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Scribble in 82 languages using Google’s Handwriting Input for Android

Google already let you tap and swipe with your thumb and fingers to peck out text on your Android device. You could dictate to your phone or tablet, too. Now they’ve got a […]

The Fantastic Four power up in first full trailer

After months of teases, talk, and plenty of unknowns Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four finally has a full trailer. We’ve seen a teaser spot and even a look at The Thing in full rock-mode, […]

Geek deals: Dell XPS 8700 quad-core desktop and 32-inch Samsung HDTV for $780

As you might imagine, I love bargains — especially package deals. The idea of saving money on multiple items in one swift purchase is enough to get the heart pumping, so I’m happy […]

Steam accounts are now feature limited until $5 is spent

Valve has realized spammers don't spend money, so $5 is now required to unlock all the features of new Steam accounts.

Pirate Bay founder denied his Nintendo over a $2 screwdriver

Former Pirate Bay admin Frederik Neij hoped to combat the prison blues by playing some games on his Nintendo. Unfortunately for him, prison officials won’t let him have it because they don’t own […]

Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One debuts footage and concept art

Just in case a teaser and information about this year’s Star Wars movie wasn’t enough for you last Thursday (the Force Awakens trailer was viewed over 88 million times in the first 24 […]

Sony trademarks 3rd generation PS Vita hardware

The original PS Vita was released on December 17, 2011 and it took Sony just under two years to release revised hardware as the PS Vita Slim. Now, another 18 months later, and […]

Disney made a 3D fabric printer that can put tech into dolls

I am the kind of person who follows developments in 3D printing because I would like to live in the world of Star Trek. Each advancement in 3D printing is just another step towards […]

The spherical BB-8 droid demoed at Star Wars Celebration is real

When JJ Abrams took the helm of Disney’s revived Star Wars films, there was some talk of bringing the franchise back to its roots with the use of practical effects instead of making everything […]

Hackers port Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant to Android

Apple was the first major mobile company to personify its voice assistant when Siri was announced as the flagship feature of the iPhone 4s. That was back in 2011, but just last year […]

These new shoes grow with your feet, help impoverished children

Whether you’re into shoes or just can’t allocate enough money to buy a new pair every now and then, it’s tough to avoid shopping for a few pairs for a variety of situations — […]

MIT wants to put a trackpad on your thumbnail

The future of hands-free control over your smartphone could actually have everything to do with your hands if MIT’s latest gizmo ever catches on. It’s a trackpad that’s so small it fits over […]

Ikea’s wireless charging furniture is coming in late spring

A few years ago, wireless charging was a very expensive niche feature. Even the most basic charging pads would run you $50 to $60, but things are much different now. You can get […]

AMC’s gritty Preacher has finally cast its hero

AMC, Seth Rogen, and Evan Goldberg finally have their preacher man. The group behind the upcoming comic book adaptation Preacher revealed that Dominic Cooper will play Jesse Custer, the lead in the drama. Rumors began […]

These are the only three ways Instagram will officially allow nudes

Instagram is laying down the law and that means the social media photo service will feature far less nudity. The rules state that photos of bare butts, female nipples, genitals, and intercourse will get taken down. […]

The newest weapon in the war of social media: The selfie stick selfie stick!

Do you take selfies with a selfie stick? What a scrub. Selfie sticks are for suckers who want to take regular selfies, but are afraid to use their arms. Selfie sticks should be […]

Where is the Punisher in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Netflix's world of Marvel seems like the perfect place for Frank Castle, so where is the Punisher?

Netflix price is lower in countries where piracy is high

Ever wondered how Netflix figures out what to charge customers for access to their massive content library? It turns out that one controlling factor is how much people are pirating. In their latest […]

Candy Crush Saga causes man’s thumb tendon to rupture

It’s no secret that there are free-to-play mobile games on app stores created in such a way as to make you want to play them all the time. This in turn leads to […]

Geek deals: Two Apple Lightning cables for $10

Always coming up a cable or two short? Trust me, it’s best to simply invest in multiple charging cables up front. Cable musical chairs is a game everyone loses eventually, so you’re better […]

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