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A quick note about ObamaCare

ObamaCare needs tweaks and updates, it is an ambitious program, but the Dems had two years to get it designed and passed through Congress, all while getting a stimulus through Congress to try to reboot the economy. As soon as the Repubs took control of the House, it all came to a halt. Show More Summary

Journalism in 2016

I'm as surprised as anyone at how powerful journalism has been in this election season. They seem to control how the mood swings in the country. I think they could probably make it so one candidate wins and the other loses. Is that rigging? Yes, I think it is. Show More Summary

Wirecutter + NYT is a good idea

Good for the NYT buying Wirecutter instead of making their own. I am a big fan of Wirecutter. When they say this is the best keyboard or router, I very often buy it, sight-unseen. The Bluetooth headphones they recommended are my favorite. Show More Summary

Dave The Blogger

A few days ago I realized I could change my name on Twitter without blowing anything up. I had sort of been aware of this feature, but had too many other things swirling through my mind to consider changing it. My first change was simple: Dave The Blogger. Show More Summary

The photos are back

I love photos on blog posts, but the content management side of it is vexing. It has to be something I'll use. And the pictures have to show up in the preview of the story on Twitter and Facebook, and other places that pull the metadata we embed in our stories for those two services. Show More Summary

Thoughts of a Mets fan

Mets fans aren't dicks, so congrats to the Cubs. Okay I said it. And there is the consolation of knowing the Dodgers lost. That was the silver lining of this year's NLCS. Either the Cubs lost or the Dodgers lost. Either way that's pretty good you know. Show More Summary

Thiel buying Twitter?

There's a story out there that Peter Thiel is forming a group to buy Twitter, making their offer as early as next week. Bid for Twitter by a new coalition backed by Peter Thiel won't come before Q3'16 earnings results on Oct 27, sources say. Show More Summary

Imagine if we designed the ads the net shows to us

My longtime friend Doc Searls has a vision, one that I fully endorse, of turning the tables on vendors, in an interesting way. They talk about Customer Relationship Management, which views the world from the vendor's perspective. Doc proposes Vendor Relationship Management, which is a similar idea, but designed from the customer's point of view. Show More Summary

Planning for post-war America

Let's figure out how to use online systems to create some kind of useful collegial communication across red-state/blue-state lines. Citizen-to-citizen. No professional politicians, no media, no campaigners. People who have different views about issues like abortion, the deficit, jobs, culture, even race and gender. Show More Summary

SYO update

A status report on the rebooted Share Your OPML project. I updated the feedlist.json file, but this is the last time that file will be updated, if you've built something that depends on it, you should transition to the next version, see below. Show More Summary

When people show you who they are, believe them

If Trump doesn't respect the voters before he's in office, what's the chance he'd let an election vote him out.

What's wrong with Hinderaker?

I had dinner with John Hinderaker at a Harvard blogging conference in 2005. He seemed like a nice guy, and even though our politics at that time were opposite, I thought it was nice that we got along. Over the years however he has gone more and more off the deep end. Show More Summary

A VR computer monitor?

Is there such a thing as a VR computer monitor? If so it might solve a real problem for me. It's a long story, but because one of my eyes has an artificial lens, I now have to wear a contact lens in the other eye. I know there are progressive lenses but I haven't gotten a prescription that works for me. Show More Summary

What does 538's number mean?

I've been following the FiveThirtyEight polls-plus number through the summer and into the fall. My mood goes up and down with the percentage chance that Hillary Clinton will win. I've always wondered what exactly does the number mean? Look at it this way. Show More Summary

David Bunnell

Today, sad news that David Bunnell died yesterday at 69. My thoughts.. When when he ran the PC and Mac news mags he was accessible. And he helped small developers like my company, Living Videotext. I got to know him better, personally, when I lived in Berkeley a few years back. Show More Summary

A personal space invasion

I have a small inkling of what it must be like to be a woman in a world of grabby entitled men, because of a near-miss I had on my bike last summer. I was riding downhill on the west side of Manhattan, toward the Hudson River, which is one of my regular rides. Show More Summary

How I feel about Google re RSS

Imagine that a big banking firm has a corporate event in Central Park. They not only trash the place, but they leave behind such a mess that the park isn't usable again for at least ten years. It's possible it may never recover. Now no one told the bank they had to have their outing in the common space. Show More Summary

Small versions of Facebook or Twitter

In the old days Steve Jobs used to talk about personal computers being like fractional horsepower motors. The kind of thing you'd use to create an air conditioner or lawn mower, for example. A Mac was like that, but for computers. We had much success a few years back with the idea of a fractional horsepower HTTP server. Show More Summary

New investigative journalism technique

You know how years ago reporters would do profiles of people by following them around for a few days. Here's an idea. Do that on social media. Go everywhere they go and see how they interact with others. Key thing, these days they don't have to know you're doing it.

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