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I tried to live with a high-end feature phone. I can't.

The feature phone. Still big in Japan. Still being sold in the millions. Still relevant, though? And does it even matter what a 30-something tech writer at a Western tech site thinks? Japan's large elderly population -- people who haven't even heard of Angry Birds, Gmail or Uber -- they're the ones sticking to their flip phones. Show More Summary

HTC's beefier M9 for China leaks with sharper screen and fingerprint reader

Rumor of a beefier HTC One M9 variant -- aka "M9+" -- had been floating around for some time, but we've remained skeptical until we came across the latest batch of leaks. Better yet, some of these are backed up by an official (poorly made but actually legit) Beijing launch invitation sent out earlier today; see for yourself after the break. Show More Summary

Oppo's next phone has a crazy slim screen bezel

The folks over at Oppo sure know how to tease. Well, that's my guess, anyway, based on the fact that several Chinese tech writers received the above photos from "anonymous" sources yesterday. This mysterious smartphone -- running onShow More Summary

Hulu's former leader makes his YouTube rival available to everyone

Want to know how the former CEO of Hulu would build a rival to YouTube? You now have an easy way to find out: after a couple of months of invitation-only testing, Vessel is available to everyone. As promised, Jason Kilar's newly launched brainchild is a mix of ordinary, ad-supported free video with a premium tier. Show More Summary

Twitter helps verified users keep trolls out of their tweets

It's not all sunshine and roses for Twitter's verified users. They may have more features, but that blue checkmark also makes them a bullseye for trolls, spammers and people who simply have a chip on their shoulder. This group should have an easier time having meaningful discussions from now on, though. Show More Summary

Dish Anywhere adds profiles for personalized recommendations

Even though Sling TV has kept Dish extremely busy over the past few months, the company hasn't forgotten about its core user base: the satellite service customers. As such, Dish let it be known today that it is bringing some new features to Anywhere, the companion app subscribers use to stream live or on-demand content, control DVR settings and more. Show More Summary

UK carriers graciously agree to £100 bill cap for lost and stolen phones

A lost or stolen mobile is bad enough, but things can get considerably worse if whoever picks it up sticks you with a mammoth bill for good measure. Smartphone kill switches or a simple screen lock can save you from such injustice, but hindsight isn't much comfort when your phone's already MIA. Show More Summary

Moto E review (2015): The best budget phone gets even better

If you want to get a sense of where the real innovation in smartphones is happening, you need to look past the high-end flagships and toward the cheap stuff. And with the new Moto E, Motorola has crafted one of the most compelling budget smartphones yet. Show More Summary

Facebook wants to replace your Android phone's dialer

Facebook isn't done trying to replace your Android phone's software just because Home fizzled out. Android Police tipsters have spotted the social network testing a dialer app that would not only show more info about who's calling, but...Show More Summary

Samsung will be bundling even more Microsoft apps on Android tablets

Only a few weeks after Samsung revealed it's preinstalling Microsoft's apps on the upcoming Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the two companies are getting even closer. Microsoft just announced that Samsung will also be bundling its Office apps, Skype, and OneDrive on select Android tablets sometime in the first half of the year. Show More Summary

Pakistan orders cellphone users to provide their fingerprints

Pakistan is determined to prevent terrorists from using untraceable cellphone accounts to coordinate attacks like that in Peshawar, even if it means eroding civil liberties in the process. The country has ordered cellphone users to have...Show More Summary

HTC One M9 review: Another year, another modest step forward

Let's say you're a smartphone maker and one year you cook up a formula for a beloved, game-changing device. The next year, you tweak that formula a bit to create a worthy, if slightly less exciting, follow-up of a phone. What do youShow More Summary

Beyond Facebook: What you need to know about texting apps

If you live in the United States, you might've been surprised when Facebook purchased WhatsApp for $19 billion -- or, in other words, thing-you'd-think-you'd-have-heard-of money. Facebook identified what those of us in the US with texting...Show More Summary

BBM Protected users can chat securely with friends on Android and iOS

While BBM Protected has been keeping enterprise users' chats secure since last year, it only used to work if it's installed on both parties' phones. Now, though, the feature can keep convos secure even if only one of the chatters has it. Show More Summary

Your Android phone will soon stay unlocked while you're holding it

If you're frustrated that your smartphone locks while it's still in your hands, Google may soon come to your rescue. A handful of Android Police readers report that their Lollipop-equipped phones' Smart Lock security now includes "on-body...Show More Summary

Vector smartwatches promise a 30-day battery life

Tag Heuer's Android Wear device wasn't the only smartwatch at this year's Baselworld. Other devices were also shown and launched during the annual luxury watch fair in Switzerland, including the new Vector Watch. It's slated to comeShow More Summary

Where to buy Samsung's Galaxy S6 and S6 edge in the UK

Another year, another MWC trade show, another flagship model added to Samsung's Galaxy line-up. Actually, make that two, with the new Galaxy S6 joined by a curved-screen doppelgänger, the S6 edge. Aside from the sloping sides of the S6 edge's display, both are cut from the same, premium cloth. Show More Summary

HTC CEO Peter Chou steps down to focus on innovation lab

Given HTC's roller coaster ride in the past couple of years, it's no secret that HTC's Peter Chou has always been more of a product guy than a manager. Well, the time has finally come for him to switch roles. The Taiwanese company has...Show More Summary

Android Auto is now live for Lollipop phones and Pioneer head units

Google just proclaimed that Android Auto is ready for the masses... or at least the masses that feel like picking up a separate Pioneer head unit and own a device running Android 5.0 Lollipop. In case your memory of the search giant's...Show More Summary

Robert Downey Jr. wants to weird you into buying an HTC One M9

Two men sit in lawn chairs, one in a merman costume. The other, Robert Downey Junior, fires a blowdart at a moon sculpture, which crashes to the ground. "Shoot for the Moon," says the aspirational HTC slogan. Did that make any sense?...Show More Summary

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