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Podcast: News and the open web

Democracy is in bloom in the US because we need democracy to deal with a brewing catastrophe in US government. I say Trump is to democracy as Facebook is to the web. Rebooting democracy isn't easy but we're doing it. And now we have to do the same for the web, if we want the freedom we feel we deserve. Show More Summary

Undoing the monster TV created

I had a weird thought the other day while flipping channels looking for something to watch. I imagine that most of the entertainment industry is scared shitless of Trump and the rise of fascism in the US. Since Trump is a product ofShow More Summary

CBC's origin story of podcasting

A couple of months ago I went to a studio across from the NY Public Library on 42nd St and did an interview with people from CBC, who were in Toronto, I think. We talked about the work I did with Chris Lydon when we were both research fellows at Berkman Center, in 2003. Show More Summary

Synchronous verbs in a shell language

Suppose you were trying to turn JavaScript into a nice system-level script tool, something more powerful and cleaner than a shell language, but for code that runs once an hour, or every minute, or overnight, so scaling is not an issue as it is for server software. Show More Summary

Don't motivate your enemies

I watched the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2011 when then-president Barack Obama made fun of the future-president Donald Trump. I understood at the time that Obama deserved a chance to get even with Trump, who had just dragged...Show More Summary

I support American journalism

I'm an American citizen, I vote, and I want journalists to investigate the president. I want them to investigate the connection between Trump and Russia, and the ways the president and his family are using his office to enrich themselves. Show More Summary

The story, so far, of ElectronRunner

I've been working on a project called ElectronRunner. It started as NodeRunner in an Electron shell, but its gone quite a bit beyond that. I've had this thought that Electron was going to be key to getting the kind of scripting I want to do in JavaScript that I do in Frontier. Show More Summary

Status report

We're watching the western alliance crumble waiting for the Repubs in Congress to give up on their fantasy of looting the treasury.

Podcast: Calling for a commission

16-minute podcast with a proposal to pair famous people in politics, law, entertainment, education, sports, one Repub and one Dem, to join together to demand a bipartisan investigation of the connection between Trump and Russia, like...Show More Summary

David Frum is right about Trump

If you get a few minutes, this podcast helps focus the mind. It's David Frum of all people. Our politics don't match, but that's the point. We agree that it's America's strength that we can listen to each other, disagree, and co-exist in the same political system. Show More Summary

Should the web have DRM?

An old slogan from days-gone-by: Ask not what the Internet can do for you, ask what you can do for the Internet. I read a piece in Ars Technica talking about efforts to get DRM built into the web. It's a complicated story, touches on a bunch of different viewpoints, Tim Berners-Lee, Richard Stallman, Cory Doctorow, Joi Ito. Show More Summary

President Trump's frustration

I think I get how frustrated El Presidente is. He had a great weekend at Mar A Lago. Perfect. Everyone loves him. Applause when he comes into the room. He gets to impress his pal from Japan, and they probably talked some sweet business, endorsements, etc. Show More Summary

Idea: An Indivisible guide for journalism

This would be even better than embedding journalists in small towns (which is a very good idea, imho). Teach people to be journalists. We could have eyes and ears everywhere. Like the Indivisible howto, but for journalism. Teach everyday people the basics of reporting. Show More Summary

The Guardian's feeds

Continuing the thread started by The ACLU's feeds, a couple of new goodies for RSS developers and expert users. A new collection of feeds for The Guardian. It's a really good news org, no paywall, and covers a lot of territory. Based in the UK, but it covers the US very well. Show More Summary

A public inquiry into corruption

Here's a random thought. If Congress won't hold hearings into what happened in the elections, and into the president's conflicts of interest, what's to stop an independent organization, like a ProPublica or Snopes, to start a public inquiry, with televised hearings, that looks into the matter, as citizens. Show More Summary

Cookies in NYT feeds

Yesterday I posted a note about the ACLU's feeds. I'm going to do more of those feed collections. I already have a few. Thinking of ways to distribute them that will allow people to contribute, probably using GitHub and pull requests. Show More Summary

The ACLU's feeds

Part of building the news underground is organizing lists of feeds. We haven't done much there, in a systematic way, to help news orgs show us, in machine-readable form, where all their feeds are. There were some attempts to do this, but mostly without much communication, and if you think about it, the whole point of it is to communicate about them. Show More Summary

The news underground

I try to watch the Rachel Maddow show every night. It's really good and they're doing good. Unlike other shows that are still stuck in horserace mode, if you can believe that, Maddow has the guts to report on the world we're in now, the one that needs us to save it. Show More Summary

Disk full in UbuntuLand

Update: Thanks for the help ! We got to the problem quickly. Forever's log files were what's taking up all the space. I deleted them and freed up many gigs. TL;DR -- Running Ubuntu, I need a way to find out which folders are using 99 percent of the space on my disk. Show More Summary

Why should you join a jury

The great thing about jury duty is you get a very clear sense of what self-government is about. It makes you feel empowered which can be even more uncomfortable than feeling powerless. So much of the frenetic activity online is about that sense of powerlessness. Show More Summary

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