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Get to Know the Stages of Business Software

Like everything of substance, a new business has to mature. And maturity does not come all at once. It comes in stages. One of the ways you can measure those stages is with business software. As your business enters different stages, it will have different needs. So there is no need of getting too comfortable... Read the full article

Japanese Latest Privacy Framework Shares Key Characteristics with EU’s Upcoming Data Protection Law

As technology advances, it is more and more obvious that information networks, communication, and the economy are becoming increasingly interconnected and globalized, spreading across several countries. This means an increase in theShow More Summary

What the future holds for fitness technology

Whether you are an elite athlete at the top of your game, or a spirited team player taking part ingames in the park, there is no doubt that the gear and apparel that you wear these days has changed from the old sweats and sneakers combination. If you’re even a little interested in improving your... Read the full article

Smoking is Out, Vaping is In – What You Need to Know

You don’t see as many people smoking as you used to — partly because it’s been banned in many public places and partly because it has become more socially unacceptable. But you might see people doing something that looks like smoking, but there’s no cigarette involved. It’s called vaping, and even celebrities have been spotted... Read the full article

Share gaming walkthroughs by recording gameplays on PC easily with Movavi Game Capture

Do your friends often ask you for suggestions for tackling the extreme levels of Minecraft or Final Fantasy? You must be a veteran gamer then whom all friends count on for the best gaming tips and suggestions. Now, won’t it be amazing if you can record your gameplay live and then share it among your... Read the full article

How to Launch Your First Business in the Next Month

Do you have a burning desire to launch your first business, but you’re concerned you won’t take the right steps, making it more difficult to reach your goals? You’re sure to face a few challenges as you get your business up and running. For example, you may struggle to pin down a profitable product idea,... Read the full article

4 Reasons to Give Your Grandparents a Smartphone

If your grandparents are like most older adults, chances are they’re slow to embrace new technology. The idea of having an instant connection to a virtual world that fits inside their pocket is just a little overwhelming. However, there are plenty of ways smartphones can be beneficial for seniors. If you’re on the fence about... Read the full article

The Rise of the Online Diamond Trade

The internet has changed the face of many businesses. We’ve seen this first hand with the struggling newspaper industry as individuals have started to have worldwide news instantly delivered right on their virtual doorstep. Consumers can now order whatever they can think of with the click of a button and receive it from across a... Read the full article

How is Technology Being Utilized to Eliminate Cheating in Mobile Gambling

Cheating has been around since the early days of gambling. Nowadays online gambling took over the game and some of the things have changed. One of the very few that is still the same is the effort certain players put into looking for the ways to break through the top-notch security systems employed by casinos.... Read the full article

Helping Your Folks with Technology: Yes, It’s Doable

Traveling back home during the holidays usually amounts to two things: talk about what’s going on, and helping your parents fix their computers and phones. 4 in 10 of those 65 and older now own a smartphone which will make these visits all-the-more enjoyable. It’s good that technology adoption is up with seniors. Technology is... Read the full article

Phishing Attacks: How to Avoid Being the Next Victim

Phishing, the act of tricking internet users into revealing personal details or private logins to websites, remains a popular “tool of choice” for hackers and cybercriminals. Some phishing attacks are unsophisticated and easy to spot for all but the most inexperienced web surfers. Show More Summary

Exploring the Latest Venture Capital Trends

Venture capital is an ever-changing industry and it is important to explore the trends and the major players, such as Chris Sacca, to be fully informed. In 2016 and 2017, a number of trends took over the industry and caused a lot of changes in how those within it approach it. Checking out this information... Read the full article

Samsung DeX: The Future of Home Computing?

Microsoft was very ambitious about its Windows 10 Mobile. The Redmond Giant wanted to create smartphones that can function both as a phone and as a computer. They named this project Continuum, and it was something that kept the world excited for a while in 2015. The idea was great in itself but was not... Read the full article

How to Manage Your Website’s SSL Certificates

Forget 2016, 2017 really is the year of the hack. Think about it, almost every day a story breaks about how hackers have broken into the systems of a company and stolen the information of its customers. And these intrusions won’t be going away anytime soon. If data is the new gold, then hackers are... Read the full article

What’s Driving Growth in Mobile Casino Games? – Trends and Innovations

The Internet has played a major role in the rise of various industries and commercial sectors, and one of these which has certainly benefitted is the casino industry. Mobile casino gaming has gained a lot more followers recently, and this trend is sure to continue with faster internet connections, more interesting and exciting games, and... Read the full article

Steve Wozniak May Revolutionize the Tech Education World

Steve Wozniak, the famous co-founder of Apple Inc., is on to his newest project. He recently formed a working relationship with a university, creating a program that makes it easier for people to enter the tech-based workforce. The university is Southern Careers Institute, and Steve Wozniak is creating and launching Woz U in the very... Read the full article

Top 4 reasons you should opt for a VPN service

Although a free vpn service may seem like a workable option to many, it should be noted that it often comes with several limitations. None of the free VPN services can provide you the kind of protection offered by their paid counterparts. Let’s take you through 4 good reasons why you should opt for a... Read the full article

How Our Veterans Are Making Waves in the World of Business

Now more than ever, the country turns to those who are willing to sacrifice their lives for us. Be it in the aftermath of natural disasters like hurricanes Harvey and Irma, or as the 16th anniversary of the 9-11 attack reminds us, those who have fought for our country overseas. While it is unfortunate that... Read the full article

Enigma iPhone, iPad and iPod Data Recovery

Lost your iOS device, damaged it or accidently deleted all your important data? We’ve all been there! But gone are the days where we have to go and restore our devices from an old iTunes backup. We no longer have to worry about the fact we might have forgotten to back up our devices on... Read the full article

4 Ways to Ensure Your Business Is Ready for Expanding Cloud Needs

Moving your data storage and applications into the cloud is an important step that most businesses need to take. The scalability and cost savings of the cloud are hard to ignore. The improved collaboration potential that the cloud provides is yet another benefit. Before you take this step, be sure you’re ready for eventual expansion.... Read the full article

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