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Thoughts on Depression

Twice in a handful of days people came up to me at an event and told me that they were grateful for the posts I’d shared about my own experiences with mild clinical depression. I’m sharing these links to those posts, in case you find yourself in that situation, or if you are trying to […] The post Thoughts on Depression appeared first on

If it Ever Seems Quiet Around Here

You know, if you’re ever thinking that it’s a bit quiet around here, that’s because “here” is just part of the story. I thought I’d show you around the empire. In case you were wondering. The Chris Brogan / Owner Media Empire Well, you know about Continue Reading The post If it Ever Seems Quiet Around Here appeared first on

Charlie Gilkey on Small Business and Productivity

I live a very lucky life and get to talk with lots of really smart people. I had a great chat with Charlie Gilkey about his book, The Small Business Life Cycle. We also talked about his projects and business at his site Productive Flourishing,...Show More Summary

The Rich Employee by James Altucher

My friend, James Altucher has launched his new book, The RICH Employee. I’m so jazzed about it because this book is part of the Choose Yourself series and so wonderful. We did a Blab Video James and I did a video interview using the new Blab platform. You can watch it all here: Continue Reading The post The Rich Employee by James Altucher appeared first on

Fast Project Recipe – Launch a Content Marketing Platform

As you know, I recently launched OwnerFUEL. It’s the media portion of my company, Owner. I wanted to share with you just how simple it was to launch, and what we did to get it up and running. I’ll tell you right up front that a lot of...Show More Summary

In Praise of Square Photos – or Why Instagram Had it Right

The tech world is awash with excitement because Instagram (over 300 million users) now supports photos and video uploaded in traditional landscape and portrait mode, instead of just square. Oddly, I think Instagram did the mobile web a favor by pushing for us to upload in the square format. Show More Summary

Thinking about podcasting?

You don’t want to miss the Podcasting Workflows I put together over on OwnerFUEL. That is all.Continue Reading The post Thinking about podcasting? appeared first on

OwnerFUEL is Live

I’m happy to report that we just launched OwnerFUEL as the media property supporting Owner Media Group. OwnerFUEL is the “parent” of all the various media efforts we have created. Let me explain the plan. OwnerFUEL is Business, Marketing, and Sales Advice for You My site,, is built as a kind of hybrid. Show More Summary

The Next Event I Might Run

As the co-founder of PodCamp, it was interesting to participate at the most recent PodCamp Pittsburgh (this is their tenth running of the event). I was nearly surprised that nine years later, we’re still talking about which microphone to use and how to monetize a podcast. Show More Summary

Are You Outsourcing Your Thinking

It’s interesting how I hear the same words from many mouths. Over and over. Someone will have an idea, and then others will echo that idea. In the process, I have this feeling that people are outsourcing their thinking. Outsourcing your...Show More Summary

Thoughts Thought after Periscope

It was an interesting experience, having a bunch of negative people show up to see what I’d talk about. They were mostly mad that I said I didn’t like a piece of software that they like. It’s really funny to me. Just because I have an opinion that’s counter to their opinion about a software […] The post Thoughts Thought after Periscope appeared first on

Is This Interesting?

INSTEAD of watching me do dumb things live on Periscope, why not engage me where we can talk back and forth, where I can help, where I can add value. Here’s the Thing If you sign up after reading what I just wrote, please hit REPLY when you get your confirmation and say “Periscope sent […] The post Is This Interesting? appeared first on

Periscope is the Least Interesting Thing I’ve Ever Seen

I just logged onto Periscope. I did it mostly because Derek Halpern said this. If you love Periscope, read that. Because I don’t love Periscope. Periscope is Not Interesting To Me The premise is simple: live video in real time. Okay, cool. Show More Summary

The Last King of Brooklyn

The air inside the Brooklyn Bowl smells like well worn leather, sawdust, and evidently hops (from the nearby Brooklyn Brewery, but I’ll get back to them). All around me are authentic Coney Island early 20th century amusement park props, like the tin targets from shooting galleries. Show More Summary

Customer Service is Marketing

My son, Harold, is huge into video games and video game culture. He knows more weird and deep-level memes and obscure details than you’ll ever know. Harold has convinced me to take him to the SCG Convention in Texas. To say he’s hyped and excited is to really underplay how he feels about it. As […] The post Customer Service is Marketing appeared first on

The Biggest Competitive Advantage I Have

I’m sprawled out on my bed writing to you. My son is reading a copy of Retro Gamer and my daughter is playing Splatoon (it’s a Wii game that your kid probably wants). Lately, I’ve been thinking about this blog, about you, about my business, about what I stand for. That kind of stuff. The […] The post The Biggest Competitive Advantage I Have appeared first on

How to Get Ahead if You’re Shy – or the Secret Magic of Puppets

My son, Harold, found out quite by surprise that he really likes puppets. He pretty much had to have this Kermit the Frog puppet. What we did with it was quite interesting. And in the process, I found myself thinking about me, then you, and about us. Show More Summary

How to Learn A New Skill

I’m a big fan of the work of Dr Nick Morgan. In my circles, when people ask me advice about how to be a better professional speaker, I tell a somewhat backhanded and loving story about how I paid for a day of Dr. Morgan’s time, hellbent on having him make me a much better […] The post How to Learn A New Skill appeared first on

The Value of Data Velocity in Marketing

I’m working on some interesting stuff as it relates to both bigger businesses as well as small businesses. I’m interested in how better use of data could open up a whole big slice of not-yet-tapped economic value for companies (again both bigger and smaller). Show More Summary

The Secret Empire Decades in the Making (and how you can start yours and get there faster than me)

I started blogging back in 1998. I had no idea what it was going to turn into. But over the last handful of years, I’ve known more and more what this all CAN do together. A Peek Into How This All Threads Together for ME I’m sharing MY personal setup. Show More Summary

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