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Journalism must compete

My friend Jay Rosen asks for comments on Facebook's request that content providers give them access to the full text of their stories. A NYT report earlier this week said that Buzzfeed, the NY Times and National Geographic were among the first publications that had agreed to do this. I've commented on this many times over the years. Show More Summary

MyWord Editor is open source

Last week I said we'd wait to open up MyWord Editor for use by everyone until it was fully silo-free. Today the wait is over. We're ready to begin a journey, that hopefully will add new life to the open blogging world. A shot in the arm for the open web. Show More Summary

Beautiful JavaScript editors

I spent some time over the last couple of weeks surveying the amazing collection of Medium-like editors written in JavaScript. All open source, some very good. It's just amazing to see the collective energy and ambition of the JavaScript community. Show More Summary

MWE will be silo-free from the start

I came back from my trip ready to ship MyWord Editor. But I decided to make it silo-free from the start. So I had a little more work to do before release. "Silo-free" means you can host your blog, and its editor, on your domain. I may...Show More Summary

When will 140-char wall come down?

Yesterday I ran a piece where I said Twitter's 140-char limit is probably in its final days. It's gotten a lot of attention. Next question: When will the change be announced? Imho, it's not hard to read those tea-leaves. Facebook is having a developer conference next Wednesday and Thursday. Show More Summary

A Medium-size hole in Twitter

Some people call "vendor sports" what I call it tea-leaf reading. I've been doing it for decades. I like to watch, and judge, based on incomplete information, what the various forces in the tech industry are doing. A lot of times you...Show More Summary

What is lock-out?

As users, we're all familiar with the idea of lock-in. A service starts. They offer something attractive. We use it. And later find out that we can't move without leaving behind everything we created there. That's lock-in. Lock-out applies to developers. A service starts, offers something attractive to users. Show More Summary

The next version of

I've had it in the back of my head for a while that I should just go all the way with a simple browser-based blog post editor, that with a single click would produce a modern essay page, like the ones Medium puts out. After all, when...Show More Summary

JavaScript in-browser almost complete

As you may know, I've become a JavaScript-in-the-browser developer. My liveblog is an example of that. It's an app, just like the stuff we used to develop for Mac and Windows, but it runs in the browser. The browser is a complete app environment except for one crucial piece: storage. Show More Summary

Every reporter should be able to start a blog

Please read Ken Silverstein's piece, his story of First Look Media. Watching them stay silent for so long, I suspected they lacked basic publishing ability. It made no sense to me. You can set up a blog on or Tumblr, with a custom domain, in at most a couple of hours. Show More Summary

Problem with Scripting News in Firefox?

I was working with Doc Searls this afternoon, and saw how Scripting News looks in the version of Firefox he has running on his laptop. It looks awful. One tab is visible all scrunched up in a corner of the window. I have the latest Firefox on my Mac and it looks fine. Show More Summary

Excuse the sales pitch

First, thank you for reading this blog. Now I want to try to sell you on an idea. The idea: Supporting the open web. Everywhere you look things are getting siloized, but for some reason, I must be an idiot, but I keep making software that gives users the freedom to choose. Show More Summary

Comments on the Node Foundation

Eran Hammer posted a long piece yesterday about why he does not support a Node Foundation. I am a relative newcomer to Node, having started developing in it a little over a year ago. I've shipped a number of products in Node. All my new server software is running in Node, most of it on Heroku. Show More Summary

My 'Narrate Your Work' page

I now finally have a Narrate Your Work public page. This has been a goal of mine for many years. I had a worknotes outline a few years back, but it wasn't like this. It was published. This is justShow More Summary

How to fix the Internet economy

Suppose you watched a movie illegally, because it was convenient to watch it at home, and you feel like a jerk for not paying the $15 for a seat in the theater. There are lots of reasons not to go to a theater. Poor sound quality. People...Show More Summary

Question about JavaScript and XML

Update: I came up with a different solution, so this is no longer a priority for me. I want to write a routine that emojifies an OPML file. It takes OPML text as input, parses it,...Show More Summary

Good fences make good neighbors

This is really a very simple idea, but a hard one for a lot of people to grasp, probably due to the way our culture mystifies personal relationships. In the classic romance, the Other is only thought to really love you if they can anticipate your every need. Show More Summary

Why Scripting News is interesting

I like to think my blog is interesting because of what I write here, but it's also interesting in how it works. And this is something, I think, anyone with a little experience in HTML can appreciate. If you open most web pages of news...Show More Summary

A new tab on Scripting News

This is so recursive, I can't tell you how confused I am, I can only imagine how confused others are. But it works, so here goes. I just added a new tab to Scripting News, called Liveblog. It is based on the RSS feed for my liveblog. The liveblog, as its name suggests, is faster than Scripting News. Show More Summary

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