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Fitbit-owned app creates customized exercises on Android devices

A couple of years before it was acquired by Fitbit in 2015, FitStar released an app starring NFL star Tony Gonzalez that can create customized workouts based on your goals and fitness level. Now, that app has arrived on Google Play.Show More Summary

A week with FreedomPop in the UK: you can't argue with free

Between the four main carriers and numerous tier-two operators in the UK, we're spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a mobile network. And yet, we've now got another new player to consider that does things a little differently....Show More Summary

Huawei's next chipset may give competitors a run for their money

Huawei just became Europe's second largest Android brand, but there's just no time for celebration. Not too long after launching the Huawei Mate S and the Nexus 6P, the Chinese telecom giant is already teasing the launch of the Mate 8 on November 26. Show More Summary

Google engineer takes on subpar USB Type-C cables

Trying to save a few bucks by purchasing offbrand cables? We've all done it -- but there's something you should know about new USB Type-C connectors popping up on cellphones (Nexus, OnePlus), laptops (Macbook, Pixel), tablets (Pixel C) and even Apple TV. Show More Summary

Circle with Disney makes it easy to control your kids' screen time

When I was younger, I had a friend whose dad would shut down their house's internet connection every 12AM without fail. He'd love Circle with Disney if his children were still kids. It's a cube (despite its name) that pairs up with your WiFi network and gives you the power to control your kids' internet activities. Show More Summary

Google Maps for iOS speaks out traffic warnings while you drive

If you're carrying an iPhone, Google Maps just got much more helpful in those moments when you're determined to avoid gridlock. As on Android, Maps' iOS app now speaks out traffic warnings in navigation mode. You'll get a verbal summary of conditions before you start moving, and alerts for any congestion or crashes while you're on your way. Show More Summary

Mobile apps share a lot more of your data than you think

You're probably well aware that many mobile apps want to share your data. They need your email address to set up an account, or your location to tag your photos. However, a research team has discovered that at least some of that software is sharing more than you might be comfortable with. Show More Summary

Google hopes to reboot its low-cost Android phone program

Google's Android One program was supposed to help the developing world go mobile and promote 'pure' devices full of Google services, but that's not how it panned out -- the phones flopped as both customers and vendors preferred heavily customized Android devices. Show More Summary

Sprint faces 'thousands' of job cuts and price hikes

SoftBank, Sprint's Japanese parent company, made a ton of profit over the last three months, but not as much profit as people were expecting. That's largely due to it having to carry Sprint on its back, since the network has gone from plucky bronze medalist to sitting in the doldrums of fourth place in America's hotly-contested carrier wars. Show More Summary

PuzzlePhone wants you to fund its modular smartphone

If you're enamored with modular smartphones but aren't convinced that Project Ara will pan out, you can now pour your money into an alternative. PuzzlePhone has launched a crowdfunding campaign to get its namesake upgradable handset into your hands. Show More Summary

Redbox owner buys phone trade-in company to get away from DVDs

If you owned Redbox and faced a slowly declining disc-based movie rental business, what would you do? Diversify so that you're not rendered obsolete by internet video? If so, you're not alone. Outerwall (Redbox's parent company) has bought the phone trade-in firm Gazelle for a relatively modest $18 million. Show More Summary

Wireless charging's smaller players unite as the AirFuel Alliance

The wireless charging world can usually be reduced to two factions: the Qi standard... and then everyone else. However, those frequently neglected alternatives are now rallying around a common banner. Meet the AirFuel Alliance, the new name for the recent union between the Alliance for Wireless Power and the Power Matters Alliance. Show More Summary

Vertu's mysterious Chinese buyer has its own secure smartphone OS

In recent years, we've watched Vertu evolve to a luxury phone maker that actually cares about specs, and you can thank CEO Massimiliano "Max" Pogliani for that. But according to Financial Times, Swedish private equity group EQT has recently...Show More Summary

FreedomPop is building a 'WiFi-first' smartphone with Intel

Budget carrier FeedomPop has signed a deal with Intel that will see it introduce a "WiFi-first" smartphone next year. The phone will use Intel's low-cost "SoFIA" Atom x3 processors and leverage WiFi hotspots wherever possible instead of mobile data, even for things like texting and calling. Show More Summary

AT&T offers its first smartwatches that share your phone number

If you've wanted a smartwatch that could take its own calls without having to use a separate phone number, relief is in sight... as long as you're willing to subscribe to AT&T, anyway. The carrier has revealed that it will start taking...Show More Summary

Google's 'Project Wing' commercial drone service to launch in 2017

We've seen Project Wing, the air-delivery service from Google, tap NASA to help sidestep reams of bureaucratic red tape and get off the ground before, and it looks like the service could soon launch in earnest. The outfit's laying the...Show More Summary

The 'tablet' for your wrist has arrived

Yes, someone actually made a wearable "tablet." And no, we're not talking about the Neptune Pine, which is basically an oversized watch that doubles as a phone. This new device, dubbed Rufus Cuff, features a 3.2-inch screen and, since launching as an Indiegogo campaign in 2014, has promised to be more than a smartwatch. Show More Summary

Snowden's favorite secure chat services unite in one Android app

Want to keep your text and voice chats truly private, the way NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden does? You'll want to try Open Whisper Systems' Signal for Android, then. The newly launched, Snowden-approved app merges OWS' existing RedPhone...Show More Summary

Bunk Baidu SDK puts backdoor on millions of Android devices

A software development kit created by Baidu, China's Google, has reportedly opened more than 100 million Android devices to malicious hackers. Baidu's Moplus SDK may not be available to the public but it's already made its way into more than 14,000 Android apps -- only 4,000 of which Baidu actually created. Show More Summary

Sprint signs first direct roaming agreement with Cuba

Not so fast Verizon, Sprint announced Monday that it is the first US carrier to ink a direct roaming agreement with Telecommunications Company of Cuba (ETECSA). This agreement, along with a similar deal for direct long-distance interconnection, means that Sprint customers will be able to use their phones on the island just as they do in the US. Show More Summary

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