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The 2017-18 Knicks are fun!

The Knicks this year are fucking awesome. So much fun to watch. So many stories and rookie lessons. I love it. The only reason the Knicks lost to Cleveland is that LeBron fucked with their heads. If that's how he has to win a game. My fear is that he'll want to come to NY next, and the Knicks might just do a deal with him. Show More Summary

How I rate bingeable programs

I've been thinking about my categories. When I say 4 out of 5, this is what I'm talking about. Worst! -- Never should have been made. A complete disaster. I need to hate on this. Meh -- I have some respect for it, but please, don't do another season. Show More Summary

RSS feed problem diagnosed, fixed

I believe I found and fixed the problem that was causing posts from Scripting News to repeat in RSS readers, and why they didn't show up as doubles in River5. The problem occurred when I traveled outside my time zone, and post something using my laptop. Show More Summary

The perfect length for a podcast

In 2004, I decided that 40 minutes was the perfect length for a podcast. In 2017, an update: now 20 minutes is the perfect length. The two trendsetters: The Daily and Planet Money.

The steps to create a new site in my outliner

Here are the steps: Press Return. Enter the title of the site. Press Return, then Cmd-R. Enter paragraphs for the text that goes on the home page of the site. Click on the title headline, then choose the Edit Attributes command. Enter a domain attribute with the domain name you want to be mapped to this sub-outline. Show More Summary

How I ended up with 100s of domains

A discussion about HTTPS at Newsgeist led to a question. Dave, do you really have 100s of domains with real content, and if so, how did it happen? First, there really are that many. Second, the reason is that, as you may know, I use outliners for my writing. Show More Summary

"You're not an average user"

This came up in the first session at NewsGeist. I told a short story about something not important and one of the participants said "But you're not an average user." Hmmmm. This comes up a lot in product discussions. I have never said it myself, I find the idea pretty useless. Show More Summary

Chris Matthews in Flint

This is an idea I didn't get to talk about, but I thought of it during the session by the people who did 100 Days in Appalachia. MSNBC could locate one of its hourly shows in the middle of the country. They could still interview people...Show More Summary

PagePark v0.7.9

There's a new version of PagePark today. You can now tell it to ignore case in paths. This means that these two URLs will get you to the same place: This...Show More Summary

Phoenix bike share

Whenever I'm in a city that has a bike share program, I give it a try if I have the time. Today I'm in Phoenix, for a future-of-news conference, and took a 1/2 hour ride around downtown on their Grid bike system. The setup is just like the one in Portland. Show More Summary

The open web needs a friend

A very short conversation on Twitter with Emily Bell, director of the Tow Center at Columbia. Bell: There is a govt that doesn’t care to understand tech power, and tech that won’t explain itself, left to academia and journalism to elucidate Me: Emily explains the problem. Show More Summary

Why Google really wants you to use HTTPS

I consulted Occam. Google doesn't want Verizon replacing their ads in your web pages with ads that Verizon charges money for. Google would have you believe they want you to do the conversion so your words cannot be changed. No one gives a damn about changing your words. Show More Summary

Your favorite TV series binges?

I'm looking for a show to binge. A TV series, like Deadwood, Fargo, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Battlestar Galactica, The West Wing, Mad Men, Six Feet Under, The Wire -- these are some of my favorite classics. More recently The Leftovers,...Show More Summary

What is a binge?

A bingeable show is a serial, where you watch the episodes in order. The Americans is bingeable. Conan is not. If you have to watch out for spoilers, it's a binge. The Simpsons, Jimmy Kimmel and Monday Night Football are not bingeable. Show More Summary

Brian's query

Last night I went to a panel run by the NYC Media Lab, a new thing. One of the presenters was Brian Stelter of CNN. He wished he had an app that sent him email when one of his stories was on the front page, so he could do a quick review and edit. Show More Summary

Should yes, and only yes, mean yes?

Ezra Klein: "Sex is too powerful, too primal, too uncertain to be chained to legalistic consent rules. What if she’s your wife? What if he’s your longtime boyfriend? What if you’re both so turned on that you can barely think, can barely talk, but everyone’s every movement is a yes unto itself?"

The thing about impeachment

It's just like the Electoral College, and the RNC before it. Letting the process go forward is always easier and safer than standing in its way. Maybe someone else will do it. But each time we don't do the hard thing, it'll be harder the next time. Show More Summary

The military is split

We found out something pretty horrifying in the last couple of days, and it's important to absorb it before it passes in whatever controversy comes up next, possibly something having to do with the assassination of JFK. We saw the actual personality of the White House Chief of Staff for the first time. Show More Summary

Mr Mercedes is very good

I finished binge-watching the Mr Mercedes TV series on the flight back from Denver yesterday, and man it was good. At the same level as Breaking Bad, only more bizarre. The acting was great. I thought the story from Stephen King they...Show More Summary

RSS and podcasting

While I was vacationing in Taos, with a very slow Internet connection and a slowed-down mind, I wrote a Twitter thread saying I was happy about podcasting, proud of how far it had come, and how many people's lives it was enriching, and...Show More Summary

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