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Why one Google designer encouraged his team to get drunk before testing products

Like a lot of tech companies, Google "dogfoods" its own products internally. That means that Googlers will often test new gadgets or software pre-launch to work out bugs, validate their worth, and give feedback and suggestions on their capabilities. Show More Summary

Big companies and startups alike are jumping all over a trendy new tech called 'microservices' — here's why

There's an old proverb among engineers of all stripes: "Better, cheaper, faster — pick two." But when it comes to the mobile apps that increasingly rule our world, we demand all three, every single day. Apps have to get better, improve our lives, and work 24/7, in all conditions. Show More Summary

A robot killed a factory worker in Germany

A robot killed a factory worker at a Volkswagen plant in Germany, FT reports. The 21-year-old worker was installing the robot when it struck him in the chest, crushing him against a plate. He died after the incident. Prosecutors are investigating the worker’s death, but the internet has already begun to call it the first robot homicide. Show More Summary

People are flabbergasted by The New York Times’ bizarre guacamole recipe — even Barack Obama spoke out against it

A recipe for guacamole made with peas is taking over the internet — and people are not happy about the modification to their beloved avocado dip. In fact, after Twitter exploded for hours with complaints about peas in guacamole, even President Barack Obama weighed in. Show More Summary

The lawyer fighting for Uber and Lyft employees is taking the fight to four more companies

The lawyer who sued Uber and Lyft for not classifying contract workers as employees is now representing workers against four more on-demand companies: delivery services Postmates and Instacart, laundry service Washio, shipping company Shyp. Show More Summary

A major flaw in Google's algorithm allegedly tagged two black people's faces with the word 'gorillas'

Google has apologized to a black man who says the search giant's photo algorithms sorted pictures of him and a friend, also black, under the category "gorillas." "Google Photos, y'all fked up," Jacky Alciné wrote on Twitter, accompanying a screengrab of the photo and the racially offensive tag. Show More Summary

Apple Music is really trying to replace what radio used to do — here's why (AAPL)

Most online music services rely on computer programs to recommend songs and build playlists. But Apple is placing a big bet on human editors with a strong knowledge and love of music. The idea is that these human editors, like the radio DJs of yesteryear, will help turn Apple Music into a great way to discover new music. Show More Summary

This is the one app you should use to make phone calls when you're traveling abroad

As if traveling internationally wasn't expensive enough, even a few seconds on the phone can really add up, which is why savvy travelers know to download an international calling app. However, the dizzying amount of apps is enough to make anyone want to just pay the international roaming in exasperation. Show More Summary

Mark Zuckerberg: If you have control like I do, it's 'very difficult for investors to fire you'

Mark Zuckerberg thinks you don't have to be a founder to be a successful CEO — but that status gives you a lot of advantages you might otherwise miss out on. The Facebook founder discussed his perspective on the issue in response toShow More Summary

My favorite part about Apple Music so far

I've been a paying Spotify customer since the beginning. I have dozens of playlists, synced albums, and personalized radio stations ready for me every time I fire up the app. Next to Twitter, I probably use Spotify more than anything else on my phone. Show More Summary

This fake Delta Air Lines Facebook page went viral after promising $5,000 and free first class tickets

A fake Delta Air Lines Facebook page went viral on Tuesday after promising $5,000 and 5 first class tickets to 175 passengers. The only problem was the page was a hoax, first spotted by BuzzFeed’s news reporter Mariah Summers. The promotion...Show More Summary

Tourists are finally allowed to Instagram inside of the White House, and these are the very first photos

Earlier today, Michelle Obama used Instagram to announce that the White House will now allow tour groups take photographs and use social media. The White House's ban on photography has been in place for more than 40 years.   on Today...Show More Summary

Dropbox might soon offer you additional free storage space if you create a stronger password

Dropbox sees sloppy passwords as its biggest security threat and may soon start offering additional free space to users who create stronger passwords. Patrick Heim, Dropbox's head of trust and security, said at an event in London onShow More Summary

Donald Trump's luxury hotel chain is reportedly the victim of a credit card breach

A slew of Trump Hotels have reportedly been hacked, according to a new report from journalist Brian Krebs. According to Krebs, the luxury hotel chain — which is owned by the famous millionaire who just announced his presidential candidacy — was the victim of a credit card breach. Show More Summary

It turns out the NSA was collecting voice calls, photos, passwords, documents, and much more

NSA documents leaked to the Guardian in 2013 described a covert program called XKeyscore, which involved a searchable database for intelligence analysts to scan intercepted data. Now, new documents show the breadth of this program and just what sort of data XKeyscore catalogs. Show More Summary

Apple Music will make Spotify totally irrelevant within a year — here's why

Apple just killed Spotify's business on iOS. Spotify may keep its current 20 million users around, and it'll have room to grow on Android, but on the iPhone? Forget it. Here's the first reason why. If you have an iPhone or iPad, andShow More Summary

Mysterious pits on this comet are actually enormous sinkholes

Scientists just discovered something amazing: sinkholes on a comet. These are the first sinkholes ever detected on a comet, and some are so deep, you could fit the entire Washington Monument inside of one. Not only that, they're likely...Show More Summary

Does Pandora stand a chance against Apple Music? (AAPL, P)

Pandora has long been the most popular music streaming service. In a survey last year, it had a 31% market share in the U.S., while iTunes Radio by Apple had only 8%. A lot of that popularity came down to Pandora entering the market early. Show More Summary

Spotify has a great feature if you like to listen to music while running, but I still have some problems with it

When it was first announced back in May, Spotify's new Running feature sounded like it was going to let runners just open the Spotify app and go. No more playlists and getting bored of the songs after a week. No more fumbling with your head down, tapping the wrong button on the screen to find songs that match your run's intensity. Show More Summary

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner explains his No. 1 management principle

Since becoming CEO in 2009, Jeff Weiner has led LinkedIn to become a network of 364 million registered users with offices in 30 countries and a market cap of $26 billion. Weiner's leadership style has earned him the trust of founder and chairman Reid Hoffman, his team, and LinkedIn investors. Show More Summary

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