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Get Dealstorming

My buddy Tim Sanders just launched Dealstorming today. It’s an amazing book about how to deal with sales from a guy who’s helped some really big companies (and some smaller and medium sized ones) do some great work. I read the book, and spoke with Tim (podcast episode coming in just a moment) and it’s […] The post Get Dealstorming appeared first on

One More Word about Staples (Not Sponsored)

This post isn’t sponsored. I’m only posting it because I was thinking about another company and how they operate pretty much the exact opposite of Staples, and it made me want to write this to you. The Best Allies Think Ahead FOR You I just saw an ad for a high speed Internet provider. Show More Summary

Sponsored – Good Business Support is Priceless

The following is a post sponsored by Staples, but every word of it is mine and my opinion, etc. They are a partner of mine because I love the company and have for years. But the post? It’s a me, Mario! Here’s a strange situation: people come to me often and say “I’m not really […] The post Sponsored – Good Business Support is Priceless appeared first on

Get Small Town Smart

When you walk down the main street of any small town, you’ll see businesses with signs showing this or that service available for people, plus shops of various kinds. Why do people think it would be any different online? If it’s not obvious what you do to help others, why are they going to spend […] The post Get Small Town Smart appeared first on

The Good Old Days

Back in the good old days, everything was easy. Everyone knew everyone. Money just showed up. Man, it was amazing. Everything was the best back in the good old days. Right? The Good Old Days There are two lies you tell yourself when you’re feeling uncertain. Continue Reading The post The Good Old Days appeared first on

How to Achieve Your Goals

People ask me quite often how they can achieve their goals. They start off great, but then something happens and they peter out. They fall off the path. They break their ten or fifteen day streak. So, how do you keep going and start seeing wins on your goals? How to Achieve Your Goals I’m […] The post How to Achieve Your Goals appeared first on

Sponsored Post: Back to Business: Are You Set Up for 2016?

The following is a sponsored post I wrote for my partners at The post Sponsored Post: Back to Business: Are You Set Up for 2016? appeared first on

Chris Brogan and Owner Media Group in 2016

It’s okay if we lose track of each other from time to time. I know that keeping up is a full time job in this world, and one that most of us don’t really have. To make it easier, I wanted to give you an update on me, my business, and what’s going on in […] The post Chris Brogan and Owner Media Group in 2016 appeared first on

The Rise of Personal Leadership

The biggest shift I’ve seen in business over the last handful of years is the rise of “do it yourself” leadership. As companies have streamlined by reducing mid-tier management, people are finding themselves in the situation of having to make more and more decisions on their own and take on more responsibility in the process. Show More Summary

Habits – It’s Not What You Think

A lot of folks are starting off their year with a bright smile and a look of determination. They’re posting their “three in a row” photos and their “back at it” statements. That’s all wonderful. We need a few extra steps, if you want to be talking about those habits at the end of the […] The post Habits – It’s Not What You Think appeared first on

My 3 Words for 2016

I’ve done ten years of sharing My 3 Words as a way to guide you through the year ahead, and this will be my eleventh! The goal here is to replace resolutions with something a bit more useful. How Do You Do It? Pick any three words that will guide you in the choices you […] The post My 3 Words for 2016 appeared first on

Get Something In Their Hands

If you procrastinate because you’re waiting for something to be perfect, you’re missing an amazing opportunity. Everything I create, I do at least twice. I publish projects all the time that are good, but maybe something doesn’t work the way I thought it would when it’s in the hands of others. Show More Summary

Stamping Your Digital Passport

People tell me they’re too busy. When I dig into what they’re doing, especially online, it’s a lot of “noise” but not a lot of signal. No one seems happy and everyone seems harried, and yet, people keep adding to their own problems. Think About Vacations and Passports Imagine traveling to a different country. Show More Summary

YOU Make Yourself Busy

When people tell me “I know you’re probably really busy,” I always answer that I’m not. For unknown reasons, 100% of people laugh when I say that. I think they think I’m being funny or silly or sarcastic. But it’s true. I’m not busy. I’m blessed. YOU Make Yourself Busy I like playing video games. […] The post YOU Make Yourself Busy appeared first on

Mike Vardy on Productivity

I really enjoyed talking to Mike Vardy about productivity in this latest episode of my podcast. If you’re not a regular listener, be sure to stay for the part after the credits: Continue Reading The post Mike Vardy on Productivity appeared first on

Name Your Business

I was sent this nifty infographic about ways to name your business from the folks at Namergy. I get sent infographics all the time and I usually just delete the emails, but this one was fun. I really liked how it was at once simple, and yet pointed to the myriad ways one can arrive […] The post Name Your Business appeared first on

Health Care is Broken – How Modern Business Practices Might Fix It

So I cut my foot. I’m not really sure how. I was cleaning up some stuff in my house and slashed my foot on who-knows-what? The cut is about an inch across and maybe 1/8 deep. Pretty deep. Scalpel deep. Now what? Health Care is Broken...Show More Summary

What do YOU Sell?

I had a great talk today with a bunch of really smart folks. I recorded it so you could see it and learn a bit more about how people communicate their value to others. You’ll see that it’s interesting how people explain what they do and how they explain whether buyers KNOW they need the […] The post What do YOU Sell? appeared first on

Look Up

It’s so easy to get mired in what’s wrong, what isn’t working, just how BUSY you are. But you have to look up. You have to see that big expansive sky. And you have to take big deep breaths. Look Up I was feeling a bit gloomy for the last few days, I’m going to […] The post Look Up appeared first on

Jason Zook on Selling His Future

Super excited to talk with Jason Zook about his new Buy My Future project. This one’s interesting. For $1000, Jason is selling a whole bunch of his existing projects, but also all future projects. You can get courses, software, live events, private groups, etc. Show More Summary

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