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The press isn't getting Heartbleed

This is like a slow motion 9/11 -- it really is that serious, or more serious. No one is alarmed. The companies that should be safing-up their servers are moving too slowly. This is very much like the buildup to the war in Iraq when the media didn't carry the real story. Only this time there is a lot that we should be doing that we aren't doing.


No one has accused me of mansplaining in the last 30 days (at least not that I'm aware of). I'm also going to keep this short so as not to cause people to make the accusation now. But I have something to say about it. It's a gender-specific...Show More Summary

Old-time laptops

In the early-mid 80s the art of laptop computers was just getting started. That's a picture of the TRS 80 Model 100. It ran Microsoft software, if I remember correctly -- couldn't run what we now call "apps." But it had a little word processor and a BASIC interpreter, and could connect up to your desktop computer. Show More Summary

WordPress meandering

Yesterday I wrote that I was doing stuff with XML-RPC, but I didn't say what it was I was doing. I hit a conceptual stopping point on a user interface project I've been working on, inspired by Jay Rosen's use of Fargo as a presentation tool in his talk last week in Austin. Show More Summary

Weekend linkblog posts

I haven't yet combined the linkblog feed with the main Scripting News feed. I want to give aggregator developers a bit more time to learn how to deal with title-less feed items. But if you're subscribed to this feed, I wrote a few mini-essays on the home page yesterday that you might want to read. Here's the link.

Podcast: What the Fuck!

I did a five-minute podcast with a revised idea of what the Internet is in light of what we've learned in the last week. It's not anything like what we imagined it was. What to do? See the title of this post for an answer.

Interapp communication in JavaScript

How are we going to do interapplication communication between apps written in JavaScript running on the same machine? I use localStorage The client app stores a string in known location. The server watches that location. When a string...Show More Summary

Dropbox tone-deaf? Hardly

TechDirt has a story calling Dropbox "tone-deaf" for adding Condoleezza Rice to their board of directors, given that she played a central role in creating the surveillance state that we now find ourselves in. (Yesterday Ed Bott said the same on Twitter. Show More Summary

Secret may be the next thing

Twitter and Facebook are part of my "rotation." When I take a break from work, I go to each to see what's up. It's a habit, like checking email was a decade ago. I check even though there's usually not much there of interest. I don't have any early-days memories of Facebook, because I wasn't part of its early adopter crowd. Show More Summary

Question for Mac devs re Heartbleed

I've been writing about Heartbleed on the home page of Scripting News today. I have a question for Mac developers. If you are creating an app that uses SSL, do you implement it yourself or do you call a system routine? I'm sure you see what I'm getting at. Show More Summary

Heartbleed is serious

I'm not waiting for various businesses to contact me, I'm contacting them asking if they're vulnerable and if so what's the plan. So far I've only heard from only a couple of very seriously technical sites, and It's...Show More Summary

New pubs: Send us your feeds

There are a lot of new well-financed news hubs starting up. I have a suggestion on how to increase your flow, and overcome at least some of the barriers to entry erected by your more-established competition. Identify people on the web...Show More Summary

Ideas for Google Glass

A couple of ideas, probably not even close to original, but I wanted to get them down. I go for a walk every day, or try to -- and I usually take a podcast with me. This American Life, Planet Money, something from the New Yorker, or the NY Times. Show More Summary

What's the cost of failure?

Another item on the How To Do New Things list. You could spend four hours knowing that your approach is correct before trying it. Or, if it doesn't take long, and it's easy to revert, why not try your approach and see what happens? I do this in programming all the time. Show More Summary

How to do new things

Back in 1994, I wanted desperately to learn how to create and update a website. I was reading all the docs I could get my hands on, and at the time there wasn't very much. I read and read, but somehow it just didn't come together. I understood the intent of each HTML tag. Show More Summary

How to display title-less feed items

I've written many times at length about why title-less feed items exist. In a nutshell, some posts are so short they don't have titles. Prime example: Tweets. Sometime soon the Scripting News feed will have title-less items. If you want...Show More Summary

What if litmus tests become common?

You're applying for a job. On the application they want to know your stance on various human rights issues. You believe your values don't match the "correct" answers for this employer. Do you... Lie about your values. Answer truthfully, knowing you won't get the job. Refuse to answer. Walk out of the interview and call a lawyer.

My Prop 8 blog post from 2008

Yesterday I was going to write a post trying to explain what it was like for me when I first met a man who was married to another man, but I found that I didn't need to. I had written a post in 2008, just after Prop 8 passed, where I told the story. This is one of the reasons writing a blog is so important. Show More Summary

Politics necessarily creates divisions

A few years ago a friend switched parties, went from being a Democrat to a Republican. Usually not a big deal, but in this case it was, because he was a political operative, a guy who works on campaigns. When you have a defection like that, the danger is that all the secrets of one party are transferred to the other. Show More Summary

Technology and evolution, day 2

A quick followup to Technology and Evolution. A quick followup to Technology and Evolution. The apparent paradox, eyes that evolved underwater can't tune-up when life moves to air, has many parallels in software. Thanks to all the commenters who provided explanations. Show More Summary

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