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Brazilian government blocks WhatsApp for 72 hours

A Brazilian judge has order local cellphone carriers to block WhatsApp on their networks for 72 hours, effectively locking out over 100 million users from the Facebook-owned messaging service.

Kindle Oasis review: The perfect e-reader for the 1 percent

Amazon's Kindle Oasis is like a feast with the world's finest caviar. It's an all-you-can eat Wagyu steak dinner. It's an $80 cup of coffee. Simply put, the Oasis is a $290 extravagance meant only for the few who can afford it. For the rest of us, it's just something to lust after. Show More Summary

LG's phone fingerprint sensor doesn't need a button

Existing phone fingerprint readers are less than ideal. When they're on the back, you can't sign in while the phone sits on your desk; on the front, they chew up valuable device real estate; on the side, they're tiny. That's where LG Innotek might just come to the rescue. Show More Summary

Phone call study concludes we can only have five best friends

The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants can only have one more BFF, according to a study by a group of British researchers. They include anthropologist Robin Dunbar, who pinpointed a correlation between a primates' brain sizes and the sizes of their social circles. Show More Summary

Judge orders woman to unlock iPhone with her fingerprint

It's still not perfectly clear whether or not law enforcement can force you to unlock your phone with your fingerprint, but an LA court isn't waiting to find out: for the first time in a federal case, a judge has ordered a person to unlock her smartphone using her digits. Show More Summary

Samsung app helps premature babies hear their mothers

For babies, the sound of their mother's voice isn't just comforting -- it can be the key to healthy brain development. That's not easy to manage for premature babies stuck in incubators, though, and Samsung thinks smartphones might help out. Show More Summary

Roaming within the EU has just become cheaper

European decision-makers have been forcibly capping mobile roaming charges in the region for several years now. The last mandated reduction came into effect in July 2014, but today the European Commission has made calls, texts and megabytes that much cheaper once again. Show More Summary

Samsung brings nightly storytime into VR for busy parents

Parents don't always have a chance to read to their kids at night -- especially if they're traveling, or working late. Samsung is working on a potential solution for this modern dilemma: BedTime VR Stories, a new Gear VR app that lets parents experience a story together with their children. Show More Summary

ICYMI: 3D-printed instrument, Humanoid diver and more

Today on In Case You Missed It: Free 3D plans to create your own plastic violin should make the instrument a bit easier to take up; Stanford roboticists created a remotely-operated humanoid diver that can be haptically controlled from afar by its pilots, meaning they can feel what the diver does. Show More Summary

Google's got a new travel app, but it's not ready for the masses

Google's cooking up a new travel app that combines the best of Maps with Now, the company's prescient personal assistant. Except Trips, as it's apparently called, is not quite ready for primetime (or the Google Play store) as of yet....Show More Summary

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone relaunches failed Jelly app

Biz Stone's resurrected Jelly app officially relaunched today, and where the original 2013 app was something like Instagram-meets-Yahoo Answers, Stone sees the latest version as a return to his original vision and an alternative to Google.

Google grabs ex-Motorola president to unify its hardware groups

Rick Osterloh, former president of Motorola, is now Senior Vice President at Google in charge of a new hardware division that includes the company's Nexus devices, living room gadgets and Glass, Re/code reports. This means Nest CEO Tony...Show More Summary

Vudu's latest iPad app finally has picture-in-picture

Vudu, Walmart's answer to Netflix, has finally brought its app up to speed with Apple's latest hardware and iOS 9 features. The iPhone version supports 3D Touch, letting you access personal and "last watched" settings more quickly, and you can now get notifications for deals and other offers. Show More Summary

Uber tests stricter waiting time charges for late passengers

If you're not showing up for your Uber, you might get charged sooner than you think. The company is trialling fees if you keep your driver waiting more than two minutes after they arrive at the pickup spot. The waiting period was previously...Show More Summary

Facebook, Messenger and Instagram apps arrive for Windows 10

In Microsoft's early discussions of its Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, Facebook and Instagram were mentioned as upcoming options. Today, the companies announced that new Windows 10 apps for Facebook and Messenger are available on the desktop alongside an Instagram mobile app. Show More Summary

Most Pinterest users are now from outside the US

Pinterest says one of its most important challenges when it transitioned from desktop to mobile in 2012 was to become a global brand. Things are going well for the company then, since majority of its users are now from outside the US. Show More Summary

FTC widens its probe into Android's antitrust concerns

Google's Android regulatory headaches aren't clearing up. If anything, they're getting a bit worse. Wall Street Journal tipsters claim that the US Federal Trade Commission is expanding its probe into Android's possible antitrust violations. Show More Summary

Moving the Galaxy S7 launch up helped Samsung's profits

Samsung's Galaxy phones drove rapidly growing profits until sales peaked a couple of years ago, but the company just reported its Q1 2016 operating profit is up 12 percent from 2015. Coming at the same time as Apple faced its first revenue drop in a decade, Samsung is getting a boost from releasing its Galaxy S7 earlier in the year than usual. Show More Summary

Cracker Jack ditches toys in favor of augmented reality

Ah yes, Cracker Jack. The classic American snack food and ballpark staple that offers the thrill of finding a cheap plastic toy at the bottom of the box. Well, I should say offered, since PepsiCo's Frito-Lay division is modernizing snacking...Show More Summary

Remote app for Android TV finally comes to iOS

Google announced that Android TV would launch with an accompanying remote app for Android devices, and two years later, they're releasing it for iOS. Lest you think that's a long delay, the newest Apple TV only got connected to its iOS Remote app in December. Via: Android Police Source: iTunes App Store

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