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Giuliana Rancic Doesn’t Regret Delaying Pregnancy, Despite ‘Serious Consequences’…Good For Her.

Science and society have always pressured women into feeling like they should have babies before they're ready, but despite that pressure, Giuliana Rancic, age 35, said on the Today show this morning that she has no regrets about not starting the process sooner--something we applaud her for. More » Post from: Blisstree

Morning Links: The Health Perks Of Breakfast

• 6 new spots to do yoga this year. (Well + Good) • Natural remedies for bad breath. (Organic Authority) • Secrets to beat breakouts. (YouBeauty) • What pregnant women need. (HuffPost Women) • Tips for a healthy gut. (The Stir) • How to redefine your relationships. Show More Summary

Study: Drinking While Pregnant Isn’t OK, Even After The 3rd Trimester

Many pregnant women adopt a "European" sensibility towards alcohol: The thinking goes that after the first trimester, one drink won't do your baby any harm. But a new study says that drinking while pregnant isn't cool, no matter how far along you are. Show More Summary

Why Energy Drinks and Prescription Drugs Shouldn’t Mix

A recent federal report said emergency room visits linked to energy drinks increased tenfold between 2005 and 2009, jumping from about 1,000 to 13,000 per year. It's not shocking that 44% of patients who'd consumed energy drinks hadShow More Summary

Active Dating: Get Healthy And Make Friends With TheGloss Dating

We're all about resolutions and self-improvement this time of year, but one of the nasty side effects of working on your health and fitness goals is a total lack of time for dating. Which, if you're single, is sort of a setback to self-improvement of the "find a relationship" sort. Show More Summary

Afternoon Links: Ways You Can Spa-Ify Your Water

• Tips for your forward bend stretch. (fitsugar) • Ways that smart phones stress us out. (The Stir) • Why you should stop emotional eating. (YourTango) • Makeup for your face shape. (YouBeauty) • What women bring to sports. (HuffPost Women) • Spa-ify your water with these tips. Show More Summary

7 Cool Reasons To Use Eco-Friendly Mason Jars For Everything

Earlier today, The Kitchn featured a product called the Cuppow, which is a rubbery lid that goes over Mason and other glass jars to make sipping from them easier. And while the video and images from Cuppow's website look like they were...Show More Summary

Morning Links: Try Out These Yoga Poses

• The rise of combo cleanses. (Well + Good) • Organic liquer recipes you should try. (Organic Authority) • How you can create change. (YouBeauty) • You don't have to be a size 2. (HuffPost Women) • How to find your funny bone. (YourTango) • Weight loss tips from Jennifer Hudson. Show More Summary

Dumb, Dangerous, and Hateful: Bryan Fischer Denies That HIV Causes AIDS

Decades ago, the causes of HIV and AIDS  were a mystery--and one that, because the disease was thought to only kill gay men and drug users, many researchers, politicians, and members of the public didn't feel like solving. Public perception...Show More Summary

Charles Barkley Says Repping Weight Watchers Is A Scam, Making Him Best Spokesperson Ever

Charles Barkley was recorded saying that being a spokesperson for Weight Watchers is a huge scam, ironically giving them some pretty great press. While the microphones were supposed to be off, he chatted with TNT's Kevin Harlan about his weight loss with the company, concluding that he's basically stealing money by getting paid to lose weight. Show More Summary

Afternoon Links: Get Your Sleep Back On Track Post-Holidays

• Tips for toning your muscles faster. (fitsugar) • Why you should refuse sex. (HuffPost Women) • Exercises you can do anywhere. (The Stir) • Breakfast cereal that isn't healthy. (Organic Authority) • Ways to improve your body image....Show More Summary

Resolution Rehab: This Year, Focus On What Your Body Can Do Vs. What It Weighs

If I had one wish for every woman this year, it would be this: Forget about trying to lose weight; just go out there and kick some ass. When I used to do personal training, I would always advise clients to not weigh themselves. Yes,Show More Summary

Morning Links: Why You’re Not Losing Weight From Exercise

• Foods for happiness. (Well + Good) • How to save money this year without trying. (Organic Authority) • Ways to love and accept your body. (YouBeauty) • Resolutions men make more than women. (HuffPost Women) • How to overcome your fears. Show More Summary

Morning Links: Essential Tips For Losing Weight

• The most beautiful yoga studios in New York. (Well + Good) • Reasons chicken isn't healthy. (Organic Authority) • Best moments for women in 2011. (HuffPost Women) • Tips to reach your goals this year. (YouBeauty) • Get fit this year. Show More Summary

California To Stop Cough Syrup Sale To Minors On January 1; Shouldn’t Every State?

As of January first, California won't be selling cough syrup to minors under the age of 18, thanks to the "robotripping" law proposed by two Palo Alto cops back in 2004. But, especially coming on the heels of U.S. Department of Health...Show More Summary

Morning Links: How Overeating Affects Your Skin

• How dairy and sugar affect your skin. (Well + Good) • The healthiest salads at chain restaurants. (Organic Authority) • Are you working out properly? (YouBeauty) • Teach yourself new skills in your sleep? (HuffPost Fitness) • Ways to spice up your marriage. Show More Summary

Study: Cats Could Be Bad For Your Health, If You Let Them In Your Bedroom

Scientists are bumming out cat lovers everywhere with the news that cats could be bad for your health, especially if you didn't grow up with felines around. Apparently, if you were around them as a kid, your chances of developing allergies...Show More Summary

Dear Meghan McCain, It’s Time To Talk About Newt Gingrich’s Politics Instead Of His Marriages

This week on MSNBC's NOW with Alex Wagner, the panelists debated the fact that Newt Gingrich has had multiple marriages and how that could affect his credibility and potential as a presidential candidate. Meghan McCain was the most vocal,...Show More Summary

Poll: Running With Headphones In Is Dangerous, But Do You Do It Anyway?

In January, lawmakers in several states took a serious look at the potential danger of "distracted pedestrians"--those who walk, jog or even bike with headphones and iPods or other mp3-playing devices on. Now, nearly a year later, "iPod...Show More Summary

Morning Links: Ways To Keep Holiday Stress At Bay

• Are yoga teachers making a living? (Well + Good) • Ways to get off your butt this winter. (Organic Authority) • The best iPhone photo apps for the holidays. (YouBeauty) • Winter foods for healthy skin. (HuffPost Fitness) • Simple ways to keep holiday stress at bay. Show More Summary

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