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The original 'Crazy Taxi' is free to play on your smartphone

If you've ever wanted to understand the fuss over Crazy Taxi but didn't want to spend money on a piece of gaming history, you now have your chance. Sega has made it free to play both the Android and iOS versions of the original title, giving you a solid excuse to check out its classic mix of open-world racing and over-the-top style. Show More Summary

Now you can design Google Photo Books on iOS or Android

Among the many things Google announced at I/O 2017 last week, one of them was the ability for people to create and order physical albums with Google Photos. The only problem with that, however, is you could only use it through a desktop browser. Show More Summary

What to expect at Computex 2017

We're pretty much half way through the year, which means it's Computex time. As usual, you'll find a handful of us running around the Taipei show floors next week, where we'll be getting our hands dirty with the latest PC products and components. Show More Summary

Qualcomm pays BlackBerry $940 million in royalty spat

Qualcomm hasn't been very successful with its licensing practices. It's gotten into trouble in South Korea for charging phone makers over an "unnecessarily broad set of patents" It has also been dealing with lawsuits from the FTC and Apple for similar tactics. Show More Summary

Uber is free to operate in Italy on a long-term basis

If you're in Italy, you can use Uber. A court in Rome today annulled a temporary ban placed on Uber in early April that prevented the company from advertising and operating throughout the country. This didn't completely stop Uber from...Show More Summary

Almost every adult still watches TV the old-fashioned way

Surprise: an overwhelming majority of adults still watch TV on a TV despite cord-cutting and the prevalence of mobile broadband. 92 percent of those aged 18 and older according to a recent report from Nielsen, to be exact. "Sure, viewers...Show More Summary

Everything you need to know about mobile Amber Alerts

At 2:38 PM on May 19th, 2017, my phone buzzed, emitting a high-pitched tone. So did the phone of my colleague Roberto Baldwin, who was standing with me in a Starbucks near our office. Actually, all of the phones in that Starbucks buzzed at the same time, setting off a cacophony of synchronized alarms. Show More Summary

Kodak's chunky, retro cameraphone is coming to the US

You might not hear much about Kodak these days, but the brand still exists -- it even released a new smartphone with a humongous camera in Europe last year. Now, that same phone named after its Ektra camera from the '40s has made its way to the US. Show More Summary

Android exploit adds secret, thieving layers to your phone

Researchers from UC Santa Barbara and Georgia Tech have discovered a fresh class of Android attacks, called Cloak and Dagger, that can operate secretly on a phone, allowing hackers to log keystrokes, install software and otherwise control a device without alerting its owner. Show More Summary

Android co-founder teases smartphone reveal date on Twitter

Android co-founder Andy Rubin teased us with a photo of his new smartphone this past March. The glimpse was small, showing only a corner of the new phone made by Rubin's company, Essential Products, Inc. The company jumped on Twitter today to announce that "something big" was coming May 30. Show More Summary

Instagram Direct doesn't care about your photo orientation

Instagram Direct debuted in 2013 as a way to send photos and videos, well, directly to your friends on the photo sharing service. The Facebook-owned company has added more features to the system over the intervening years, like threaded messaging, disappearing messages and live video. Show More Summary

You’re more rational on a smartphone than on a PC

Could the device you're using -- smartphone versus PC -- affect the moral decisions you make when using the device? A study published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior suggests that it's possible. The results reveal that people are more likely to make a rational decision when a dilemma is presented on a smartphone. Show More Summary

Alto uses your emails to clean up your calendar

Smartphones are an absolute godsend for organizing... well, pretty much everything. Yet despite all they do for us, it can still be hugely frustrating when your various calendar apps don't play nicely with each other. AOL (Engadget's parent company, for full disclosure) is trying to solve this headache with the latest update for its Mail tool, Alto.

Acer crammed a quantum dot display into a 10-inch tablet

While it may not be the first name in tablets, Acer has produced some respectable touchscreen devices in the past. Last month, the company unveiled a wide range of new 2-in-1 devices in its compelling Switch line of Windows 10 machines. Show More Summary

Facebook redesigns Trending topics in its war on filter bubbles

The fight against filter bubbles is on. Facebook's latest redesign focuses on its Trending topics section, and it's a direct attempt to combat the "filter bubble" effect that happens in many users' timelines. The update changes the results...Show More Summary

Republicans back straight-to-voicemail robocall plan

Everyone loves getting robocalls, right? Because if there's one thing that everybody trusts, it's an automated system selling you something you definitely don't need. Unfortunately, it looks as if a whole new front in the war against telemarketers could open up if the RNC gets its way. Show More Summary

What is mobile gigabit and why should you care?

You may have heard about this thing called a gigabit phone recently. The term was thrown around a lot during the launch of Samsung's Galaxy S8, since that's the first commercially available handset to support the technology. But gigabit...Show More Summary

Sphero's latest app-controlled toy is a 'Cars 3' tie-in

Sphero's made a name for itself with connected, rolling toys like the Ollie, SPRK and, perhaps most famously, the Star Wars-inspired BB-8. Of course, the company couldn't have brought its replica of the Force Awakens character to market without Disney's approval, and the two seem to be keen on working together. Show More Summary

Apple launches free courses for the next generation of app coders

Apple has unveiled a free curriculum designed to teach high school and community college students app coding schools. The Swift language course has already been adopted by six US community college systems that will distribute it to half a million students this fall. Show More Summary

The new Nokia 3310 is too basic for 2017

Nostalgia's a funny thing. It makes us leave the house in the dead of night to imprison a wild Clefairy and scramble over each other to buy an NES Classic Edition decades after we sold our original consoles for a pittance at yard sales. Show More Summary

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