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How To Use Price to Compete In The Collaborative Economy

If you want to compete with startups like Instacart, Uber and Etsy, there’s one aspect of your product or service that you might want to re-evaluate: your price. As we revealed in The New Rules of the Collaborative Economy, a report I co-authored with technology strategist Alexandra Samuel, cost savings is a key driver in [...]

Should Silicon Valley Fix Its Image Problem?

Silicon Valley is known for a lot of positive things, but there’s a growing negative sentiment outlined in the following word clouds. I’ve lived in the SF/Bay Area region since I was 21, nearly half of my life. I’ve witnessed dot com bubble and bust, the rise of the social media movement and now the [...]

Infographics: Growth of Sharing in the Collaborative Economy

Participation in the Collaborative Economy has grown by 25 percent in the past year alone. That’s one of the key findings we shared in The New Rules of the Collaborative Economy, a Vision Critical report I co-authored with tech strategist Alexandra Samuel. As the infographics below shows, more than 110 million North Americans now do [...]

Introducing: The 2015 Crowd Companies Awards

Crowd Companies’ member organizations consistently work to overcome challenges while leading their teams in adapting to, and thriving within, the Collaborative Economy. Their efforts to connect with new the crowd behaviors have not gone unnoticed. Show More Summary

Introducing: The 2015 Crowd Companies Awards

Crowd Companies’ member organizations consistently work to overcome challenges while leading their teams in adapting to, and thriving within, the Collaborative Economy. Their efforts to connect with new the crowd behaviors have not gone unnoticed. Show More Summary

The Real Mythical Creatures of the Collaborative Economy: Centaurs, Unicorns, and Pegasus

Collaborative Economy valuation is through the rainbow-beaming clouds. This highly-funded, fast-growing, media-hounded startups are the portfolio darlings of any Venture Capital firm. This crowd-based, on-demand, collaborative category...Show More Summary

Report: The New Rules of the Collaborative Economy, 2015 Data on the Rise of Sharing

The biggest shift in the business landscape since the Internet continues to grow—and established, traditional companies need to act soon in order to compete. That’s one of the key findings in The New Rules of the Collaborative Economy, a report I co-authored with tech researcher Alexandra Samuel, released today. The report is an update to [...]

Ten Reasons Why Investors Love Shared Transportation

  Above Graphic: The Collaborative Economy has been funded over $25B, but $13B (53%) has gone to the transportation sector, see full multi-tab Google sheet for more details. Half the funding in the Collaborative Economy goes to transportation. By our count, the Collaborative Economy has been funded $25 Billion Dollars, one of the highest funded [...]

Entrepreneur hack: Draw a storyboard before the business plan.

Just about two years ago, I hung up my partner hat at a prior company and started the Crowd Companies journey. I recall we had a mere ten weeks to the launch at LeWeb. I went to mother nature to do some deep thinking, and wound up in a Redwood forrest near my house, with [...]

Ten Ways Mobility-as-a-Service Changes Your Lifestyle

Just about everything related to transportation is now becoming automated, on-demand, or available to rent. Over a few short years, an abundance of VC funded apps have emerged that crowdsource just about every aspect for transportation, car management, and more. The Collaborative Economy has a branch of commerce that’s being dubbed the on-demand economy. Most [...]

The Collaborative Economy Defined

  The Collaborative Economy defined: An economic model where commonly available technologies enable people to get what they need from each other.   There are over 37 terms being used for this market, but the one that makes the most sense in terms of scope and accuracy is the Collaborative Economy. The above image is a [...]

Get Data and Stats for your Collaborative Economy Research

As part of our ongoing research on the Collaborative Economy industry, we collect, analyze, and forecast where this market is heading. In the spirit of transparency and sharing, we openly share this data with the open market. Each of the three sheets are in continual production and improvement. They don’t stay static for long. Although [...]

Collaborative Startups Shift from Contractor to Employee Relationships

The on-demand startups, which are a subset of the overall Collaborative Economy, have been under scrutiny on worker treatment. They’re under the magnifying glass more than ever. This new industry, which gave birth in the 2008 recession, provided rise to the “gig” worker, or independent contractors. These part-time workers were offering their idle time, working multiple [...]

Large Companies Ramp Up Adoption in the Collaborative Economy

The Collaborative Economy market is growing at an accelerated rate. Not only is adoption increasing by individuals at a rapid pace, but the VCs have invested a massive $16 Billion to pad the war chests of these disruptive P2P commerce startups. Corporations aren’t standing on the sidelines waiting to be disrupted, the progressive companies are [...]

Is the Crowd a Disruption or an Opportunity for Large Companies?

Many are excited about the new collaborative economy, where people use common technologies to get what they need from each other. This has created disruptions for some industries, but overall, holds much business opportunity for progressive companies. Progressive companies can glean greater loyalty through crowdfunding, turn to the crowd for new co-innovation and launch their [...]

The collaborative sharing economy has created 17 billion-dollar companies (and 10 unicorns)

I partnered with VentureBeat’s research arm to further develop data on the funding, valuation, and employment impacts to the growing Collaborative Economy, this post originally was posted on VentureBeat’s website written by John Koetsier of VB Insight, I’ve republished their content, to share the key findings. Show More Summary

Can Tech Startups Appease Wall Street While Achieving Their Social Mission?

Etsy, at least, may have figured it out. (This post originally appeared on Fast Company) Over the last decade, there’s been an outpouring of concern about how Facebook, Google, and other Internet companies treat their user data. This concern continues as the next generation of startups, like Uber, Lyft, Homejoy, and Postmates, are being taken [...]

How the Collaborative Economy is impacting the Energy Sector

If you’re reading this, you already know how important energy is to us. It powers our logistics, food, homes, and the very digital device you’re reading now. How is the Energy Sector being impacted by the Collaborative Economy? You’ll be amazed that P2P lending, Makers, and Sharing is causing some changes. This week, I keynoted [...]

The Six Strategies Companies Can Take to Lead the Collaborative Economy

Above image: The Collaborative Economy marketplaces in the maker movement, sharing economy, p2p lending are quickly on the rise First, let’s define what we’re talking about. Like Craigslist or eBay, we’re seeing new marketplaces emerge with a more concentrated focus on every business.  They offer features that enable sellers to offer their ware, and buyers [...]

Meet the Empowered People

They have new powers. They are backed by powerful companies. And they are starting to organize. No, I’m not talking about the latest episode of Heroes. I’m talking about the people formerly known as your customers. You may be asking, “What powers do they have? Who gave those powers to them? What are they going [...]

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