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Venmo finally gets more secure with two-factor authentication

If you're the type who uses Venmo to pay your buddies back for artisanal cupcakes, congratulations: You're a little bit safer now. Venmo announced the other day that it was rolling out a new two-factor identification feature -- whenShow More Summary

Hacking game 'TouchTone' turned me into an NSA spy, and I liked it

I didn't think I'd make for a good NSA agent until I played TouchTone. The iOS puzzle game had me looking for enemies of the state by scouring text messages and emails, and it didn't faze me one bit. It's absolutely unlike how I am in real life. Show More Summary

Tinder's first video ad is here and it's all Bud Light's fault

"There's a lot of synergies between the Tinder audience and the audience we're looking for," said Bud Light's Director of Marketing to Ad Week. And for that reason it's selecting 1,000 swipe-righters -- although you can also enter through...Show More Summary

LG intros new flagship's high-contrast display before the phone itself

LG must consider the G4's display as one of its main attractions, because the company's launching it weeks before the device's debut. The South Korean electronics maker has announced that it's begun mass producing its next flagship device's 5.5-inch QHD LCD panel. Show More Summary

HTC brings the One M9's software tricks to its older devices

Chances are you haven't even gotten your HTC One M9 yet, but that doesn't mean you can't get a feel for its new bits. HTC just updated its Blinkfeed app with some of the thoughtful software tricks that shipped on its brand new flagship, and gave it a new name for good measure. Say hello to HTC Sense Home. Comments Via: Android Police

British politician cured his smartphone addiction by buying a BlackBerry

The UK is gearing up for an election, and one of the two most likely candidates for the top job has thrown some unintentional shade towards BlackBerry. In an interview with Absolute Radio, Ed Miliband has revealed that he ditched his iPhone for a BlackBerry because its harder to be addicted to a device with "limited functionality." Ouch. Show More Summary

Office Lens for Android and iOS turns your phone into a scanner

You no longer have to carry a Windows Phone if you want to quickly copy receipts and meeting agendas for the sake of your notes. Microsoft has just released Office Lens in both finished form for iOS and a preview for Android, letting you use your device of choice to turn photos into usable documents. Show More Summary

Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge review: Samsung's best phones in years

Samsung found itself in sort of a bind last year: Its flagship Galaxy S5 wasn't the blockbuster the company hoped it would be. That, coupled with the news that Samsung was going to focus on a smaller number of devices in 2015, signaled a pretty dramatic change for a brand that seemed like it was unstoppable. Show More Summary

Waze's new feature knows how long you'll be stuck in traffic

It happens: you get caught in a traffic jam, because you either ignore Waze's warnings or have no other choice. Thankfully, a Waze update for both iOS and Android adds a new feature that could make the ordeal just a bit less excruciating. Show More Summary

HTC's One M8s revises last year's flagship for Europe

We may have just peeled the cellophane off HTC's One M9 flagship, but there's still life left in its predecessor. Today, we (well, those in Europe) get to meet the HTC One M8s -- a revised version of last year's top billing handset.Show More Summary

Pew: 7 percent of Americans only use their phone for internet access

You probably lean heavily on your smartphone for internet access these days, but for some Americans it's not a nice-to-have convenience... it's their only way of getting online. Pew Research Center's latest survey estimates that 7 percent of Americans depend solely on their phone for internet service, and have no practical alternatives. Show More Summary

EE giving all customers portable chargers they can refuel in stores

Carriers are forever looking at new ways to incentivise customers -- whether it be with a subscription to this, or discounts on that, and so on -- but we can't recall any perk that's quite as practical as the one EE's introducing shortly. Show More Summary

Facebook Riff has you making videos with your friends' help

No, Facebook isn't done experimenting with mobile apps yet -- meet Riff, a just-launched app for Android and iOS that has you building collaborative videos. You start by recording a short clip (under 20 seconds) and giving it a topic. Show More Summary

Judge says AT&T can't stop FTC lawsuit over data throttling

AT&T's attempt to turn the tables on the Federal Trade Commission's mobile data throttling lawsuit hasn't exactly worked out as planned. A federal judge has rejected the carrier's claims that it can't be sued because its status as a common carrier for voice, which exempts it from FTC oversight, also applies to data. Show More Summary

Dodging Verizon's skeevy snooping tech is a few clicks away

Hey there Verizon subscribers, remember that whole "supercookie" ordeal from not too long ago? Well, it looks like it's time to put that mess behind us because the ability to wholly opt out of said tracking system is finally available, according to The New York Times. Show More Summary

Buy an LG G3 in the US, get a free VR headset

LG's new mobile VR headset -- which is basically just a plastic version of Google's cardboard VR viewer -- is finally hitting American shores. The company just announced that it'll be throwing in a free headset, simply called the VR for G3, with the purchase of its latest flagship Android phone at participating retailers. Show More Summary

Where to buy HTC's One M9 in the UK

This year's MWC trade show was unquestionably headlined by mobile heavyweight duo HTC and Samsung. Not only did they both have fresh VR headwear to show off, but they arrived in Barcelona with new Android flagships in hand, too. Samsung's...Show More Summary

LG will unveil its next flagship phone on April 28th

LG is scheduled to drop something big on April 28th. And if the "G's" in the save the date invites (above) it sent out to the press is any indication, we can most likely expect its next G-series flagship phone. Besides, several Korean publications already revealed that LG will launch the G4 by the end of April. Show More Summary

Onkyo's music player is also DAC and headphone amp for your phone

The chatter surrounding high fidelity listening devices and services picked up over the last year or so (thanks, Neil Young), and Onkyo hopes its new 3-in-1 device will lure you to the land of high definition. The company's aluminum-wrapped...Show More Summary

Google Drive offers access to your Google+ photos

Google isn't wasting much time acting on its promise to divvy up Google+ into individual services. As hinted earlier, an updated version Google Drive on Android, iOS and the web now offers access to your Google+ photos. The unified cloud...Show More Summary

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