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Analyst rumor: iPhone 8 'function area' to replace home button

While we're still months away from finding out exactly what's what with any new iPhone, the rumor mill is already running at full tilt. Following up on earlier reports of a 5.8-inch edgeless OLED screened device arriving as the "iPhone...Show More Summary

BlackBerry's share of the smartphone market is virtually zero

BlackBerry may be hoping for a recovery in its smartphone business, but it's hitting rock bottom right now. Gartner analysts estimate that BlackBerry's once-dominant platform hit 0.0 percent market share in the fourth quarter of 2016. Show More Summary

Why is Verizon offering unlimited data again?

As soon as Verizon dropped the unexpected news that it was bringing back unlimited data plans, I immediately started searching for the catch. The company has a rightfully earned reputation for nickel-and-diming its customers to death, even though some would argue its excellent network is worth the premium. Show More Summary

Verizon reportedly reduces its Yahoo offer by $250 million

Verizon's $4.83 billion Yahoo acquisition could end up costing closer to $4.6 billion, Bloomberg reports. The discount comes after two high-profile Yahoo hacks came to light last year, which affected more than a billion user accounts. Show More Summary

HTC's mobile VR headset won't be a copycat

HTC is quickly establishing itself as a virtual reality-focused company, and that's evident with its plans to enter the mobile VR arena. In an interview with CNET, company CFO Chia-lin Chang has revealed that it's launching a mobileShow More Summary

Google Assistant can share your personal info in Allo chats

For now, Allo is the one place where regular Android users can get a taste of Google Assistant, the AI helper that's otherwise reserved for Google's own Pixel phones. You can call on it during a chat with one or more folks, and it can do a search, set reminders and even tell a joke. Show More Summary

Huawei is launching its P10 flagship smartphone at MWC

Huawei has confirmed that it's debuting its upcoming flagship handset at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona through a mysterious video teaser. Unfortunately, it doesn't even show you a glimpse of the phone. What you do get are the words "Change the way the world sees you," along with a photo of a hashtag and two eyes. Show More Summary

Jaguar and Shell partner for in-car fuel payments

Luxury automaker Jaguar Land Rover has partnered with Shell to make fueling up a touch more convenient. That's because everyone who owns a vehicle equipped with the company's InControl Apps will be able to pay for gas without ever leaving the driver's seat. Show More Summary

Facebook's next conquest: Your TV

Facebook's recent push into video is coming for your big screen TV. The social network enabled streaming video to Apple TV and Chromecast last October, but it's about to go native with an app specifically made for set-top boxes from Apple, Amazon and Samsung. Via: Recode Source: Facebook

T-Mobile's upgraded phone plan ditches the HD video day pass

Until T-Mobile improved its One plan this week, one of its biggest hassles was the HD video day pass. Even if you paid extra for unlimited HD, you had to enable a pass every time you wanted more than 480p streaming. Thankfully, that's now in the past -- T-Mobile tells Ars Technica that enabling HD will be a one-time affair from February 17th onward. Show More Summary

Facebook videos in your News Feed soon autoplay with sound

The age of scrolling through your Facebook News Feed past mercifully silent autoplaying videos is over. The social media giant is showering its users with unasked-for love by automatically triggering sound when hovering over a movie, and will soon begin rolling out the change it started testing last August. Via: Recode Source: Facebook newsroom

The Nokia 3310 will reportedly return this month

The Nokia 3310 needs little introduction. Easy to use. Borderline indestructible. A battery that seemed to last forever. Oh, and it had Snake. It's been a while since the phone was at the top of the mobile heap, but like Rocky Balboa, it could soon be making a spectacular comeback. Show More Summary

Senators ask for info on Trump's smartphone use

When he isn't addressing matters of national security amongst diners at his Mar-a-Lago resort, Donald Trump is reportedly using an unsecured Android phone for official communications. That's of great concern for more than a few reasons and two prominent Democrat lawmakers want the Department of Defense to address why it's happening. Via: The Hill Source: Senator Tom Carper

T-Mobile upgrades its One plan to counter Verizon

There's no mistaking it: Verizon's decision to resurrect its unlimited data plan was a shot across T-Mobile's bow. And to no one's surprise, the magenta-hued network is responding in kind. As of February 17th, T-Mobile is upgrading its standard One plan to include HD video streaming and 10GB of LTE hotspot tethering. Show More Summary

The LG G6 promises superior sound with an upgraded quad-DAC

Details continue to emerge about LG's upcoming G6 smartphone, and today the company revealed that the device will feature a 32-bit quad-DAC system promising improved sound quality. Source: The Verge, LG

Apple takes a big step toward wireless charging on iPhones

Rumors have swirled for a while that Apple might embrace wireless charging beyond smartwatches (including for the next iPhone), and the company only seems to be stoking those expectations. Apple has quietly joined the Wireless Power Consortium, which governs the Qi standard you see on most devices with wireless charging. Show More Summary

Secure wireless charging stops pads from frying your phone

It's not just dodgy wired phone chargers that you have to worry about -- a poorly-made wireless charging pad could easily toast your phone. But how do you prevent that from happening when there are no cables or ports involved? MIT has an idea. Show More Summary

Verizon revives its unlimited data plan

Here's a nice Sunday surprise: Verizon is bringing back the unlimited data plan. As of February 13th, the carrier is launching a Verizon Unlimited tier that gives you unlimited US data, calls and texting for $80 per month ($45 per line for a family of four). Show More Summary

Jolla's latest mobile OS upgrade focuses on the basics

Jolla is going some distance to putting its Sailfish OS on more phones you can buy, but it's clear the startup still has a ways to go before you're ditching your existing device. It just released an early access version of Sailfish OS 2.1 (nicknamed Iijoki) that adds features you probably take for granted on Android or iOS. Show More Summary

Google hints at Assistant coming to existing Android devices

It's very likely that you'll see Google Assistant on new Android devices beyond the Pixel line, but when... and what about the device you already have? The AI helper might be coming sooner than you think. Google has inadvertently given beta testers an alpha release of its Android search app that enables Assistant support on non-Pixel hardware. Show More Summary

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