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Logitech's first Logi iPad cases are all about tough corners

You might have heard that Logitech is rebranding itself with the hipper, more with it, Logi moniker. Now we've got the first official Logi products: iPad cases! The company's new "Blok" lineup of cases for the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini all feature ribbed, shock-absorbent corners, the areas that typically get damaged when you drop your iPad. Show More Summary

Skype for Android takes the hassle out of signing back in

It might be safe to stay signed in to Skype these days, but that doesn't mean you want to. Do you really want a video call from your parents when you're out on the town? If not, you'll be glad to hear that Skype is making it much easier to sign in and out. Show More Summary

Video series gives you a rare peek into Google's world

As open as Google is about its plans, it doesn't say much about what it's like to actually work there. Just what are those engineers doing every day? Googlers Nat and Lo might just answer that for you. They've kicked off The 20% Project, a video series that explores some of the behind-the-scenes action in Mountain View and beyond. Show More Summary

Meet Hive's gorgeous new thermostat and smart home devices

Google's Nest, Honeywell, Netatmo, Tado and others have made heating our abodes that bit simpler, but a smart thermostat does not a smart home make. British Gas' Hive launched its take on the smart thermostat two years ago -- and now, 200,000 installs later, it's time for a sequel. Show More Summary

Commodore returns as a 5.5-inch, nostalgia-powered smartphone

It hasn't been a legitimate name in computing for over 20 years, but somehow the Commodore brand always manages to find a way back into our lives. In 2004, it came back as a simple TV-Game joystick. In 2011, Commodore USA sold gaming PCs stuffed into retro-styled keyboard chassis. Show More Summary

Google's Eddystone serves up location-based info via Bluetooth beacons

Using low-energy Bluetooth beacons to serve up location-based info to customers isn't a new development. We've seen more than a few implementations of Apple's iBeacon tech. Google has a new project that employs a similar setup, and it's called Eddystone. Show More Summary

ZTE thinks its Axon is the unlocked flagship America deserves

"It's designed in the US, for the US." That's not the sort of bluster you'd normally hear from Lixin Cheng, CEO of ZTE's American division, but he proffered it several times during a pre-show pow-wow to make sure it stuck. Not long after...Show More Summary

Sprint's home-delivery service heads to four more cities

Back in April, Sprint introduced Direct 2 You, a program that brings the phone-buying process right to your home. Since then, the service has launched in multiple places across the US, including Kansas City, Chicago, Denver, Miami, Los Angeles New York and San Francisco. Show More Summary

T-Mobile's latest family plan gives everyone 10GB of full-speed data

You knew T-Mobile wasn't going to let Sprint's sweet family plan go unanswered, didn't you? Sure enough, the magenta network has trotted out an upgraded Simple Choice family plan that gives two people unlimited calling, text and 10GB of full-speed data (each, not total) for the same $100 that Sprint is asking. Show More Summary

Emailing yourself? Google Inbox suggests saving reminders instead

Google's Inbox app can become a powerful productivity tool if you get the hang of its numerous features. One of its latest offerings, for instance, makes sure you know you can save reminders within the app. Next time you send an email...Show More Summary

Deleting Google Photos won't stop your phone from uploading pictures

Google Photos is pretty amazing. Not only does it offer free, unlimited back-up space for your photos and memories, it also automatically creates collages, slide-shows and movies from your uploaded library. I loved it from the firstShow More Summary

Samsung explores measuring body fat through your phone

You can already measure your heart rate and step counts on your smartphone, but Samsung thinks it can kick things up a notch. One of the company's recently published patent applications would use electrical impedance to measure your body fat levels. Show More Summary

Android gets Google Maps desktop-to-mobile destination info, too

The latest update to Google Maps on Android is one of those things that honestly should have happened a long time ago, but surprisingly didn't until recently: Now you can send destination info directly to your mobile device from the desktop. Show More Summary

3 amazing technologies that could be part of your new smartphone

That little computer you carry around in your pocket is already your camera, navigation device, instant messaging machine, ride-hailing tool and phone. But it's very possible that, in the not-so-distant future, what we now refer to as...Show More Summary

Microsoft killing its Photosynth 3D panorama apps

For better or worse, tech companies have to do a bit of product housekeeping every now and then. Today's Microsoft's turn to do exactly that. Most notably, the Redmond company announced it will be retiring its mobile apps for Photosynth, the platform it created to let people capture and view the world in 3D. Show More Summary

Calendar app Sunrise starts integrating with Office 365

Now that it owns Sunrise, the sleek and social calendar app, it makes sense for Microsoft to integrate it with its other productivity tools. That's why Sunrise now plugs directly into Office 365 on iOS, Android and the desktop, giving you access to all of your scheduled events under a single calendar. Show More Summary

Vine for iOS updated with HD video uploads

We've adjusted to watching each other's lives six-seconds at a time, but Vine's shareable moments always come across a little...blurry. Thankfully, the short-video service is fixing that: as of today, folks using the Vine app on iOS will have access to a new HD quality option. Love it. Use it. Save all of our eyes. Comments Source: Vine

Samsung is building an 11K mobile display that can mimic 3D

While most people are still trying to wrap their heads around 4K displays (and 8K screens aren't that far off), Samsung is setting up an even more ambitious milestone: It wants to build an 11K mobile display by 2018, reports Korea's Electronic Times. Show More Summary

Smartphone 'mode' can speed up devices and lengthen battery life

Phones, tablets and other devices slow down over time, no matter how expensive or cutting edge they were when you bought them. Now, researchers from Hanyang University in Korea claim a technology they developed can delay the inevitable. Show More Summary

A first look at iOS 9: Little changes add up to something big

Apple's still pretty new to this whole public beta thing, but that didn't stop it from dropping two big consumer previews today. We've already taken a closer look at Apple's future on full-fledged computers, so it's high time we collectively dug a little deeper into what it's like using an early version of iOS 9. Show More Summary

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