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Let's create an open source Medium clone

To weekend JavaScript hackers.. I would love to help create an open source Medium clone, so you don't see things like this. An open source program putting user advisories in a silo. No. This is wrong. These docs should be put in a place that has some chance of longevity. I've done half of the work. Show More Summary

Too much linear thinking in news

Ken Doctor asks if there is a business model for news lurking in the midst of Apple, Twitter, Facebook et al. As all such pieces that begin this way, he concludes, maybe, but he's not sure how. The correct answer is no, as long as the...Show More Summary


This is pretty technical stuff, but it's indicative of the kind of work we're doing with River4. It's a publishing system. I don't think there's anything else like it in the open source world. Something we should be connecting on with journalists. Show More Summary

How to fix my iMac internal SSD drive?

I have a 5K Retina iMac. Its internal drive is an SSD. It's not working. Let me explain. I booted off an external drive. When I look at the drive in the Disk Utility, there's no option to erase it. When I look at the Partition tab, everything...Show More Summary

To make a long story short

We need a better way to do discourse on the net. See the longer version.

It's not left vs right

Yesterday's post was intended to be humorous. I don't doubt that algorithms could figure out what most people say on Facebook, and do our speechifying for us. The point behind the humor is this: No issues are so black and white thatShow More Summary

Facebook is about news, in a weird way

Each bit of news potentially fires up a moral parade, where people recite prepared speeches. Often the speeches begin explaining how what someone said is like this other thing, then basically recites a canned story about that thing. You could give each story a number, and just type the number. Show More Summary

Dropbox could be king of the one-page app

In 2013 when we were getting our browser-based outliner ready, Les Orchard, a longtime reader of this blog, and contributor to our community (he wrote the initial S3 glue for Frontier, a huge gift), suggested we look at using Dropbox as our storage system. I was already a serious Dropbox user, and loved how it virtualized my file system. Show More Summary

PagePark and OPML

The other day I released RiverBrowser, a JavaScript toolkit, for browser apps, that renders JSONP files produced by River4. I also released outlineBrowser. It does for JSON outlines what riverBrowser does for rivers. The two are a pair, because outlines can appear in rivers, you need both to display a river. Show More Summary

A spilled cup of coffee

This morning I spilled a whole cup of coffee, a big one, on my work desk. The one with all my computers and wires and disks. I immediately went into action, throwing everything of value off the desk as quickly as I could, including both...Show More Summary

Key concept of the open web: Working Together

This morning there were two excellent essays from leaders of the open web, David Weinberger, one of the Cluetrain guys, and a longtime friend and colleague, and Dries Buyteart, founder of Drupal and software entrepreneur. Both are beautifully...Show More Summary

For comatose Knicks fans everywhere

When you wake from a multi-year coma and your first question is Are the Knicks the NBA champions? I have created a wonderful and easy to use site that will give you the answer in an instant! It probably...Show More Summary

The confederate flag is a hate crime

I spent a few months in northeast Florida a few years back. Every so often a bit of the rural redneck culture would show up, though mostly it is an expensive coastal enclave, separate from the rural South in central Florida and south...Show More Summary

Fargo blogs and rssCloud

This is a test post I'm using to find out if the implementation of rssCloud in Fargo works. When it works, you will be able to get instant updates to Scripting News, for example, if your RSS reader supports the rssCloud interface. Still working on it...

riverBrowser open source release

Background Rivers are very important structures in my 2015 world, as it's shaping up. They appear on the home pages of Scripting News, Subsets of rivers are on every page rendered by Liveblog. Rivers are not only important...Show More Summary

Give up the Confederate flag

Imagine if Germany flew the swastika over its main government building. That's pretty much analogous to South Carolina flying the Confederate flag over their state capitol building. Also, the official state flag of Mississippi contains the confederate flag within it. And Alabama and Florida have the bars.

Why aren't the BigCo's converging on JavaScript?

Everywhere I look individual programmers are getting on board with JavaScript. It really is something. After a couple of decades of fragmentation in the development world, we now have what I called in 1995, a consensus platform. Chances are pretty good if you and I are working on server code, we're both working in Node.js. Show More Summary

Dropbox's new "Requests" feature

This sounds like a really useful feature. Basically you set up a request on, and people can send you files via Dropbox. For example, here's a request where I ask for a nice picture. I emphasize the word nice. Thank you. Let's see what happens. I can see this becoming part of a CMS. Any other ideas??

Social networking without spoilers

Posted on Facebook yesterday. I could choose an option to put a spoiler alert on a post. You wouldn't be able to read the comments until you confirm that you know there are spoilers below, and be given a chance to know what the spoilers...Show More Summary

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