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The future of journalism

There's a future-of-journalism conference in Austin. I'd like to insert a recipe, if I can, for the future of journalism. Start by solving problems. In all likelihood the geography you serve (if you are geography-based) has awful Internet connectivity. Show More Summary


I was bored with my podcasts. I subscribed to a dozen different feeds, but was only listening to two shows. Sometimes I'd leave the house with nothing interesting on my phone. I muddled along, thinking this was the best I could do. Then came Serial, and all of sudden podcasting was exciting again. Show More Summary

It's their world we just live in it

Something funny happens when I put my iPhone 6 and my Nexus 6 together on my desk (charging them up). The iPhone tries to pay the Nexus using ApplePay. I just realized how funny this is. Why does the iPhone (Apple) think it owes the Nexus (Google) money? Next time it happens I'm going to make note of how much money the iPhone thinks it owes the Nexus.

Software and free hardware

I just saw that JJ Abrams has an Apple Watch. You know there was a time when I would have had that. When Apple gave early access to hardware to developers who created software for their platform. I was, at one time, one of those people. I...Show More Summary

This is a test...

For the next sixty seconds this station will conduct a test of the Emergency Podcasting System. Had this been an actual podcast you would have been instructed to do whatever it is you do when you listen to a podcast.

Podcasting 2.0

In 2001, when I designed the protocols for podcasting, we were using a different Internet: Net connections were so slow that the click-wait problem was interfering with people using big media objects, and The mobile devices that could...Show More Summary

HBO should release all of G-O-T

This is one of those moments when you look back 10 years later and say this is the point where HBO should have crushed the competition before it can get too big. The competition being Netflix and Amazon who are changing the way HBO-like series are viewed. Show More Summary

Registrars are our natural ally

In the Get-Scoble-On-The-Web thread on Facebook we tripped across something that's worth noting on the blog. First Joseph Rooks pointed to a program Namecheap is running to encourage people to create more web content. Makes sense. More content, more names. I said: "Joseph you make a really good point I hadn't thought of. Show More Summary

A new job description

I started pushing links to followers shortly after I started blogging. First there was the Frontier News page, then that migrated to the home page of, then we came up with RSS, and aggregators, and made the jump to Twitter and Facebook. All along I've been aware that there's an art to this. Show More Summary

Users can be project managers

In the Facebook discussion Scoble said he's just a user. I guess he meant that as a user, how could he contribute to an open development project. I hope he didn't mean that users just suck energy from product development and never put...Show More Summary

Scoble, re-join the open web!

I got into a long conversation with Robert Scoble on Facebook earlier today. I asked him, as I always do when I get a chance, to put some of his writing on the open web. Not all, just some. Start a WordPress or Tumblr blog for example. Not...Show More Summary

Twitter's advertising model

This has happened a few times for me. I follow a company. They start advertising on Twitter. Now, every time I go to Twitter, their ad is at the top of the page. The same message. I've read it a dozen times. I do not want to keep reading it. I have a choice, I can get rid of the ad by unfollowing them. Show More Summary

Node.js programming question

I've got a bit of node.js code that downloads an MP3 podcast, saves it to a file. However, none of the MP3 players I have will do anything with it. So somehow in the process of downloading and saving, it's losing some data. In the code below, url points to this file. Update Thanks to Kyle Davis in a comment below, we have the solution.

News à la carte?

Doc Searls has a simple idea. When he travels he buys newspapers. He can read any paper without buying a subscription. Why didn't this decades-old tradition make it to the web? Maybe it should? My thoughts It's always interesting to consider new ideas. Show More Summary

How I got my first iPhone

I posted this on Facebook last year, and forgot about it until someone Liked it yesterday. Since today is the day all the journalist reviews of the Apple Watch come out, I thought it would be interesting to present this from a user/developer who has to buy his own Apple hardware. Show More Summary

Talking about our mistakes

Well the Badgers lost last night, and it was a heart-breaker. But it was also a great basketball game. So much to learn, even in a loss. Which leads me to another interesting topic. In tech, we seem to never talk about our mistakes. But we should. Show More Summary

Tonight, everyone's a Badger!

First, as an alum of the University of Wisconsin, let me say Go Bucky! What a thrill to watch Wisconsin beat Kentucky in the semi-final on Saturday. The level of play was amazing. I loved that many of the Wisconsin players come from Wisconsin, and are seniors. Show More Summary

Forking as a plug-in API

In the back of my mind while exploring all the JavaScript editors we could use as the primary text editor in MyWord I was thinking wouldn't it be cool if there was a way to do plug-in editors. That way the sysop of a MyWord site could decide on one editor, or even give users a choice. Show More Summary

Offense on principle

I was telling a story the other day about shaming on the net, and how far we had gotten from the ideal, and quoted a correspondent of this column from a post in November 1994. I had written a story a few days earlier comparing software...Show More Summary

It's the powerlessness, dummy!

Yesterday Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, said this: "There is a third political party emerging in this country called: 'CEOs.' More than 100 are already involved in turning Indiana around!" Something about that didn't feel right, so I said so. Show More Summary

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