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The dankest wares, tech, and ganjapreneurs we found at Cannabis World Congress

The legal marijuana industry came out to peddle the latest in weed business ideas, wonder drugs, and cannabis tech, and everyone was in on the joke.

Airobotics drone recharging station will function forever without humans

Robots and drones are getting smarter and less dependent on humans all the time. Now they don’t even need our help to recharge. Airobotics has built this autonomous recharging station to minimize downtime […]

Star Wars: Battlefront is taking you to Bespin with Lando and Dengar

Star Wars: Battlefront is about to let you spend some quality time among the clouds in its new DLC expansion. Star Wars: Battlefront Bespin has all new maps, weapons, characters, and a new cloud […]

Here’s the internet’s best fake Street Sharks fan art

We asked the internet for fake Street Sharks fan art, and it delivered.

Marvel at the Rick and Morty Total Rickall Cooperative Card Game

Cryptozoic has done a smash-up job with adapting an episode of an animated television series into a card game.

What is Littlefinger up to on Game of Thrones?

The conclusion of the much hyped “Battle of the Bastards” episode on HBO’s Game of Thrones turned out to be fairly predictable for viewers following the clues laid out in the past two […]

Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks promising but can’t maintain 30fps

Nintendo’s main focus at E3 this year was The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We got to see plenty of footage of the gameplay, and if you attended E3 then a […]

Microsoft says Edge won’t bleed your battery dry like Chrome

Your laptop’s battery is in grave peril. Your web browser is slowly sucking the life out of it, and there’s only one cure: switch to Microsoft Edge. According to Microsoft, running Edge as your […]

The choices of all three Starks on Game of Thrones this week made no sense

Rickon should've run in a zigzag, Sansa should've told Jon about the Vale, and Jon shouldn't have tried to commit rage-suicide.

It’s 2016 and there’s a legal battle in Federal Court about MS-DOS software

The MS-DOS operating system now classes as ancient history in the tech world. It was first released in 1981 and had its final release in September 2000. There’s been no support for the […]

The most feral werewolf songs

Throw these on your Spotify list for the next time there's a full moon.

Everything you need to know about Star Trek’s sex planet, Risa

Pleasure takes many forms, and the people of Risa are a giving people.

Dtto is a 3D-printed modular robot with an Arduino brain

The robot revolution is well under way, and you can do your part to make it happen. Not in a scary, Terminator kind of way, but with a cheery little modular bot called […]

NASA finds a mineral on Mars that could rewrite its entire history

There’s a bit of a mystery unfolding on Mars. Late last year, Curiosity drilled into the surface of the Red Planet and unearthed something unexpected, a mineral called tridymite. An analysis of this […]

The best streaming media device: Roku, Chromecast, or Amazon Fire

Roku, Google's Chromecast, and Amazon's Fire TV Stick are your best choices, but which is the top choice?

The Tesla Model S is also a makeshift boat

Electricity and water aren’t generally a great mix as far as humans are concerned, but apparently that’s not always the case. For example, the Tesla Model S apparently makes a decent boat. In […]

Walmart is turning its shopping carts into robots that follow you

Robots are slowly changing the part of the shopping experience we as consumers don’t ever see. I’m talking about in the storage warehouses, the order picking, and eventually even transportation. There’s no better […]

Apple stops new rifle emoji being approved

Emoji have become a weirdly important part of daily communication for many people, which is a rather unexpected development. These cute little glyphs started as a novelty in Japan, and are now part […]

DualShock 4 patent suggests Sony is considering a PS4 Elite controller

Last year, Microsoft unveiled a new premium priced Xbox One controller. This Elite controller was all about customization and let users reconfigure it in a number of ways. Despite its hefty price tag […]

Men die and queens prepare to rule on Game of Thrones

Latest episode contains the most combat ever portrayed during a single episode of the series.

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