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WHILL Model Ci personal mobility device

In the past, we used to get around on our two legs most of the time, but when mobility devices such as the bicycle became commonplace, that was all the rage. Of course, over the years, there were skateboards and in-line skates that made it easier to cover the distance without breaking out too much of a sweat. Show More Summary

Linksys WRT32XB gaming router for the Xbox One

So, you own an Xbox One and would like to make the most out of your gaming experience in terms of connectivity? Having the perfect router would be ideal, which is why networking experts Linksys have come up with the WRT32XB, an all-new gaming router that has been specially designed for Xbox One owners. The WRT32XB will be able to reduce peak ping times by up to 65% on an...

Onewheel+ XR has an extended range

What are some of the ways which you get around town? Do you do so on a bicycle, or perhaps take the public transport or drive an electric car in order to be as green as possible while reducing your carbon footprint? Well, if a particular destination is not too far away and you do not feel like sweating it out in a vigorous walk, there is always the all-new...

JLab Audio reveals new Epic Sport Wireless Earbuds

Living a tethered life can be rather inconvenient at times. After all, how many times have you experienced your pair of earbuds or headphones end up in a tangled mess whenever you would like to listen to your favorite tunes? It can be...Show More Summary

Jabra reveals third-gen wireless earbuds

When it comes to a pair of headphones, many of us are still milking the 3.5mm wired headphones for all that it is worth, never mind the fact that Apple has for some time now ditched the 3.5mm audio jack in its iPhones. Well, as the world...Show More Summary

GoBe 2 wearable device sports enhanced software with new services

No particular device is going to remain the same if it is not going to see some improvements or enhancements made to it, and Healbe’s GoBe 2 wearable tracker is no exception. In fact, the GoBe 2 has been endowed with better softwareShow More Summary

Taro delivers an AI camera stabilizer and tracking device

Taro might be another name for sweet potato, but we are referring to the manufacturer of hands-free tracking stabilizers for smartphones and DSLR cameras today. They have been in the business for quite some time, bringing together infrared...Show More Summary

Targus Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station

Targus is a name that many of us are very familiar with, especially when it comes to peripherals and accessories for notebooks and mobile devices. This time around, the company has taken a look at the docking station genre and decided to do something about the situation. Show More Summary

Optoma reveals a Full HD Alexa-friendly projector

When it comes to projectors, these devices are pretty much straightforward without any hassle. The level of brightness in lumens, how large of a display it is able to project as well as the resolution, and the overall lamp life. Apart...Show More Summary

Casio Rangeman GPR-B1000 is another first for the watch company

When it comes to rugged and tough timepieces, one particular name stands out from the Casio brand, and that would be the G-Shock family. Over the years, there has been many different kinds of G-Shock timepieces that have stood the test...Show More Summary

D-Link AC2600 Wi-Fi Router is powered by McAfee

You would not be able to find a more reliable name than D-Link when it comes to networking products, ranging from Wi-Fi routers to modems and the rest. Well, it certainly looks as though there is another Wi-Fi router from the company that is set to make heads turn: the D-Link AC2600 Wi-Fi Router that is powered by McAfee. Show More Summary

VogDUO reveals the Charger Pro USB charger

Let us have a show of hands here: how many of you have at least three devices that you own which will power up via USB? The smartphone and the tablet are two of the most common items in our possession that rely on a USB port to juice it up, while there are numerous other peripherals, ranging from portable scanners to digital cameras and the ilk. Well, frequent travelers...

Movi Smartphone provides big screen entertainment on the go

When it comes to enjoying movies while you are on the move, many of us have resorted to copying a movie file onto our smartphones. The very thought of catching your favourite movie on a larger sized display is nice, but not so when you are mobile and need to move around frequently. What if there was an amalgamation of a projector and a smartphone? This idea is definitely not...

Peloton Tread lets you enjoy on-demand bootcamp

Want to get started on that fitness regime, but somehow or rather you never managed to find a way in kicking things off? Perhaps it is the foul weather outside, or you simply would want to remain in more familiar surroundings. Let the...Show More Summary

AEE Selfly drone is the first smartphone case of its kind

Capturing selfies does not seem to be a trend that is dying out anytime soon, and people are finding more and more creative methods of shooting such portraits for posterity from crazy angles. The introduction of the selfie stick hasShow More Summary

iHome iGV1 is a bedside speaker that plays nice with Google Assistant

When it comes to owning a speaker, some of us might want to settle for a rugged, outdoor speaker that is able to get the job done by entertaining a sizeable crowd without being terrified of getting wet or dropped. Well, there is a different category of speakers for indoor models, one that you place by your bedside to crank out soothing tunes as you try to grab some shuteye....

Microchip Pet Door Connect opens up new possibilities in your home

Some of us treat our pets like a member of the family, and most of the time, the most common animals to get such royal treatment would be cats and dogs. Fish? Not so much, although they are very pretty to look at if an aquarium is properly taken care of. Pet product specialist Sure Petcare has come up with a unique idea for dog and cat owners all over...

Neo M1 smartpen is going to change the way you write

We have plenty of smart devices in the market today, ranging from smart watches to smart cars, smart homes, and of course, the tool that nobody is able to live without in urban areas: smartphones. Well, what about the office market?Show More Summary

Raven H and Raven R are pocket marvels

China used to be derided for churning out cheap, low quality products that tend to be unreliable. However, over the past two decades, things have changed dramatically in that part of the world. High quality and yet still extremely affordable pricing are hallmarks of Chinese-made goods. Show More Summary

EZVIZ reveals the Lookout Smart Door Viewer

Want to make your home a little bit smarter? Sure, there might be a smart doorbell in place already, so why not go the extra mile and throw in a smart door viewer? EZVIZ has just the thing right up your alley in the form of the EZVIZ Lookout Smart Door Viewer. Basically, the Lookout Smart Door Viewer will be able to transform any front entrance into a connected and...

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