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Google search can stream apps to your Android phone

Ever found something on the web that would be better-served by an app, but didn't relish the thought of downloading the app to give it a shot? Google clearly has: as part of a broader mobile search revamp, it's introducing app streaming on Android phones. Show More Summary

Too good to survive: The rise and fall of Rdio

Spotify is probably how most Americans were introduced to streaming music over the last four years or so -- the service has grown by leaps and bounds since it launched in the US in July of 2011. But a relatively small group of music fans were enjoying pretty much all that Spotify had to offer months before it hit the US. Show More Summary

Dunkin' Donuts takes aim at Starbucks with mobile ordering and delivery

You can already order your coffee from Starbucks before you get there, and soon you may be able to do the same from another popular purveyor of the brew. Dunkin' Donuts is testing mobile ordering through its app at 124 locations in Portland, Maine. Show More Summary

Bing for iPhone makes it easy to jump from search straight to your apps

As Windows Phone continues to struggle, Microsoft has turned its focus towards making its trademark services like Office, Outlook and Bing available on Android and iOS. Today, the Bing app for the iPhone is getting a major update toShow More Summary

Google lowers minimum app prices in 17 countries

To many people around the globe, 99-cent apps might still be too expensive. In an effort to reach more people worldwide, Google has lowered the minimum app price in the Play Store for 17 countries, after a successful pilot in India earlier this year. Show More Summary

Tumblr gives you an easy way to make reaction GIFs on mobile

Tumblr made it easier to search for GIFs earlier this year, but if you're tired of seeing the same old stuff, you'll like this update a lot better. The social network has created a built-in GIF maker for its mobile apps that can process videos without having to fire up another app or a website. Show More Summary

Galaxy Note 5 wrapper warns you to insert the pen the right way

You probably don't need someone to tell you to insert the Galaxy Note 5's pen the right way, but Samsung isn't about to take any chances. As evidenced in a recent unboxing, at least some newer Note 5 units come with a wrapper advising...Show More Summary

Apple Pay goes live in Canada, but only for American Express customers

Apple Pay has been available in locales outside of the US already, and now our neighbors to the north are getting in on the action. Cupertino's mobile payments tech is now available in Canada, so iPhone and Apple Watch users can pay for goods with those two devices at a smattering of retail locations. Show More Summary

Here's what our readers think of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus aren't going to wow you with a new design -- that's not the point of Apple's 's' phones. Instead, they offer a lot of under-the-hood updates, including a faster processor, better cameras and the addition ofShow More Summary

NVIDIA's new Shield Tablet is just like the old one, but cheaper

NVIDIA's first Shield tablet was a device that got almost everything right: The 8-inch slate had a crisp display flanked by twin speakers, a surprisingly precise built-in stylus and a powerful 192-core Kepler K1 processor. At the time,...Show More Summary

MetroPCS' new music streaming product doesn't use up your data

If you're a music-loving MetroPCS customers, you'll want to know about this. The prepaid provider has just launched a new streaming product called "Music Unlimited" that gives you a way to access your subscriptions without going over your data cap. Show More Summary

Google's mobile app answers your complex questions

Google's mobile search app just got much better at handling the sort of detailed, nuanced questions you'd ask a real human. The Android and iOS software now does more to gauge the true intent of a question, including multi-layered questions...Show More Summary

You get what you pay for with Walmart's $10 Android phone

Walmart is known for its heavily discounted goods, and in another display of price-slashing has just announced that it will sell two Android smartphones for $10 each. Prior to this offer, the cheapest smartphone on the market was the $35 Firefox OS phone. Show More Summary

Oxford Dictionaries' Word of the Year is... an emoji

Oxford Dictionaries' Word of the Year is as much about capturing the cultural zeitgeist as it is reflecting the evolution of the English language, and that's truer than ever in 2015. For the first time ever, the institution chose emoji (the "tears of joy" icon you see above) to win the honor -- yes, actual words lost out. Show More Summary

Facebook truce with Google helps you find info on your phone

Facebook and Google are calling a partial truce in their longstanding feud, and that's good news if you've ever tried to track down a contact or status update. As of Friday, Facebook is letting Google index some of the public information within its mobile app, helping you search for that content on your phone. Show More Summary

Droid Turbo 2 review: What it lacks in style, it makes up for in power

Verizon's line of Droid phones just celebrated its sixth birthday, and what better way to celebrate than by releasing the best device to ever bear the Droid title? I jokingly called Motorola's Droid Turbo 2 "a Moto X Pure on steroids," but there's no denying it packs even more power than its predecessor into a body that's built to take a beating. Show More Summary

Microsoft's Lumia 950 is set for a November 20 launch on AT&T

The wait has been pretty agonizing (for some of you, anyway), but the first batch of Windows 10 phones is almost here. AT&T just announced that it'll be the first -- and possibly only -- carrier in the US to carry the new Lumia 950, which you'll be able order starting tomorrow ahead of a full-blown launch on November 20. Show More Summary

Experts say phones need a 'bedtime mode' to fix our sleep

We've all done it: you've gone to bed early in order to catch up on some much needed sleep, only to lay there for hours staring at your phone until you're no longer tired. Some reports believe handsets shouldn't get all the blame for our poor sleep schedules, but we've known for some time that those glowing displays aren't helping. Show More Summary

Microsoft delays tool that will bring Android apps to Windows

Microsoft has confirmed that a tool that lets Android apps easily run on Windows 10 is "not ready," according Windows Central and other sources. The software giant introduced the Windows Bridge for Android, dubbed "Project Astoria," earlier this year as part of a larger effort to help app-builders easily convert Web, iOS and Android apps to Windows. Show More Summary

MetroPCS site flaw exposed the data of 10 million subscribers

It's not just hacks that put your personal data out in the open -- sometimes, it's just poor coding. Security researchers Eric Taylor and Blake Welsh have shown Motherboard a MetroPCS website bug that, until it was fixed this month, made it easy to get sensitive info for over 10 million subscribers. Show More Summary

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