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Finding the “productivity” in virtual worlds

Today I had what I feel was my first authentic foray into a “virtual world.” I’ve convinced myself that these kinds of immersive, connected experiences will become very compelling in the years to come. I read enough cyberpunk and sci-fi … Continue reading ?

Celebrate Inventor’s Day…5 predictions from the CTO

Celebrating national Inventor’s Day today, Intel is also recognizing the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest inventions of our time, the integrated circuit from Intel’s own Robert Noyce. Inspired by Noyce and my fellow Intel “inventors” I’m providing my … Continue reading ?

Digital technique to calibrate radio components down to 1/10’000’000’000’000 of a second

Radios are used extensively today to access the internet on the go; for example, WiFi is present in virtually all new laptops today. One of the key components of a radio is the high-frequency oscillator that is used to generate … Continue reading ?

ScienceSim — what could you do with a 3D internet?

Today, we are launching a new world for immersive science.. and perhaps part of the path to a 3D internet. First, by way of explanation. I’ve been doing fun and wild things with computers since 1977 when I was a … Continue reading ?

Intel® RCP goes commercial

Earlier this year, I wroteabout the Intel® Rural Connectivity Platform (Intel® RCP) research project. There has been a lot of interest in this technology and I am happy to provide an update from platform manager Joyce Kuo.       … Continue reading ?

“Gestris” – Gaming with Gestures

Intel’s Pittsburgh Research Lab opened its doors this week for a tour of the fascinating exploratory research they’re doing on future technologies including a natural gesture interface for games built as a novel application of SLIPstream parallelization techniques. The Pittsburgh … Continue reading ?

Enforcing Moore’s Law through Technology Research – Part 2 with Mike Mayberry

Last summer I wrote about compound semiconductors, both challenges and opportunities. In this blog, I’ll update the progress and give a look ahead to some of the potential paths for use. First as a reminder, unlike silicon, a compound semiconductor … Continue reading ?

Wireless Power & “Sensitive” Robots: videos from IDF

Justin Rattner gave a pretty fascinating keynote at IDF today about what he thought the big advances would be by 2050. He included three demonstrations from some out-there research that is happening in some of intel’s “Lab-lets” in Seattle and … Continue reading ?

Interactive 3D Streaming by Alexander Sterkin

Second Life® and World of Warcraft® are among the most prominent MMOGs. They demand lots of computing power – both from the CPU and Graphics. These demands overload any mobile device of today or near future, even including MIDs. By … Continue reading ?

Lester Memmott on Context Aware Computing

Last week, the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) was held in Shanghai, China and one of the key messages was that Carry Small, Live Large (CSLL) is a vision held by Intel for future mobile computers. In a nutshell it is … Continue reading...

Gary Martz on “Cliffside” Wireless PAN technology

On the eve of the Intel Developer Forum, Intel held briefings for the press today talking about the latest mobility research effort, which internally is being called Carry Small, Live Large. As part of that briefing, we showed off a … Continue reading ?

“Automated sports highlights” demo video

I wanted to share a video of some of the application research we have going on at our Intel China Research Center in the area of video mining. In collaboration with Tsinghua University, Yimin Zhang and his team at ICRC … Continue reading ?

Dawn Nafus – Add GPS and Stir?: Some Context Needed for Context Awareness

If you have a mobile phone with GPS in it, you can now sense you location and summon appropriate directions. If you have mobile friend finding software, you are already able to know whether your husband is picking up milk … Continue reading ?

Backward Compatibility ? Forward Scalability?

One of the constants valued by our developers is the backward compatibility provided by our architectures in the form of a consistent ISA. Historically, a corollary of this has been that legacy software has benefited from process and micro-architectural improvement. … Continue reading ?

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DARPA Urban Challenge – Junior Pit Crew Videos

You may have seen the blogs this week from Scott Ettinger, Intel Research Scientist helping Stanford’s team, giving you the play-by-play during the qualifiers. You’ll hear from him again tomorrow – watch out for it, because the event today was … Continue reading ?

More on the Future of Ray-Tracing – from Alesh Jancarik

After our first ray-tracing article, we received numerous comments from consumers and graphics experts alike. One of these mavens (who happens to be an Intel employee from another group, and also an active SIGGRAPH participant) surprised us with an interesting … Continue reading ?

Rattner’s Virtual World’s Keynote: Research Reflections on IDF Day 3

Thursday, our CTO Justin Rattner gave a keynote on virtual worlds and the emergence of what he called the 3D Internet. The 3D Internet Rattner described is the mushrooming social world of multiplayer online games, of complex animations for medicine … Continue reading ?

Research Reflections on IDF – Day 2

Here at IDF – Day 2, the technology showcase is going full steam. With lunch being served in the showcase area it is a certain draw for the attendees – kind of like a massive lunch and learn. In the … Continue reading ?

Announcing the world’s first 40G silicon laser modulator!

In this blog, I would like to share with you our recent breakthrough in Silicon Photonics research at Photonics Technology Lab of Intel, a laser modulator that encodes optical data at 40 billion bits per second. Here I am holding … Continue reading ?

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