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Netflix knows it already has you, moves on to targeting teenagers

The bald-faced truth is that no one knows what sort of media is attractive to the modern teen. So Netflix is experimenting in an attempt to attract them.

Sony combines a portable speaker with a TV remote, yes really

Anyone claiming that Sony never thinks outside the box or doesn’t experiment with new products need only glance at the SRS-LSR100 to prove otherwise. As well as having an instantly forgettable name, Sony […]

Playing Just Cause 3 Day 1 Edition can win you a real island

When a new video game nears its launch day, games publishers and retailers try to entice a (full price) pre-order with special offers, exclusive in-game extras, or some kind of competition. In the […]

70Mbps Gogo in-flight Internet approved by FAA

You may remember that Gogo shared some good news in April last year: its in-flight Internet service was set to be upgraded from 9.8Mbps to 70Mbps. That’s all thanks to a much improved […]

Hackers can steal your Gmail login from your refrigerator

One of the more seemingly pointless but totally awesome gadgets you can get for your home is a smart fridge. Not everything needs to be “smart,” but that lack of necessity won’t stop […]

Apple’s slide to unlock patent invalidated by top German court

The early days of the iPhone were marked by a number of messy patent battles, mostly with Android device makers. Apple had gone out of its way to acquire various software patents for the […]

The 10 best windows in geek culture

An office discussion of the merits of Windows devolved into talk about windows in general, and then into an argument about what the absolute coolest window of all time was.

Terminator Genisys tops Chinese box office, might lead to sequel

Even though it seemed impossible, it looks like the Terminator franchise might be back. Terminator Genisys almost killed the machines-killing-humans franchise once again by earning so poorly in the States, but then Chinese audiences...

50 fascinating facts about Android

We've assembled 50 pieces of Android trivia for you to enjoy and bust out the next time you're at a party about mobile operating systems.

Galaxy Note 5 stylus can break the phone if put in backwards

Reports claim that placing the S Pen backwards in its slot essentially breaks the Galaxy Note 5. Pengate? Penghazi? Take your pick.

Vysor puts your Android device in a desktop browser window

It’s been more than a year since Koushik Dutta parted ways with the Cyanogen team. He’s been keeping busy, though, and has a new app that makes it easy to control your Android […]

Geek deals: HP Envy 14t 1080p 14-inch laptop for $728

Want a powerful laptop in a tiny package? Check out the 14-inch Envy 14t from HP. With a Broadwell CPU, discrete graphics, and loads of RAM, this model can handle just about anything […]

Your next set of car tires could be made from a flowering shrub

The tires found on vehicles today are typically made from a synthetic rubber and carbon black, both of which are byproducts of petroleum. That’s not great for the environment, is unsustainable for the […]

Will Star Wars digitally resurrect Peter Cushing for Rogue One?

Is it possible that director Gareth Edwards is going to bring digital resurrection to blockbuster cinema with next year’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? Ever since Fred Astaire was made to dance […]

Nintendo is getting back into movies

It's a step that many other video game publishers have taken, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a smart move.

MIT and Harvard researchers find metabolic master switch

Researchers at MIT and Harvard Medical School have uncovered what may be one of the most important metabolic mechanisms lurking in your DNA. The so-called “metabolic master switch” is part of a genetic […]

Jurassic World Blu-ray packed with Pratt-filled special features

Jurassic World might not be the most beloved box office success of the summer, but it sure made bank. The Colin Trevorrow film pulled in a whopping $1,622,868,000 worldwide, which makes it not […]

Terry Pratchett’s final novel, The Shepherd’s Crown, debuts this week

Terry Pratchett’s final novel, The Shepherd’s Crown, debuts this week in the author’s home country of England on August 27. For many fans this will be a solemn reading experience following the beloved […]

This fan-designed Fallout Monopoly game looks amazing

The impending release of Fallout 4 has sent fans of the franchise into nerd overdrive as they gear up for another trip into the Wasteland. Hey, there’s only so much time you can […]

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