tweetstorms are an embarrassment

You have to chop things up into a bunch of pieces. It's too much work and interferes with the creative process. They are hard to read. Twitter already supports multi-megabyte video payloads. It could not possibly strain their infrastructure to send a few K of text in the same place. Show More Summary

I am an ObamaCare user

I am an ObamaCare user, so I am watching with a huge personal interest in the outcome of the torturous process the Republican Congress is going through to try to "repeal and replace" the program that brought me out of the shadows and finally got me health insurance that I more or less trust. Show More Summary

Scripts menu in Little Outliner

This is a feature that was in Fargo, but wasn't in LO2, but now it is. How to get started. Create an outline called menubar.opml. The top level items are the names of menus. The sub-items are the commands, and the subs under each command is the text of the script that is run when the command is chosen. Show More Summary

Are we living in Nazi Germany?

When I was called for jury duty in 1996 one of the most surprising things was the shift in perspective. Have you ever driven an English car? Until you sit on the other side, you don't realize how much you depend on the rear-view mirror. Show More Summary

We're in this together

We've all been in it for ourselves. Twitter and Facebook just reinforce that. I want more RTs, you want more Likes. But we've been given a set of problems that only can be solved if instead of seeing ourselves as individuals, we seeShow More Summary

Remembering the iPhone rollout

Just reviewed my blog archive from January 2007 re Apple's iPhone announcement. Ten years ago. Back then we weren't told very much about the iPhone, but we knew it wouldn't run any of the software we were making, in fact Apple made a big deal how it wouldn't run any software at all. Show More Summary

Idea for Brendan's browser

I've been emailing with Brendan Eich, developer of JavaScript and founder of Brave Software, makers of the Brave browser. I had an idea for him, but thought it might be of general interest, so I posted it here. Hey Brendan! I have an idea for your browser. Show More Summary

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