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Google might name and shame slow-to-update Android vendors

Google has tried a few (mostly unsuccessful) strategies to get Android device makers updating their software in a timely fashion. Remember the short-lived Android Update Alliance? However, it might be trying something different: embarrassing those vendors into doing something. Show More Summary

Florida man fined $48k for jamming cellphones while driving

The Florida man who stashed a high-powered phone jammer under the passenger seat of his Toyota Highlander has been fined a cool $48,000 for disrupting cellular service on his daily commute to Tampa. According to the FCC's order to pay...Show More Summary

Magic Leap partners with messaging startup Twilio

We still don't know all that much about super-secret mixed-reality startup Magic Leap. But today we learned that it will be partnering with communications company Twilio to make chatting with holographic-looking versions of your friends and family eventually happen.

Microsoft kills what's left of the old Nokia

Last week, Microsoft sold off what remained of Nokia's feature phone business while Windows Phone's market share slid below a single percent. Now, the company has taken what's clearly the last step in correcting Steve Ballmer's decision to purchase the mobile world's former number one. Show More Summary

AT&T's prepaid GoPhone plans get 1GB of extra data

AT&T definitely isn't being stingy with data on GoPhone these days. In the wake of healthy improvements over the past year, the carrier is raising its data caps by 1GB across the board as of May 27th. If you're on the $45 plan, you'll...Show More Summary

Foursquare's new bot texts food suggestions before you're hungry

Foursquare is more than a friendly food finder and gentrification-tracking app -- the company is now in the bot business with its latest tool, Marsbot. The bot analyzes users' locations and past preferences to make proactive recommendations via text on where to eat or grab a drink next. Show More Summary

Huawei sues Samsung over cellphone patents

No, the fighting between top smartphone makers isn't done just yet. Huawei has sued Samsung in both China and the US for allegedly violating its patents on cellular technology and software through its cellphones. Unlike what you seeShow More Summary

New Google Maps ads will drop branded pins on your search results

Yes, Google builds plenty of useful and fun products, but don't ever forget -- the company is first and foremost an advertising business. As such, today the company is announcing a number of updates to its various advertising products to help brands do a better job at reaching the billion-plus people using Google's core services like search, Gmail and Maps. Source: Google

LG G5's VR headset, 360 camera and other accessories hit the US

When LG announced its modular G5 phone last month, it also revealed a line of "Friends" companion devices to go along with it (See what it did there?). Included in the lineup are the 360 VR headset, 360 Cam, the Harman Kardon-powered Tone Platinum audio headset and the Cam Plus camera grip. Show More Summary

Pebble's first non-watch is basically a next-gen iPod Shuffle

One of Pebble's big goals for 2016 was to focus its efforts on health and fitness. It updated its Health app to provide more meaningful stats and, just today, it announced two new smartwatches with built-in heart rate monitors. But that wasn't quite enough. Show More Summary

Otterbox's new case lets you use accessories without removing it

Ah yes, phone cases. A necessary purchase if you're accident prone or tend to drop your handset on the regular. Unfortunately, adding that accessory usually makes for a headaches whenever you try to use another mobile add-on like a thermal camera or lens clip. Show More Summary

Phones4u execs' new venture offers loans for phones

After Phones4u lost its remaining carrier partners in quick succession a couple of years ago, the contract reseller had no choice but to go into administration. The folding of the company couldn't have come at a worst time for a few unlucky customers, who had put down money to preorder the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus without hope of a refund. Show More Summary

Android will have password-free sign-ins by the end of 2016

Back in 2015, Google teased the prospect of Project Abacus, a sign-in approach for Android that ditches passwords in favor of a trust system that uses patterns (such as location, typing speed and voice) to verify your identity. But when is it coming out? Sooner than you might think, actually. Show More Summary

AT&T streamlines its smartphone installment plans

AT&T's current Next installment plans are a little bewildering, to put it mildly. Do you want to trade in at 12, 18 or 24 months? How about a downpayment and installments for 28 months? Mercifully, the carrier knows what a mess it made. Show More Summary

OnePlus wants you to order its new phone using a VR headset

OnePlus doesn't think that last year's VR launch for the OnePlus 2 was just a gimmick... in fact, it's ramping things up. The fledgling smartphone maker has unveiled its own VR headset, the Loop VR, and it's giving away 30,000 units for free (plus shipping) ahead of the OnePlus 3's introduction. Show More Summary

Infuse helps you find fresh videos on Apple TV and iOS

Media portal and set-top box makers have tried any number of things to help you decide what to watch next, ranging from visual makeovers to voice recognition. However, the team at FireCore thinks it has a better way: filters. The new...Show More Summary

Google Science Journal studies the world through your phone

Are you (or your kid) curious about the world around you? Google wants to help. It just launched Science Journal, an Android app that helps you perform (and comment on) simple science experiments. The app can record light, motion and...Show More Summary

Google is making mobile search more visual with rich cards

Google's new "rich cards" format will make googling on your phone a more visual experience than what you're used to. It's sort of an evolved version of rich snippets, those search results that come with small images and a short sample of the web page's text, though it's not supposed to replace the older format altogether. Show More Summary

Motorola's legendary RAZR flip phone is making a comeback

The year was 2004, and Motorola had just announced what was then an insanely thin flip phone, the RAZR V3. It was -- and still is -- a head-turner, and eventually over 130 million units were sold in total. Such were the glorious days of Motorola. Show More Summary

Google wants make it easier to craft apps that go big

The Google Play Store serves over a billion users globally a month, so the potential for an app to go big is nothing to sneeze at. Alas, the chances of that actually happening is a different story, which is why Google is outing a bunch of updates to help developers craft apps to make more of an impact.

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