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Breaking change in Electron ugh

I'm still putting the pieces back from the disk crash that happened earlier in May. The rainbow cursor mess. The other day I wanted to do some work with Electron. There's an Electron version of the app. I wanted to have another look at that, and another project I'm working on that's also Electron-based. Show More Summary

Blog posts via email?

I want to offer Scripting News via email. I'd like to use an existing service if possible. It should read my RSS feed periodically, and when a new item shows up, mail it to subscribers. With whatever options people like. I would use MailChimp but they require that my physical address be attached to every email. Show More Summary

Omidyar sides with the users

I'm glad that Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay and tech billionaire has stepped up on Gawker's side. It's both opportunistic and correct. He's siding with the users. I wonder if anyone else in the Valley considered doing that? In most industries and politics, the smart money tries to get aligned with the users, or at least appear to. Show More Summary

Human Interface Guidelines

When the Mac came out Apple did something new for personal computers, they published a human interface guidelines document, a thick book, written in easy to understand English, but it was also technical. It was a guide for developers showing how to make Macintosh software that was as usable as possible for everyone. Show More Summary

Dave don't boast!

Dear friends, I wrote a post boasting about the smooth new Story Page rendering in, and wouldn't you know it, when I published the link that's when the page broke. Famous last words. Never be too boastful. God'll get you for that Walter. Show More Summary

Smoother story pages

I made a bunch of improvements to the way generates story pages. The net result is that pages should now load more smoothly. Here's an example of a story page. Working in this area is complicated because, while the pages look...Show More Summary

Hillary do Rope-A-Dope

I know what Hillary should do. I'm going to tell you now. First, there's no way she can compete with DJ Trump for news cycles. He's going to win them all. Nothing HRC can do about this, so don't even try. If enough US voters don't figure out Trump, and don't get tired of him, then he might get elected President. Show More Summary

Billionaire blackmail

It's very bad news in a bad news year to hear that Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel is bankrolling a set of lawsuits that likely will put one of the most despised and offensive publications, Gawker, out of business. It's bad news...Show More Summary

How not to build a thoughtful community

These guys are doing it wrong. First, I don't want their comments on my blog. I don't know them. I don't like that they didn't give me a heads-up their service was coming. And I don't like their attitude. By being adversarial out of the gate, unless something radically changes, I won't promote their service. Show More Summary

Everything needs a reboot

I started to write a post about how the blogosphere needs a reboot. As evidence, I said the political system also needs one. As does news. As does Facebook and Twitter. (Yes they do, even though their owners may not realize it.) As does the way we treat our planet. Show More Summary

iPhone is vulnerable to a device that Just Works

In June 2007, my friend Robert Scoble called me from the Apple store in Palo Alto. He was in line with his son Patrick to be among the first to get a new iPhone. He said if I got there with the cash, he would get me one. I had planned on holding out as long as I could. Show More Summary

How to tell if you're voting for a despot

Ask yourself this question about any Presidential candidate. If they aren't re-elected after a first term, will they actually leave office? For all the Presidents in my lifetime, I have no doubt that they all would have left office voluntarily if they weren't re-elected. Show More Summary

Lucky car

Many years ago, I flew from San Jose to Los Angeles for one day. Parked my car at the airport. On return I saw that I had left the keys on top of the car. A nice car. All day the keys were there. No one took the car.

Facebook is blowing us off

I just added this as a postscript to the Facebook version of the latest post. I have the feeling Facebook is blowing us off re linking and style in posts here. Really fucked up. This is a time when we need to communicate more than ever. Show More Summary

We must talk about what we aren't talking about

Another fascinating moment on MSNBC last night. Rachel Maddow, talking about Bill Weld, the Libertarian candidate for vice-president, who likens Trump's deportation plan to Kristallnacht, at the start of the German Holocaust. That wasn't surprising. Show More Summary

Bernie supporters don't make me laugh. You're going to vote for HRC. I know it and you know it. So stop pretending.

Bernie supporters who aren't ridiculously utterly stupid will vote for HRC in the fall. I remember the same thing going on about HRC's supporters and the 2008 vote. I went to the DNC that year. There were some diehard HRC protestors....Show More Summary

America never was great

She's right. American never was great. Not in the way that people who support Donald Trump think it was. What they liked about America was to other Americans oppression, enslavement, death, genocide, ethnic cleansing. What Trump really means is that he wants to make America white again. Show More Summary

Machine learning for humanity

Also yesterday Carlick asked me to come up with an idea for Google's machine learning algorithms. I was unprepared, and forgot that I already had a ready-made application. Here's the idea. I've spent many years writing on this blog. I know there are just a few themes. Show More Summary

Idea: Weblog regcards

I've had a busy few days. Looking forward today to a bike ride, catching up on some development projects, thinking and ideating. One take-away from the meetings: I want to find out more about the people who read my blog. It's very quiet...Show More Summary

The big fat asses of BigCo's

You could complain about how Facebook destroyed something or you could be part of creating the next thing. And learn from past mistakes. But sometimes big companies park their fat asses on things they don't care about and stop them from growing. Show More Summary

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