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The U.S. Blues

One of my favorite Dead songs is U.S. Blues. Not only is it a catchy tune with eye-moistening patriotic lyrics, it was written at a time when reactionaries in the US were trying to take ownership of patriotism. Wave that flag, wave it...Show More Summary

What's going on at Gawker?

I haven't been paying much attention, I had little hope of understanding what's happening there. But it sounds, from afar, as if something is changing. I think Gawker could use some change. The way they cover tech is fairly disgusting, imho. Show More Summary

Podcast: Hulu for news

A post by Melody Kramer on Facebook got me thinking now might be the time to take another look at the Hulu For News idea. 9-minute podcast. See also, the future of news through Ezra Klein.

What Twitter doesn't need

Ben Parr writing in TechCrunch does a great job of explaining exactly what Twitter doesn't need in its next CEO. However it's probably how Twitter's board is trying to fill the job. I have a quote for that from one of the best movies of all time, As Good As It Gets. Show More Summary

MyWord Editor gets more beautiful

Remember MyWord Editor, the silo-free text editing program in JavaScript? Last time I wrote about it, it was only 1/2 Medium. It could store stuff using your Twitter identity, and publish beautiful documents, but the editor was just plain old HTML forms. Show More Summary

Quick followup re GMail problem

On Wednesday I wrote about a problem I've been seeing with GMail, or so I thought. Messages that I knew I must be getting were not showing up in any of my mailboxes in GMail. But when I searched for them, they would show up. I heardShow More Summary

The future of news through Ezra Klein

First, please read this piece by Ezra Klein about the future of news. What he describes is a part of the news system of the future. News orgs like Vox, which Klein writes for, will continue to post to their own sites. Search engines index the main site and are, and will continue to be an important source of flow. Show More Summary

Serious problem with GMail

Some really important messages are not showing up in my GMail inbox. I've found out about them when I go look for them, when I expected an answer from someone and it didn't come. When I search, I find the message. However it's not in the Spam folder. Show More Summary

What really happened at Reddit?

In the end, after all the reporting about the user uprising at Reddit, do we have much of a clue about what actually happened? What we know Victoria Taylor was fired. Ellen Pao resigned. The founder, Alexis Ohanian actually fired Taylor, not Pao. It had something to do with the Ask-Me-Anything function on Reddit. That's what we know. Show More Summary

We need a Dropbox for servers

I've been getting emails from one of my hosting providers, Linode, saying that my server there was exceeding its CPU allotment. I checked it out. It was Dropbox. As usual. Dropbox is a total hog running on Linux. Maybe it is on the Mac and Windows too, but we just don't feel it so much. Show More Summary

Fixin the Internets

In 2001, I took a static snapshot of the UserLand discussion group, and turned the dynamic site off. Ever since, the URLs that pointed into the site were broken. Shit happens. Well, PagePark makes scripted redirection so easy, I decided to make the URLs work again. Show More Summary

A new EC2 for Poets

I'm thinking about doing a new version of EC2 for Poets. The old version is hopelessly out of date. I'm not even going to point to it, I don't want people to attempt to do what it says. Linux, Node.js, River4 As before it will be in the form of an ECE machine image. Instead of Windows (the last version) it will be Linux. Show More Summary

What the Internet actually looks like

Spoiler alert: If you haven't seen The Matrix, don't read this. You know how when Neo takes the red pill he sees what the world actually looks like vs what the program that is the Matrix makes it appear to be? Well, the Internet actually is a program, not that the real world isn't, but there's no speculation about the Internet. Show More Summary

There are two kinds of software

There really are only two kinds of software. Software you can use while not paying attention, multitasking, in a haze. Software that you have to pay attention to. Requires you to learn how to use it, setup. If you use it without paying...Show More Summary

Without Bullshit, the most interesting blog

If he's not careful Josh Bernoff is going to win BOTY. This is a great blog. And a great memorable title. And it lives up to its rep. A meta-comment This is the kind of stuff I did in the early days of DaveNet. I had a lot of accumulated knowledge about tech, the kind of stuff that was usually only said in the lobbies at tech conferences. Show More Summary

Oh when materialism was fun!

When I was a kid I used to dream of all the cool stuff I could buy if I only had the money. Then, as I became an adult, money stopped being the obstacle, the problem was finding stuff that fit, or that was really good. You had to work to find the good stuff. Then comes Amazon. Show More Summary

My interview with Poynter

This is like a super-cut Scripting News post. Lots of stuff in here, Melody Kramer asked really challenging questions. But luckily there were answers, for most of them. Poynter: What if journalists weren’t controlled by tech? Hope you enjoy!

Podcast: Putting the public in public media

A 14-minute podcast about the relationship between the public and public media. As Melody Kramer says, in a report on Nieman today, the opportunity is to go beyond tote bags and pledge drives. We're all creating media these days. Let's find better ways to organize our work.

Podcast: Scaling online communities

A 12-minute podcast about different types of online communities and how they scale. This is on-topic because of the problems at Reddit.

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