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The pilot episode of Supergirl has leaked online six months early

When it comes to genre shows leaking super early and in high quality, it's usually a show produced by Warner Bros.

The world needs piracy for the good of humanity

Publishers don't release media in completely open and unprotected format once support has been discontinued, so it falls upon pirates to preserve it for the future.

Hackers expose AdultFriendFinder has a 16-to-1 male-to-female ratio

AdultFriendFinder users are finding themselves exposed in ways they never dreamed of when they signed up for the online hooking up service. According to reports, a hacker by the name of ROR[RG] hacked the […]

Computational hydrographics is basically fancy tie-dye for everything

The age of hand-painting anything is over. Long live computational tie-dye!

Geek deals: Lenovo T450s 14-inch laptop for $702

Looking for a powerful little laptop that’s perfect for traveling? Check out the 14-inch T450s from Lenovo. Not only does it have all-day battery life and a Broadwell CPU, but it’s also being […]

New prosthetic leg uses mind control for movement

Doctors in Europe are in the midst of testing a technology that was science fiction until just recently. At an event in Copenhagen, the first viable brain-controlled bionic leg has been unveiled. Unlike […]

The best Legend of Zelda action figure of all time, and a tour through a lovely planet

This week it’s a double Loot Drop, with HEAD! The Mega Drive Megatron had my favorite box message with “Fully Transformable Antagonistic Videogame Console.” That’s been replaced by four letters on Jakks Pacific’s […]

The craziest scientific discovery of all time: Playing online games makes you nicer

Chances are you’ve played an online video game at some point in your life, and if you have, you know that nothing in this world is more filled with rage than random people […]

Disneyland celebrates 60th anniversary with new Star Wars and Haunted Mansion attractions

This weekend, Disneyland in Anaheim, California kicks off its 60th anniversary celebration even though the actual birthday of the park isn’t until July 17. Chances are you are not one of the masses […]

Razer’s new Firefly mousepad glows with the 16.8 million colors of the rainbow

Razer has always been known for not only making gaming peripherals that perform well, but making ones that look great. From gaming mice to headsets to console controllers, Razer outfits gamers with sleek, […]

Brain scans used to identify individuals could be your next biometric password

Technologies like iris and fingerprint scanning have existed for years (and it’s even in our phones), and are reasonably good at telling one person from another. There might be an easier way, though. […]

How far Frodo and Sam actually walked in Lord of the Rings

Frodo and Sam's journey involved a ton of walking, but just how far did they travel?

Creator Robert Kirkman finally reveals what Fear the Walking Dead is about

For a while now, everyone has been pretty tight-lipped about Fear the Walking Dead, the upcoming spinoff of The Walking Dead on AMC. Until now that is. Series creator Robert Kirkman recently discussed […]

Hycopter drone can fly for four hours powered by hydrogen

If you’ve ever played around with a drone aircraft, you know what it’s like to have the fear in the back of your mind that it’s going to run out of battery at […]

Geek deals: Dell XPS 8700 quad-core desktop for $480

For a limited time, Dell is selling the XPS 8700 at an incredibly steep discount. With today’s deal, you can instantly save 40% off the sticker price, and treat yourself to the full […]

Zotac’s latest mini PC looks like a router, makes room for RAID

How much computer can you cram into a box  about seven inches square? A heck of a lot, says mini PC maker Zotac. They managed to make room for a RAID array in […]

Zombie MMO unbans cheaters if they shame themselves on YouTube

If you’re an avid player of online games, the banhammer has probably pounded you like a nail at some point throughout your illustrious loot-grinding, min-maxing career. Whether it was deserved or not, it’s […]

Great Scott! Doc Brown builds his own minifig and portal for Lego Dimensions

Something strange is going in in Hill Valley. A mysterious parcel has been delivered to Doc Brown’s lab, and he’s determined to figure out what it is, and who brought it there. Luckily for […]

Windows 10 will arrive on Xbox One sometime after summer

The general consensus of Windows 8 and, to a lesser extent, 8.1, is something along the lines of a vehement fist-shake toward the heavens. Windows users looking to get away from the maligned Windows […]

New Breaking Bad ransomware holds your computer hostage

Some of the most pernicious versions of malware are known as ransomware, which hold your computer or files hostage until you pay the creators some of your hard-earned cash. Some of them even utilize […]

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