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4 Ways to Ensure Your Business Is Ready for Expanding Cloud Needs

Moving your data storage and applications into the cloud is an important step that most businesses need to take. The scalability and cost savings of the cloud are hard to ignore. The improved collaboration potential that the cloud provides is yet another benefit. Before you take this step, be sure you’re ready for eventual expansion.... Read the full article

Secure, practical and cool – The smart luggage is here

Okay, look, when it comes to smart luggage, you may immediately look at the technology and consider it overkill. Why do you need your luggage or carry-on bag to be smart? What’s so smart about these devices? How could a piece of luggage possibly offer better and more convenient features? These are all questions you... Read the full article

How Drones are Re-imagining Entire Industries

Drones have made the shift from hobbyist fun to real-world business applications. We’re seeing drones used in a variety of industries to do everything from improving security to aiding sales. For less than $100 for a starter model, a business can employ the use of drones in a wild mix of fun, practical, and profitable... Read the full article

5 Tips To Use Your Smartphone For Better Networking

Did you know that there are now over five billion mobile phone connections across the world? The popularity of this ubiquitous device is obvious: It works remarkably well to make our lives easier. From contacting friends on Facebook when you’re bored waiting for your order to arrive at a restaurant to getting a glucose reading... Read the full article

How online shopping now caters to all needs

The rise of the online store began when Michael Aldrich brought online shopping to life with a two-way messaging service called “videotex.” Now, modern shoppers can get their hands on anything that they need in an instant just by tapping a few buttons on their smartphones or reaching out through desktop computers. Online shopping has... Read the full article

Keys to Effectively Implementing Scrum

Scrum is an agile development methodology that aims to make a complex (and potentially overwhelming) task easier to tackle and manage. This is accomplished by prioritizing items and focusing on only a small number of tasks over a period of 2 to 4 weeks (a timeframe known as a “sprint”). But there is a difference... Read the full article

Why Wrike is the best solution for marketers

Wrike’s online project management software was built around the notion that everything rotates around singular tasks. Tasks almost have to be looked at as mini projects because that is where everything happens. You can perform a lot of activities on folders too, however teaming up and sharing will happen specifically at the individual task level,... Read the full article

Stay secure with Bitdefender Internet Security 2018

How do you quantify if a certain antivirus is worth your money? So many brands are creating antivirus software and telling the users that it will protect them from anything, and that nothing wrong should be happening to their computers. But which antivirus should you choose? New viruses and malware are coming up every day,... Read the full article

Casino-goers and employees can access casino through biometric cards

South of France will witness the world’s first casino curated exclusively for open-air gambling. How does this work? Well, Hong Kong’s MeReal Biometrics has conceptualised a V2 smart card with a smaller, faster fingerprint sensor which will be used at this casino. In an initiative to win over more clientele, the patented smart card grabbed... Read the full article

Fashion companies doing novel things with ecommerce

Any businessperson will tell you that it is very hard to reinvent the wheel these days… or is it? There are many companies out there who are doing amazing things when it comes to selling online, and this simply proves the rule that if you work hard enough and have a great scheme, you can... Read the full article

Comparison between different Mac Cleaning Utilities

To clean up your Mac system which has one of the sable Operating system, you require good utility which is not only good at cleaning but also have the option of providing security to your Mac. There are lots of good utilities available to clean up your Mac. Show More Summary

Xeric: The Meteoric Rise of Truly Astounding Timepieces

“A gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row suit”. Ian Fleming There are common wristwatches, and there are sophisticated timepieces. The difference between the two? One tells time and is functional. Show More Summary

VR: Over-Hyped or Just Getting Started?

One of the latest fads to hit the market is virtual reality, or VR. VR enables users to escape from mundane realities and enter a 3-D form of storytelling that unfolds right before their eyes. While new VR devices have flooded the market in an attempt to gain a viable audience, it’s estimated that only... Show More Summary

The Little Secret of Sound Cards in HP Laptops

HP sells a large variety of equipment, including several dozens of laptops and tablets. As it recently turned out, the drivers that are supplied by the company for their devices contain a built-in keylogger. We are talking about the drivers for the sound card. Show More Summary

How social media addiction is becoming a growing problem

Social networking has emerged as a typical part of our everyday lives. However, for some people, the ability to consistently update and check statuses has led to the development of a new and dangerous psychological problem. While some members of the community continue to use social media platforms to build their online reputation, create worldwide... Show More Summary

The fitness technology helping you for the better

Everywhere we look, the influence of smart technology is plain to see, from social media and the most popular leisure activities to the influence of remote working on the way we do our jobs. Some might say that the digital revolution has turned us into couch potatoes, spending more time in the virtual world than... Show More Summary

Sega Toys launches two new home planetariums based on the BB-8 and R2-D2 Star Wars droids

Sega Toys has added two new models to its home planetariums that are shaped in the form of Star Wars characters. The company’s first Star Wars home planetarium came out in 2011 that was based on the R2-D2. The first of the two newly resealed models is based on the spherical droid character BB-8 from... Show More Summary

How Businesses and Individuals Can Benefit From Online Reputation Management

Have you ever Googled yourself, just to see what’s out there about you? Many have, and many are somewhat embarrassed about the things they’ve said or done and then published. Maybe it’s a photo of you partying at a frat party. Maybe you took someone or something to task and said some hurtful things that... Show More Summary

This glass-bottomed swimming pool on 42nd floor gives you the sensation of floating in the air

If glass-bottomed skywalks and observation decks at the top of skyscrapers weren’t scary enough, a luxury apartment block in Texas has introduced a glass-bottomed rooftop pool, giving swimmers a vertigo-inducing view of the busy street 500 feet below. Show More Summary

Interesting Statistics Regarding Small Businesses and Websites

Many small business owners assume all they need is social media to market their venture. Nothing could be further from the truth, even in today’s social media driven world. Experts agree that websites remain a critical element in small business marketing plans. Show More Summary

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