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Morning Links:Spill-Free Reusable Water Bottles

• Cardio could make you smarter. (Well + Good) • Secrets to a sweet sourdough. (Organic Authority) • How many years will plastic surgery take off your face? (YouBeauty) • The worst way men break up with women. (HuffPost Women) • A reason to be afraid of going to the dentist. Show More Summary

Anti-Childhood Obesity Video Would Like You To Know That You Are Killing Your Kid

Remember Strong4Life, the Atlanta-based initiative to end childhood obesity one potentially-fat-shaming-but-also-highly-educational ad at a time? They're back with a new ad that equates weight problems and heart disease in adulthoodShow More Summary

Whitney Houston’s Daughter Ignoring Mother’s Lesson; Gets High After Funeral

Despite Kevin Costner telling mourners to "guard your bodies"at Whitney Houston's funeral on Saturday, Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, was allegedly found doing drugs afterward. More » Post from: Blisstree

Morning Links: Foods For Healthier Teeth

• Fitness brand that win our Fashion Week. (Well + Good) • Healthy ways to eat on a budget. (Organic Authority) • Best barre and ballet inspired classes. (YouBeauty) • What does your period affect? (HuffPost Women) • Our favorite cocktail recipes. Show More Summary

Star Jones’ Weight Loss Honesty Makes Her A Great Role Model

Star Jones is suddenly in the spotlight again for her weight. Less than two weeks ago the television personality was berated by the Daily Mail (a publication we take with a grain of salt) for her supposed "weight gain." And this morning,...Show More Summary

Valentines Day Resolutions: Expert Tips For A Better Sex Life All Year Long

Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you'll be celebrating with friends, a new date, your husband of 15 years, or alone, chances are you'll be thinking about sex. And since you probably spend most other days worried about work, getting toShow More Summary

200 Sick With Mysterious Disease Following Cheerleading Competition

Diarrhea. Uncontrolled vomiting. Aches and pains. These are the symptoms that are plaguing as many as 200 high school cheerleaders and their families across Washington state following a cheerleading competition last weekend, which was attended by around 3,000 people. And you thought you were having a terrible week. More » Post from: Blisstree

Morning Links: How To Stay Sniffle-Free For Valentine’s Day

• Why superfood has us screaming. (Well + Good) • Romantic foods for a nightcap. (Organic Authority) • Simple wine drink swaps. (YouBeauty) • Valentine’s day gifts to fantasize about. (The Stir) • How to live with an STI. (HuffPost Women) • Encourage positive friendships. Show More Summary

Destress Valentines Day: Focus On Romance, Not Sex

Ah yes, Valentine's Day...chocolate, champagne, roses and the often unrealistic expectations for a night of unbridled romance. Feeling the pressure? You're not alone. Both men and women can be stressed about having great sex on Valentine's...Show More Summary

Afternoon Links: The Saltiest Foods To Watch Out For

• Uncovering food label traps. (HuffPost Fitness) • The top saltiest foods. (fitsugar) • How to master being on top. (The Stir) • Better ways to show intimacy. (YourTango) • Where were the Super Bowl ads for women? (Huffpost Women) • Which famous movie couple are you? (YouBeauty) • How to perfect the pressed salad. Show More Summary

Study: Big Brain Damage In Small Hits To High School Football Players

Yesterday, the nation gathered in living rooms and sports bars for the Super Bowl. And while we may have witnessed some small injuries (Tom Brady's bell-ringer comes to mind), for many of the players, the damage has already been done--long before they were playing in the NFL. Show More Summary

Morning Links: The Benefits Of Crying

• How spiritual exploration can help you find love. (Well + Good) • Super skinny dip recipes. (Organic Authority) • Non-invasive fat removers. (YouBeauty) • Are women better at living alone? (HuffPost Women) • Reasons you're still single. Show More Summary

Afternoon Links: Fitness And Wellness Trends

• Ways to stay positive at work. (HuffPost Fitness) • What do when you're starting to get a cold. (fitsugar) • The real reason women aren't getting needed cancer screenings. (The Stir) • Valentine's ideas for singles. (YourTango) • The breakup no one prepares you for. Show More Summary

Jillian Michaels Says GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercials Aren’t Sexist; We Think They Are

Not that I liked Jillian Michaels much on The Biggest Loser, but after watching her new commercial for, I almost wish she would return to the show. The in-your-face trainer is appearing in yet another ad for GoDaddy--a company...Show More Summary

Quitting Smoking, Week 4: It Almost Seems Too Easy

One month down! I began my quest to quit smoking on January 1 (cliched, I know), which means today, January 31, marks one whole month of My Life As A Non-Smoker. I haven't noticed any immediate health benefits—but I haven't noticed any of those negative side effects you hear smokers going on about, either. Could quitting smoking really be this easy? More » Post from: Blisstree

Paper Clip Fillings Are The Dental Equivalent Of Fix-A-Flat Booty Surgery, And They’re Real.

Today's health horror story is about a dentist who used paper clip fillings in root canals, which is crazytown. The dentist, 54-year-old Michael Clair, was sentenced to one year in jail, but that doesn't make the story any less disturbing. This...Show More Summary

Poll: Is New York Sports Club’s Paula Deen Ad Tacky or Hilarious?

Paula Deen seems hazy on the link between lifestyle and diabetes, but New York Sports Club wants to set the record straight: They took out an ad that reads "paula, you made a fortune off of fat. call us if you want to be around to enjoy it." Some consider this in poor taste; some of us find it kind of hilarious. Show More Summary

Tim Gunn Bravely Shares Why He Hasn’t Had Sex In 29 Years

You gotta love Tim Gunn. When he's not lecturing us to quit showing so much skin and stop wearing yoga pants in public, the funny style guru is telling us that he hasn't had sex in 29 years. Wait, what? That's right, on his new show yesterday, The Revolution, Gunn stunned the audience with his confession of celibacy. Show More Summary

Morning Links: How You Can Reduce Cellulite

• Five beauty obsessions. (Well + Good) • Is eating wild food safe? (Organic Authority) • What your post sex behavior means. (HuffPost Women) • Sexy Valentine's Day must-haves. (YourTango) • Can you lose weight while sleeping? (YouBeauty) • Stop wasting money on lunch. Show More Summary

Pissed Off Parents Win: ‘Cougar’ Name Pulled From School Because Of Sexual Implication

Pissed-off parents are the worst. How they can take something as simple as the name of an animal and turn it into something that is deeply scandalous, I don't know. But nevertheless, a group of parents at the Corner Canyon High School...Show More Summary

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